The Benefits of Being a Landlord

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I own and manage a ten unit low income apartment building in Phoenix and over the last several years that has given me quite a few chances to get fucked or blown. While being careful not to get in trouble with the landlord/tenant laws, I have managed to not rent to any single guys. I have single women, with and without kids, and married couples from twenty to fifty years old. Low income people are more likely to have trouble paying the rent on time and I have used that to my sexual advantage.

This month Maria, a forty four year old short, dark skinned, single Mexican woman with one child told me that she did not have the rent money because she had to get her car fixed when it broke. This put her two months behind. She had also gotten two months behind several months ago. That time she had offered to let me fuck her if I would give her two more weeks to pay. I agreed even though she was at least fifty pounds overweight and her big tits hung half way down her fat belly and pointed at the floor. Her cunt was so loose that I could hardly feel myself in her. I guessed that she must have been with many dozens of guys over the years to get that worn out.

“Mr. Jones. Give me two more weeks again and I will fuck you again like last time.”

“I don’t what to fuck you. I want my money. Either get it to me by tomorrow or move the fuck out. I’ll be back tomorrow.” I shut the door hard behind me. Maria knew that she would have a hard time finding a two bedroom apartment with such low rent as I charged. The rental market was very tight in Phoenix right then.

I came back the next day and when she answered the door she was crying. “I have last month’s rent but not the rent for this month yet. Can you please give me a little more time?” I bet that she went out and whored out her cunt, ass and mouth all night to get what she had gotten. I stood there for a minute looking like I was thinking but actually I had a plan.

I reached and took the money that she was holding out to me. “Maybe we can work something out. Blanca has turned eighteen now.” Maria had been married and divorced twice. Blanca was the youngest of Maria’s five children and the only one that was still living with her. They were fathered by five different men. Maria’s first child was by her father. I later found out that she had named Blanca, which means white, because the stranger that had fucked her one night and gotten her pregnant was a white man. “I will forget one whole beşiktaş escort month’s rent if you get Blanca to let me fuck her.” I had flirted with Blanca many times but because I was almost fifty, she had never paid any attention to me.

In a loud shocked tone of voice, Maria told me that she could not do that to her little girl.

“Look, I know that she is not a virgin. When you are out of the apartment I have seen her bring guys home and heard her having sex with them.”

Maria yelled out, “I’ll tell your wife. What would she do if she knew that you were fucking other women and not getting all the rent money?”

“She wouldn’t care. She would tell you that you should eat her cunt too. Either make it happen with Blanca, pay me or get the fuck out. I’ll be back tomorrow.” That wasn’t true but if I said my wife wouldn’t care I thought it would end the threat and it did.

Before I went to the apartment the next day, Maria called my cell phone and told me to come. I hung up and went upstairs to Maria’s apartment. When I knocked there was no answer. I knocked again, this time harder. The door opened. Maria stood there in a low cut blouse and a push-up bra that showed a lot of tit and cleavage. Blanca stood behind her. Blanca was wearing jeans and a loose fitting sweater. She didn’t have any makeup on and her hair was not done up but I still thought she was beautiful. I stepped inside.

With a tear in her eye, Maria asked me if I would take her instead of Blanca. She told me that she would be very willing and that I could fuck her mouth and her ass if I wanted. She said she would do anything to keep me from having her daughter.

I told her no, “It’s Blanca or out on the streets.” Blanca stepped in front of her mother. With an almost blank look on her face showing me that she was not at all interested in what was going to happen to her, she took my hand and led me to her bed.

I sat on the edge of the bed. Blanca started taking off her clothes, not slow and sexy and not angrily but just casually while still giving me the same uninterested look. First she removed her sweater and then her jeans. She stood in just her pink bra and matching bikini panties for a few seconds. “Well, get your clothes off too, Shithead. You can’t fuck me with your clothes on.” As she stripped out of what she had left on, I started removing my clothes. Finally we were both naked.

Blanca beşyol escort got on her back on the bed and pulled her knees up and spread them wide. “Ok Fuckface”, Blanca growled at me. “Do your thing and get the hell out of here.”

I started to get between her legs when I had an idea that might make the rent be on time in the future. “Tell your mother that she has to come in here and watch.”

“Mom, this asshole wants you to come in here and watch him fuck me.” Maria slowly came into the room and stood just by the doorway.

There I was, naked on the bed with a beautiful young woman waiting for me to fuck her even though she made it obvious that she was far from being a willing participant. She was slim with great firm tits that stood out from her chest even when she was lying on her back. From her features and skin color, you could tell that her father was white and that she took after him. Her shaved pussy lips were puffy and parted slightly, exposing her large clit. I remembered her mother’s cunt having flabby labia and a huge mat of black pubic hair.

Rather than shoving my cock into her and pounding away, I dove head first between her legs, ran my tongue between her lips and over her clit. I felt her jump at first touch. A little moan came out of her mouth. She kept her mouth tightly closed and the same unresponsive look on her face. As I ate her out, one time she actually put her hand behind my head and pushed her pussy toward me but she quickly recovered and pulled back to her fuck me but I don’t care attitude. Her wet pussy told me that she was enjoying it more than she let on.

As I got up, I wiped my girl cum mouth with the back of my hand getting it covered with her female juices and then wiped it across Blanca’s tits, noticing that her nipples had gotten nice and hard but she continued to give me the blank stare to show she had no interest in what was happening to her. I got up between her knees, took my prick in my hand, slid myself between her slick, wet labia and placed it at the opening of her cunt. I’m only about five and a half inches long but I am thicker than most guys. I worked just the head into her opening and then gave a hard shove and buried myself balls deep in the tightest cunt I had been in for many years. Even though she wanted me to believe that she rejected my sexual efforts, I heard her unwillingly give out a little moan beykent escort as my manhood plunged into her fuck tunnel. I smiled at her and she gave me the middle finger.

I am fortunate to be able, by varying my speed and pausing occasionally, to last for a good long time. I’m not one of the guys that you hear women complaining about as being a ‘four minute mile athlete’. I pulled Blanca’s legs up over my shoulders to get the angle that I wanted and pounded into her. I could feel our pubic bones hitting together and feel my balls bouncing against has ass. She might not have been co-operating but it was still a great fuck. I paused for several seconds, still buried deep in her. I let her legs fall back onto the bed. I told her to put her legs together between mine. She complied, causing her to get an even tighter grip on my prick.

I resumed sliding my dick in and out of her. Finally I felt her start to lift her hips to match my thrusts and I saw her grabbing fists full of the sheets. Another minute and her body betrayed her mind and she had her first orgasm on my cock. I felt her squeeze my member and she called out, “Oh fuck. Oh fuck yes. I’m coming. Fuck me hard. Yesss.” Her body shook and her head rolled from side to side. After an intense minute Blanca came down from her climax but not all the way. She was still breathing hard and mauling her breasts with her hands as I continued stroking into her.

I managed to last another five minutes before I was ready to unload my seed into this beautiful eighteen year old chica. I looked over at her mother who was still standing in the doorway watching me fuck her daughter. Maria had slid one hand inside her pants and was rubbing her pussy while the other hand played with one of her sagging breasts. Her mouth was open and you could see a glassy look in her eyes. My sack tightened and my cock swelled. I started pounding harder and faster again. Blanca felt it and became further excited again and started fucking back at me harder.

She bit her lower lip and as I came and so did she. I groaned and she screamed. I blasted several loads of my thick white baby juice inside her wonderful cunt. Finally we both collapsed in exhaustion with me still on top and inside of her. I slowly stroked myself in Blanca as my dick softened till it fell out. I rolled off of her and sat on the side of the bed. I could see my cum draining out of her fuck hole and down between her ass cheeks. With two fingers I scooped up a glob of it and wiped it on her lips. For the first time, Blanca smiled at me and then she licked her lips.

My cock was still dripping with a mixture of Blanca’s and my cum. I got off the bed and walked over to Maria. I pushed down on her shoulder and she dropped to her knees in front of me. “Clean me.” Maria opened her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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