The Beast that Tamed Beauty

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When she’d first come to Longpaw Castle, Belle had found the place lovely and her every desire met in terms of luxury. Considering the deal she’d gotten on her room and board at the converted hostel, she was shocked at how wonderful the service was. Of course, she should have known from the start that it was too good to be true.

She’d been especially taken aback by the interest the castle’s keeper, whom the staff referred to as Lord Dante, showed in her. He courted her, really, walking her around the gardens at dusk, showing her all the expansive rooms of the castle, and inviting her to a private dinner with him in his personal dining room.

So, when he’d come to her room and bedded her the first time, she’d been more than willing. What a story to tell — coming to a foreign land and being wooed by the lord of the manor while staying in rooms fit for a queen. Her friends would go crazy to hear of the absolute blissful fairy tale she’d lived for two weeks.

But things had changed when she’d mentioned her impending departure. Lord Dante had gone into a rage, thrown her into this room she’d adored, lush with satin and silk, and locked her in. She hadn’t been out since, the door only opened long enough for servants with eyes cast to the floor to bring her food and drink.

It had been two days.

And she was supposed to fly out tomorrow.

Belle didn’t get upset often, and she certainly didn’t go emo, getting all depressed or feeling hopeless. But this was a situation she had never expected to encounter. She was being held captive, and no one was willing to help her get out of here.

The worst part was, now that she listened and paid attention to things around her, she heard other women screaming from time to time. On occasion, it didn’t sound as though they were in pain, or suffering in any way. But often, it resonated like pleas, the same ones she was guilty of in begging for release.

She’d refused her earlier meal, and now, she stared at the latest offerings that had been left only a few minutes ago by an apologetic looking frail man in his later years. Her stomach growled. She was ravenous, but she couldn’t sit here and accept the kindness of a man who, at the same time, rendered her hostage, could she? No, she must rebel. It was the only way to make her point.

As those words crossed her mind, the door creaked open, and she held her breath, wondering if this was to be the end. Maybe Dante was truly a sick man and held women captive, only to satisfy lustful cravings and then murder them. Or perhaps it was just another servant, coming to collect her untouched tray of food. Either way, a sense of doom settled over her, and she stood, waiting for the inevitable.

When Lord Dante himself stepped inside, clad in an expensive suit and wearing an expression of extreme embarrassment across his perfectly sculpted, patrician features, Belle dared to hope momentarily for a bout of sanity to strike him, for him to release her. He cleared his throat before he spoke, bowing to her in a most formal manner.

“Lady Belle, I wish to apologize for my earlier behavior. I have a tendency to mismanage my anger and am prone to bouts of uncontrollable rage. I hope you don’t hold that against me.”

She raised an eyebrow at him. Was he serious? Crossing her arms and copping an attitude, she glared at him. “I don’t believe any issue you may or may not have justifies locking me in a room like a prisoner for two days. Do you realize I could file kidnapping charges against you right now?”

His face grew more grim, and the light filtered across the dusting of his five o’clock shadow that spoke to just how quickly his beard grew. It did wonders to accent his fine cheekbones and strong jaw line, but she focused on his words, spoken between clenched teeth, rather than on his beauty. It would keep her angry at the man with whom canlı bahis şirketleri she’d almost fallen in love.

“My sincerest apologies, Belle. I panicked when you spoke of leaving and couldn’t bear the thought, not after the connection we’ve had and the nights of pleasure we’ve shared. Did none of that mean anything to you?”

Frustrated, Belle narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously. She didn’t want to admit just how much she wanted to stay, just how much the time had meant to her, not after this behavior. And she certainly didn’t know which version of the man to trust — this kind, gentle Dante or the one who had locked her away without a second thought. He was of dual minds, and in her book, that sort of mental instability spelled disaster.

“Dante, if you really cared about me, you wouldn’t have tossed me in here and forgotten about me for two days before you came to apologize. It’s truly frightening, and I’d like you to just let me go.”

There was a plea in his eyes she didn’t understand as he spoke again. “I had no choice, Belle. I had things I had to attend to and am only now free of the burden. Trust me, I would have come sooner, had I been able.” He moved toward her, and she fought the instinct to pull away as he reached up to touch her cheek. “You are the most kind, considerate woman I’ve met in ages. If you would only give me one more chance, I could prove to you the sort of man I would be for you.”

The warmth of his skin tingled against her face, and while she wanted to hate him for his treatment of her, she couldn’t help suddenly feeling drawn to him, feeling a great sorrow for a man who seemed so lonely. With a sigh, she asked, “Am I free to move about as I please?”

He leaned in, his mouth less than an inch from hers as he breathed, “Give me only what I ask, and I will give you everything you desire and more.”

She felt her rage slipping from her grasp, and as his lips moved ever so slightly against hers, lust replaced her anger. She threw her arms around him and pulled him with her to the bed, tearing at his suit and not caring what sort of damage was done to it, even as he worked to remove her clothing. Belle was desperate to have this man buried inside her again, and as his erection sprang free, she grasped it and stroked the length of it roughly, with demand, the long cock already firm and growing larger and harder with her ministrations.

As she worked her magic, Dante slid two fingers inside her, eliciting a moan, then a cry of ecstasy as he curled them and pressed her spot, making sparks erupt in her vision. His tongue laved at her breasts, swirled around her nipples while he thrust into her over and over, until the pleasure was so intense it threatened to shatter her into a million pieces.

“Please, Dante, I want you inside me.” Her words were a whimper, a begging moan, and without question, he moved to comply. He slipped her hand from his cock and mounted her, placing her ankles on his shoulders for the best angle to fill her fully. Her anticipation causing heart palpitations, Belle screamed out with another blinding orgasm as he entered her completely, thrusting in one long stroke so he was buried in her to the hilt of his sword. And the waves of satisfaction felt as though they split her in two. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t see, couldn’t think as he moved fast and hard, a savage rhythm that promised an even more animalistic release.

When Dante came, it was with fury and passion, and he threw his head back, crying out as he spilled into her and making her come yet again, joining him at the height of his ecstasy. She clung to him, knowing from previous experience that this part would not last nearly long enough to satisfy her but getting the most from the feel of his hot, sweaty body pressed to hers in mutual satisfaction.

As she’d expected, he pulled away almost instantly, canlı kaçak iddaa wincing as if pains shot through his head. “I must go,” he rasped, his voice strained as he gathered his clothes and his face drawn into a deep scowl that spoke of agony. Turning to look at her as he pulled on his pants and headed for the door, he asked, “Would you kindly join me for breakfast tomorrow morning?”

Swallowing hard against tears she refused to cry over a man who made her feel used and cared for all at the same time, she nodded. “I will.” She spoke no more, but as soon as her door was closed, she jumped up to dress. If she was truly free to move about as she pleased, she was determined to solve the mystery. What were these things he claimed to have to take care of? And why did she hear eerie voices of other women who may or may not be experiencing the same pleasures as herself?

What if the man truly was a monster, and he held more than just one woman captive? It seemed ludicrous, but then, so did the idea of a man who had courted her like some old fashioned gentleman throwing her in a room for two days with no way out. Something wasn’t right here, and she was going to find out before she let her heart make anymore of her decisions.

Clad in dark jeans and a dark long sleeved shirt so she would blend into the shadows better, she left her room, grateful the door truly was unlocked now, and followed the heavy footsteps of her host. He headed down a long corridor to the left and around the corner to the left again. She hid behind sculptures and tried to be inconspicuous, though she was sure if Dante turned around, he would see and she would have failed miserably. Still, she kept her conviction and stayed just far enough back to avoid her footsteps being heard until he pushed open a door on his right and disappeared into the room.

She hurriedly crept to the door and crouched beside it, halfway behind a large potted plant, so she could try to eavesdrop. The walls and doors were thick, and the voices were muffled, but straining, she could make out Dante and another, sultry, feminine voice.

“Why were you so long in returning to my quarters?” The woman sounded angry, or at least put out.

“I have been performing exactly as I am required. In fact, now that I seem to have found an opportunity to break the curse, it would seem I have no time to work on doing so, as there are too many demands being made of me. Therefore, the last thing on my mind right now is being at your beck and call.”

“Insolent fool! You’ll never find the maiden you seek. You’re much too crass, too temperamental, and far too good in bed for any woman to look deeper than the surface. Your handsome face. Your divine body. Your talents. But your personality? Your own personal value? Those rate nowhere on the visible scale, and your history with women shows it. That’s the reason all of this began, or has it been so long that you don’t remember?”

Belle covered her mouth as she gasped, desperate not to be heard as she tried to make sense of the conversation. She curled in on herself. Who was the woman inside, taunting and demeaning Dante? And to what curse was she referring?

“How could I forget? I have been forced to pleasure women for over a decade now, and none of them have held any interest in me beyond my skills, nor have any of them sparked any interest in me, until now. And of course, as I try to make something of the first good woman I find, you consistently call me away at the most inopportune times. I believe that would be called cheating.”

The unmistakable sound of a slap rang through the air, and Belle rubbed her cheek, sure that was where the woman’s hand had landed. “I never cheat, Dante. You still have women to please tonight, do you not?”

There was a silence, and Belle held her breath. She barely heard Dante, his voice low and dangerous. canlı kaçak bahis “I’ve released all but three women, and two more go tonight. As for the third, she is free to go, if she wishes, but she is my last hope. And the only woman I’ve ever grown to care for.”

Blinking in disbelief, Belle had no doubt it was she to whom he referred. Perhaps now she better understood his anger — and fear — at her leaving. But this curse they spoke about terrified her. Needing to hear no more, she crept back to her room and had barely shut the door before she heard boots down the hall again, headed to other rooms where, presumably, these other women were being kept.

She paced for what seemed like hours, trying to determine whether it was best to run now or to stay and ask questions. But she ran out of time as her door opened and Dante joined her, looking exhausted and leaning back against the door as he closed it behind him. “You’re back,” she said simply.

He nodded wordlessly, otherwise unmoving. Hesitantly, Belle moved toward him and said, “I followed you. Who’s the woman that cursed you?”

He squeezed his eyes closed, reaching out to pull her the last couple of feet until she rested against him. She could feel his anguish and wanted nothing more than to take it away, but first, she needed answers. “She’s an old witch I gave shelter to years ago who wanted me to fall in love with her. Instead, I pleasured her one night and she claimed to love me, so I asked her to leave. In turn, she cursed me for my inability to love or be loved.”

Belle brushed her fingers tenderly over his face, smoothing away the stress and pain that came through in his words. Deciding she wanted to give him the pleasure he’d apparently been forced to give so many others, she dropped to her knees and unfastened his pants. His cock was already getting hard from the promise her position made, and she ran her palm up and down his shaft, squeezing his sac gently, until he was solid as a rock. Only then did she take the tip of him into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it and applying just the slightest sucking pressure.

He hissed his appreciation and laid a hand on top of her head as she took him deeper into her mouth. She ran her tongue and teeth over him ever so gently, bobbing up and down as she tasted the salty pureness of his flesh. So clean, so erotic. She felt her own body reacting, the moisture pooling in her pants as she knelt before him.

Belle knew his sense of urgency grew, his hips moving of their own accord with small thrusts that took him deeper into her mouth. But she didn’t get to continue as he tugged her to her feet, threw her onto the bed, and drew her pants down around her ankles. Before she could protest, his mouth began to work wonders over her cleft, her folds, and the pulsating sensation inside became outrageous orgasms, one on top of the other, as she poured into his mouth. He lapped at her, drinking her in.

And then he was on top of her, inside her, and the feel of him completed her. Images of the last two weeks and their time together flashed through her head as he moved in and out of her. It pushed her higher and higher with each bout of pleasure. She wrapped her legs around him and linked her ankles, drawing him tight against her, and she realized why this was such a wonderful experience. As another wave of ecstasy rolled over her, she gasped, “I love you, Dante!”

And in response, he sputtered, convulsed, and cried out as his seed spilled deep inside her, making her throb with ultimate satisfaction. If she didn’t know any better, she would have said it was magic. And as he collapsed on top of her, she heard the shriek of the old crone, whose curse was obviously lifted. She smiled to herself, the joy inside growing as Dante lifted his head to kiss her lightly on the lips.

“Thank you,” he whispered.

“For what?” she asked in a languid voice.

“For falling in love with me and being honest about it.” He kissed her again, his own grin curling up one side of his lips. “For the record, I’ve never felt this way about anyone else. I love you, too.”

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