The Babysitter’s Cam Page Ch. 02

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Part 2 – You’ll definitely want to read Part 1 or you’ll miss a good bit. But who am I to tell you what to do. This took on a life of it’s own and so I’m breaking this out and Part 3 will follow as closely behind as I can.

“Save it for date night baby, you’re going to need to have all your strength for her tomorrow.”

Those last words from my wife echoed through my dreams all night. Dreams of Kelsey on her knees sucking my cock, or licking Megan’s pussy while I fucked her, or whatever perverted combination of body parts my brain could come up with, ensured that I woke up so hard it almost hurt. To my deep disappointment when I tried to snuggle into Megan’s back and warm her up for some morning sex I was quickly rebuffed.

“Jay, I told you to save it for tonight. I’m serious!” she giggled as she slipped from under the blankets and ran towards the shower. I started to chase after her when I was halted by a cry from downstairs, “Mom! Dad! I can’t find my shoes for school!” the youngest yelled up.

“Welcome home honey, you get to get the girls to school, and I’ll see you after work,” Megan taunted, the musical laughter in her voice belying that she knew exactly how she was leaving me.

I took a deep breath and shouted that I was coming down while I tried to will my morning wood down enough to take the girls to school without causing a scene. The usual breakfast mess, kid squabbling, and three trips back inside to get whatever one of the kids forgot, ensued before we finally made it to the carpool lane, and I was able to return home to enjoy my quiet Friday off.

It was so “normal” that I almost forgot about Megan’s plan for a complete sexual ambush of our babysitter tonight. I spent the morning catching up on the yardwork that always awaited my return from travel. The weather had fully turned to summer so even with the riding mower I was a sweaty mess by the time I was done. I was putting the mower and tools away when I heard Kelsey yell out.

“Hey Mister G!” She cheerfully said as she got out of her car. I turned to say hello only to be struck dumb briefly. It had been nearly a year since I’d last seen her in person and between now knowing what she looked (and sounded like) naked, and the vision ahead of me, I had to feign a cough so as not to be caught gawking. She was wearing tight denim shorts that were just barely long enough to keep her cheerleader bubble butt covered, a white peasant blouse, and what must have been a red bikini top based on the tie behind her neck.

“Heya Kelsey,” I stammered out after taking a drink of water to cover the fake cough, “I hear that you’re going to watch the girls tonight while Megan and I go out. I appreciate it, it has been a long week and we haven’t had a good date night in a while.” I say, trying to play it cool like I wasn’t envisioning bending her over the work bench in my garage and railing her senseless.

“It’s no problem, I love watching your girls, they’re the best kids I babysit for by far!” She smiled back as she walked towards the trunk of her car and popped it open. “And I know how much Megan has been missing you.”

I almost missed it, but she definitely blushed a little when she said that. She quickly turned and bent into her trunk to grab two shopping bags, letting those shorts ride up just enough to make me stifle a groan. She had the kind of firm round ass that only dancers and cheerleaders could have as teenagers, that they would have created paintings of centuries ago as the finest of art. The image of her video from Megan, bending over and showing a shiny jeweled butt plug between those cheeks, made me very conscious of the fact that I was wearing loose basketball shorts that would do nothing to hide a quickly growing erection.

“I’m going to go finish up all of my honey-do’s and get ready, what time did Megan say to come over?” I asked, backing towards my garage as she straightened up and shifted the shopping bags to one hand, tucking a loose strand of her hair behind her ear with the other. I wondered briefly if she knew what kind of effect, she was having on me.

“She said to be over at 6:30 so I’ll see you then Mr. G!” She called out as she walked into her house.

I nearly tripped over the edger as I turned around to go inside, grabbing my bottle of water and my phone from the workbench. I noticed a snap notification from Megan as I closed the garage door behind me and unlocked my phone in anticipation.

“Hey baby,” she all but moaned into the phone as an image of her in her office, her chair back to the door and her upper body in full view as she held the phone at arm’s length. “I bet you’re all hot and bothered thinking about tonight, I know I am,” she purred as she slid her other hand up her body and groped her breast through her blouse. “I’ve got everything planned out for tonight, and I’ve got one more surprise for you.” She winked and blew a kiss to the phone, “Check your email in a bit, you’re going to love bursa eskort this one.”

As if I could be even more intrigued for tonight, she added more anticipation. I checked my email and seeing nothing of interest I hopped in the shower to at least get clean before picking the girls up from school in an hour. Ten minutes of cold shower later I was just pulling my t-shirt on over my golf shorts when I heard the email noise from my phone.

The subject line just read “our future plaything” which already had me thinking about another cold shower. But I read on:

“Jay don’t worry about picking up the girls, my mom is going to get them directly from school so we have more time for our plan tonight. Kelsey will be to ours at 630, I will be dressed up like we are going somewhere fancy-ish and tell her that grandma is running late and will be dropping the girls off shortly. I’ll start to tease her a bit before you come down and take control. By the time you get downstairs she’ll be putty in your hands, just read these….”

A couple of screenshots from her texts were below, between Megan and Kelsey:

M “Thank you so much for watching the girls tomorrow, Jay and I haven’t had any time together in weeks”

K “Oh it’s no problem, they’re sweet girls and easy for me.”

M “I know, but you know how it is when you’ve been away from each other for a while…” with one of those purple devil emojis that I never know how to use correctly.

K “Mrs. G! (Shocked emoji followed by wink emoji – I’m really bad at emoji) He’s only been gone a week right?”

M “Kelsey, please call me Megan, you’re an adult now after all. And a week is a long time!”

K “I guess. You’re lucky though, Mr. G seems like a great guy, I’m sure he’s got something planned for you”

M “He always makes the plans, and I’m happy to do WHATEVER he tells me” With more combinations of emojis that I’m sure were conveying naughty connotations.

K “!!!”

M “Kelsey, surely you’ve had some fun at college this year right? I mean, I know we’ve talked about your boyfriends in the past” (Wait, this is news to me!) “You’ve never played those kinds of games?”

K “You know that my boyfriends have all been just that – ‘boys’ – and don’t really know what they are doing. I wish I could find one that actually did and wanted to try things with me”

M “Surely as hot as you are that can’t be that hard. You’re gorgeous girl!”

K “I don’t know, it’s not happened yet…..”

M “Maybe I’ll let you borrow Jay sometime then!” with several laughing emojis alternating with the purple devil ones.

K “OMG! You’re so bad Mrs. G! I’ve got to go, but I’ll see you tomorrow!”

Well those texts raised a bunch of questions. Megan had talked boyfriend stuff with Kelsey? I didn’t know they were that close. Secondly, she clearly has told her more about our sex life than I would have expected. Has Megan been planning this for a long time?

There was another attachment that I clicked into next. It looked like a screenshot from a different app:

“You told me you were ready to do whatever I want. So I’m going to test you again. You need to edge yourself when you wake up and before you go to sleep the next three nights. I will be in contact again on Friday night. You are not to orgasm until I tell you. You will be honest for me. On Friday you will not wear any underwear, if you are wearing underwear when I contact you, you will not be allowed to cum. Have your phone on you.”

“Sir – I don’t know if I can play on Friday, I am babysitting for my neighbor, I can’t do anything with the kids there. They should be asleep by 8 though.”

“Edge, no underwear, phone. Be ready to be a good girl and you will be rewarded.”

And immediate need for another cold shower. Holy shit, Megan has planned this way further than she told me. This has gotten a little out of hand. I dialed her quickly as I sat on our bed.

“Hey Jay, thinking about me baby? Or about our little slave girl next door?” Megan answered.

“Babe – how long have you been planning this? Those texts, and the other messages…. You seem to know a lot more about her than I thought What the heck?”

“Ok, so remember that week when you were traveling and I told you that I picked her up from a party? Since then I was the ‘cool’ adult that she could talk to instead of her mom on some things. She asked me for advice all the time over the last year, she didn’t have many friends at school and I was a good listener when she’d hang out before babysitting or when we saw each other in the driveways. Just normal girl talk, nothing dangerous baby. I’ve talked about you with all of my girlfriends,” Megan laughed as she finished the details of her history.

I didn’t know what to say. Part of me was very excited by the prospects of Megan bragging about my sexual prowess. The other parts of me were having a hard time keeping up as they lost blood flow. “Megan, I just….”

“Jay, bursa escort bayan listen to me.” My wife interrupted, “I promise you that if all three of us don’t have the best time this weekend that you can punish me however you want, but baby we NEEEED this.”

She wasn’t wrong, it had been a while since we had done anything non-vanilla in a while. Between my work schedule and the kids’ school stuff and the like we had put off our usual adventures a little longer than usual.

“And Jay, don’t tell me that she’s not in your head right now. Did you know she texted me earlier, saying how hot you looked after mowing the yard and how jealous she was of me? I’ve got to run so I can get out of here on time, see you soon babe.”

And she was gone before I could ask any more.

It was nearly 230 now, with Megan not due home until close to 5 and now not having to get the girls, I figured a nap was in order so I’d be well rested for later. So I set an alarm on my phone and laid back.

Next thing I knew I heard Megan calling from downstairs “Honey I’m home!” in an exaggerated Ricky Ricardo accent, as the garage door was coming down. A quick glance at my phone showed the time to be 4:50, she really is eager for this. She made it upstairs and to her room right as I was sitting up on the end of the bed. “Oh good, you’re going to be glad you got that rest Jay,” she smirked with every ounce of mischief her blue eyes could muster as she kissed me. This was not our normal “welcome back from work” kiss but one that was full of fire, passion, lust, and promise of more to come as leaned back away from me.

“So what’s the big plan babe?” I asked while trying not to drool as she took off her professional yet still sexy work clothes – a pencil skirt does wonders for her yoga toned ass and no blouse in the world could hide her assets up top. Years together and I still love to watch her undress.

“Oh don’t you worry babe, all you have to do is come down the stairs when I tell you to, I’ll take care of everything else.” Megan continued, “Kelsey’s ‘fan’ on her cam site has given her some very special instructions for tonight that will set everything up.” I raised an eyebrow, momentarily concerned, “You’re sure she won’t freak out? If this ‘fan’ of hers knows stuff and then you do… will she put it together?”

Megan turned, wearing only a black thong at this point, “I’m counting on it, Jay. Now get dressed in these,” she said as she tossed a pair of black dress slacks and a white button down shirt at me, “while I go shower and get ready.” She was in the bathroom with the door closed before my brain caught up to my ears.

“Wait you want her to figure it out?” I asked to no one in particular as I knew enough to know that I was just along for the ride at this point.

I dress as ordered and take a second to roll up my sleeves a couple of turns. Megan loved the look with my arms half revealed like that, says that I look powerful that way. I am no athlete or gym rat but I took good care of myself and had fought off most of the dad bod that had caught up to most of my coworkers and friends. I cracked open the door to the bathroom, releasing a cloud of steam from her hot shower, “Ok babe, I’m dressed and ready for you. Do you need anything?”

The water turned off, “Go downstairs and pour us three glasses of wine babe, I left a bottle on the counter. Oh, and there’s something else for you down there too, I’ll be down in a few, now go before you ruin part of the fun!” she giggled.

I shook my head laughing and headed downstairs. The wine was right where she said it was and a tiny envelope sat next to it with a heart drawn around a capital J. I pulled down three wine glasses and poured generous portions before swiping the envelope off the counter. As I tipped it over, two little blue pills tumbled into my palm. “Message received” I thought to myself with a chuckle as I swallowed them down with a sip of the wine.

Moments later I heard the clack of heels coming down the stairs and turned to see a true vision coming down the stairs. Megan’s red hair was held in a bun with what looked like two chopsticks, other than a few loose tendrils framing her face. Her makeup was heavier than usual, smokey eyes and dark red lips, turned up in a knowing smirk as she posed one stair from the bottom. Her black dress was almost corset-like in shape, accentuating her narrow waist and bountiful breasts, The middle panel was nearly transparent and cut nearly to her navel, making it obvious that she was not wearing a bra. Passing the narrowest point at her waist the dress draped down to mid thigh, the skirt seemingly made of several loosely woven strands providing flashes and hits of what lay beneath. Red, four inch heels brought her nearly to my height, and a narrow red lace choker completed the look.

Blue pills or no, there was no way that I would not have been as hard as steel after that entrance. görükle escort All it was missing was the record scratch sound to draw everyone’s attention to her. As her only audience though she had my full attention as she sauntered towards me, “You like?” she asked coyly, obviously knowing the answer.

I pulled her body to mine by grabbing her hips and pressing her into me. “I am the luckiest man alive. Do I have to share you tonight?” I tell her before kissing her with as much heat as I can give her.

Her tongue duels with mine until she pushed me away with a giggle. “Save it big boy, you GET to share me with our secretly slutty babysitter soon enough.” She pecked my lips one more time, “Now she should be here any minute, go upstairs and wait for me to call you down. You’ll know what to do from there.” She lightly pushed me towards the stairs while leaning back against the kitchen counter, wine glass in one hand, one leg bent at the knee.

I slowly backed towards the stairs, etching her image into my memory, trusting that she had a plan that was going to make the rest of the night memorable. I was half way upstairs before I heard the doorbell ring, five minutes early – just like every time she sat for us. I stood at the top of the stairs, out of sight from the entry and kitchen but able to hear just fine.

“Kelsey! You’re early, as usual,” Megan greeted her, “come in Jay’s finishing getting ready and my mom is running late with the kids, she should be here soon.” Megan kept walking as she was talking, leading Kelsey towards the kitchen.

From my vantage point at the top of the stairs I couldn’t see much but I did see that Kelsey was still wearing denim shorts from earlier, her tan firm legs flashing by the stairs on the way towards my wife.

“We’ve got a little bit of time still, have a glass of wine with me while we wait for Jay.” Megan offered.

“Oh, Mrs. G, I don’t know….” Kelsey hesitated.

“Oh, nonsense Kelsey, you’re an adult now, and it’s not like you’ve never drank before. I’m not going to get you drunk like those frat boys.” Megan added, “unless you wanted me to….” With a laugh that was clearly part of some joke between the two of them.

Kelsey’s laugh, higher in pitch and softer than Megan’s, answered back as she said “Ok Mrs. G, I’ll have a little. And I’d be willing to bet you’d hold you liquor better than those boys anyway,” she giggled and I heard the tink of glasses touching. “I never did thank you for rescuing me by the way.”

Rescue? What rescue?

“Kelsey, I was young once too, and I remember being scared to call my parents when I got in a bad spot too. I’m just glad you called me. And please call me Megan, I think we know enough about each other now,” Megan replied.

So the pieces clicked a little for me at this point, Kelsey got drunk with some frat boys, found herself in an uncomfortable position, and called Megan to pick her up. This certainly led to the “girl talk” text messages.

My wife continued, shaking me out of my own thoughts, “So any boyfriend you can call to rescue you now?” a pause, I assume Kelsey shook her head because that’s the only way the next part made sense, “What do you mean? You’re gorgeous, surely you’ve got more than enough dates to pick from!”

“Oh Megan, lots of them ask, but they’re so dumb” I could hear a bit of a whine in Kelsey’s voice, “I wish that they’d grow up. They’re just into beer, parties, sex, and trying to look cool. They are impossible!”

Megan laughed loudly, “Beer, parties, and sex aren’t all that bad. And at least boys your age ‘recover’ quickly.” I could hear the finger quotes, and then another clink of glasses as Kelsey giggled.

“They have to since they can’t last long enough to get me off on the first go!” Now Kelsey’s laugh was as loud as Megan’s. “I’m know you don’t have that problem, you brag about Mr. G enough to make me swear off boys my age entirely.”

There was a brief silence as I can only assume they were both taking a drink before my wife yelled up towards me, “Jay come on babe quit fussing with your clothes, I’m sure you look great!” bringing another giggle from Kelsey.

I made my way down and next to my already stunning wife in the kitchen stood in contrast with Kelsey’s denim shorts and retro video game t-shirt. Megan on my right leaned forward to kiss me as I entered. Instead of the simple peck I expected, Megan leaned fully in, throwing enough passion into it to start my pants tightening. She pulled back with a nip of her teeth on my lower lip, her eyes dancing. I looked over her to see Kelsey, blushing deeply as she drank another sip of the wine.

Glancing down at my wife, “Who could ask for more than a greeting like that.” Megan smiled back up at me and nodded slightly before she spun to my side facing Kelsey. We now were just an arms length apart really. Kelsey leaning back a little against the kitchen counter, Megan and I standing next to the island.

Megan took the lead again, “Sorry to embarrass you, but isn’t he just so handsome?” She ran her hand down my arm, “especially all dressed up like this.”

“Yes Mr. G, you do look very handsome dressed up. Mrs. G is a very lucky woman.” Kelsey went with what she thought was a safe answer.

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