That 69s Show Ch. 04

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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Episode 04

In Which Jackie Cums Out of the Closet

Sitting quietly in the corner table at The Hub, Jackie was content to not be the center of attention for once. She was watching the other kids as the afternoon went on. The conversation droned on, she paid no attention to it. Instead she was watching one table while trying to seem indifferent.

At that table sat Fes, Hyde and Kelso along with the object of her obsession, Eric. He was the only one at the table with which Jackie had not yet had intimate relations. Kelso had been the first, she had thought him the love of her life until she realized just how light in the pants he was. He was extremely proud of his member but after the second or third session Jackie had begun to become disenchanted with his barely five inch dick. Combined with his problem of keeping it up for more than a handful of strokes she just didn’t find fulfillment. She knew she needed, and deserved, more. Much more!

Hyde had been larger if no more fulfilling. Jackie was used to being the center of attention. In fact she demanded it. But Hyde was far more interested in getting high and when he was high he just couldn’t take care of business. At least not HER business! He got off. She did not! Clearly unacceptable! And still less than seven inches long! She still needed, wanted and deserved so much more than Hyde had to offer.

Fes had been the latest of her conquests. As a Foreign Exchange Student he was pretty low on the totem of life in high school. But as Jackie had discovered he more than made up for his lack of social standing with his willingness, his eagerness to worship Jackie. And he at least had a decent dick. Just about 8 inches long and pleasantly thick he had pleased Jackie many times. But still, a foreigner? Not for the long run, she had decided.

Jackie knew that she could have any of those three young men any time she wanted. All she had to do was let them know that she was available and they would come running!

And that left Eric. Eric Foreskin. Eric had been Donna’s boyfriend off and on for years. And they seemed to be on again at the moment. Donna was sitting on Eric’s lap, talking and laughing with the guys. Occasionally she would shift and squirm her butt on Eric’s lap.

And Jackie knew why. It was because Eric had a massive, expansive, rock hard cock. And Donna was enjoying the sensation of having that huge hard cock rubbing her butt cheeks. Now and again Donna would press her large tits against Eric as well. As Jackie now knew, Eric was obsessed by large breasts. And Donna’s Double E Cup brassiere qualified in that regard, Jackie knew!

Jackie had spent most of the afternoon of the neighborhood Summer Pool Party trapped in Eric’s closet playing with her pussy and cumming time after time while watching as he made love… no, FUCKED! First Donna, then Donna’s mother, Midge, with her larger than average D cups and last but not least Jackie’s OWN MOM!

Pam had been a revelation to Jackie! While Jackie had watched from the closet Pam had proven to be a dirty minded, foul talking SLUT, encouraging Eric to cum again and again over her face and on her big, big, Double F-cup boobs! For almost an hour Jackie had watched as Eric and Pam did things to each other that Jackie had never imagined. Her Mom was a SLUT! A big breasted, Double F-cupped SLUT.

Jackie had watched as Eric had crammed his dick into one well built woman after the other. Double E, D and then, the most impressive pair, a jiggling, wiggling whopping pair of Double F, giant boobs!

And those giant boobs had made Jackie wonder. Her Mom had been in Mexico for a year. Before she left Pam had sported C-cup breasts. Jackie had seen plenty of her bras to know for sure. Now, a year later, she was the owner of a magnificently large pair of firm Double F-Cup beauties that drew the attention of every man she met.

Jackie’s problem was that she didn’t have big titties. She almost filled a B cup bra. And Eric was a tit man! Plain and simple, if a girl didn’t have a rack, he wouldn’t give her a second look. Jackie thought that she would never be able to get his attention. And she deserved to get his attention! And to get to feel his massive, steel hard, womb pounder as it went deeper into her snatch than she could imagine. What Jackie had seen from the closet had convinced her that Eric was the man she needed to have in her life and in her pussy! She was, she admitted, totally obsessed with Eric and his gigantic knee knocker of a prick!

Just the thought of his rock hard, pussy pounding, steel like shaft was enough to make her heart race, her breath to come faster and her cunt to moisten! She needed that DICK! She would do what ever it took to get it! Anything!

Across the room Donna gave Eric a butt wiggle, pushed her titties into him and got up from Eric’s lap to stroll to the girls room. As she went içerenköy escort she enjoyed the attention of every male. All eyes were on the wobbling whoppers on her chest as she sauntered by. Despite wearing a bra, one of the largest bras in Pointe Place High School, her boobies shook and shimmied as she strode to the Ladies Room.

As soon as the door had closed a blonde from the next table approached Eric.

“Eric, can I ask you to give me a ride home? My Mom can’t pick me up this afternoon,” said Pam Macy in a voice loud enough to be heard by almost everyone.

“Oh, sure, Pam, I suppose so. I’ll see you guys tonight?” he asked the others at the table.

Yeah, sure, what ever,” responded the three who were paying more attention to Pam and her snuggly wrapped 32-DD’s outlined by her sweater. She wasn’t quite as big as Donna (who was, after all?) but she had a generous bust and liked to spread it around!

Eric rose, taking the paper on the table with him. Donna had gotten her man hard but it looked like Pam Macy was going to rustle that stud bull out from under her. Even with the paper as camouflage anyone looking could see his stiff dick. The paper was only 11 inches long after all. And Eric was inches longer. And Jackie was looking. Staring actually! She couldn’t help herself. She knew that she should act disinterested but just couldn’t.

Quickly Jackie slipped out the back door and followed Eric’s Vista Cruiser in the Ford Mustang her Dad had gotten her for her 18th birthday. Not the Mercedes she wanted but it was a nice car. And a convertible!

To her surprise the Vista Cruiser didn’t go to Look Out Pointe but instead headed straight to Pam’a house. Parking in the driveway the young couple went into the house at once. Jackie settled in to see how long Eric would stay with that tramp, Pam Macy.

Forty five minutes later things got interesting. Mrs. Macy pulled up to park behind the Vista Cruiser. Getting out of her car she headed into the house glancing curiously at the station wagon as she passed.

“This oughta be good,” thought Jackie. “Eric and that TRAMP are going to get caught!”

To her surprise nothing happened. There was no screaming, no half naked Eric trying to get to his car ahead of an outraged mother.

In fact it was two more hours before she saw any movement.

The door opened and, after peering both ways in the twilight, Mrs. Macy emerged wearing only mules and a Packers jersey that just covered her. She moved her car and went back inside to emerge moments later with Eric. She walked him to his car and while leaning against the front fender she gave Eric a scorching kiss. They exchanged some quiet words and she giggled. Jackie was appalled to watch as Eric pawed crudely at Mrs. Macy’s chest. Mrs. Macy watched smugly, arching her back, forcing her large breasts into greater prominence.

A vagrant breeze brought a snatch of conversation to Jackie’s ear.

“40 E, honey, I’m a lot bigger than Pam, and you are more than twice the man …” the rest was lost to her.

jackie slid down in her seat as Eric drove away. He’d been in that house almost three hours, she thought. He’d been with Pam. Pam’s Mom had walked in on them and… Well, Jackie didn’t know what had happened but some how he’d ended up getting a hot good bye kiss from Mrs. Macy! She had gone from conservatively dressed suburban mom to naked under that Packers jersey and bragging about her big tits in two hours! Eric and her must have been fucking! And where was Pam? Had she been there? Taken part? Or been sent to her room while her Mom had her way with the biggest, hardest, most cum spewing cock in Pointe Place? Jackie’s hands were exploring her pussy while she thought about what might have happened.

The next day Jackie was again stalking Eric as he went to the mall. His recent growth spurt meant that he had to replace much of his wardrobe, an expense that Red was still bitching about.

He was wearing Jackie’s favorite pants, the ones that her Mom had helped him pick out. Made of some sort of stretchable fabric, they looked like blue jeans and Eric looked respectable until his cock started to expand in which case you could see his dick as it grew larger, grew thicker and stretched down his pant leg! Pam had loved watching Eric grow bigger as she teased him with her hot body and huge titties while he was wearing those pants.

Jackie followed as he wandered thru the mall, ducking in and out of stores. She kept her distance hoping that Eric would not see her. She was wearing a big floppy hat to hide her beautiful hair and a long loose skirt keeping her super model legs under wraps.

In Macy’s Eric stopped to admire some shirts. As he stood there he was approached by a sales girl. “Aren’t you Eric Foreskin?” she asked looking him up and down. “Some one pointed you out to me yesterday at the Hub.”

“Um, yeah, I’m Eric.” He grinned at her. She was pretty, Jackie saw.

“And what’s your kadıköy escort name?” he asked.

“Oh,” she said pointing at her name badge, “I’m Rosalyn” Her name tag sat on the slope of an extremely large bulge in her sweater. She was stacked in spades! Jackie’s jealousy grew. Another TRAMP with big tits! And after her Eric, no doubt.

As the new girl and Eric spoke they moved to a display case where she proceeded to show Eric some wallets and belt buckles. Each time she leaned over she flashed her significant cleavage at the entranced Eric.

Finally, having laid several selections out on the top of the case Rosalyn stepped up, her breasts coming to rest atop the case. They projected almost half way across the case.

“Is there anything here that you find particularly attractive,” she asked while gazing up at him from under her half lidded eyes.

“Well, it all looks very nice, but there are a couple of items that I’m very, very attracted to,” he responded. His eyes were locked on the lewd display she was making with her enormous titties.

“Yes, well I had hoped that you would be. My girl friend told me about you yesterday. I’m new in town, you see, and I haven’t really gotten to know many people. Yet.”

“What did they tell you?” He asked as if clueless.

She leaned closer, mashing her tits against the case. Whispering in his ear, Jackie couldn’t hear what she said. But as she watched Rosalyn put both hands on the counter in front of her and slowly drew them apart until there was about nine inches between them.

Eric leaned back, locking his gaze on her bust line.

“Well, I’m afraid your friends are a bit behind the times.” He reached out and pulled her hands apart by another four inches. “I’m afraid I’m bigger than that now. Longer.” He paused while she caught her breath. “Thicker.” Again he paused. “Bigger and harder!” She was almost panting now, her hands clenching and unclenching as she tried to tell if he was trying to fool her.

“Tell you what, Rosalyn, why don’t we get together tonight, around 9PM and we can, um, exchange numbers?” His meaning was clear. Rosalyn couldn’t help but arch her back to emphasize her endowments.

“Thirty Six F,” she told him proudly. “Forty two inches around. And I’d love to let you confirm those numbers if I can confirm your numbers. Here’s my address. I’ll see you at nine! I’m off at 8:30 so I’ll have time to change. And my Mom works the night shift.” Her voice dripped with promise.

“Great, I’ll see you then,’ responded Eric as he pocketed her slip of paper. “Don’t forget to bring a tape!” He chuckled as he strolled away.

Pausing to glare at the unaware sales girl Jackie watched as Rosalyn picked up the phone.

“Donny, it’s Rosalyn, listen, something really big has arisen and I have to back out on our date for tonight. Some other time, okay? See ya!”

She was breaking a date to get together with Eric, realized Jackie as she hurried to catch up with her obsession.

She found him near the Customer Pick Up Desk in the back of the store.

As she watched Eric approached a middle aged woman in her mid thirties that had just been handed a heavy carton which she had to get to her car.

“Ma’am, perhaps I can help you with that package?” he offered.

She glanced up at the young man in front of her. As she stood in profile to Jackie her figure became distressingly obvious to the hidden watcher.

“Oh, Holy Mother of Mary, look at those tits! How does he find them? Those are the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen! She must be almost 50 inches around!” Jackie marveled.

“Well, thank you young man,” the older woman started. “But I think I can handle…” her gaze finally took in his masculine prominence that had reached almost half way to his knee in response to her massive bust.

“Um that is, thank you very much. I’m afraid that’s just TOO large a package for me to pass up, that is, to handle!” It was clear to what she referred. “But with your help, I’m sure we can handle that package.” Her tongue darted out to moisten suddenly dry lips. “Yes, I’m really looking forward to handling that package!”

As Jackie watched, the two maneuvered the box to her car and drove away. Eric had slid all the way over in the front seat and put his arm around the driver’s shoulders as they left. What was happening out of sight was left to her imagination. And Jackie had a very active imagination!

‘This SUCKS!’, she thought to herself. ‘I’ve wasted enough of my life watching Eric hook up with every big set of boobs that catches his eye!’

‘I’m not going to waste my time sitting in the car waiting for Eric to finish fucking hell out of that old floozie, or Rosalyn, for that matter! It’s time to take action to get Eric to pay attention to ME!’ decided Jackie as she stormed back to her car.

She knew what to do. Thanks to her conversation with her Mom she knew how to use the contents of the large clay pot she had found in her Mom’s kartal escort luggage.

Pam had returned to Mexico. She was content to be the giant Double F she was now. And anyway, she could always get more if she wanted to.

‘Rub a small amount between the palms of your hands, then rub your hands onto your tits. Do this once a day until you reach the desired result.’

Her Mom had taken months to reach her spectacular Double F-Cup size. Her Mom had added about an inch every two weeks.

‘Well, that will just take too much time,’ decided Jackie. ‘I’ve got to get Eric’s attention sooner than that! I should be able to get faster result if I apply the lotion twice a day. Morning and just before bed,’ she nodded to her self. ‘That should do the trick!’

That night, before she crawled into bed to dream of Eric’s massive member, she applied the first treatment. The next morning she did it again. And for the next week she continued to apply the salve to her boobs every morning and night.

At the end of the first week she measured herself. ‘Half an inch! That’s ALL? One half of one inch? No one’s going to notice me if that’s as fast as it works! Screw it! I know it works, I saw my Mom had gone from a C-cup to a Double F-cup. I’m going to do the same thing. But faster!’

Rashly, impetuously, Jackie began applying the lotion THREE times daily. At the end of the second week she had expanded from a B-cup to a really full C-cup, almost a D-cup.

‘Now that’s more like it,’ she decided gazing at her reflection. Her new boobs stuck straight out, her perky nipples jutting playfully forward, begging for attention. As she caressed her new curves she ran her hands over the nipples. An electric shock went through her! That felt so good! Never particularly responsive before, her nipples and her tits were becoming more and more excitable!

Turning sideway she admired her new profile. Her tits were almost perfect bowls, round and firm they seemed to leap from her rib cage! Leading the way, her marvelous, pinkly perfect nipples stood at perpetual attention.

‘I can’t decide whether to try to take Eric by surprise or not.’ she mused. ‘Should I try to hide these amazing tits or should I let people notice as I get bigger and bigger each week?’

She finally decided to let, no, to MAKE, everyone see how she was growing larger and larger boobs. She would no longer dress to avoid attracting attention to her boobs. She would wear tighter and tighter outfits.

Jackie’s bust was increasing by an inch or more every few days and her outfits fit her expanding boobs more tightly. Her cleavage blossomed, deepening, becoming larger as her nipples thrust out further and further from her rib cage. Any one paying any attention could see that Jackie was growing by leaps and bounds.

It was Donna who first spoke to her about it. They were in Donna’s room while Jackie was going through Donna’s meager makeup collection, looking for something she hadn’t seen already when Donna brought it up.

“Have you been putting on weight?” she asked.

“Oh, you noticed? Well, I have gained some weight. Mostly in my boobs! I’m almost a Double D! Don’t I look great?”

“Well, you’ve always been so thin! It’s a little strange to see you getting, ah, so big.”

“Umm, you think I’m getting BIG,” she eagerly asked. “Do you think Eric has noticed?” As soon as she said it she regretted it.

Donna looked up from her diary.

“Eric? Well, I don’t think so. He barely notices me. And I’m starting to overfill these new Double E bras I bought a couple of weeks ago.”

Donna gazed down at her rack with pride. “Sometimes I think even my big, big boobies aren’t enough for him!” She didn’t really believe that, of course. She just wanted to screw with Jackie’s head. She smiled at Jackie while thrusting her self out proudly. “You have a long ways to go until you start to match THESE beauties!” The look on her face made it clear that she didn’t see Jackie as any competition to HER fulsome curves.

Days later Jackie noticed Eric watching her as she went from the table she was sharing with some of her friends to the girls room. His eyes never left her breasts as they shimmied and shook under her skin tight blouse. She was wearing her latest, largest bra. She had bought the 32-E cup bra recently and she over filled it already! Breast flesh bulged into an enchanting cleavage from the over-burdened cups. They shimmied and shook as she walked in her new heels. Her tits looked even bigger, she thought, because of the contrast with her exceptionally thin rib cage.

Every day brought eager suitors asking her for a date, promising her everything but delivering only six, seven or, if she was lucky, eight inches of entertainment. And with her ravishing attributes, she found the boys all too easily satisfied. She craved what she had seen Eric deliver to Donna. To Midge. To Pam Macy, obviously and, she suspected, to Pam Macy’s Mom. She wanted what her own MOM had gotten so often! She wanted Eric’s immense cock deep in her soaking wet cunt. She wanted to feel him spew all over her after she had taken all of him down her eager, swallowing throat! She wanted to have the experience of a massive cock fucking her into screaming orgasm time after time! Only stopping when he was ready to flood her with more cum than any two other men could possibly provide.

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