The Adventures of Katie and Sarah Ch. 09

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So much was happening to Katie and Sarah that it was a pleasure to sleep more than usual. At about 9 o’clock. Katie and Sarah has slept in from their usual early morning wake-up calls. Each girl easily got out of bed, but had that funny feeling. That feeling that their name collars were finally off their necks, and that something familiar was inside their asses.

Usually Jackie, their sorority’s president, would insert their next rush mission assignment into one of the girl’s asses. She made them pull it out and read it aloud. It was a little humiliating and degrading, but the girls didn’t mind after awhile.

For a lark, Katie reached into Sarah’s ass and pulled out her message, while Sarah reached into Katie’s ass to pull out her message. Reading them aloud at the same time, the girls realized they has the same messages from Jackie.

“After school, you are to go to the main campus library and report to work. You are going to have a part-time job as part of our sorority’s charity program. Arrive at 3 p.m. Go to the checkout desk. Identify yourselves and they will take it from there.”

The two girls were excited about this opportunity. It didn’t sound anything like the sex parties they were made to attend in the past. Libraries were safe, quiet places and they would not allow the girls to be naked and forced to perform sexual acts on strangers, they thought.

They were way off.

During the day the girls wore their usual slutty outfits picked out by Jackie. Today’s outfit consisted of a very mini skirt, about 4.5 inches in total length, and a mini-tee. The total ensemble, sans any underwear, left most of their stomachs and legs on exhibit.

The girls hurriedly back to the house before going to the library to start their week long job. Thinking they would have to go dressed as they were, both were surprised to see Jackie had laid out real outfits for them. Nice tops, capri jeans, matching bras and panties, and fashionable flip-flops.

The girls walked about a mile to get to the main library. Once inside, they proceeded to the checkout desk and were told to see Miss Worthington in reference. The reference department was on the second floor of the library, which was in a seven-story building.

A sign was posted in front of the elevator indicating it was out of service, so Sarah and Katie walked up the stairs. They were large, marble stairs, the kind in old buildings. Miss Worthington was sitting at a desk at the end of a large room filled with rows of books and large tables and chairs which would get filled up in a couple hours. Working on something, she suddenly looked up and saw the girls approaching.

“Hello young ladies, what can I do for you today?” she said, gazing at the girls as if she were a fox hunting pussy cats.

“Miss Worthington, I am Katie and this is my best friend Sarah. We are here to work at the library.”

“You two girls look like you will do just fine here. Come with me and aydınlı escort I will show you your uniforms.” Miss Worthington got up and stepped away from her desk. She was a very shapely woman, probably in her mid-30s. She had blonde hair that caressed across her shoulders, and wore low-cut tops which amplified her cleavage.

They all arrived at a door at the side of the room. Miss Worthington opened it with her key and let the girls in. It was a lounge area, with lockers along the wall and another door next to them. Miss Worthington reached into a box and pulled out two tiny aprons, ones that had a small top and a wider bottom with ties in the back.

“You two girls will be working on the fifth floor, adult non-fiction. It gets pretty hot up there so you had better switch into these uniforms if you want to stay cool.”

Sarah and Katie looked at her as if she were nuts. “Why would we want to put on an apron that barely covered us and work in public?” Katie thought to herself.

“You two girls do want this job, don’t you?”

Not wanting Jackie to know they didn’t accept the job, which was for charity, the girls felt they had no choice and started to disrobe.

“Hurry up girls, you don’t have time to dilly dally.”

The aprons had tops which just barely covered the girls’ nipples, leaving the sides of their breasts uncovered. The bottom of the apron was just barely covering their pussies, but wasn’t enough in the back to provide cover for their asses.

“You girls look marvelous,” Miss Worthington said. “Now before you go up to your floor, you must be initiated. Allow me to open this other door for you.” Miss Worthington pushed Katie in the small of her back toward the door, which opened into sort of a dungeon with handcuffs and mats all over. Sarah also was forced to enter.

Inside were two older girls, both wearing skimpy outfits of black leather.

“Take off your aprons and come here, bitches,” said the taller of the two girls, named Marie. “You need to pay your dues in order to work here.” Marie motioned for them to come toward her and Sabrina, the other girl. They pushed both girls down to the ground and made them lick out their pussies. Marie was waxed bare and tasted just like heaven. Katie became aroused just smelling her pussy, and she felt a hand push her head into Marie as she heard loud moans from above. Sabrina also was moaning and already was coming all over Sarah’s face. Soon Katie brought Marie to orgasm and she left her with a face full of her cum. The girls handed us our aprons and told us to scamper up to the fifth floor.

“Don’t let me catch you not working,” Marie said. “Linda has a lot of ways of punishing girls who misbehave.” Not knowing who Linda was, but knowing they did not want to get punished, Sarah and Katie left the room and walked up to the fifth floor.

A Miss Henderson was there, waiting for us to arrive.

“Where have bağdat caddesi escort you two girls been? Linda told me you were coming right up here and you are late. We will deal with this later. First, you must put all these books back on the shelves.”

Miss Henderson pointed to a stack of what must have been 100 books on a rolling bin. The bin was very heavy to push, and the girls started to perspire all over their bodies. The sweat in their cleavage and around their boobs caused them to slip out of the apron a couple of times before the girls noticed what happened and placed them back undercover.

An hour had past and Katie was separated from Sarah, as Miss Henderson had taken her to another area of the floor to help an elderly lady reach a book from a higher shelf. Sarah later told Katie she had to stand on a step ladder to reach the book, and suddenly felt the woman’s hand stroke her inner thighs. When she reached Sarah’s butt, the woman told Sarah to keep looking for books. Sarah ended up cuming hard when the woman walked her fingers to Sarah’s pussy and lightly tickled until Sarah let out a squeak like she does when she has an orgasm.

Katie was putting some books away when she saw two girls enter my aisle. They were girls who were a year older than her at school. Rita and Lacy always walked around like they owned the place, and as bossy girls got whatever they wanted.

The bossy girls, as Sarah and Katie secretly called them, came right up to Katie from behind, and were right her my face as she turned around.

“May I help you,” Katie said, with a slight quiver to my voice.

“What is your name,” Rita said, with her hands at her hips.

“K-K-Ka-Ka-Katie.” Katie breathed deeply and was so shocked she had trouble getting her words out.

“Is something wrong with you Katie,” Lacy said. “N-no, I’m fine.”

“You know who we are, don’t you?” Rita said. “Ye-yes, R-Rita and La-Lacy.”

“We like to think we own the school. You included. From now on when you come to work here, you are to see us and get your orders for the day,” Rita said.

“Yeah, we usually are on the fifth floor here scouting out what’s going on, but sometimes we are on the fourth floor, or seventh, you have to find us,” Lacy said.

Rita took her hands and scrunched up Katie’s apron top so it fell in-between my breasts. “Your pretty tits are all sweaty. They need to air out. Wear your apron like this for the rest of the day.”

“Rita, I-I can’t do that.” Rita came closer to Katie, putting her face right up to mine. Katie could smell the cherry lip gloss Rita always wore, and vanilla-flavored mouthwash on her breath.

“You will have your tits out for the rest of the day, and don’t cover them with the apron. I like you with your tits out today, understand?” she said, stroking Katie’s right cheek with the back of her hand.

“Ye-ye-y-y-yes Rita.”

“Good bahçelievler escort girl. Now run along to your business. I will be watching you one way or another. Do not disappoint me,” Rita said. With that, the two bossy girls walked away, and Katie stared at their asses, admiring how they gently shook from side-to-side.

Almost three hours had past since Sarah and Katie started working. Sarah came up to Katie and asked Her, “What are you doing with your tits hanging out of your apron.” “Believe me, I can’t tell you. It’s something I have to do.”

When it was seven o’clock the girls walked up to Miss Henderson and asked if it was OK for them to go. “Katie, what do you think you are doing with your tits hanging out for everyone to see,” Miss Henderson said. “You are a complete horny slut.”

“Katie, you and Sarah don’t get to leave when you want to. Now go downstairs and see Linda. She has something in store for you.”

“Excuse me ma’am. Who is Linda?” Katie asked. Linda?”

“Miss Worthington, you little bitch,” she said, slapping Katie hard on her butt.

Sarah and Katie walked down the four flights of stairs to the second floor and found Miss Worthington behind her desk. They walked up to her and stood waiting for her to notice us.

“I see you two girls worked up a sweat working. And Katie, your boobs were so hot you had to let them cool off, huh?”

“You two must give me a full four-hour’s of work each day. In case you don’t keep this up, working all the time you are here, let me show you what could happen.”

Miss Worthington grabbed the girls by their arms and pulled them with her to the back dungeon room. There, they saw two chairs which had dual steel cocks sticking out.

“Girls who don’t work take their breaks here in these chairs. Why don’t you try them on?” Miss Worthington placed the girls in front of the chairs and told them to turn around. She told them to sit on the two cocks, one for their pussy and one for their ass. Being so sweaty the girls’ were well lubricated and easily accepted the two forms.

Miss Worthington left the room, and after a few minutes the two cocks started throbbing wildly. Katie grabbed onto the arms on the chair and gripped tightly. At times she nearly was thrown off the chair from the cock’s shaking up inside her. Soon she was holding on tightly and was nearing a big orgasm. The metal sphere up her pussy was pressing against the top wall her my pussy, which was pulsating and getting wetter by the moment. Katie flipped her head back and took a deep breath and then collapsed in her orgasm, leaving her covered in sweat and cum.

Sarah also came before Miss Worthington came back. She helped each girl off the chairs, and then told them to clean each other’s cocks with their tongues. It was an order not to be disobeyed. Sarah and Katie switched chairs and got on her knees in front of them. Katie first licked the cock that was up Sarah’s pussy so she could taste her sweet velvet pussy while the cock was still warm. The cock which was up Sarah’s butt had a little musky odor but nothing too strong to keep her from putting it all down her throat.

Miss Worthington told the girls to gather their things and head home. Jackie was waiting at the sorority house door as the girls arrived. She didn’t say anything.

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