Testing their Limits Ch. 02

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‘Whaaa!!’ Ruby jumped away from the phone she was holding next to her ear. She had been rudely awakened by the phone bleeping insistently and the impertinent voice on the end of the line.

‘Do you even realise what time it is?’ Trevor, her project manager practically yelled down the phone at her.

‘Oh crap, I’m on my way in now!’ She had glanced at the clock and realised it was half eight, which made her half an hour late for work.

‘Hahaha, don’t worry, Charlie and Harriet have got it covered. Just get yourself here by ten, so you can catch up. Sorry for scaring you!’ Trevor hung up the phone, still laughing. She flung herself back on to the bed and grumbled into the pillow. Trevor could be an absolute bell-end at some points but she’d always appreciate him as her boss. He was more like a father figure.

Then pure dread filled her. She’d have to face him. Ruby had been ignoring Andy’s texts for the past three days, but she’d have to face the music. Ruby had refrained from reading back over the messages in case she felt the increasing urge to play with herself too strong. But now, she couldn’t ignore it any longer. She threw herself out of bed, determined to look gorgeous for the meeting today. Not for him, for the meeting.

She splashed water on her face and stared at herself in the mirror, above the sinks at work.

‘You are in charge of this, he doesn’t control this situation. Just explain that it was a mistake, you’d had a bit to drink and you were just seeing how far he would go. You are not a bad person.’ Even then the little demon in her head laughed at her, seizing, gasping laughs that mocked her. She knew deep down to her very core that if he did get even a second leeway, she’d be lost.

‘Get it together, get through the day and get home.’ She drew herself up, smiled at herself in the mirror and walked purposefully out into the corridor… colliding straight into Andy.

‘Jesus, Ruby, are you alright?!’ He held her by the shoulders aydınlı escort to stop her from tumbling to the ground.

‘Yes, thank you, I’m fine, just wasn’t looking…’ She caught herself as he looked right at her. She wasn’t expecting to see pure concern when she looked into his eyes, more lust than anything else, but he was acting as if he genuinely cared for.

‘You must be in one hell of a hurry, what are you late for?’ He let go of her arms and smiled, almost cautiously at her.

‘Yeah, got that meeting with the agents.’ She stepped back trying to put as much distance between them.

He took a step closer. ‘Are you sure?’ He sighed. ‘Look, I need to explain about the message the other night…’

Ruby held up her hand. ‘No need. We’d both had a bit to drink, just got a bit out of hand. I’m sorry for overstepping the mark but…’ The look in his eyes pained her. There was sorrow there, with a little bit of regret.

‘Look, I’ve got to run for this meeting but we’ll catch up later.’ With determination, she turned on her heel and strode down the corridor. ”keep it together, don’t turn back.” She made it all the way to the end before she glanced over her shoulder. He was right behind her.

‘I’ve got to be in the meeting too’, he breathed into her ear.

With that, all the resolve left her. It took all her strength not to slam him against the flimsy partition and press her tits against his chest, urging him to touch them, lick them.

‘I was going to explain, I meant every word of what I said. I’ve been needing to tell you for a while. I’d love to do everything I described and more.’ She continued facing front, with him leaning into her back, not quite touching her but letting Ruby feel the warmth from his body. She wanted to walk off, confident in denying him but she was rooted to the floor. She felt him shift, ever so gently nearer to her. With that, she snapped. She spun round and slapped him bağdat caddesi escort the face.

‘I am not that type of girl,’ she growled, turned on her heel, confident that this time she would make it to the boardroom. She was unwilling to accept that her underwear was completely soaked and all she had wanted him to do was drag her into an empty office and fuck her until she moaned.

She’d been sat at the desk for ten minutes before he walked in. He sat down in the chair opposite where she sat, deliberately avoiding eye contact. She refused to look at him, would not give him the satisfaction, but kept sneaking glances at him. He seemed engrossed with his laptop. As he sat back, she felt the PDP in her pocket buzz.

*Sorry* Andy

Shit, this wasn’t supposed to happen. She couldn’t ignore him. He was now staring pointedly at her, seeing her read the message. She typed back a quick response.

*ok, but you’ve completely crossed the line.* Ruby. She uncrossed and crossed her legs again, taking some relief in the fact that he didn’t know how worked up he had made her.

*Look, I’ve been thinking about you like this since I first met you. The alcohol just let me tell you.* Andy

*Alcohol doesn’t count for half of what you told me :/* Ruby

*Does telling you that I’ve been fantasising about bending you over this desk and fucking you from behind count for some of it? ;)* Andy

Ruby looked up to see him smirking at her over the desk. She couldn’t help herself, she could feel her pussy start to thump a little bit. Completely oblivious to the fact that the meeting had started around them, Ruby looked down at her PDP.

*Don’t think that’s appropriate.* Ruby

*No, what’s not appropriate is bending you over the desk, lifting that gorgeous skirt above your ass and licking you from front to back.* Andy

*Highly inappropriate.* Ruby

*Then telling you that taking my cock bostancı escort out and squeezing it into your tight c**t whilst you moan in ecstasy would probably follow among the same lines.* Andy

Ruby uncrossed and crossed her legs again. Her pussy was starting to throb, she needed to get out of this meeting and soon.

*I’d ease it in gently, making you moan with pleasure. I’d tease you with the tip and slowly pull out again. I’d carry on until you beg me to go harder. I’d trace circles on your back with my fingertips. I’d deliberately take hold of your hair in one hand. When you’ve finally thought that it would be sweet, torturous pleasure for hours, I’d shove myself into you, right to the hilt, whilst pulling your hair. I’d fuck you hard and fast, spanking you like all naughty girls should be.’ Andy

*And what makes you think that I’d want any of that?* Ruby

*The fact that your so turned on now thinking of it, you can’t keep your legs still ;)* Andy

She looked up at him and the lust filled expression told Ruby he knew exactly how she was feeling.

*I’d fuck you from behind, bent over at the waist, pulling your hair with one hand, whilst the other worked its way round to your clit, fucking you harder then you’ve ever been before in your life. I’d fuck you until you yell my name, your pussy squeezing my dick. I’d carry on playing with your clit until your knees give way. I’d hold you up whilst cum into you, your pussy squeezing all of my juice out of me. Now, tell me that that’s inappropriate. Xxx* Andy

Right on cue, the meeting finished. Ruby jumped up and practically ran back to her desk. She was grateful no-one had asked for her input, she wouldn’t have even managed to string to words out of her lust filled mind.

She felt him walk up to the desk and loiter. She slowly turned and looked up at him.

‘So, would that something you’d be interested in?’ Andy smiled, not a confident smile but more like a boy asking his parents for a toy.

Ruby took a deep breath. ‘No, no matter how many times you send me things like that, whilst you’ve got a missus, the answer will always be no.’ She spun round, back to her computer and rigidly ignored him until he walked away.

Little did she know, that it would only take twice more before her resolve finally snapped and she would receive everything she’d been promised.

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