The Babysitter Ch. 04

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Sue called Becky and told her to come over at 7:00, and tell your Dad that we need you to spend the night because we won’t be home until very late.

Becky explained to her Dad that she was heading over to the Summers house to babysit, and that they needed her to spend the night, they weren’t going to get home until about 2:00 in the morning.

Her Dad said alright, she had stayed before when she babysat, and she was very mature, he trusted her, and he knew the Summers were good people too.

Sue greeted Becky at the door, and sat her down on the couch.

Becky was a bundle of nerves, she wondered what Sue was going to teach her next.

Sue looked at Becky, she took her hand in hers, and said, you did say you trust me, right?

Becky shook her head, yes.

Well than it’s time you experience the real thing. If you really trust me, than you have to move on to the next level.

Becky listened to Sue, she knew what Sue was going to say next, and she was ready.

If you don’t want to, I won’t make you, it has to be your decision, but if I’m going to teach you any more, we need a real cock, and it has to be someone we can trust.

Becky knew it would have to be Jeff, and with all the fantasies she had been having about him, she wanted it to be him.

Sue said lets go upstairs, that is if you want to.

As soon as they walked into the room, she could see Jeff standing by the bed, and she felt her pussy getting wet.

Jeff looked at Becky as she walked in, and smiled, he wanted her to feel comfortable, and not be afraid.

Hi Becky, Sue has told me that you are ready to learn, and I’m going to teach you, but I want you to know, we will go slow. We have all night, Sue will be here too, we are all friends, and I know you trust Sue, and I hope you will trust me as well.

How about starting with a kiss, and we will move on from there.

Jeff was much taller than Becky, he stands at 6’3″, so he had to lean down to kiss Becky. He gently placed his hands on her shoulders and brought his lips to hers. She opened her mouth to accept his tongue, as it pushed past her lips and into her mouth.

While Jeff was kissing her, he let his hands slowly move down to her breast, and fondle her right tit.

Sue sat down to watch, she would join them later, but for right now, it was Jeff’s turn to play with the babysitter.

Becky just stood still as Jeff pulled Becky’s top up and over her head. He moved his lips to her neck and started kissing her, his tongue moved to her shoulder, and than down to the top of her breast.

Jeff placed Becky’s hands at the bottom of his shirt and had her pull up, while he raised his hands and helped her remove it.

Jeff’s hands moved to her back, and unclasped her bra, his fingers touched the strap on her shoulder and slowly eased it off, exposing her firm breast, her nipples already erect.

Sue had removed Side escort her top and bra also, and pinched her nipples as she watched Jeff with Becky. She could see the bulge in his pants, his cock was throbbing with anticipation.

Jeff’s lips lowered to Becky’s nipple, she watched his every move as he opened his mouth and took her breast inside, sucking on her nipple. His hand reached for her other tit, and pulled gently on her nipple, and than he twisted it slightly, bringing a small moan out of Becky.

Jeff reached for Becky’s hands once again, he brought them to his belt, he didn’t say a word, he just watched as she started unbuckling his belt, her fingers shaking slightly.

Once his belt was undone, she unbuttoned his pants and her trembling fingers touched the tab on his zipper. As she pulled the zipper down, she could feel his hard cock beneath.

Jeff reached for Becky’s jeans and did the same, he eased her jeans down her thighs, past her knees, he lifted first one leg and than the other as she stepped out of her jeans.

Jeff noticed her panties were already wet, and could smell her aroma.

Jeff stood up, it was Becky’s turn now, she placed her fingers inside the waist of his jeans and tugged them down, her eyes were glued to his crotch as his boxers came into view, his hard cock bulging against the material.

Becky’s hand reached for his cock, she looked up at Jeff, as if asking for permission. Jeff told her she could touch it if she wanted to.

Becky’s hand wrapped around Jeff’s cock, her fingers could barely get around it. Jeff whispered for her to pull his boxers off. Becky did as he requested, and removed them, her eyes popping out of her head when she saw his cock come into view.

Sue had removed the rest of her clothes, and was slowly stroking her finger along her slit.

Becky’s fingers were stroking Jeff’s cock, a drop of pre-cum oozed out of the tip. Jeff watched as she lowered her lips down and her tongue licked the drop off. Her first taste of a cock. She held onto the base of his cock and started licking him up and down, just like she had done with the dildo.

Jeff looked down at Becky, and than over towards Sue, he smiled when he saw her, slowly teasing her pussy while watching her husband receiving a blowjob from their babysitter.

Just as Sue had taught her, Becky was slurping Jeff’s cock, using her saliva on his shaft. Becky opened her mouth wide as she could, and sucked Jeff’s cock inside. His cock was so big, she could only get a few inches inside, but she was trying her best. She used her fingers to stroke his shaft, feeling him throbbing in her mouth, just like Sue had told her.

What she lacked in experience, she made up for in her eagerness to please him.

Becky’s head bobbed up and down, her fingers stroking his cock, jerking him, she wanted him to cum, she wanted to feel his cock shoot it’s Side escort bayan load of sperm into her mouth.

Jeff knew he was close, he told Becky that he was going to cum. She tightened her lips around his cockhead just as he erupted, the first shot shooting right down her throat, as she swallowed quickly.

Another shot of cum, and another, she tried to keep up, but there was so much, she was afraid she might gag. Jeff sensed this too, and pulled his cock out and aimed his cock at her boobs.

Sue came over and licked the cum from her boobs, and than sucked Jeff’s cock into her mouth and savored the rest of his load. She than kissed Becky, and licked Jeff’s cum from inside her mouth.

Suddenly Becky felt Jeff’s fingers removing her wet panties, she stepped out of them and he lowered her onto the bed.

Jeff spread her legs wide apart, and placed them over his shoulders, bringing his face right up to her wet crotch.

Becky watched Jeff’s tongue as it darted out from between his lips, licking her from her asshole all the way to her clit, but not touching her there yet.

Jeff eased his middle finger inside her cunt, and moved it back and forth, every time he pulled his finger out, she could see just how wet she was.

Sue sat down next to her, and lowered her lips to her nipple, she was being stimulated in two places at the same time. Sue reached for Becky’s hand and guided her fingers to Sue’s pussy.

Becky watched as Sue took two of Becky’s fingers and pushed them inside, and than let go of her, allowing Becky to move her fingers on her own.

Becky’s head was spinning, she was being fingered and licked, having her nipple’s sucked, and she was fingering Sue.

Becky was moaning loudly, she could feel her orgasm building.

Jeff tightened his lips around Becky’s clit, that did it, she gushed, just like Jeff had seen her do the first night he had watched her with the dildo.

Jeff lapped up her juices, she tasted so sweet. Meanwhile, Sue was cumming too, Becky’s fingers and seeing Becky gushing had sent Sue over the edge as well.

Sue licked Becky’s juices off of Jeff’s face, while Becky licked Sues juices from her own fingers.

Becky could see that Jeff’s cock was rock hard again, and she wanted to feel him inside her.

Sue looked at Becky, she could see that Becky was eyeing Jeff’s cock, she knew that she wanted him to fuck her.

Sue looked at Jeff, and said, Honey, it’s time, Becky is ready for her first fuck.

Jeff laid down on his back, he told Becky to straddle him. Sue put some lube on his cock, it would help.

Becky raised her leg over Jeff, and moved so that her pussy was above his hard cock. Jeff told her to grab his cock and guide him inside, she would be able to control how deep he entered her.

Becky grabbed his cock and rubbed the tip against her pussy lips, and lowered her body Escort side down, feeling his cock push inside.

Becky had fucked herself with dildos and vibrators, but this was her first real cock. She could feel the warmth of his cock as she lowered more of his shaft inside. She could feel his cock throbbing, feel every vein, as she moved lower.

Becky had more than half of his 10 inch cock inside her, his cock was nice and thick, her pussy lips stretched as she took more and more of his cock inside.

Jeff couldn’t believe how tight she was, even though he had seen her take the large dildo before, she still was tight, he could feel her cunt muscles gripping his shaft as she lowered down onto him.

Jeff was surprised when Becky suddenly sank all her weight down hard onto his body, taking the remaining few inches deep, his cock was all the way in her.

Becky ground her pussy into his crotch, rubbing her clit as she did so.

Jeff reached for Becky’s hips and lifted her up, and than pulled her down, ramming his cock up at the same time. Becky loved this, felling Jeff’s cock moving in and out of her cunt.

Becky placed her hands on Jeff’s chest, and rode his cock, feeling him deep inside, rubbing her clit against the base of his cock on every downward thrust.

Jeff moved her around, he wanted to fuck her doggy-style. He could really pound his cock into her this way, she could feel him going in so deep, so hard, faster and faster.

Sue got on the bed in front of Becky, her legs spread wide, her pussy inches from Becky’s face. Becky knew what to do, she lowered her lips down and started licking Sue’s cunt.

Jeff was rubbing Becky’s ass cheeks, he pulled them apart and Becky felt his finger covered in lube push inside her asshole. She let out a squeal of pain.

Sue grabbed the back of Becky’s head and pushed her down, shoving her tongue into her cunt.

Becky could feel Jeff’s finger up her ass, rubbing against his cock as he fucked her from behind, ramming his cock deep in her wet cunt. He started slapping her ass, spanking her like Sue had down to her the night she had caught her.

Jeff was going to cum, he told Becky. She wanted to fell him cum inside of her, fill my cunt with your cum, she said.

He held on tight to her hips, and rammed his cock in to the hilt, exploding deep inside her cunt, shooting his load of sperm.

Becky could fell him cumming inside of her and she started cumming too, coating his cock with her juices.

As soon as Jeff pulled his cock out of Becky’s dripping cunt, Sue moved around, so that she was sixty-nining with Becky.

Jeff watched as Sue licked his cum out of Becky’s cunt, getting every drop, while Becky licked at Sue’s pussy.

Becky shoved a finger into Sue’s cunt and latched onto her clit, sucking the little bud hard into her lips, bringing Sue to a massive orgasm, her hips bucking off the bed as she came violently.

Becky wiped her lips, she looked at Jeff and Sue, she was now a woman.

Jeff looked at Becky, and said, that we had only begun, there was more for her to learn, but that would have to wait, for now, this was a good start.

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