The Book of Carnal Ch. 02

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Alina Lopez

Here is Chapter Two of Book of Carnal. I recommend reading of Ch. 1 first, as you will get a better idea of what is happening to Jason. Edited by br00. Please enjoy and don’t forget to vote!

Copyright © 2012 by Tipson. All rights reserved.

Jason shivered with the energy that surged through him as he opened the book. He had never had so much pleasure from holding book before, and he could cum just from it, holding it, his blood heating up as if about to blow over.

It was time for a change. He had decided it was time for a change after lusting over gorgeous Misty at work not so long ago, in turn being so turned on that he was unable to move from his desk the whole time, unable to release, then releasing quickly, finally in his room, on his bed.

The book had come to him from such a gorgeous, “ghost? Nah, apparition.” Was the way he had describe the woman that had fucked him senseless, and he had fucked senseless in his last vacation in Cairo. She had been so gorgeous, and so hot, but Misty had her. Maybe. He remembered she could read minds, and hoped she would not be pissed at him for the thought.

Warning: The longer you read and hold this book the more you will change, at times a god, others insane…

He turned the page. He had already decided:fuck it, he was not going to change his mind now.The pleasure running through him clouded his mind, but it was so delicious.The more you use this first power the better you will be able to control it. You will become more and more desirable, and you will be able to influence those that desire you. You are now…”Ahhhh” flew out of Jason lips. The more he read the more the pleasure increased. He felt ready to burst, but could not and did not want to stop reading…now desirable but unaware. Your influence will also increase, and you will be able to do…he skipped…to obtain this power you must cum on this page of this book.

Jason got to his knees, and placing the book bellow him, he wrapped his hand around his extremely aroused cock. It took all but two strokes for him to blow his load, cumming so strongly he almost lost his senses. He looked down noticing that the book (or the page of the book) seemed to suck in his copious load. He would have freaked out on any other occasion, but he was well past that point. His skin still tingled with the power of the orgasm, and his dick had slightly deflated. He rubbed his chest trying to catch his breath, and jumped at the sensitivity of his nipples. Shutting the book and putting it away, he decided he wanted to try this new power, and he was also desiring a scotch, or tequila, or “fucking something!”

I wonder what Misty is up to?He thought.No, not yet. Don’t wanna fuck it up with her. I’ll get someone at the bar.

After a shower he dressed in clothes that seemed to fit him better, and he noticed that he looked bulkier. He could not believe it. He had never ever been anything but pudgy. He removed his shirt to examine himself closer in the mirror, and noticed a bit of lines, no too deep, but present that defined hardened muscle. “Pretty fucking cool!” he exclaimed and redressed.

Arriving downstairs he looked at his car and almost passed it, as it no longer looked so beat up. It didn’t look new, but it most certainly was in a better state than it had been that morning, or when he had driven it after work for that matter. “I should have cum on that page long ago,” he chided. “To business,” he said, driving away.

He pulled in to the parking lot of the pub “Slam Jams,” and exited the car. He stopped, his confidence wavering. He had only been there a hand full of times, mostly to drink – alone. Out of all the times he had hit on one of the women, he had been rejected in varying degrees; the worse being, “Fuck no. I am not interested in fat, nor ugly.” He did not want a repeat of that. But, the book had said to practice, and the great sex with the apparition had taken place, and, well, no pain on gain.

Building his courage he walked in to the locale, and was greeted by a full crowd, and a remix of that stupid song, “Here’s My Number, So Call Me Maybe.” He hated the song, but soon it would be over. The singer was cute though, and once, when he saw the video online, he wished he could shove his cock into her mouth every time she started such an idiotic line.

He got the attention of the bartender, who actually smiled at him for the first time.

“What will you have?”

“Johnny Black straight.”

“You haven’t bee here in a while, and for returning the first one is on me,” the gorgeous bartender had replied.

‘What,’ he thought, ‘she noticed me enough know that I had been here before?’ “Wow. Thanks! You’re going to make me come more often.”

“That’s the point, enjoy,” and she walked away to serve the others.

‘What was that all about? And a free drink too! Maybe the book was right,’ he enthusiastically thought.

He felt good, and the confidence was returning to him. He took a sip, but really just wanted to down it, but just like that? beylikdüzü escort He looked to one side of the bar, noticing a well-shaped lady, with form fitting blue jeans, and a white top that filled up nicely, getting a shot of some sorts. He thought it was an appletini shot, but he was not well versed with what the fairer sex enjoyed drinking. Walking up to her he said, “Hi, wanna do the shot together?”

She turned to him, surprised, and said “Oh, my friends over there are waiting for me.”

“I’ll get you the next one, then they won’t wait long,”I would have never said that before!

“Oh alright. Bottoms up,” she said as they downed their drinks.

He turned to wave to the bartender but she was already there. “Ready for the next one?”

“Wow, you’re good.”

“It’s my job.”

“Two more of the same, and hers is on me.”

Quickly fixing them up she handed it to them, “There ya go.”


“I’m Brenda, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Brenda, I’m Jason.”

“And, I’m Marilyn,” said the filled-white-top brunette.

“And a pleasure to meet you as well,”Ok, this is definitely the book, this has never happened before. Never ever.

“Come, let me introduce you,” said Marilyn and walked off. Jason followed her, feeling pleased.

“Hey girls, this is Jason, Jason that’s Abby, Joana, and Larissa.”

“Hello,” he said, shaking everyone’s hands.

“You just did a shot with her, didn’t you?” asked Abby.

“Yes.” he replied.

“I knew my eyes had not deceived me! I told you she had gotten a new one too,” she said to Larissa.

“Yeah, you were right.”

“Don’t be jealous,” said Marilyn. “Are we gonna do this shot or what?”

“Bottoms up!” Jason told them. And all of them shut up and followed suit, downing their fruity shot of vodka, or rum, or whatever it was.

“What was that you drank?” Asked Joana.

“Johnny black neat,” replied Jason.

“And you just downed that?” Asked a surprised Abby.

“Well yes. Otherwise it would not be a shot!” Jason had never felt so comfortable around women, and although some of it was do to the liquor he had consumed, deep down he knew that was not the only reason. His words flew out nicely, landing in the right places, without a stutter, and they seemed to appreciate it. Even the smart remark was welcomed.

The ladies giggled, and almost in unison said, all with slight variations “I can’t down that.”

“I can,” said a voice behind him, the ladies raising their eyes to look at this intruder.

Jason turned and almost chocked on his heart, as it was ready to jump out. It was Misty, looking at him. She was holding two double shots of what seemed whiskey, and presenting one to him, she asked, “Want one?”

“What…well, aye…yeah,” he stuttered.

Misty smiled at the effect she had on him, and how he seemed to be discombobulated.

Recovering, Jason said, “Never say no to a gorgeous woman offering you a drink!”

“Hey, what about us?” asked Marilyn.

Lifting one eyebrow Misty replied, “You had that fruity shot ’cause you can’t shoot whiskey, right?” It did not go unnoticed that she had said that line almost simultaneously with the Carrie Underwood song that was now playing.

Damn, talk about putting them in their place,was one of the many thoughts than ran over Jason’s mind. He wanted Misty. She looked so hot, and her curves were making him dizzy in such a delightful way.

“Ready Jason?” she asked.

“You bet,” and down the hatch it went.

“That’s so good!” She exclaimed, and addressing the girls, “How’d you like your shut-the-fuck-up?”

“Excuse me?” said Abby, somewhat pissed.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch. You all had vodka, apple schnapps, orange liquor, and a bit of pineapple juice. That is called a ‘shut-the-fuck-up’. Look at the menu,” she coolly answered.

Marilyn looked it up and realized she was right, “Fuck!” she exclaimed, somewhat disappointed, “It was good.”

The others greyly nodded.

“Hey, cheer up, next time you can get a sperm bank,” Misty told them.

Jason could not control his laughter and it roared out of him. Misty joined him, making the rest of the group blush.

Addressing Jason she said, “Come have one more with me, ’cause I gotta go.”

“So soon?”

“Yeah. Had I known you’d be here I would have made different plans.”


“Maybe I’ll come back later.”

“That’d be cool,” he said, following her to the bar, grinning as she caught the last words Marilyn was telling the waitress: “sperm bank.”

“Back for more I see. You can drink!”

“Yeah, well.”

“How many have you had?” Asked Misty.

“Two right before, and your double shot,” the bartender answered for him.

“Well, well. You can drink. And, you don’t look funny at all. I know a couple of guys who would be acting kinda of stupid at the very least. But, I’ve placed them on my ‘fuck-off’ list.”

“And, they were beyoğlu escort all in about 1 minute of each other, at the most!” Continued Brenda.

“Holy shit!”

“All right, you’re making me blush,” said Jason.

“I hope that is not the only effect,” said Misty looking him up and down.He looks good, she thought, I wonder if he’s been working out.

“I’ll join you in this one,” said Brenda, “too bad you gotta go.”

“Yeah. I’ll try to come back a bit later. It’s not to late anyway. And it’s ladies night. Hm, maybe I should try and get here earlier, otherwise this one is going to be gone with some bleached-blond slut.”

Brenda loudly laughed, and as if recalling something said, “And I can shoot whiskey. But, allow me to recommend tequila. How does that sound?”

“Let’s do it,” Jason spoke up, his tongue finally untangling itself after such forwardness from Misty.

“Yeah, why not? As long as it’s straight I’ll drink it,” chimed Misty. “Then you can get back to your fan club, Jason.”

“What are you talking about?” he asked, slightly taken aback.

“I’m not blind, they want you to come back.”

“They do,” said Brenda.

“You should have them try a wet pussy and I’ll bet after the third one Ms. White-blouse over there will be more than willing to go for a ride.”

“Oh come on. After the second one,” said Brenda, and all three laughed.

Once in a while Jason remembered how different he had been yesterday – and even this morning. Considering how impossible all of this would have been a day ago, and now he was feeling like a champ with all the attention he was getting. And from Misty, of all people!

The threesome had their shots, and Misty gave Jason a hug, pressing her gorgeous bosom into his chest. He held her close to him, feeling like the luckiest man alive.

“Until soon then, hopefully.”

“I’ll be here.”

“Alright, later Brenda.”

“See ya!”

Jason followed her delicious sway with his eyes. Loving how gracious her hips moved under her skirt, and how her legs were perfectly shaped.

“Hey, wake up!” Brenda said, grabbing his attention.

“Sorry,” he said.

“Want another one?”

“Yeah, might as well… Fuck it. I’m gonna hate the morning though.”

“You’ll be alright,” she said as she handed him the shot.

They drank it and it made Jason a little dizzy.Get a griphe told himself, and the feeling was immediately gone and he felt perfect again. “That was different tequila.”

“Yup. It’s stronger, but I figured you could take it. Okay, you should get back to your fan club as they keep looking this way. Here are the four shots of wet pussies, that way they’ll accept you with open arms, but I think they will regardless.”

Jason walked back to the table, drinks in hand, then ran back to grab a gin-and-tonic. Maybe he could sip that one for a bit.

The ladies did greet him warmly, and waited until he returned before having their shots. And down they went.

“What was that, ’cause it was delicious!”

“That, Marilyn, was a wet pussy.” And before he could stop himself he continued, “Is it working?”

Marilyn’s only answer was to blush while the others giggled.

“Oh my god, I love this song!” she exclaimed, and pulling him toward the dance floor told the others, “We’ll be right back.”

“Lucky bitch.” Abby told Larissa. “But she did get him first, and those are the rules.”

“I want a turn as well though,” Joana stated.

“If you weren’t so picky,” replied Abby.

“Whatever,” she said, their eyes fixed on the dancing couple.

It was up beat, some remix or another, Jason was just moving to the beat and allowing Marilyn to do most of the work. She was on fire, and there was not a moment where she was not pressing or rubbing against him.

Marilyn felt so hot. The more she touched him the hotter she got, and here pussy was certainly wet, she wanted sex. Her large breasts rubbed against his chest, and her supper sensitive nipples made everything tingle. She even had had a mini-orgasm due to it. She could not remember ever being so turned on before, but did not complain. During the third song she turned, grinding her ass into his hard crotch and wondering how it would feel inside her.

Jason did not mind the attention, and the liquor made all doubts he had dissipate. He had never been popular, and suddenly he had this lovely woman all over him. How could he complain? He loved how her breasts felt against his chest, and also how good her ass now felt against his swollen member.

Sweaty, they walked back to the table wanting another drink. Jason noticed the jealous look of some of the men, as he was so comfortably seated among four gorgeous women, and had not forgotten how the gorgeous one had bought him a shot then left. “Lucky fucker,” they thought at one point or another, and at varying degrees.

They ordered appetizers, and Jason continued drinking his watery gin and tonic. He ordered a replacement, bizimkent escort and bought the girls another shot of wet pussy.Hopefully my credit card won’t get declined,’he thought as he calculated how much he was spending.We’ll see,as the drinks arrived.

“How about you?” Abby asked him.

“Me? I guess I’ll have to down my gin and tonic then.”

“How come you didn’t get a wet pussy?” asked Joana.

“Because I only like the real ones,” he said, slightly surprising himself. The ladies laughed and down went their drinks. He, of course, followed suit.

“Come with me,” Marilyn told him, taking his hand and guiding him outside.

Jason followed without a word, wondering what it was all about.

They got to the parking lot, and she asked, “Where’s your car?”

“Umm,” attempting to locate his car, and wondering where the hell it was. He took out his key and pressed the button, then followed the sound the car made. He found it hard not to exclaim, as when they arrived it was still red, but no longer Honda, and looking brand new. Now it was a BMW M3.

“Wow,” Marilyn said, “what a car! Let’s take a look at the backseat.”

They got in, and he noticed that the windows where tinted, almost like some sort of privacy glass. Damn, he did not know he had such car, but attributed it to the book and the changes.

As soon as he sat down and the door closed, she quickly moved atop him, sitting on him and pressing her lips hungrily to him. She was so turned on. She had been so wet for so long that his lips alone sent her on her first orgasm.

Jason felt her tremble atop him, and pride surged through him at making her cum just by kissing her. He quickly undid the buttons of her blouse and opened it. Happily noticing no bra, his hands flew to her exposed breasts.

Marilyn broke the kiss saying, “Oh yes, grab my tits baby, it feels so good!”

Encouraged, Jason mauled them harder, pinching her nipples.

“Oh my, keep pinching my nipples, I’m going to cummmmmm,” and she once again rode the wave of her orgasm, grinding strongly against Jason. “I want you to fuck me. I want your cock inside me!”

“My pleasure, except your pants are in the way.”

She climbed off, and undid her pants as quickly as possible, She tried to take her shoes off , but finding it too difficult, she turned instead to Jason, and presenting him with her gorgeous ass , lustily said, “Fuck me doggy style.”

Jason was happy to oblige, however he was unsure of how he was going to fit in the back seat if he was on his knees. He freed his cock, which somehow felt bigger in his hand than before. Then, placing his upper body on top of her back he scooted forward so that his mushroom head was at the entrance. His cock trembled as it slowly pierced Marilyn’s nether lips, and pleasure surged through both of them.

“It feels so good,” they both said at the same time. Marilyn started rocking underneath him, getting more and more of his cock into her. Jason just stayed put, loving how great it felt to have Marilyn jamming herself on his cock. After a continued stream of pleasure, and another orgasm by Marilyn, her ass finally touched his thighs. She pressed strongly back in to him, filling herself up completely, and exclaimed, “It feels fucking amazing, oh fuck!!!!!!”

Jason felt her pussy wrap tightly around his rod He loved the way her insides grabbed at him, and seemed to pull him in on their own accord.

Marilyn picked up the pace, creating the familiar sounds of sex with the slapping of their bodies. She reached underneath her, playing with her clit, and caressing his large balls whenever she could.

Jason needed to take control and straighten out as much as he could, realizing that he could do so all the way, as his head was able to exit through the open sunroof in the car. Placing his hands on her waist, he picked up the rhythm. He was now fucking her strongly, pulling her into him hard, and then powerfully launching forward.

He loved how her ass was swaying, and he slapped it hard, leaving his hand imprinted on it.

“Oh fuck, do that again, it’s gonna make me cum again.”

He did, this time on the other side. As promised, Marilyn went to another orgasm, screaming, “Oh JJJJAAAASSSSOOONNNN!!!!!!”

Jason was close to the edge, and thoughtI wish I could cum down her throat! “Oh Marilyn, your cunt is milking me gorgeously, I’m gonna cum.”

“Sit down, I want you to cum in my mouth.”

He did so, and pulled out with a pop, concentrating, trying to slow down the movement of his spunk up his shaft.

“Oh fuck!!!” And he was coming, the first spurt hit Marilyn’s cheek, but the rest made it down her throat, as she created a tight seal around his exploding cock with her lips. Marilyn came again from the taste, and the smell of his sex, and pushed forward taking in as much of his large cock as she could.

Jason had finally exhausted his sperm supply, and Marilyn let him out of her mouth.

The car door suddenly opened and a female voice said, “Are you done already? I want another whiskey shot!”


“Yeah, come, let’s go.”

He awkwardly put his dick back in his pants, unable to believe the great sex he had just had. The fact that Misty had so blatantly opened the door demanding a drink, that she was not even shy of seeing his dick, was overwhelming his still clouded brain.

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