TGIF Pt. 01

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Copyright © 2013 Jennifer Wise All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Disclaimer: The material in this book is for mature audiences only and contains graphic sexual content. It is intended only for those age 18 and older.



I am a transsexual, lesbian: I presently in Montreal, Canada, I have lived and worked in: Israel, United States, Switzerland, and Bulgaria.

I’m an avid photographer and enjoy preparing gourmet meals for friends, and appreciate fine wines.

I have not found anyone that I am deeply in love with yet, but am still looking.

I lost my left leg above the knee due to a work accident.

I did use a prosthesis, but I find it easier to get around on crutches, and occasionally hop to get things.

I am not ashamed to wear short skirts or shorts that show my stump. I think some people get off on seeing it.


How I have come to despise the end of the month, closing the books, preparing the financials, etc. When I started at this advertising agency it was small. Success brought more clients and we grew.

Meetings, reports to do and correct. Maybe I should have turned down the promotion if I realized that I would be putting 12 hour days in every month.

I looked at my watch and realized it was 5:30, time to go.

I slipped on my shoe, stood up, took my jacket from the back of my chair, slung my purse over my left shoulder, and headed to the Ladies Room to freshen up.

Leaning my crutches against the wall, I removed my makeup bag from my purse.

To balance myself, I lifted my skirt and placed my short stump on the counter for balance.

Seeing it’s reflection in the mirror and how the scar was hardly visible now, reminded me of when I first saw it. It was bruised and swollen, now it looks quite beautiful, if I must say so myself.

Now I know why men and woman are attracted to it.

I took out some baby lotion from my bag and placed it on the counter. In walked Robyn, my assistant. “How was your day?” “Crazy as usual at the close of the month.” I answered while staring at her beautiful cleavage. Her blouse’s top buttons were undone and I couldn’t help but stare.

“Have any plans for the weekend” I asked her? “No, not really, thought I’d just relax after this crazy week.”

I noticed that Robyn couldn’t stop staring at my stump. She was trying to be discrete about it, but wasn’t fairing very well. She noticed the lotion on the counter and asked me what I use it for.

“To massage my stump,” I told her. “Can I do it for you; I’ve never felt anything like that before?”

“If you’d like, it always feels better when someone else massages it.” She started at the pocket, the most sensitive place. Still after ten years it is without a doubt one of the most sensitive areas on my body. All the while she was staring into my eyes, acıbadem escort and my shapely leg. I was doing the same, plus looking at her beautiful melons. “How I would like to fondle and lick them,” I thought to myself. She went slowly and gently. She heard my soft moans, as the sensation became stronger. She reached over and gave me a kiss. We were soon were French kissing each other in the washroom. “What if someone comes in?” I asked her. She reached over and locked the door. How did you know that I am a Lesbian? “It takes one to know one”, she answered. “I’ve kept it discreet, and so did you,” I said.

Before I knew it my cunt was dripping wet, she thrust her fingers in to my abyss and gently stroked at first, then more rapidly. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. We each licked her salty, sweet fingers and returned them to my cunt, all the while she was gently rubbing the pocket of my stump.

The feeling of electric shocks and sparks came unexpectedly, my body started shaking and convulsing. The orgasm just came. I held her tightly until my body stopped shaking. I straightened my skirt, my stocking, making sure that the seam ran down the centre of my leg.

Want to go for a drink, I asked. Sure, where? There is a nice Lesbian bar nearby.

It was just a fifteen minute walk to the bar. Upon entering, the bar maid welcomed me with a grin.

“How was your week Jennifer?” she asked? “Busy,” I answered.

We slid into a booth, sitting next to each other, with my stump resting against her leg.

Soon Kim came and took our order. While waiting for our drinks, we engaged in some idle talk.

“I didn’t realize you were attracted to woman,” I said to Robyn. “I hide it well at work,” she answered, “I am actually Bi.” She reached under my skirt and starting playing with my stump, causing my abyss to get wet again. “I’ve never been with an amputee before you.”

The drinks arrived, just as electric shocks were starting.

We engaged in conversation. Robyn had many questions about being an amputee.

How did I lose my leg, what does it feel like? I tried to answer her questions. I had a car accident about ten years ago, hit by a drunk driver. For a few months I had phantom pain, now occasionally it feels as if the leg is asleep. Sometimes I reach down to scratch an imaginary itch. Where the stump ends, that pocket of skin and no bone, about three inches is the most sensitive. I explain to her that this is where the nerve endings are, and close to the surface. “Why do you ask?” Just curious, she answers. You are not the first to ask, I answer. After a few drinks Robyn suggests we get something to eat. “Do you know of any decent restaurants nearby? There is a decent seafood place not far.”

The wind had picked up, and my skirt is wrapping around my stump. I see some people staring, what they have never seen a one legged woman before? I hear a young boy say to his mother, “Look that lady has only one leg.,” His mother scolds him, I tell her “it’s alright, he is not the first kid so say something.” Complete strangers walk up to me and start asking questions, as if it is there business. Or maybe they akbatı escort are devotees, and think that they can get a date.

We dined like royalty, appetizers, entrées, which we shared, a decedent dessert, and of course wine. The conversation was light, nothing heavy. I suggested that we go to my place for a night cap.

The manager was nice enough to call us a cab. I got in first then Robyn. I felt her hand massaging my stump; the taxi driver was watching us in his mirror. I wonder if he had a hard on.

Finally we arrive at my place. My nipples are hard in anticipation of what is to come.

Robyn is a very attractive woman. High cheek bones, long blond hair, and blue eyes. A great dresser, not afraid to show off her ample breasts. “Want something to drink?” I ask. “Sure.” What would you like? I have wine, scotch, and vodka. “Vodka sounds fine.” I hop to the liquor cabinet, my stump bouncing as I move. I can feel her eyes watching the show. I return to the couch with two drinks. Starring into each other’s eyes it’s not long before we place our drinks on the table and start kissing.

She thrusts her warm tongue into my mouth; I suck it, and place my tongue in her sweet mouth. I begin licking her ear lobes, then move down to her neck. We are both unbuttoning each other’s’ shirts.

Robyn starts licking my neck, and slowly moves down my chest, as she unfastens my bra, and I do the same to her. Finally I can see her firm breasts and start rubbing her nipples until they are hard, while licking her breasts all over. We continue enjoying each other’s’ erogenous zones.

I don’t realize that Robyn unbuttoned my skirt. When I stand up it falls to the floor, exposing my panties and stay up stocking. Robyn giggles. “How sexy you look.” She says.

I suggest we retire to the bedroom, more room there than on the couch. There on my queen size bed we continue exploring each other’s’ body. First it’s my turn. I lick her earlobes, move down to her long neck. I continue licking her body, when I reach her beautiful breasts I like her nipples, ever so gently. I continue licking the rest of her breasts; I return to her nipples and suck on them until they are hard and erect. Robyn turns me over on my back and starts French kissing me, while whispering in my ear how beautiful I am. Robyn continues licking and sucking all over my body. I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter. She finally reaches my stump, and starts licking and kissing on the top and moves down to the end.

She places two fingers into my cunt, and I feel warm all over, next she reaches for BOB, who is on the night table. After a few minutes of teasing, she gently thrusts it into me. I don’t know how, but she found my G spot. My stump is twitching, and my leg is out stretched. While she is doing this I am playing with her clit. We come together, each shacking and twitching. I ask Robyn, “Where did you learn to be such a great lover?” I hop to the liquor cabinet and bring back the bottle of wine. We sip our drinks, all the while gazing into each other’s’ eyes. “Robyn turns to me and says Ï never made love to an amputee before, this is the best sex I’ve ever had.” We put down aksaray escort our glasses and start again. This time I explore her anus, she moans with delight. Now it is her turn. I can’t stop kissing and licking her. I pray that this night never ends. Exhausted we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

“Good morning,” I said. “”How do you feel” “Great, the best night I’ve ever had.” she responded. “Breakfast, or we take a shower first?” I asked. “Shower.”

“You’re going to have to help me. I have a bench in the tube that I sit on,we can take it out, you just have to make sure that I don’t lose my balance.” “Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall.”

Robyn stepped in first, she helped me slide in. We both let the hot water run over us, washing away any hang overs from last night.

I started soaping Robyn, starting at her breasts, I was able to feel her nipples getting hard, as I spent a little more time. I moved down her tight tummy, and started soaping her shaven pussy. She took my hand, and said, “wait, play with it for awhile.” I started massaging her lips, feeling it get wet, and wetter. Robyn was holding my with one arm around my back and doing the same. I placed two fingers into her pussy, and started moving in and out, playing with her clit. She was getting wetter and wetter.

I knelt down, holding onto the bar in the tub, started eating her sweet pussy. Moving my tongue in and out, sucking on her clit. With my free hand I rubbed her still soapy nipples. They were getting harder and harder. Her love juices were dripping onto my face, I could feel her coming to climax. She suddenly grabbed my and began to shake, as the electricity of climax woke up every nerve. She held me tight until she stopped shaking. “Showers should be like this always.”

She started soaping me, massaging my nipples, until they became hard, worked her way down my body. Soaping my lips, leg and playing with my stump, this just added to the expectation of what was to come. I soon felt her fingers massaging my cunt, and playing with my stump. Robyn was making me drip my juices down my leg and stump. Soon I felt her fingers teasing my clit, setting me up to come. Her tongue took over from her fingers, her warm, wet tongue moving in and out, licking and sucking my clit. I started to shiver all over, my stump took on a life of its own, going in all directions, massaging her pussy, like a big cock. I held her tight. Pressed my pussy and tits next to hers. The electricity moved up and down my body, I held her tight as I came. “I agree, this is the way a shower should be.” Once we washed our cum off, we towel dried each other.

“Ready to get dome breakfast?” I know of a nice place not far that serves a great breakfast. We hurriedly got dressed. I lent her some of my clothes, the top was a bit small, so her breasts were more accentuated. I put on a T-top, shorts, and a shoe. I enjoy teasing people with my stump, that’s why I sometimes expose it. Ha, Ha. Ready? I ask.

There was a short line when we arrived. To give the people behind us a little show I gyrated my stump, rested it on my crutch, and flexed the bone. I peeked behind me and couldn’t help but notice a young man with a bulge in his pants. I laughed to myself, and whispered into Robyn’s ear. She turned around and smiled to me. We were seated at a nice table by the window. I sat so that people could see my stump. During breakfast I got some strange stares and expressions of sympathy. Loved it.

After a great breakfast, we went for a drive.

End of Part 1

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