The Awe of Being a Hucow Ch. 13

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The Awe of Being a Hucow Ch. 13 by Lemaringouin translated by Pimanko.

Stephanie finally made her decision. She headed for Claudine’s office and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” the voice inside replied.

She opened the door to Claudine’s office and saw that she was with Claude. The two of them were poring over a file of hucow production statistics. She announced to them her decision to leave the dairy.

“You know you’re free,” Claude told her. “You can leave whenever you want to.”

“Yes, I know,” Stephanie answered.

“We’re upset that you’re leaving us,” he told her. “You were one of our best producers.”

“Most of all, Sylvie will be upset,” added Claudine.

“Yes, and I ask you to treat her well,” said Stephanie. “She’s a little wonder.”

“I’ll let Pierre know that you’re coming back to your job at the magazine,” Claude informed her.

“Thank you,” Stephanie said embracing the dairy’s officials.

She left the office and headed toward the dormitories to get of her personal effects. She took advantage of Sylvie’s absence to quit the premises.

On arriving in the entrance hall, Martine, the receptionist. who had seen her on her first day here, told her, “You’re going to miss us, you know. I hope we see each other again. I called a taxi.” Then she stood up and embraced Stephanie.

Stephanie returned to her apartment. She found that her furniture, her things and her neighbourhood where as is. But she had an urgent need to procure a breast pump because her breasts were filling up with milk and were beginning to bother her.

She therefore went to a nearby pharmacy. The pharmacist, who had already seen her before had trouble recognizing her because the volume of her breasts had increased so much. He thought the young woman must have had mammary implant surgery. He devoured her with his eyes but made no remark.

When Stephanie asked him which was the best breast pump, he surmised that she must have had a baby. He suggested several models of manual suction pumps.

‘I’ll have to get used to this method of expression,’ she thought.

Alas, it wasn’t so easy to change methods. Her hypersexualization remained unsatisfied. She placed a big cushion at the head of her bed and lay on it, wearing only her undergarments. Unfastening her bra, her two engorged breasts pointed straight out in front of her. She put the breast pump on her left breast and pressed the trigger. A small jet came out of the teat and dripped into the container screwed under the device. She repeated the operation. Again, a small jet slowly dripped into the flask.

As she felt none of the pleasure, she had experienced with the milking machine, she slid her hand into her panty and put her index finger on her vagina’s barely moistened outer labia. Not finding enough juices, she withdrew her finger and put it into her mouth to cover it with saliva. Then she slid her moistened finger into her panty again and coated her clitoris with it.

She repeated this operation three more times. Satisfied that her clitoris was wet enough, she began a circular motion around the erect button while continuing to express her milk. The method was hardly effective. her pleasure was slow in coming. She really had to apply herself to excite her clitoris. The orgasm was not what she had hoped for. With nothing left to do, the ecstasy was not there.

Disappointed, she put the breast pump aside and began to masturbate herself vigorously. After about five minutes, she had a small orgasm. Unfortunately, it wasn’t intense enough. Its effects dissipated almost immediately.

She stretched her hand to the nightstand’s drawer and took out a dildo. She inserted it in her vagina and pressed the button to turn it on. The device began to vibrate. The tension inside her climbed little by little but was nothing comparable to the sensation she had experienced at the dairy. The much-expected orgasm that would have fully satisfied her body just didn’t have the same intensity. Only a few shivers shook through her body. What a disappointment! Hardly şişli escort any milk came out. The little electrical currents that had habitually travelled through her teats were not being reproduced.

Dejected, she removed the dildo from her vagina She began to sob, disappointed at not having felt the pleasure she had felt at the dairy. She felt unsatisfied. She had to find a way to slake her appetite for sensual pleasure. She needed it. In particular, she had to recapture all the pleasure, passion, full-fledged ecstasy that her body was demanding while still relieving her breasts of the huge, insistent, abundant lactation.

‘I have to buy a double-acting electrical breast pump,’ she told herself.

She got dressed again and left her home for the pharmacy. The pharmacist who had sold her the first breast pump was busy with a client.

Recognizing Stephanie, he told her that his technician would see to her. “Alice, can you take care of the lady?”

A young technician, who was tightly fitted in her white smock, greeted her with a smile. “What can I do for you?” asked Alice while fixating her eyes on Stephanie’s bosom.

“I would like a double-acting electrical breast pump, please,” she asked the employee behind the counter. I just bought a manual breast pump but the device isn’t satisfactory. Do you have a device like those used in a hospital?”

“You have really big breasts. They seem to be full,” she told her.

Stephanie blushed. She was worried that the employee might take her for being a hucow. But the employee acted as if she knew nothing, but unconsciously licked her lips.

“Come with me to the backroom. I’ll show several models for commercial sale.”

The two women headed toward the back of the store. Alice let Stephanie into a small windowless room. It was a storage room with various shelved articles. From one shelf, she pulled out several models of double-acting electrical breast pumps.

“Take off your blouse and unfasten your bra. We’re going to test these two breast pump brands.”

“Why do you want me to try them here?”

“We have to determine what is the right size for your nipples so that we can fit perfectly with your breasts.”

Stephanie was annoyed, but in face of the employee’s insistence, she removed her blouse and her bra.

Alice was mesmerized at the sight of the two milk-engorged breasts. She soon noticed little drops of white liquid on the teats pearling on the nipples.

“Oh, they are so beautiful!” the employee exclaimed. “May I touch them?”

“Yes, but be careful. They’re very sore,” Stephanie answered.

The employee carefully approached Stephanie’s right breast with her fingertip, took a drop of liquid, and promptly put it on her lips. She licked it up with her tongue, tasting it in approval.

While smiling, she said, “Your milk is delicious, nicely sweet. I sometimes get mother’s milk from a dairy that one of my friends frequents. He’s an avid client. He goes there regularly. He told me that there are the women live over there in that establishment and that they are all volunteers and are very well treated. He wants me to come with him one day to visit the facility. I’m keen to make such a visit. Do you know this dairy? Given the size of your breasts, you could furnish milk. He told me it’s for a good cause.”

Stephanie stood open-mouthed. She was surprised to see that this young woman was so interested in the hucow dairy. She even wondered if she might have crossed paths with her friend in the facility’s hallways.

Alice noticed Stephanie’s reaction, mesmerized by her silence. ‘This woman must surely know this place,’ she thought to herself. ‘By her reaction, she frequents it frequently.’

“Good, now I’ll show you several models,” she said.

The young woman took one of the models. She unpacked it along with its accessories.

“First of all, we have to choose the appropriate breast shield.”

With both hands, she took Stephanie’s left breast and felt the weight of it. When she pressed taksim escort the gland, a thick jet spurted straight out from Stephanie to land on the employee’s smock. After applying pressure again, the latter opened her mouth to catch a second spurt from her client’s breast. The jet landed on her tongue.

She savoured it avidly. “Hmm, it’s delicious,” she said.

Before Stephanie could respond, the young woman put her mouth on the teat that ease express the nectar. She began to suckle on it with vigor. Stephanie felt the liquid express from her breast with each suck. She also felt turmoil coursing deeply through her body. She recalled what she had gone through in the dairy. Instead of pushing the employee away, she took her head in her hands to better orient her on her teat.

“Ah, that’s so good. Keep going. It makes me feel better!” Stephanie told her.

The young breast feeder continued to suck out the delicious liquid while Stephanie softly stroked her hair like a mother would with her infant.

After suckling for several minutes, the employee let go of the teat and said, “Sit here on the armchair. “I want to keep busy on your magnificent breasts.”

She gently pushed Stephanie toward an old sofa in the room. Stephanie sat down. Alice stretched out full length on Stephanie’s thighs. She put her mouth on the other breast and resumed suckling.

Stephanie tilted her head back in a sign of approval. The pressure in her lessened with each suckle, giving her relief from the soreness that had beset her chest. She began to feel a soft warmth invade her body, her arousal growing little by little. She then put her hand on Alice’s chest who acquiesced to the former hucow’s caresses. Stephanie realized that the employee wasn’t wearing any undergarments. Alice unbuttoned her smock while continuing to suckle. Once the smock was totally unbuttoned, Stephanie was able to appreciate the young employee’s svelte body. She had a very nice pair of firm breasts, which she stroked slowly. Her teats pointed with the contact of her hand.

After several expert massages, Stephanie shifted her hand toward Alice’s lower belly. As she did so, Alice opened her thighs to let her hand explore more of her. She caressed the offered sex and noticed the wetness setting in on the outer labia of Alice’s vagina. She rubbed the young woman’s sex delicately while she lay across her thighs who skilfully sucklied on her breast and eased the internal pressure.

She withdrew her hand and put the fingers to her nose to inhale the perfume of Alice’s wetness. She recalled the aromas of her sometime partners and those of her hucow companions at the dairy once more. She sucked her fingers to better taste the secretions of her newest sometime conquest.

Alice released the nourishing teat and kissed Stephanie on the mouth. The two young women interchanged their saliva and French-kissed each other passionately. After several minutes of this contact, they disengaged their lips. Alice smiled lovingly at Stephanie. The latter smiled back. The two women looked at each other for a long moment as a sign of their acquiescence. They were both on the same wave length.

Both felt the arousal increase. Alice moved her hand toward Stephanie’s skirt, which she was slowly lifting, and put it on Stephanie’s already moistened panty. With growing confidence, she moved the fabric aside and caressed the ex-hucow’s sex. Her fingers were now covered in vaginal secretions. She then withdrew her hand and brought it to her mouth while both women looked each other in the eyes. She sucked her ring finger while offering her middle finger to Stephanie’s mouth. The latter gulped down her own secretions off the wet digit.

Alice smiled while watching Stephanie savouring her own juices. Then she knelt down in front of Stephanie’s thighs, slowly pulling them apart. Without any objection, the latter lifted her buttocks so that Alice could remove her little panty. Alice slid the undergarment down toward Stephanie’s feet while smiling and not breaking eye contact.

Lowering beşiktaş escort her eyes, she admired the wet vulva of this totally expected conquest. She brought her mouth toward the glistening sex and put her tongue on the corner of Stephanie’s vagina. Her tongue penetrated the outer lips and followed a path toward Stephanie’s blood-engorged clitoris. The latter let out a groan of satisfaction. She needed this sensation. Her entire body demanded it desperately. Alice made her tongue move over the large peduncle and sucked it avidly.

“Ah, it’s so good!” moaned. “Keep going!”

Alice continued the procedure through intermittent sucks, leading Stephanie toward her first orgasm. She pulled back her mouth and reached with her hand, causing two fingers to penetrate wetly trickling vagina. Insertion was easy. She curled her fingers and began to massage the upper bumpy area of the vagina with small movements to excite her G-spot. Stephanie bit her lips to avoid crying out. She felt her peak approaching.

After several minutes of manipulation, a thick jet of ejaculate came out of her sex. Alice opened her mouth wide and took the warm spurting liquid into her mouth. All of Stephanie’s limbs were quivering. She was riding a cloud of luxury. She made little sounds of pleasure which she tried to stifle as best as she could to avoid raising the suspicions of the pharmacist in the store.

The latter, however, seeing that his assistant had not come back, had entered the room. He saw the two women seated frolicking with each other. He approached Stephanie while pulling down the zipper on his pants. Pulling out his limp phallus, he put it into Stephanie’s mouth. The latter, staring wide-eyed opened her mouth unconsciously and let his member enter. Through to-and-fro movements, the cock gradually hardened in the ex-hucow’s mouth.

This action lasted for several minutes. Then Stephanie felt his sperm invade her mouth. She swallowed it all one gulp. The pharmacist slowly withdrew, zipped himself up and left the room with saying a word, a large smile on his lips, leaving the two women alone in the room.

Alice, who had been masturbating Stephanie’s sex during this time, took back her hand and said, “Now, make me cum.” She gave her a strap-on dildo and helped Stephanie fix it around her waist.

Stephanie placed herself behind Alice, who was leaning over, supporting herself on the back of the armchair, and gradually penetrated the young assistant. After several thrusts, Alice also obtained an orgasm. The two women separated, both catching their breaths. They kissed each other ardently. Their tongues intermingled, intimately mixing their saliva. Then they separated.

Alice put on her smock on again and then said, “Well, let’s see what you need. I think given the function of your areoles and the size of your teats, this breast pump ought to do the trick.”

She put it on Stephanie’s breast, a tip with an extra-large sized massage cushion. She expertly adjusted the object and checked that it covered the entire mass of flesh adequately.

“Yes, that fits perfectly. It won’t allow in any air during aspiration sequence. You see! Before using it, you have to moisten the areole and then keep the breast pump perfectly horizontal and then apply the right pressure on the gland. Good, now let’s try the milking pump.”

After trying several different models, Alice recommended the second one.

“It’s a little noisy but it draws out the best. Let’s try it.”

She put the teats into the breast pump hoses, put them back on Stephanie’s breasts and turned on the pump. They sucked the two teats alternately while letting the milk flow into the attached receptacles.

“Is it okay?” asked Alice. “it seems to be drawing well. I think it’s the best one to satisfy your needs and relieve the pressure of your lactation.”

“Good, I’ll buy it,” Stephanie said as she dressed.

The two women went back into the pharmacy. Stephanie paid for her new acquisition. She went home and went immediately about her task. Her new breast pump extracted a little larger quantity than the other one but was still not comparable to the milking machines at the dairy.

‘Never mind,’ she thought. ‘I’ll have to get used to this change in my life. In the office I’ll have to use the manual breast pump. This one here makes too much noise.’

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