The Awakening

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This story is based on an online chat session between my lover and I and is written by both of us. This story may be re-posted in its entirety with the permission of the authors. For permission or feedback, email me. Positive feedback provokes future postings. Thanks and enjoy!


He slowly awakes and hears her breathing deeply as they lie next to each other. He turns his head and realizes she is still sleeping. She is lying on her back, legs slightly apart; her right hand nestled under her breast, the other on her hip. He gently moves down the bed and ever so lightly begins to kiss her bare hip, working his way down her leg to mid-thigh then back up again.

He continues moving his body, touching her ever so lightly so she can become accustomed to his caresses. He gently moves her legs apart as he settles in between them, slowly lowering his face into the “V” of her legs. He feels the heat emanating from her and grins to himself as he smells her womanhood. Her breathing is deep, a sure sign she is still sleeping. He slowly moves his head closer, sticking his tongue out as he gets the first taste of her for the day. She hasn’t tasted better.

He slowly works his tongue all over her pussy, never penetrating the folds of her lips. He wants her to get used to his tongue touching her before going any further. He hears her faint gasps as he drags his tongue over her distended labia. He hears and feels her breathing getting deeper. Out of instinct, he suspects, she begins to slowly grind her hips, positioning her pussy so his tongue can touch where she wants it. As she pushes his tongue penetrates her yielding lips.

She smiles as she opens her eyes. Looking down at him, her hips undulating with the desire he has awakened in her, she reaches down to run her fingers through his hair pulling him closer to her, his mouth so hot and wonderful on her. With his mouth pressed against her, he opens wider and lets his tongue penetrate deep into her. He feels her clit with the tip of his tongue and begins to flick the hardening nub. He can feel her heartbeat through her clit. Her breathing getting deeper, as her hands begin rubbing, caressing and massaging her lover wherever she can reach. She moans quietly as he moves lower, through her now puffy lips toward the opening of her womanhood. She moves her hands and pulls her lips apart, gently rubbing where his tongue had just been. She begins cooing, grinding, gasping as his experienced tongue makes love to her pussy.

He looks up, beyond her pelvis, past her tummy, over her hard nipples, through her cleavage to her beautiful face. He sees the intensity, the passion, the desire she has for him; the need to feel loved and be made love to. He smiles to himself, his tongue working in and around her pussy, thinking what a lucky guy he is to be with such a ravishing being.

He feels her fingertip lightly poking him in the nose. He turns his gaze to her hand to see her rubbing her clit. With her other hand, she pulls her lips open, exposing her distended clit. He feels her body begin to quiver. She looks him in the eye asking, begging, for the exquisite pleasure she knows he will give her. He knows her orgasm is building and knows just what to do.

He works his wet tongue back up between her lips. He begins sucking and nibbling on the sensitive flesh as he nears her clit. She moves her hand, allowing him access to her sensitive organ. Her clit sticks out like a tiny cock when she is fully aroused – about half an inch (13cm) – just right for sucking on. He arrives at her clit again. Her hips immediately begin gyrating, her breathing is deep, her moans louder and more frequent. He pushes the bud up with his tongue then surrounds the flesh with his lips. He begins a slow sucking motion on her tender clit. She feels her orgasm building. She begins panting, moaning louder, more urgently.

As he times his rhythm with hers, he sucks a little harder on her clit while slowly inserting his index and middle finger into her. She is more than wet enough for them to easily slide into her. She lets out a throaty moan and raises her hips higher as she feels the suction and invasion of her body. Sucking on her clit, he begins to twirl his tongue over the tip of the engorged nub. He jabs the tip of his tongue into the folds of her clit. Moving his fingers in and out, wiggling them as he works them back inside her, feeling her pussy clenching his fingers.

He looks up again toward her face seeing the perspiration glimmering on her body with the light from the window. She is atakent escort using both hands to caress her breasts. She licks her fingers and begins playing with her protruding nipples, using her nipple rings to tug and pull on the hard buds. He feels her body reacting to his attention. Her hands move to his head. She is pulling him closer, harder into her aching pussy. Her internal muscles are milking his fingers with each movement. He knows her orgasm is close as he re-doubles his efforts, seeking his reward.

Sucking, nibbling, flicking his tongue over her clit, her body is nearly convulsing. His hand impaled in her wet pussy, his fingers bent up slightly as he tickles her g-spot. All the stimulation is too much for her. She lets out a long, low grunt, pulls his face hard into her, squeezes her pussy closed around his fingers and lets her orgasm crash through her body. Her hips buck, gyrating, grinding his face into her body as waves of pleasure wrack her body. Her moans echo off the walls as, her pussy expels her hot, sticky cum all over his fingers and hand. He releases his suction from her clit as he busies his mouth on her pussy, lapping up all her womanly fluids. This is his reward and he loves sucking her juices in and swallowing her cum. He loves the feel of her sticky fluid coating his mouth and throat.

Her body continues to quiver as he cleans her body of her cum. She feels as if she is in an alternate, erotic world. Her breathing is not as deep and labored now but her nipples are still rock-hard, which she likes. She moves her hands to her lovers’ head and caresses him like a puppy dog, stroking his hair and face while he finishes cleaning her. She takes deep breaths to calm herself as the dew on her body slowly begins to evaporate.

With her body shivering from his touch, he knows she is ultra sensitive. He reluctantly removes his mouth from her and begins to crawl up her body. He trails his tongue and lips along her tummy and abdomen, kissing and nibbling her soft skin. He reaches her cleavage and lingers, licking and kissing her body. Her hands move with him along his neck and back, caressing him as he pays homage to her body. He trails his tongue to her right nipple. He gently sucks it between his lips, but not too hard. He knows her body and right now her nerves are on their highest alert. He gingerly suckles on the hard, pulsing nubbin, pulling the ring with his teeth then lets it slip between his lips. He moves to the other and repeats his action, maybe licking a little longer than he did with the other one. He moves up onto her chest while his lips and tongue leave a light trail of saliva.

His mouth reaches her neck as he begins kissing her up and down, back and forth. He moves his mouth to just under her earlobe – she likes when he does that. So much so that she feels for his cock as it presses into her belly. She begins to stroke him, feeling his veins in her hand while his mouth continues its assault on her. She extends her tongue and begins licking his ear. He moves to feel his mouth on hers. They kiss, a deep, passionate, loving kiss – tongues tangling, sucking each other while her hand continues to lightly stroke his hard, throbbing cock.

She puts her hand on his chest and gently moves him away, her other hand still gripping and stroking his hard shaft. She leans up as he leans back and to the side; their body’s inches apart, moving in unison. He turns and lies flat on his back while she moves up to her knees, still stroking his solid cock. Then she moves so she is straddling his left leg, her sopping wet pussy resting on his kneecap. She bends over to position her mouth over his pre-cum oozing cock. Still stroking, she sticks her tongue out and gently licks the drops from the tip of his cock. She then moves her face down and begins lightly licking his balls, her hand still moving up and down the rigid shaft. While she licks and teases her lover, she begins a slow grinding on his knee, which is quickly becoming wet with her juices. She looks up at his face, much the same way he looks at her and gives him a wicked grin.

She slowly takes the head of his cock into her mouth licking around the rim and watching his face as she smiles up at him. She feels the bulb throbbing against her tongue, feels him stiffen in anticipation of what is to come. She slowly slips it back and forth along her lips loving the hard velvet feel of it. She lets her tongue drag along the underside of his sensitive member where the shaft and head join. akbatı escort She takes him in a little deeper, applying a little more pressure on his cock, letting it slowly slip back and forth and hears his moans become louder. Every now and then she lets her teeth lightly drag along his shaft and then nibbles on his head. He moans every time she does and it makes her even more willing to please him. She lets her right hand slip along the shaft where her lips haven’t touched – yet. Her hand works in unison with her skilled mouth. She lets her hand wander to his balls, feeling the full, heavy nuts in her hands. In this position, she feels powerful – she has him right where she wants him. She can tease him and please him all she wants to.

He moves his hands down to her and runs his fingers through her short, frosted hair. He loves to feel her no matter how they make love with each other. He loves to feel her making love to his cock with her mouth. He moans as she begins taking him deeper, his balls being juggled with her fingers. He feels helpless, yet comfortable with her in charge.

She moans softly at his touch, which makes his cock vibrate in her mouth. This makes him groan louder as he begins thrusting his cock into her mouth. She uses her hand to keep him from going too deep. She wants to control how much of his cock goes into her mouth and enjoy every inch of it. His hands pull on the back of her head, trying to get deeper inside her. Slowly, she allows his cock further into her mouth. She feels his cock-head expanding the muscles of her throat as she increases the rhythm and pressure on his spit-slicked cock. Kneading his balls, sucking, slurping on his cock, she feels the shaft swell in her mouth. She feels his balls tighten. She knows he is going to orgasm and she is ready to swallow his cum.

She decides to try something a little different this time. She moves her right hand so she is holding his heavy balls. She releases his cock from her mouth long enough to spit on her forefinger then quickly takes his cock back into her mouth. She extends her wet finger and slowly begins to penetrate his anal ring. He tenses at the intrusion, his cock throbbing inside of her loving mouth. Her finger slides one knuckle deep as her mouth sucks and licks him while her left hand begins pumping his cock. She wiggles her finger, goes further down on his cock and squeezes his balls just as he moans and lets loose with a raging blast of cum. It hits the back of her throat so hot and thick. She quickly lets him slide out a little as the second stream fills her mouth. This time she is able to savor the feel and taste on her tongue as the third jet splatters into her willing mouth. She swallows half of the thick, tangy cum before another weaker stream enters her mouth. She slowly slips her finger from his ass, using that hand to massage his now less than full balls. Her other hand continues milking thecum through his shaft and into her mouth, taking every last drop.

After the final dribble of cum is milked from his balls, she raises her head up and lets his semi-erect cock slide out of her cum-filled mouth. Her hand is slowly sliding back and forth along the length of his manhood. She smiles at him with a drop of cum oozing from her mouth. He smiles back, his breath slowly coming back to him. He has a quizzical look on his face, wondering what she will do next.

His curiosity and her hand have made his cock a little harder. She keeps stroking, smiling as she feels his cock stiffen in her hand. She prides herself in getting him hard soon after he cums; something she has always been able to do. She then leans over and takes his turgid cock back into her mouth. He feels his cum on his cock. It is slick and thick and hot from his balls and her mouth. She uses his cum as a lubricant, letting a little of it seep from her mouth to coat his cock. She feels him throbbing in her mouth again and knows she has surprised him yet again.

She lets his cock slide out of her mouth until her lips are kissing the tip. She opens her mouth and lets some of his cum trickle onto his pulsing head. She rises up, holds his throbbing cock-meat in her right hand, crawls along his leg, straddles his hips, positions her pussy right on his cum-covered cock and slowly descends on his proud staff. She leans forward for a kiss and as their lips touch opens them. He feels her tongue pushing his cum into her mouth as her body begins a slow up-down motion on his rigid cock. She feeds him much the same aksaray escort way a mother bird would feed her chicks. He savors his own cum. It mixes well with the remains of her cum in his mouth. He feels her hips banging into his. Her pussy lips expand around his cock as it penetrates deep inside. His cock is bumping into and rubbing against her cervix. She is so aroused and ready for his cock, wanting to feel it deep inside her. His hands move to her breasts, feeling the hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger. He pulls on her nipple rings as she moans into his mouth. They continue kissing, their tongues dueling in each other’s mouths. Her pussy slides down then back up the entire length of his cock, both of them cooing, breathing hard and whispering words of love to each other.

She moves her hands and pushes her self up, sitting on top of him. His hands never lose grip of her breasts. As she sits up, his balls smash into her lips, his cock completely encased in her pussy. She begins to ride him sensuously, feeling the long, thick cock twirling inside her. Feeling it slide along the inner walls of her pussy as she squeezes tight around his swelling cock feeling it touching and stimulating the recesses of her womb. She moves her right hand to her clit. She feels the hard bud against her fingers as she moves it in circles, up and down, side to side while her hips continue to work his cock inside her. He moves his right hand to his cock and while she rides him, he lets a finger slide on either side of his thick cock and begins to wiggle it back and forth. This makes her gyrate more and then she begins to rock back and forth, letting the steel-like rod slip in and out of her horny pussy.

She is rocking and moving so much she nearly loses her balance. Her orgasm is so close, but she can barely maintain her balance. He feels her slumping and quickly moves his hands to her waist. He steadies her long enough to help her lay on his chest. With a little effort, they are able to turn over so he is on top; never letting his cock slip from her. From this angle, he can open her up wide and stroke really deep inside her. He takes a leg in each hand and pushes them apart. Her right hand goes to her clit while her left hand begins to play with her nipples. He lifts each leg and lets the heels rest on his shoulders. He walks on his knees until he is fully buried in her. He begins his slow in out movement, taking long strokes, making her frantic to have him fuck her.

Her right hand is busy on her clit, her left making each nipple stick out with pride. She feels her orgasm building, feels the thick cock of her lover invading her pussy, stretching her lips, caressing her cervix. Her muscles begin contracting then releasing his impaling cock. He slides, balls deep, inside her and holds his throbbing cock deep. He begins to make very short strokes, grinding into her. His cock is pressing against her g-spot as she begins to moan and move with him. Her orgasm is building deep within her, her hips gyrating, her body writhing under his. He feels the changes in her body. He begins to stroke longer, deeper and harder, in and out of her wanting pussy.

Her hand is a blur on her clit as she pulls and twists her nipples with her other hand. His cock is stretching, penetrating her willing, sensitive pussy. Her body begins to tingle, an electric-like current running through her. Her muscles begin to tense as her orgasm is nearly at its peak. Her breathing is labored. One more stroke, one more rub along her clit, one more slap of his balls against her ass sends her into the abyss of her orgasm. She nearly pushes his cock out of her as her orgasm crashes through her body. Her pussy expelling small amounts of woman cum. Her hot, thick juices stick to their naked skin. His dick whips her cum into a creamy froth. All the exquisite pressure, all the pleasure his lover is experiencing consumes his own body. As her pussy clenches his cock, his balls tighten then erupt a flood of cum inside her hot, velvety pussy. They groan in unison as another wave of orgasmic bliss consumes her body. The hot, thick, shooting cum from her lover’s balls splashing in her womb, coating her pussy from the inside out, makes her body tremble with desire

They stay locked together for several minutes, allowing their fluids to mix and their breathing to return to normal. He gently lays her legs on the bed and slowly slips from her. He moves up her body, trailing his cum-covered cock along her body, until their faces meet. He wraps his arm around her and pulls her to him as they begin to kiss – passionately and lovingly. Their bodies spent, their sexual appetites sated, for now, they enjoy the rest of the morning caressing, holding, teasing and whispering those words that are only spoken between lovers.


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