The Bad Professor Returns Ch. 03

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Nicole’s final class was a lecture with Dr Chambers. She’d had no hint or suggestion from him that anything would happen; in fact they’d had no contact at all since the webcam chat. It was a sign of the peculiar effect that Dr Chambers had on her that, although she was in a fairly advanced sexual frenzy, and full of anticipation as to what might happen next, Nicole was actually calm about the situation she found herself in. She felt she had offered herself unambiguously to him, and that, when the time was right — for him and for her — he would take things along. It was part of the pleasure that she had no control — no knowledge, even — of when and how that would happen. Perhaps wearing the skinny jeans was one little way that Nicole could remind Dr Chambers of what was available to him, whenever he wanted it.

Nicole was waiting for the class to start when Christine Fenwick came in, and, to Nicole’s surprise, made her way along the row to sit next to Nicole.



“How’s it going, Nicole?” A couple of days ago, Nicole would have been overwhelmed simply that Christine was talking to her, but in her current mood of sensual horniness, she crossed her legs in a leisurely way, making sure that Christine could see her legs.

“Yeah, I’m good, thanks. How are you?”

Christine leaned in conspiratorially, and Nicole could feel those small but sweet little creamy breasts pressing against her arm. “Oh, you know, keeping going, finding fun where I can.”

Nicole turned to look Christine directly in the eye, another act of confidence that would have been completely unthinkable. Perhaps the greatest mystery of the whole current situation was whether or not Christine Fenwick was “in” Dr Chambers’ club. It was possible that Dr Chambers had instructed Nicole to check Christine out for the very reason that she wasn’t part of his schemes; and, at the beginning, Nicole had been horrified to think that someone as stuck-up as Christine was in any way favoured by Dr Chambers. But now, oh dear heaven, Nicole hoped beyond all hope that Christine belonged to Dr Chambers just like Nicole did, so that at some point in the near future they could all fuck.

Looking at Christine now, Nicole had no hint of what the truth of the matter was. She wondered if she could try to seduce Christine in any event, but rejected the possibility: that wasn’t what excited her, that wasn’t how she needed it to be. She could imagine, now, that fucking Christine would be exciting, but she also knew that it would be nothing like the two of them fucking under the direction and guidance of Dr Chambers.

“Fun?” replied Nicole, a small smirk on her lips. She crossed her legs again, the tightness of the jeans and Christine’s immediate presence making her feel hot between her legs. “Yup, you’ve got to find fun where you can.”

Walking out of the lecture room, Christine reached her arm lightly around Nicole’s waist. It was the sort of gently intimate gesture that was pretty common between friends, but to Nicole it felt absolutely electric. She wondered what could be the cause of the dramatic change in her relationship with Christine. The most likely explanation was that Christine, like Nicole, was being guided by Dr Chambers, but it was also possible that the change in Nicole had led to the change in Christine. Before that first momentous moment in the swimming pool changing room, Nicole had kept to herself, unsure how to relate to the younger students, and content to act and appear relatively anonymous. Now, however, Nicole was on fire, and surely that must be visible to others. Was it surprising that Christine related to Ümraniye Escort Nicole the sexpot in a way she never had to Nicole the shy and retiring flower?

Loosely locked together, the two women walked past Dr Chambers. Nicole was sure that she could feel his eyes burning into them, more specifically, burning into the way that her jeans shaped around her bum and legs. That, surely, had been Christine’s idea, and just as they were leaving the room she leaned in close — again — and talked quietly into Nicole’s ear.

“We’re going for a drink a little later; care to join us?”

Once again Nicole’s heart raced; every few minutes she seemed to be reduced to a helpless teenager. She leaned her own mouth close to Christine’s ear, savouring the scent of the blonde girl. “Sure, that would be nice.”

“Okay, see you later.” Almost regretfully, it seemed, Christine released her arm from Nicole’s waist, and walked off. Just then, as Nicole watched Christine’s bum curving its way down the corridor, Nicole’s phone buzzed. From Dr Chambers, it said quite simply: “Come to my office straight away.”

“You seem to be getting on very well with Christine, now.” Dr Chambers was sitting behind his desk, the usual inscrutable half-smile on his face.

Nicole smiled. “Yes. I may have misjudged her.”

“Indeed, it’s easily done. Believe it or not, apparently most of my colleagues think I’m gay.”

Nicole laughed. As her attraction to Christine intensified, she had wondered whether her more complicated feelings for Dr Chambers might dissipate. But sitting here now, she felt the same intoxicating tingle, albeit one that was different in nature to when she was with Christine.

“I enjoyed our chat the other evening,” Dr Chambers continued. “Thank you.”

Nicole blushed. Although she was generally feeling highly sexed at the moment, the abrupt reminder that Dr Chambers had watched her open her legs and rub her pussy, while thinking about licking Christine’s bum, was both hot and embarrassing.

“I enjoyed it too,” she replied, looking at her knees, not unaware that she was stating the totally obvious.

“Good. I want to take things to the next level, Nicole, is that what you want?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“So far I’ve kept things virtual. But I want us to move things into the “real” world. Are you ready for that?”

Nicole felt the blood rushing around her body, charging her with new excitement. Combined with her recent conversation with Christine, she felt she was almost ready to feint. “Yes, I’m ready for that,” she said, finally. “I’ll do anything you want.”

Dr Chambers raised an eyebrow. “Really: anything I want? When I hear that it makes me think I need to explore it, to discover whether it’s really true.”

Nicole looked down at her knees again. This had been going on long enough for her to know what she could offer, and right now it was true, she wanted nothing more than to be told by Dr Chambers to perform any task he desired. “Anything,” she said, spreading her hands out: anything.

The smile had gone from Dr Chambers face now, replaced by an expression of utter intent. “I could demand anything, now, no matter how sordid or depraved, and you are saying you would do it for me?”

Nicole looked up. She found the sense of menace and danger exciting. Looking Dr Chambers in the eyes, she felt calm: “Anything.”

A slight smile came back on Dr Chambers’ face. “Good. Lock the door, please.”

Nicole complied, more conscious than ever of the way her jeans hugged her bum and legs, knowing that — however much Dr Chambers was formally in charge — it İstanbul Escort was the sight of her body that was also driving the erotic tension in the room.

“Now, bend forwards over the desk.” Nicole smiled: she’d been right about her bum.

Dr Chambers stood up, and walked around behind Nicole, so that she could no longer see him, and only feel his presence. “I’ve not seen these jeans before, have I?” Dr Chambers asked.

The desk felt cold and hard beneath Nicole’s body. It felt so strange to be bent in this position for somebody else, and yet the buzz between her legs told her that strangeness was also turning her on.

“It’s the first time I’ve worn them,” Nicole told him, a slight tremor in her voice. She was nervous; and horny.

“You have a phenomenal body, Nicole.” In the past, Nicole would have mentally denied the suggestion, but — however strange it seemed — bent double for Dr Chambers with her bum poking up she accepted it was absolutely true.

“Thank you.”

“I want you to show me more of it. Unbutton your jeans.” Nicole reached awkwardly under her body to comply with the demand. She was shaking so much it seemed to take ages.

“Do you want to show me your ass, Nicole?”

Despite her awkward posture, Nicole found herself nodding. “Yes, I do.”

“It’s better if you say it fully, Nicole,” Dr Chambers explained, quietly.

Nicole nodded again. “Yes, I want to show you my bum.”

“Pull your jeans down then, Nicole.”

Nicole could feel the pounding of her heart against the desk as she reached behind, fumbling to get her thumbs under the skin-tight waistband of her jeans. As she began the slow task of easing her jeans down, Nicole felt truly exhilarated. She knew that, to anyone able to see Dr Chambers’ room, the picture was one of complete sexual subjugation, and that was what thrilled her.

Inevitably the tightness of the jeans meant that the process of pulling them down over the round curves of her bum took a long time, but Nicole felt sure that was simply increasing the erotic thrill for both of them. It also gave Nicole the opportunity to consider what Dr Chambers was going to do with her.

Would he fuck her? Given the oblique approach that Dr Chambers took to everything, it seemed unlikely. It would feel delicious, though, bent over with his hard cock slamming into her.

Would he fuck her bum? Nicole had struggled on the couple of occasions when previous boyfriends had attempted to penetrate her anally, and it had always ended in failure. But right now she could imagine that it would be thrilling to give her anal virginity like this, and that the sheer rudeness of having her bum taken in such a sordid way would surely overcome any discomfort, however intense.

Finally Nicole considered the possibility that she would be in the perfect position for Dr Chambers to spank her bum. Strangely she had never been able to persuade previous partners to get into properly paddling her behind, and she would quite willingly thrust her bum up to meet the slaps, however hard, from Dr Chambers’ hand.

Then, finally, Nicole’s jeans were around her thighs, and save for the mauve thong she was baring her naked bum to Dr Chambers. She heard him let out a long sigh. “Incredible,” he said, simply.

Nicole did wonder what Dr Chambers was doing. Was his cock poking against his trousers, or had he already taken it out, and it was standing proud alongside the soft whiteness of Nicole’s buttocks? Even that simple mystery excited her.

“You’ll do anything for me, right, Nicole?” Dr Chambers’ voice was quiet now, and serious.

Wow, Anadolu Yakası Escort it felt awesome for Nicole to have her bare bum thrust up and be asked that question. What would Dr Chambers do to her? “Yes,” Nicole whispered, she wanted him to do anything he wanted.

She waited for his touch, but then realised that, for now, Dr Chambers wasn’t going to take them to that level. “Pull your thong to one side for me,” he said.

Nicole reached back with shaking fingers and pulled the soft satin material of the thong from between her cheeks, and held it to one side. She thought she knew what Dr Chambers was doing, that he was taking his inspiration from her own dirty imaginings about Christine.

“Do you want to show me your asshole, Nicole?”

Nicole flushed with excitement. “Yes, I want to show you my arsehole.”

“Then open your ass cheeks as wide as you can; show me your asshole.”

Reaching with all her fingers to pull her ass cheeks wide apart, Nicole briefly realised that she had showered many hours ago, and been wearing particularly hot and humid clothes. No matter, if Dr Chambers wanted her hot sweaty bum, that’s what he’d get.

Dr Chambers let out another sigh as Nicole held her cheeks wide apart, stretching her bumhole wide. Nicole heard the sound of his fly zip — so there it was! She relished the possibility that he might suddenly decide to fuck her there, to without warning push his hard cock up inside the tight passage that had never been successfully penetrated before. Even that remote possibility excited her, as much as the more likely outcome that he would spunk over her arse.

How did this happen, Nicole wondered, and how come it feels so wonderful? Here she was, aching with excitement, bent over her professor’s desk, holding her sweaty bum wide open, desperate for him to suddenly rape her arse or just wank himself off over her hole?

Not for the first time with Dr Chambers, Nicole found that her excitement emboldened her. “I’d like to talk for you,” she said quietly. “Do you want that?”

Dr Chambers grunted his assent. It seemed he wasn’t the only one who was able to ascertain exactly what turned other people on.

Nicole knew exactly what she wanted to say. “Imagine you had Christine over your desk next to me; bent over, with her skirt up and her panties round her knees, opening her bum up for you to look at. You can see Christine’s creamy white bum right next to mine, look at her cute arsehole being offered to you, for you to do anything you wanted to. Two creamy white bums, naked, exposed and vulnerable; two tight dark bumholes, there for any use you choose: Christine and me, giving our arseholes to you.”

Dr Chambers let out a low groan, and Nicole pulled her cheeks even wider apart, willing him to cover her with his seed. Then she felt his semen splashing onto her cheeks, thick jets of it, before he moved so that the final spurts ran down her bum crack, the very last one splattering directly onto her arsehole.

Nicole felt so excited, but she knew her own satisfaction must wait, and be the better for it, too. When she knew Dr Chambers had completely finished, she slowly let her bum cheeks close, and stood upright.

Dr Chambers slumped down in the easy chair in the corner, his cock still full and only slightly flaccid after his orgasm. He looked Nicole in the eye, and raised both eyebrows to express his wonder at how it had all worked out. “Do you need to…?”

Nicole tugged the mauve thong back over between her bum cheeks, and tugged her jeans back up again. Dr Chambers semen felt hot, and sticky trapped under her thong and jeans, and Nicole felt satisfyingly like a whore. She looked at her watch. “I’m just right like this,” she said, smiling. In ten minutes she was meeting Christine for a drink.

{Author’s note: please keep the comments and feedback coming, there’s so much more I want to write about}.

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