The Book Signing Pt. 05

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The Book Signing : Part five

As for the last full day at the hotel, well it came early and it went smoothly enough, (albeit with my problematic boner still pressing against my sweatpants). I put up best I could with the merciless cat-calls coming from a long line of blue-haired hopefuls, (all vying for a photo, kiss, and a chance to put me in the #METOO movement from all their gropings). When the day ended, Brooklyn, Brittni, and myself were up the elevator again. The two could have left the hotel, but it was my last night and we didn’t want the suite to go to waste.

It seemed that the toys and “weapons of ass-destruction” however would have to wait for another time. We wanted to celebrate our last night of fuckery before the two women went back to their regular lives, (and I’d head out on my Friday morning flight home). We agreed this evening needed to be special based on all that had happened.

Through our experiences we’d bonded and now this was going to take a different twist… we were going to make love. Sick huh? All that nastiness and freaky business earlier, and now we were merely going to share body to body intimacy? You may be shaking your head in disbelief, but yep; when we popped the door to the suite open, the only electronic device we used was the remote for the lights, AC, and music.

So what did that look like you might wonder? Well it was passionate to say the least; flesh upon flesh, lips finding lips and hands strumming bodies in a deep tissue humping massage sort of thing… part fuck, part make out session, part nuru massage threesome.

Brittni and I made Brooklyn the focus at first, keeping her in-between our nakedness in that big king-sized bed. In the dimness of the room our hands roamed up and down her form, stroking her belly and breasts. This was all about Brooklyn and Brittni and I took it upon ourselves to cover as much of her body with our lips, loins, and palms that we could kiss, suck, hump, and grope.

We flipped Brooklyn in ever so many positions as the clock on the wall ticked away. We kicked it doggystyle with my cock up her puss-pipe and her head between Britt’s thighs. There was sixty-nining with her and myself as Britt rimmed her asshole from above. There was even spooning anal sex (with Brooklyn’s tushy being split by my cock as Britt suckled her breasts), hell we tumbled, fucked, and loved upon the fantastic Filipina fucktress!

That’s not to say there wasn’t tenderness. With my problematically proud pecker poking her insides I simply brought Brooklyn’s face to mine and caressed it whenever possible, pulling her in for one long passionate soul-kiss; one that seemed to last forever as I stroked the back of her neck and ran fingers through her hair. All the while; Brittni ran lips, hands, and quim up and down the older woman’s lovely form, as Brook and I humped against one another again and again in as many ways as you could count, (until at last in a good old-fashioned missionary position Brooklyn and I shuddered face to face). I sent a warm spout of seed deep inside her sex while she yelped and hissed like a leaky radiator. Now lying on her side next to us and masturbating furiously, Brittni brought herself off with one hand; timing her climax perfectly with hours in a chorus of shared intimate energy.

There was an interlude with the dining cart and some Champagne. Giggles and strokes followed. Somewhere along the line Brittni’s hand found my chin and she pulled my face to hers saying,

“Ready to go again?”

Now it was Brittni’s turn to be the center of it all (and turn her – we did)! She was on her belly with her ass up high as my cock slammed down deep into her rectum; her yelps and moans muffled by the fact she’d a mouthful of Brooklyn’s snatch until one by one all three of us came. Britt then found herself draped atop me in a passionate sixty-nine, sucking my cock greedily while Brooklyn massaged, licked, kissed, and nibbled her shoulders, neck, spine and asshole.

At one point as I ate Britt’s twat, Brook nibbled her way down Britt’s rump; her lips found mine as I tilted my head up to receive an open-mouthed French kiss from the Filipina seductress. We were happily devouring our little pixie pastry together, but still when there was a chance to steal a passionate smooch we took it; all before returning our attentions to Britt’s puss and bottom-hole. The three of us gnawed, sucked, and chewed our way to new climaxes; Britt gulping down my load as she spritzed a dew-gasm in my mouth while Brook brought herself off with her own hand while tongue buggering the last of my cum from Britt’s poor battered backdoor.

I now wanted the intimate connection of my cock nestled in Britt’s lovely cunt. As if reading my mind, she mentioned the same need. We flipped back and forth in several positions; doggystyle, missionary, on our side; all with my cock deep up Britt’s pussy from behind as she and Brook rubbed clits, smooched hard, and caressed one another’s faces.

Finally, Göztepe Escort Brooklyn lay back against a stack of pillows at the headboard. Brittni reclined against her, using her as a sort of “mommy-couch” as Brook raised and parted Brittni’s legs for me. I plunged my cock into Britt’s pussy-pit balls deep, immediately commencing to row at her insides. She pressed little pixie lips to mine and we let our tongues dance a sort of French kiss tango. Behind her, Brooklyn gnawed and chewed Britt’s neck and shoulders; twisting the young woman’s nips into pink gumdrops of aroused flesh. We were no longer fucking, it was lovemaking pure and simple; a three-way love session at its sweetest.

As the minutes ticked off it was almost as if I were becoming high from the delicate natural perfume of Britt’s hair, breath, and skin – intoxicants all. She really should distill and bottle that fragrance… “Brittni, the scent that loses men’s minds!” Anyhow I was all chews gropes and strokes, of Britt; every now and again pulling Brooklyn’s face in from over Britt’s shoulder for a kiss and a hypnotic “whiff of Brooklyn, “the fragrance that makes gentlemen lose their souls!” We felt ourselves rise higher and higher to a marvelous passionate crescendo.

When it came for us Britt let forth a lovely little squeak and I felt the warm trickle of her brine at my loans as Brooklyn (who’d been rubbing herself with one hand and alternating humping Britt’s buttocks), gasped happily at the ceiling; a broad smile etched across her face. It was all I needed. The release felt magnificent.

Ejaculating again and again, I sent great steamy ropes of cum splashing into the deepest corners of Britt’s lovely puss-hole. Our torrid trio shared a threeway kiss, sighing happily in the moment of blissful release. Each of us smooched the other two, finding a set of lips and then greedily finding the other in a heady mix of shared spirit of intimacy, gratitude, and sexual fellowship. We simply couldn’t hold one another tight enough and if possible, we’d have pulled the three of us together into a singular piece of skin and flesh; a composite of desire, sex, and passion.

Sleep came. We drifted off, myself with Brittni lying beneath me; my cock wedged deep inside her pink gyno-grotto while Brooklyn spooned-up next to us. Once or twice in the night I awoke; my stiffy raging in Britt’s cunt. I rolled my hips ever so slightly in a nice slow fuck and presently Brittni sleepily returned the grinding strokes as we rubbed each other’s faces and brushed our lips together.

Eventually we both experienced a happy little shudder followed spurt, until the fog of sleep passed over us again. We slept and cuddled, pulling Brooklyn closer into us and wallowing in the lovely closeness as our sips and sighs of air filled the room. Peace. Bliss.


With the morning I was the first to wake. It was the day of my departure and this was all coming to a sad end. As I stirred and became aware of things I suddenly realized a pleasant surprise. Something was missing.

I rolled carefully from Britt and sure enough, it was gone. My painfully stiff erection had subsided and I was instead looking down a happily “wilted willy” of a penis. I’d never been so happy to not have a morning woody!

“What’s going on?” yawned Brittni as she stirred and stretched, the contents of my previous night’s spoogings dribbling from her pussy and marking the sheet.

“Look,” I answered happily.

Brittni raised herself up on one elbow, rolling on her side and rubbing her eyes as she tried to focus. Brook’s sleepy head appeared over her shoulder, attempting to see what all the early morning discussion was about. Both girls immediately realized why I was pointing at down at my crotch and their surprised expressions immediately made it clear; they were just as relieved as I was to have my cock back to normal, (whatever “normal” really is for that matter).

“There’s just one thing,” Brooklyn commented reaching over Britt’s hips and taking my penis between her thumb and forefinger.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“We need to know,” she said executing a gentle stroke upon me, “if it will function normally. After all, can’t let you go without knowing if there is any permanent problem,”

With that she craned her head over Britt’s rump and taking my cock in her mouth, she commenced sucking on me. In a very short time she’d mouth pumped me back into penetrative stiffness. Well, I was in the mood for a little “pre-checkout fuck” if they were. I figured, To hell with breakfast, that’s what airport lounges are for anyhow!

I mounted first Brooklyn while Brittni dreamily laid on her side and merely observed. I gave Brook’s cunt a good solid pounding doggy-style, then her asshole, then finally finishing in her cunt with a lovely jet from my nuts, deep up her baby factory while she happily yelped and shuddered with her legs shaking. I extricated myself and to my relief, my erection was wilting just as expected, a little İstanbul Escort slime trail of semen drippity-dropping from my dong-head.

“My turn,” whispered Britt with a wicked smile as she grasped my member and commenced playin with it, “time for INSPECTOR TWO’S assessment!”

With a bit of patient kissing and foreplay, Britt had me solid enough for her to mount me cowgirl style as Brooklyn and I smooched down below. A few minutes of that and I then flipped Britt off me; mounting her rump for a good old-fashioned head-down ass-up anal rutting. We did this furiously for a while until we decided to reposition with me atop young Britt; hammering away at her puss missionary fashion as Brooklyn rode her face like a bicycle seat.

We bucked and rutted for several more minutes until we each climaxed. The two ladies separated from me, rejoining in a post fuck make out session against the pillows. Meanwhile I checked my cock. Yep, it was going down nicely. Then I looked at the clock.

“Oh SHIT,” I blurted, “how long did we fuck for?”

“Too much of a good thing,” Brooklyn commented wryly.

“Too much of TWO good things,” I replied back, eyeing the two naked sex-goddesses in the bed.

I opted just to get dressed and skipped the shower. The girls commented that they lived just across town and would shower when they got through their front doors. I was running late and could just stink on the plane. Well… so much for coming home in a presentable fashion – just like my last trip to San Diego, I was coming home looking and smelling like a well-fucked train-wreck, (appropriate for a writer I guess).

We dressed and shoveled our things more or less into our luggage before doing a quick “once around the room” to make sure we hadn’t left anything. It would not do for the girls to leave any or their toys behind, (especially Brooklyn’s palomino pecker). As for the bed… well it looked like the maids would be washing sheets again most definitely, (and talking about us in the bargain). Satisfied we’d scooped up everything that was ours, we grabbed keys and left the room.

Down in the lobby we said our goodbyes. We didn’t want to let go of the torrid trio but we had to. I had a plane to catch and both ladies had business later in the day across town.

As sad as the farewell was, it was really a bit more a, ‘see ya later.’ Brooklyn commented she’d come to the convention alone but was leaving well-fucked and well-fed on room service. She also mentioned she’d now found a lovely little pixie living just across town for her to call upon, (as her mommy/daughter urges dictated). Brittni blushed and hugged her in giggly agreement saying this was just the ‘start of things’ between her and Brooklyn.

“And you too Bill,” Brooklyn observed with a wink before gesturing to ‘get over here now’ for a last embrace.

“I’m glad I finally got to meet you Bill,” she said, all full of goodbye squeezes and kisses, “and I’m gonna see a lot more of you. It’s a small world and we won’t be strangers.”

“No we won’t Brook,” I agreed, “you can count on that,”

I kissed again deep and hard, then I realized the Indian or Pakistani (or whatever he was), at the desk was ogling the whole damned thing. I stepped back shooting her a wink and a nod. There’d be more times. I could see it in her eyes and she could see it in mine. Then Brook scooped up Britt’s face in both hands for one last kiss before asking her if she had her info.

“I do,” Brittni commented, “and we’ll see each other next weekend like we planned?”

“Its a date,” replied Brooklyn as she bent down and scooped her bag up, “a mommy- kitten date!”

She kissed her new pixie-plaything one more time. She then spun on her heels and headed out to her car with us watching the sway of her ass, (and by us I mean me, Britt, and Mr nosey desk guy). I shot look at him and he immediately turned his eyes to his computer screen. Now it was just me and Britt.

“Thank you,” I said scooping her up in my arms and pulling her in for the smooch of all smooches.

“For what?” she asked, “I should be thanking you!”

“For being there,” I told her, “and for easing the pain of all this.”

“Awww,” she said pulling me in close so that our faces touched while she whispered, “I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t be as bad as you think. Besides, remember what you said about the start of a beautiful friendship? Plus… we have that sexual bucket list we mentioned, right? All those people we want to hook up with? Now you are free to hit that list… and I hope you’ll share,”

“No worries there,” I replied, “I’m not greedy.”

There was one last smooch (a good long one), then she turned tossing her bag over her shoulder and waived, ‘so long for now.’ I watched her leave, again noting the sway in that tight fuckable little gymnast ass of hers. It was about then I turned my attention to the desk guy, (seeing he was noticing the same thing).

“You’re getting all this yes?” I smirked at Anadolu Yakası Escort him, trying to sound annoyed but in the end laughing a bit with the poor guy.

“Yes sir,” he said turning his eyes back to his screen, “I assume we are keeping everything on your card? I have called the airport shuttle for you and its waiting outside as we speak,”

“Much obliged,” I nodded to him with a smile as I snatched up my bags from the floor.

In twenty seconds the door to the airport shuttle closed shut next to me and with a lurch we rolled forward. I spun around in the seat and looked back at the hotel. When you’ve been to a place and you’ve had a really good fuck session like the one I’d had, that place is special in its own way. It gets tucked away in your mental rolodex for future use and at the moment I was taking it in; one last look at that hotel as it became smallish, then smaller, then smaller still. The whole time I thought of Brooklyn and of course Brittni. I finally turned around in the seat and looked straight ahead, content as best I could be while the driver merged and then dodged the shuttle in and out of traffic on our way to the airport.


On the plane I had time for one drink. I figured there’d be more when I arrived at home, (considering what I had to look forward to). I began to feel that grey sense of hopelessness again, just like I’d felt before I’d made up my mind to come out to San Diego. I told myself to cheer up best I could but it was little I could do to coach myself into a cheery disposition, then I remembered something.

As I sipped my drink I looked left and noted the folks across the aisle were engrossed in newspapers and crappy inflight magazines. Oh what the fuck. I slipped my hand beneath my belt and waistband until I felt the warm swampiness around my fingertips. Keep my eyes peeled to make certain I wasn’t seen, I brought my hand back up to my snout. Its a gross-out thing men do after a good fuck but we all do it and I pretended to scratch my nose between sips of scotch.

Yep, it was the scent I expected. It was the fragrant traces of fuckery… good honest to goodness epic fuckery, (from that morning and the previous evening). It was sex funk from the pussy and ass of both ladies and it was heady and strong. I was wearing it like a medal. Well that did it – I was able to smile, inspired by all that had happened.


We landed ahead of time. I was happy to simply have a direct flight arriving close to home instead of messing with connecting planes in Phoenix. Soon I’d retrieved my bags and found my Jeep for the short trek home. Home… my heart sank a little over that thought as I settled into the driver’s seat, then I sniffed my fingers again as happy little pheromone-tickled thoughts floated around in my head. I forgot my troubles, turned the key, and got myself out of Long Term Parking. In ten minutes I was barreling down the I-10 in the direction of my place.


I pulled into the drive and opened the garage with the remote. I could see Linda’s car was gone, (no surprise there). I parked inside, dropped the door behind me and then grabbed bags.

The house smelled, different; booze and incense (sandalwood I think). There was also sexy New Age fuck music playing. Apparently Linda had left her Pandora going, (wherever the fuck she was now).

I stepped into the living room and took a jump back. At first, I thought I had walked in on a murder scene. There was a fucking trail of red streaked across the floor but with the exception on one light in the far corner the room was dark and the shades were drawn. As my eyes adjusted in the dimness I realized the red happened to be blossoms; rose blossoms to be exact. At the start of the trail was a note (perfumed like a New Orleans cathouse). It read simply, “Follow.”

She’d left that fucker a perfumed note and goddam fucking roses? I was livid. The trail led into the dining room, then to my man-cave (she had a lot of nerve taking it in there), then to my bar ( a lot of damned gall too), and then into our hall that led to the bedrooms. Each time I hit a new room there was one of those stupid stinky-ass notes sitting in the rose petals saying, “warmer.”

I was warm alright. I decided to just head down to the bedroom, grab some things of mine if she’d not already tossed them, then wash up in the guest house before Linda got home from whatever the fuck she was doing (obviously in preparation for her romantic bangathon session with her dance instructor). She’d never set anything up like this for me in all the time we were married.

I stomped down the hall to the master bedroom. I had to have sounded like a pissed off T-Rex as my feet knocked those silly-ass rose petals this way and that. This would not take but a minute and I’d be showering up in the new man-cave by the pool. I pushed on the door, I just needed to remember where she sometimes put my…



There was my wife Linda, looking gorgeous as ever, lying on our bed naked as the day she was born. All around her was a pile of rose petals on the mattress, looking a bit like she’d fallen back against a pile of Autumn leaves. In her hand she held a magnum of Champagne and two glasses lay by the bed.

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