The Airline Stud Ch. 07

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Abella Danger

Chapter 7: Finally Samantha

Alvin was packing for his four-day trip to Sydney. The thought of Samantha filled his mind. He could not wait to see her naked, to hear her moan with that accent. He packed up the new tuxedo carefully and reviewed the paper that that senor Alvarez gave him with all of the items needed to properly wear it. He arrived at the airport and was whisked through the check-in line. He knew all of the gate agents.

“Do you have a hot date in Australia?” one of them inquired.

“This is normally your flight yet you are traveling as a passenger. What gives?”

“Just meeting a friend for a few days of backpacking.” He was given an empty seat in first class. He recognized one of the passengers, another regular. He had not been a passenger in first class for a long time. He texted Samantha before turning his phone to airplane mode. “On the plane now. See you in sixteen hours.”

Upon arrival, he boarded a taxi to the hotel where the gala would be held and checked in. The desk attendant welcomed him by name. Samantha must have made all of the arrangements. All of that he would find out were part of her seduction planning.

The room he was shown was a suite with a large bedroom overlooking the Harbor, a living room with a bar. The room also had a huge bathroom with large glass-encased shower. There was also a small room with a counter and flower arrangement and a mirror with many lights which he guessed was a designated place for hair and makeup. The bed was a king with thick elegant sheets and pillows. Alvin was already thinking about ways he would make love to Samantha. However, he headed directly to the gym for a workout which he has only recently made daily on account of his budding relationship with Samantha.

There was another guy on one of the treadmills when he arrived. Alvin got on the second one, ran for thirty minutes and completed 4 and a half miles and finished soon after the first guy. They were both sweating profusely and started using the weight machines. “Are you a footbolla?” asked the other guy.

Alvin was not sure he understood the question due to the thick Australian accent. “Pardon me.”

“Oy seed, ah you a fute-baller? I only ask because you look like a back.”

Alvin got it. “No, but I played baseball in college in the states. I used to be in great shape but that was over ten years ago.”

“Weel, you look like you are in great sheape nah. See you ’round,” and he left.

He had not worn a tuxedo in a long time and had to refer to the notes he took when he picked it up from Mr. Alvarez. But he looked great, clean and crisp, strong and powerful. He consulted his watch and peered at the clock on the nightstand for the hundredth time. Samantha told him he would come up to his room to pick him up. The phone rang and he jumped.


“Are you ready?” came the sweetest voice. “I am in the lobby. What is the room number again?”

A knock at the door and Alvin’s heartbeat rose and his palms started to sweat. He quickly wiped them off with a towel he grabbed from the bathroom before opening the door. In the doorway stood an angel.

Samantha had never looked better. She wore a tight white cocktail dress that ended above the knees. The dress left her shoulders bare with plenty of room for her sexy neck, hair pulled back into a pony tail, very clean. Alvin was weak-kneed. He had to lean against the wall to keep from falling.

“May I come in?”

“Of course.”

“They gave you a great suite. I have been to dozens of events in this hotel; some of the meetings were in suites. This is a nice one.” What she really wanted to say was, “I am wild for a man in a tux, a well-built man.” Indeed, she had a thing for a man in a tuxedo, so clean and sharp. Samantha also liked men’s hands if they were well-groomed. She took his left hand into her right and kissed the back. He was manicured perfectly. This made her tingle. She continued, out-loud, “Senior Alvarez does a great job. You look fantastic in that tux. That was certainly worth it.”

It was Alvin’s turn—and he was tongue-tied—a first. “Sam, you look absolutely delicious. Whatever they are serving for dessert would pale in comparison.”

She slowly walked to face him. “I have seen the dessert menu and can find much better things to eat right here, right now.” She leaned in. “I haven’t applied my lip gloss yet, as I was hoping for a little pre-game.”

“It took me a half-hour to get this monkey-suit on. What do you have in mind?”

Sam was holding her clutch in her left hand and draped it over his right shoulder, putting her right hand on his chest. She pulled him down gently, so he could meet her half-way. Their lips met first. Satisfying but their eyes were still opened. She took the lead by closing hers. He followed. Her mouth parted slightly which made him think that she was eager for love. He pushed his tongue past her lips. She let out the tinniest moan of approval and pressed the tip—only the tip—of her tongue to meet the tip of his. He tasted good so she slid her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues fondled each other and Alvin’s pants got tight. She felt it and molded herself into kozyatağı escort him while reaching her right hand down his cummerbund to his ass. She squeezed it. Alvin felt a surge in his groin that he could not control. They were breathing into each other’s mouths.

Alvin broke moment. “Do you not like it?” she asked.

“Like it… This is beyond my wildest fantasies, but…”

“But, what?”

“You have me at a disadvantage.”


“I am telegraphing my…excitement. I am poking you.”

Samantha withdrew her right hand from Alvin’s ass and ran it down her thigh. She then stuck her fingers into his mouth. Alvin tasted sweet pussy on his lover’s sexy fingers. “I hope there will be some left when I get down there.”

“I guarantee it.”


On one of their long conversations during the past month, Samantha told him a little of what to expect at the gala. She explained that her father and brother owned a football (soccer) team that played in the Sydney area. The team was a vanity investment for them, as they spent most of their time on the family’s real estate business that had worldwide interests. As a result, they were very generous to a number of charities and were being honored at a gala for the symphony. The symphony attracted the best crowd of supporters and everyone and everyone would be there, likely over a thousand people, a huge silent auction, a live auction. The food will be acceptable. Banquet food is not great.

“Will you know a lot of people there?”

“More people will know me than who I know. All of my family members are minor celebrities. You will meet my father, mother, brother, sister and a number of other in my extended family.”

“Will your past loves be there?”

That question hung in the air a long time. “Sam, are you there? Sam?”

“I really don’t like to talk about it much but, yes, you will meet some past boyfriends.”

“I really don’t want to pry…”

“I should tell you about Robert. He calls himself ‘Robert The Bruce’ and claims to be a descendant of the famous one. He was the striker on the team and the first player in Australia to make $10 million per year, and that was about twenty years ago.

“He retired about ten years ago and was a model and actor in Australia for a while, still is, I think. As a model, he was on the cover of GQ Magazine many times. He has a huge house overlooking Sydney Harbor and usually dates three women at a time. He is wealthy and would not miss it. I am pretty sure he will come over to me and say something asinine.”

“Sounds like you had a tough breakup”

“We were out one night, having a great time at dinner. We went to a popular bar for a drink and a couple of his friends were there. In retrospect they were probably there by design. We all started talking and drinking. I excused myself to go to the ladies’ room and one of Robert’s friends followed me. When I emerged from the ladies’ room he put his arms around me and started kissing me. I pushed him away but he held on and told me that Robert thought I would be attracted to him and he asked me to go home with him. I finally got free and bolted from the little aisle area in front of the restroom and ran out to the table where Robert and the other guy were sitting and drinking.

Looking straight at Robert, I told him what just happened. He started laughing loudly enough that everyone in the place turned and looked what was happening. “I guess you met Miller,” he said still laughing and spilling his drink all over himself. I called him a jerk. Miller stood behind me and Robert told me that Miller was attracted to me and that he—Robert—thought I would want something new.

“Alvin, that man is a fucking ass hole. He really thought he could pass me around to his football buddies. I was tempted to take out a full page ad in the Sydney paper telling the world he was an ass hole, and explaining in detail how bad he is in bed. All the guys on the team knew he has a big thick cock and they call him pole, short for flag pole. But what none of them knew was that he could never—and I mean never—last more than a minute. To make matters worse, he could never learn how to eat pussy…and I tried to show him many times. That would cool his jets. I never did, of course. My father would have killed me. And I would be in court for years for lack of proof. Sure, I talked with a lawyer. Yeah, he will be there, just stay close at the party. He is the jealous type as well.”

Recalling that conversation, Alvin pulled her in close again for a very warm romantic kiss. They left the room to head downstairs.

Samantha squeezed his hand all night. Yes, he came over. “Hey mate, I am Robert The Bruce.”

“You look good for a Scottish warrior who died hundreds of years ago,” was Alvin’s response. Samantha squeezed his hand harder. Robert sulked off. The couple meandered off to the silent auction. Many people came up to them to offer congratulations to Samantha, ostensibly for the award her father and brother were receiving. Samantha—with great class and style—introduced Alvin to everyone whose name küçükyalı escort she remembered.

She held him close. Everyone who came up to her smiled broadly. Alvin could tell what they were all thinking to themselves. “That girl looks happy, I am glad for her. She deserves it.”

“That was brilliant. You have a chivalrous side.” They were at a table with Samantha’s brother, James as well as James’ wife. The ceremony was full of videos and pictures of her father and brother. The speakers told many stories of her family’s generosity. There were plenty of jokes about soccer and real estate.

They danced. For the ballads, they held each other close. “I am having a great time,” she whispered. “Everyone really likes you. My father keeps winking at me. My mother suggested that I bring you around more often.”

“This is a wonderful night for your family.” He leaned down to kiss her. She had her arms over his huge shoulders and leaned in. The song ended and the lead singer announced that the dessert bar was open.

She bit his earlobe. “The only sugar I want is the kind we can find in your suite. Let’s get out of here,” she whispered.

They walked to their table and excused themselves. Everyone knew where they were going. Samantha smiled big. She was an adult. Her date was a hunk, a pilot, an air force veteran and an athlete. She had hit the jackpot, they all thought. So did Samantha.

As they were leaving, they ran into many of the people whom Samantha had introduced Alvin to. Robert Bruce was leaning against a pillar talking with two gorgeous women. “Leaving so soon, Sam? There are more activities planned.”

“Yes, but at least the activities we will be engaging in will last more than one minute,” and shot Robert a look of disgust. She wanted to say to the women, “Girls, just bring a stopwatch.” She pulled Alvin away. When they got on the escalator, Samantha asked, “It will last for more than a minute tonight, right?”

“I hate to brag but I will try not to make you too sore.” Samantha shot him a semi-angry look with her eyebrows.

“I can use some of that kind of soreness,” and they kissed until the escalator reached the main floor where the elevators were.

Samantha made a bee line to the refrigerator in the room. “Is that more interesting than me?” asked Alvin.

“I arranged to have a bottle of Champaign put in the frig while we were downstairs, just in case we were in the mood. I just wanted to make sure it was there.” She glanced at the setting with the Champaign glasses and Alvin noticed them as well.

“I paid for the monkey suit. I would like to help you get out of it.”

“As you wish.”

Samantha was having fun helping him unbuckle the pants, take off the cummerbund. She pulled off the suspenders. She unbuttoned all of the fancy buttons on the shirt and put them in the pouch. She was very turned on anticipating and hoping that the next hour or so… would last an hour, hopefully longer.

After pulling off the suspenders, he let the trousers drop to the floor. Now it was Samantha’s turn. She turned her back to him. He unbuttoned the tiny clasp at her neck. He put his strong hands on her shoulders and kissed her neck. She moaned and pushed her behind into his groin. He kissed and nibbled her good. She was getting hot all over. She had to wiggle out of the dress, pulling against the tight white silk. Alvin saw the sheer white thong and his dick jumped. “Sorry, honey, considering what I paid for this, you will understand that I must hang it up. He got on the bed. She joined him with a jump into his arms.

He enveloped her and they kissed deeper than ever. She reached into his boxers and found his cock rock hard. She wanted to go first. “Take those off,” she commanded. He pushed them off and she kissed her way down to his abs. He had been working out heavily since his time with Missy last year and had re-acquired his six-pack. Samantha lingered, licking and sucking his body, starting with his nipples, heading to his abs, all the time ignoring his cock which was twitching.

She sat between his legs and licked his shaft down to his balls, teasing him to distraction. It took a few minutes before she licked the head. He jumped when she did. She took the head into her mouth and sucked, while stroking the shaft. Alvin was feeling very good. She spit on it to lube it up and enable her to stroke faster. It was getting slobbery. That did not appeal to him. He wanted to change things up. “Do you mind if I return the favor?” he asked.

She did not need to be asked twice and jumped up still wearing the thong. She wiggled out of them and crawled to the head of the bed. Alvin kissed her very wet mouth and put his right hand on her right breast. It was small, probably B or C but very nice. He sucked on her tongue and ran his hands down to her mound. “You are soaked.” He repositioned himself between her legs.


Audra, that was her name. As hard as he tried he could not remember the name of that waitress for the longest time. Audra, that was her name. He went back to her place and they had a fantastic time together, mutlukent escort the six-foot chocolate-complexioned volleyball player from the University of Tennessee. It all came flooding back…for a reason.

Samantha’s pussy was exactly like Audra’s. Sure, Audra was black and Samantha is white but they both had the same very fat lips like a half-opened flower and a large clitoris that was covered by a thick layer of skin. Audra showed him patiently how she liked to be treated. It all came flooding back.

Alvin gave Samantha a taste of her own medicine. He licked, nuzzled and nibbled her thigh. She was wide open to him and he could see the liquid lubrication pooling in her crack. She smelled so good. He licked her vagina and pulled out a mouth full of cream. She tasted go clean and good. She jumped and wiggled and grunted loudly. That was all Samantha would get for a while. Audra showed him how to tease an orgasm out of a woman who had a similarly shaped pussy lips.

Alvin licked each lip. Alvin sucked each into his mouth. Samantha thought of Robert The Bruce, Robert the loser, who could never make her feel this good. He sucked her lips into his mouth. She grunted each time. This guy is good, very good, thought Samantha. And I thought I needed to teach him how to seduce a woman.

Alvin was just getting started but Samantha was moaning with each exhale and her eyes had rolled back into her head. Alvin knew enough about women to know what most moans and grunts meant. Now came the serious teasing. After all, he had not licked her clit yet. He licked his way down to her vagina and lingered there for a while just licking the hole and causing more lubrication to flow over his tongue, lips and down his chin. Samantha was in heaven and fully expected that Alvin would finish her off so he could fuck her, but no. Alvin licked down to the hyper sensitive skin between the vagina and the anus. Samantha had the same flap of skin that Audra told him she liked nibbled. Alvin is a good student. He nibbled that exact spot. Samantha jumped and grunted.

He licked down to her anus. He used his tongue to stab at it lightly. Each time he did, Samantha grunted and pulled his hair. He edged her anus over and over again. Samantha was greatly enjoying this but had been so close to orgasm for so long, she could not restrain herself.

As he rimmed her anus, he squeezed the skin surrounding her clit with his thumb and index finger, over and over again. This gave Samantha tremendous pleasure but did not get her over the edge. He knew it wouldn’t make her come, just make her feel good. He kept nibbling and squeezing. What is he waiting for, she thought? She had enough and her frustration got the better of her. She darted her right hand down to rub her clit so she could be released. Alvin was prepared for this, for Audra had taught him well. He met her hand and interlocked the fingers on his left hand with the fingers on her right. She screamed. She usually masturbated with her right hand but the left will do in an emergency. This was an emergency. She darted her left hand to her clit. Alvin was ready for that too and he interlocked the fingers on his right hand with the fingers on her left. She planted the heel of her right foot in the middle of Alvin’s back. That startled Alvin and it cause the air in his lungs to expel, like he the air knocked out of him in football. “If you don’t make me come soon, my pussy will never ever squeeze your cock, ever” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

This had gone on long enough, over five minutes. He used the index finger on his right hand to find her G spot and rubbed. This caused Samantha to scream again and her legs began to shake. Just like Audra, he thought. He sucked all of the skin surrounding her clit into his mouth. It did not take more than two sucks before Samantha pulled his hair and screamed, “I’m coming,” and let out a grunt that must have totally emptied her lungs of air. Her legs shook for another minute. She calmed down. After another two minutes, her breathing returned to normal. Alvin just enjoyed the moment of giving pleasure to this wonderful woman.

Alvin read a lot of philosophy and one of his favorites was George Santayana: Beauty is pleasure objectified.

They were both lying on their backs staring up at the ceiling. “I take it that was better than Robert the Bruce. Do you want to fuck? I have a condom.”

“By far and just bring it on.”

He jumped up to retrieve it from his pouch, tore it with his teeth and rolled it on. “Sit on the bed, right there,” she commanded. Samantha rolled off the right side of the bed and skipped over to where Alvin was seated. She straddled him. They kissed deeply. She sat down. They both grunted with relief. She was the driver now. She would have liked to make him suffer and wait but she needed it badly. So she humped him, hard, and clung to his neck for stability. She grunted, “Ungh,” with each thrust. Every once in a while, Alvin heard, “Aha or yes or shit or damn or fuck.” She had a large vocabulary for how good she felt. She wanted to kiss him but was afraid to do so because she might bite HIS lip in ecstasy. That would be a first. His cock was not nearly as thick as Robert’s but it was, “I feel so good…” She had already worked up lather during the ride over the cliff during oral. Now she was perspiring. But she kept riding and grunting. She was holding on tight to his neck with her right arm and felt secure so she ran her hands down his tight abs. That made her tingle down there. ‘

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