The Adventures of Andrew Ch. 01

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All characters are 18 in any depicted sex scene


This is my first, and hopefully not my last, erotic fiction. I’d like as much constructive cristism as possible, please. I originally planned to have two parts to this chapter, so if it seems short, that’s why.



February, 2006

Andrew was at the edge of his bed, his arms resting on his legs as he stared into the carpet. His long brown hair was pulled back, ridden with nervous sweat.

A knock came onto the doorframe behind him. “And?” Someone asked.

That someone was a well built pitcher for the local high school’s baseball team, James King. He wasn’t a jerk like a few of his contemporaries, he was actually very shy and relied on his friends to hook him up with girls.

“Andrew?” James asked as he walked over to sit next to his friend, whom didn’t even acknowledge he was there.

A silence carried out for a few minutes longer.

“He’s dead.” Andrew whispered quietly, almost under his breathe.

“Just six weeks ago we were watching the Raiders at San Fransisco,” Andrew said, his eyes starting to bleed water. Two days after that, Pete Lattimer was diagnosed with stage four cancer of the pancreas. “They gave him three weeks.”

James gave a tight smile, and for the first time since they heard the news that their best friend died, he shed a tear, “He said he wouldn’t go down until the Superbowl.”

Andrew was unmoving, his eyes starting to dry a bit. A different kind of sadness loomed over him. A harder sadness, one that penetrated more than his surface feelings.

Nothing more was said for the next twenty minutes. Both of them stared at the carpet, before James glanced at the clock, and promptly walked off, leaving Andrew in silence.



Ami and Regina walked down the hallway, babbling away about the school gossip, rumors, and general trash talk. The two fairly attractive seniors didn’t even stop to look at most of anyone, fairly self-absorbed, until Ami set her eyes on Andrew Parkers as he walked by.

“He’s changed, hasn’t he?” Regina commented once he was out of earshot.

Ami rolled her eyes for the umpteenth time at the cliché, “Do you have some ‘rouge fantasy’ about him? Seriously, ever since he became a loner you just won’t stop talking about him.”

Regina instantly became defensive, but honest when she said, “No, but it’s not that he isn’t cute.”

He was handsome, Ami had to admit. He towered over most at six foot, a clean and pleasant face, long stylish brown hair, and a slender muscular frame that he acquired through years of basketball and running. But Ami was annoyed mostly because she felt like he left her and most of his other friends a year ago.

“So? He abandoned us when Pete died last year, and I’m fine with him right where he is. We all liked Pete, but we didn’t break up. He could stay alone and not bother us.” Ami spoke hotly. Her and Andrew were just friends, true, but she had many “just friends” with other guys. All they cared about was getting into her pants, like most guys that laid eyes on her.

At 5′ 5″, she was head cheerleader, her latina skin complementing her gorgeous face, oversized breasts, and alluring ass.

But when Andrew shunned everyone, mostly her, she lost a dear friend and confidant. Andrew was a real friend, not trying to have sex with her but actually liked her, which was worth more than any of her other male “friends” had to offer. And from the day to day social war that waged on, maybe even the only friend that she truly trusted, even more than Regina.

“Acutally, he isn’t a exactly a loner. I’ve seen him with Eyan a few times.” Regina replied, oblivious to her friend’s anger. Eyan was the school’s biggest nerd, and the only person whom Andrew hung out with in the wake of his best friend’s death. The two only started hanging out late last year, maybe because Andrew didn’t want to have to deal with the pressure of being one of those “popular” kids.

It made Ami even more mad that he abandoned her and not Eyan, but she still didn’t know why. Was she really jealous of Eyan, not mad at him?

“Good for him. He can stay with those dweebs and get knocked down.” Ami replied, then before Regina said anything else, she started talking about cheer camp to change the subject, and the other cheerleader happily started babbling about it.


Andrew closed his eyes and leaned against the wall of the gym. Many times he would play basketball with his friends here in the past. He would play with Pete and James, mostly, maybe with a few basketball friends when they were off-season. Not only because of Pete, but because he abanonded those same friends, and Andrew was increasingly feeling like a jerk for doing it. Or maybe because he just missed them.

Now he was dressed for second roll for Phys Ed, his regular clothes on. He dressed in jeans, skater shoes, and a black shirt complemented his look. Nothing fancy, enough for him to fade away like he wants to.

A maltepe escort girl walked up to him and sat down next to him. She was Kate Rogers, one of the mid-popular girls, despite her large personality and good looks she never became very popular.

Once Andrew opened his eyes, be found quite a view waiting for him. She was wearing ass hugging jeans, showing off her long legs and bubbly ass, with a tight fitting shirt that somehow held up her heavy DD rack. Her face was great, too, full, red lips that matched her blonde hair made her the wet dream of many a man. She’d have every man clawing at her if she wasn’t rumored to be lesbian. No guy wanted to face the humiliation of being turned down if they could help it.

“Hey, And.” Kate greeted, “You feeling okay?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Andrew mumbled, and gave a small smile. Lately he hasn’t been so depressed, and he was finally reconnecting with his old friends, especially James. Andrew was amazed that after almost a year, he was ready to take him back like nothing happened. That made him feel even more guilty.

“How’re you doing?” He asked.

She shrugged, “I’m doing good. You’ve seen the new Ben Stiller movie?”

“No, I don’t believe I have. Why?”

“I got an extra ticket for tonight’s showing, since Sheri cancelled. You wanna come?” She asked hopefully.

“Uhhh.” For the last few months, Andrew has barely spoken to a girl. He forgot all the smooth talk and lessons Pete taught him so long ago. He couldn’t even say “yes” properly. “S-sure.”

“Okay, my car’s busted, though. Can you pick me up?”

“Yeah, when should I pick you up?”

“Six, the show doesn’t start until six-thirty.”

The bell rang, and the two walked out together as the teacher checked off their names on the roster to make sure no one skipped out. As they filed out if the gym and the two of them separated, Andrew said, “See you tonight!”

Kate called out as she turned around and walked backwards slowly, “It’s a date!”

Andrew skipped in mid-step, and nearly fell flat on his face as he bumped into a familiar friend. All he could think of is how it happened: Kate made it obvious to many people she was lesbian; she checked out girls and openly dated a few last year. Why did she call it a date, then? Andrew thought they were going as “just friends”.

He didn’t even notice when Ami turned the corner and bumped into him. Andrew did see her, but frantically picked up the books she was carrying, “I’m so sorry, my fault…”

He then looked up to see Ami stand up in front of him, her head tilted at an angle, as if she was intensely observing something. She was thinking if she should shake him off, or actually talk to him.

“It’s alright, Andrew.” She snapped out of it, retrieving her books from his outstretched arms. The two looked at each other for a few seconds.

Andrew had a brief and casual thought, If I’m patching it up with everyone else, why not Ami?

He took a deep breathe, hoping she didn’t notice his nervousness, and asked her, “Um, Ami, want to hang out sometime?”

Wow, that was lame, he thought.

Ami, however, smiled hopefully.

“Sure, I’m free tonight, how about then?”

“I’m seeing someone, how about Friday?”

Ami nearly erupted. She was half mad, half hopeful. He was seeing someone?! How dare he!

Why did she have a problem with that, though? Was it jealousy, or was it annoyance that he waited so long to talk to her again?

She kept telling herself it was the latter.

“Sure, I’m free after cheer on Friday. Four-thirty?”

Andrew gave her a grin, one that was so rare nowadays she thought his cheeks would crack. “Four-thirty it is.”

“Yo, Andrew!” James called against the oncoming crowd. Andrew nodded over to him.

“Gotta go.” Andrew said, turning and walking over to James.

“See you Friday!” Ami called over the crowd, and Andrew returned it with a friendly wave of his hand as he and James navigated the hallways.


The ride over to the movies was fairly uneventful. The two 18 year-olds made some small talk about the movie, school, and music. Andrew was a very musical person, his love for guitar and guitar music overshadowing his basketball drive, when he used to play. He was surprised that the two of them had that in common.

But no matter what they talked about, Andrew’s eyes regularly wandered to the cleavage that Kate’s V-neck showed. He was very much a “breast man”, but always tried not to stare. But Kate must’ve been wearing a push-up bra, because they were practically spilling out of her top. He kept telling himself it was his imagination, and that even when her hand occasionally hit his thigh they were just “accidents”.

But to Kate, they were anything but “accidents”. Even as they sat down in the theater she flirted with him unmercifully. She pretended to drop her phone between the seats, and he got an eyeful of her large breasts as she bent down to retrieve it. She did her best not to giggle as she pendik escort saw the erection in his pants. It looked a little large, but it could just be the dimmed lights.

Yes, Kate is into girls, very much into girls since she was fourteen. She made sure everyone knew it, too, just to keep the guys off her back, her front, and everything in between.

But she would always be at basketball games the last few years, and she developed a crush for Andrew Parkers, then the star point guard. She told herself he was out of her league, and it took her three years, and a depressed and now unconfident Andrew, to finally give her the opportunity to go out with him. Sure, she technically tricked him by making him think they were doing it as friends, but what’s the harm in one small date? He was the only guy she’s ever had a crush on: he was handsome, smart, sweet, and wasn’t too stuck up about it. She wasn’t going to chance it, and didn’t mind using trickery.

The movie progressed onwards, and it didn’t take long for the mandatory sex scene to show up on the screen. And right then, Kate chose to lower her shirt just enough so an eyeful of her black bra was visible. Then she “accidentally” spilled a little coke on his lap from some soda cans they smuggled in.

Immediately, she spotted his eight inch erection that the liquid revealed, as he turned to her in surprise at the “mistake” she did her best to look apologetic and not notice what was in his lap.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered, “Let me clean that up.”

With that, she took a napkin and knelt between his legs, which reflexively opened once the soda spilled on his crotch.

She carefully carressed the outline of his cock with the napkin. It was still growing, how long could it be, she thought. Andrew, meanwhile, was enjoying her semi-handjob, trying to vainly hide his groans of delight.

“It looks like the cola went through the shorts. I’m going to need to clean it from underneath.” Using that pretense, Kate vigorously pulled down the zipper, and a large 9 inch cock nearly hit her face, and caught her breathe.

“Uh, Kate.” Andrew said nervously, but then let out an intense groan of ecstasy as he looked down to see six inches of his member inside of Kate’s mouth. Her head quickly bobbed up and down, her tongue working wonders on his purple head.

Whilst blowing him, Kate pushed her neckline under her bra, raising her tits up. Using one hand to corkscrew the three inches she couldn’t deep-throat she used the other to fold her bra under her tits, shoving them even farther upwards.

“You like this?” The busty blonde asked Andrew, who gave a shaky nod.

The blonde smiled even wider, and lifted her tits up to engulf most of his tool. She used her hands to smash them together, engulfing his cock, and she used her mouth to blow the inches sticking out, her boobs not large enough to take it all. She then proceeded to give him a tittyfuck.

It took both of them longer than expected, and Kate was starting to get tired after five minutes, before Andrew said, “Kate, I’m gonna cum.”

The buxom teen picked up her pace, and as he was about to blow, she lowered his cock so it was jammed into her tits. What proceeded was a set of powerful blasts that filled her cleavage with cum, and Kate’s slutty and gleeful face staring up at him made him even more turned-on.

She slipped her bra and top back into place, then sat next to him as they enjoyed the last twenty minutes of the movie, both of them with sly smiles on their faces.

There was an awkward silence that they experienced on the way back, occasionally broken by a few words on how they thought the movie was. Once they came to a halt in front of Kate’s house, she turned to him.

“You know,” She said, “I gave you a blowjob, let you fuck my tits, and cum on my boobs, and we still haven’t kissed.”

Andrew gave a small laugh, and they leaned forward, exchanging a long and passionate kiss. As they did, Andrew could feel Kate’s hand rub his growing dick.

“Don’t jack off tonight. Save some for tomorrow.” Kate replied once the kiss finally broke.

Andrew gave another rare grin, the second time that day.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way.”


When Andrew drove up to his house, he started humming a joyful song to himself. That night he went to his room, got out his acoustic, and strummed a happy tune through the night.

Maybe his luck was finally changing.


Andrew woke up Thursday morning at his usual time, waking up to his dad’s breakfast cooking, the smell of the bacon so strong the aroma slipped through the air condotion vents.

The bleary eyed Andrew stooped downstairs, yawning as he sat down at the breakfast nook in the kitchen.

The first thing Andrew did was take a large bite from a strip of bacon, the second thing he did is smile at his father and saying, “Morning, pops.”

His forty year old father raised an eyebrow. His son was full of some energy that he hasn’t seen kaynarca escort in him for awhile, and he was starting to crack smiles.

“Your date last night must’ve went well.”

Andrew nodded, and proceeded to devour the bacon that his father set on his plate. His mom walked in, drying her hair with a soaked towel as she went in.

“Morning honey.” His mom patting his shoulder as she went by to get her own breakfast. She looked warily at her husband, and he sighed as he turned to Andrew.

“Andrew, your mother and I have been talking. Now we know your getting good grades,” His father began, which confused Andrew. His parents never talked about his grades, he usually gets Bs and an occasional A.

“… but college costs money, and frankly your mother and I can’t pay for it. Your going to need a full scholarship.”

Andrew’s stomach churned. Sure, they didn’t have much money, but he thought the financial aid would cover it. Apparently he was wrong.

“So your going to need to do it by doing a sport.” His dad stated flatly.

“What your father means is, we can’t pay for it. You need to do a sport, or maybe a concert instrument. We’re not going to force you, your a legal adult, but you need to choose if your going to do it or not.” His mother clarifed.

Andrew gave a nuetral nod, and headed to the shower. He needed some time to think about everything that was going on in his life. But part of him was afraid that it was getting too good.


Andrew parked his old pickup at his usual spot on the back side of school. It would be safe from any dents or scratches there, although by the looks of it it wouldn’t damage it’s appearance too much.

He walked through the baseball fields and past the outer halls of the school, looking for someone in particular. Andrew wanted to patch it up with all his friends, including his ex-girlfriend that he abruptly left after Pete died. He felt especially bad about that, since he didn’t even dump her, just left.

But after ten minutes of searching, Andrew was about to give up when he found a set of full red lips interlock with his. They were soft, smooth, and a bit familiar.

“Hey, And.” Kate smiled jovially. She didn’t care that half the kids in the hall stared at her, surprised that she was apparently into guys. She was content with just kissing her crush.

Andrew was pleasantly surprised at the kiss, and returned her grin. He liked the sudden affection she was giving him. It was comfortable, if unfamiliar.

“Hi, Kate.” Andrew replied as the two walked down the hallway, away from prying eyes.

She smiled slyly, then said, “Want to go watch cheer practice after school? Sheri is my ride home.”

Andrew felt like he was going to burst with excitement, but held his cool in his voice, “Sure, why not.”

Watching twelve hot cheerleadersworking out with this equally hot girl in his arm, who wouldn’t agree?

Kate smiled even wider as she headed off to class, “See you then.”


Andrew was so excited throughout the day. He couldn’t wait to see a dozen hot cheerleaders go through their routines, whilst sitting there with his girlfriend, hot enough to give those girls a run for their money.

He barely noticed his pre-calculus teacher hand him back a D+ test that he took last week, and paid even less attention to the small comment about getting his grades up. The “D” did remind him of Kate’s tits, though. He had a boner for the better part of the period.

After school, he hurriedly picked up his stuff and went straight to the football stands, since the cheerleaders usually practiced on the field. He was almost running, and was surprised to find Kate already there.

“Hiya handsome.” Kate said to him as he sat down next to her. The cheerleaders were already running around the track to get warmed up.

“Hey.” Andrew heaved, dropping himself down along with his stuff.

They sat in silence, both watching the cheerleaders running around the field. Andrew’s eyes were glued to their swaying tits as they ran, their chests heaving as they were panting.

A tent formed in his pants, and Kate was sure to rub it once she found it. Andrew was startled, afraid she might be angry or jealous.

At the look on his face, Kate giggled, “It’s fine Andrew, really. They are VERY attractive. I wouldn’t blame you if you just banged ’em all right now.”

The confused look on Andrew’s face passed as Kate squeezed his erection through his pants. What showed was a look of ecstasy plastered on his face.

“In fact,” Kate whispered hotly in his ear, “Why don’t you.”

Andrew’s confused look couldn’t be masked by his joy at the semi-handjob he was receiving.

“Seriously. I don’t mind, on two conditions,” Kate admitted, still rubbing his crotch, “I get to have outside sex, and I can stop you from having sex with someone if I want to.”

Andrew mulled over it, and despite his reluctance to let Kate have sex with other guys, he accepted.

Kate looked relieved a bit and said, “Thank you. I was afraid I couldn’t fuck Sheri.”

Andrew looked even more confused, and was about to ask what was going on when she beat him to it.

“You think I was going to have sex with other GUYS? No way! I like chicks better, and your the only cock for me, anyhow.”

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