The Bridge Ch. 4-5

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Chapter 4

Drew swore his cock would explode. Any moment now… he would not be able to control it. As if reading his mind, Erin stopped kissing his chest and sat back. “Time for you to cool off a bit,” she grinned cheekily.

Drew watched her long legs move sensuously across the room. Just like a large feline, he thought. Erin flipped the switch on the stereo, and popular dance club music blared from the speakers. “Oops… ” she giggled. “I had that on when I was vacuuming. “

She adjusted the volume and lit a few candles. In the glow, Drew could see her hair glinting like spun gold, the outline of her nipples still visible, and the smooth way her ass curved to meet her legs. She posed in front of him, hips swaying gently to the beat of the song. As the tempo increased, so did her swaying, until she seemed to effortlessly be controlled by the music.

Her pelvis thrust out, then back, then side to side, smooth movements, like a well-oiled machine. Drew could almost imagine that she was fucking an invisible being there in front of him. Erin’s hands drifted up to her neck, through her hair. Her eyes were half closed, and she looked at him through heavy lids.

In one movement she drew her tank over her head. Drew’s breath came in pants now, as he saw her breasts spring free. Perky brown nipples topped the perfect globes. Erin tweaked her nipples, arched her back, her hips and butt moved, erotic, fucking the air. She seems to like showing off, Drew thought, and that was fine with him. His dick was throbbing harder than ever though. Was this how she intended to calm him down?

Erin was really into the beat now, and the pulsating music filled the room. She slid down the zipper on the leather skirt, and slowly bent over, drawing the skirt down her silky thighs. Drew’s eyes widened as he glimpsed first an ass cheek, then a muscular thigh… then he realized she had on no underwear. Oh, if only he had known that when they were under the bridge!

Then Erin spun around to face him, just as the song ended, feet planted apart, head tossed back. Drew saw her shaved pussy, saw the glistening juices on her swollen lips… and he knew how turned on she was. “Come here,” he whispered hoarsely.

Erin strutted to the couch. All she was wearing now was her high heeled leather boots and a smile. She was panting slightly from the dance. And… she was horny. Exhibition always got her hot!

“I want to taste you,” Drew said.

“Hmmmmmm… have you been a good boy? I think so,” etiler escort Erin answered her own question. “Besides… I’m horny!” she laughed.

Erin pushed Drew’s head back on the couch, then straddled his face with her legs, her knees sinking into the plush leather. As she lowered her dripping pussy onto Drew’s lips, they both held their breath.

Drew took his first lick of her juice-soaked cunt, and nearly moaned. God, she tasted like honey. He really opened his mouth then, sucking her clit, fucking her hole with his tongue. “Ohhhhhh god, that feels really good, baby. You are SO fucking good at that, Drew. “

Drew fucked her deeper, his tongue almost cramping with the effort. Then he moved back to her clit, latching on firmly, taking the swollen bud in between his lips and rolling it with his tongue. “Yes, harder… harder. That’s it,” Erin moaned. Her hips were grinding into Drew’s face, coating his chin with her slippery wetness.

Drew kept up the pace until Erin started panting, moaning louder, groaning, breath coming more and more quickly. “Oh Jesus, Drew… I’m gonna cum. “

Erin exploded… and exploded was definitely the right word here, Drew thought. She screamed and let loose a string of profanities. Geez, Drew nearly laughed, she’d wake the neighbors. Not that he really cared, of course, since neighbors were definitely the last thing on his mind.

Erin came for what seemed like ages… at least a couple minutes anyway, with wave afer wave of cum hitting her body, rocking her pussy, throwing her mind through the stars. Drew continued his teasing on her clit, making her hit over and over again.

Finally, she came down… and nearly collapsed on top of him. She sank down on the couch beside him, breathless, almost asleep. “Gimme a minute,” she murmured.

Drew watched as she slowly came back to life, as it were. He had never seen a woman come so hard. “Aaaaahhhhhhh… I feel better now,” Erin stretched, and nearly purred, reminding Drew again of a large cat.

Drew grinned… then looked pointedly at his crotch. “Ohhhh myyyyyy,” Erin bent over to investigate. A large wet spot of precum had soaked the front of his jeans. “Hmmmmmm… looks like you need some relief as well,” she winked.

Drew nodded feriously. Did he ever!

Chapter 5

Erin quickly knelt down on the floor and spread Drew’s legs. She lowered her head and blew hot breath on his jeans. Drew could feel it on his cock halkalı escort and it leapt in response.

Erin pressed her hand against his hard-on, reveling in the feel of its warmth, its length, the veins bulging outward. Drew’s hips rose up slightly, begging her to press harder. She did, and was amazed as the organ got harder still. “Those pants have GOT to be uncomfortable,” she grinned.

“Oh… you don’t even know the half of it. “

Erin raised one eyebrow. “Getting a little cocky are we?”

“Ummm… no,” Drew cleared his throat, “N-no… not at all. “

“Good. “

Erin unbuttoned his fly and slid down the zipper. His cock came bursting free, engorged with blood, thick, veined, almost purple with need. His balls looked swollen, and Erin bent down and gave them a soft lick. Mmmmmmm… she inhaled his scent, the musky scent of a man in need of release.

She stroked his dick with her long fingers, taking firm strokes down the shaft, then back up over the head. She fondled his balls, and then lowered her mouth so he could feel her hot breath on the very tip of his prick.

Drew tried to force his dick into her mouth, but she held him still. “Not yet,” she whispered.

Drew groaned, and tried to stem his need.

Then he felt her tongue envelope just the tip of his cock. Ohhhhh god. Warmth. Wetness. Suction.

Erin moved her mouth downward, her tongue sliding down the length of his shaft. God, did he taste good. She licked the tiny bead of precum from the tip, then thrust him into her mouth, almost down her throat. She nearly gagged, but suddenly she realized what it was that she wanted… what she needed.

She hurriedly undid the locks on the handcuffs, and rubbed Drew’s hands. She dangled her breasts in his face, and yelped with surprise as he took a nipple in his mouth… and bit. “There… how’s that feel?” he asked cheekily.

“Soooo good… ” she moaned. “Please… take me… fuck my mouth… fuck me… please. “

“Now who’s begging?” Drew asked.

“I am,” she admitted.

Drew stood up then, and pushed her back onto the couch, and not gently. It was his turn to straddle her, and he held her by the hair… hard… yanking… almost bringing tears to her eyes. He would not harm her, but he would teach her a lesson… a lesson about teasing. Because he could tell already that she was a cock-tease… that that’s what she loved to do. But not this time. This time… she would innovia escort learn what it was REALLY like… to be fucked… as an animal… primal… mating… instinctive.

“Open your mouth,” Drew barked.

No sooner had Erin complied than Drew shoved his dick into her mouth. All of it. Down her throat. She felt like gagging the minute it hit the back of her tongue, but she held her breath and tried to relax. Then… she felt Drew pinch off her nose.

OH MY GOD, Erin thought in a panic. I can’t breathe. She struggled then… in earnest. But she could not move her head. His grip in her hair was too tight.

A few seconds later, Drew let go of her nose and withdrew his cock. Erin gulped in the fresh air and looked up at him in disbelief. “Now you understand who’s in charge?” he asked.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“How’s that cunt feel?”

“I’m so horny. It’s so hot… a-and wet… and sopping… and pulsing. You scared me,” she admitted.

“That was the intent. But it got you hot all over again, didn’t it?”

“Yes… it was… the fear. “


Erin looked at his cock eagerly now. She wanted to suck it… bad. Drew thrust it into her mouth again, this time more gently. He let her suck around the head, and he could feel her tongue lapping at the underside. God, he didn’t know how long he’d last.

Finally, he simply wanted release. He wanted to use this bitch, to treat her like the whore he knew she was in her mind. He pumped harder, faster. His dick hit the back of her throat with each thrust. He felt her sucking. “Harder,” he commanded hoarsely.

Erin increased her suction, even though her cheeks were getting sore. She loved the feel of him in control, fucking her mouth. She could feel him hitting the back of her throat, using her.

“Do you want me to cum on your face?” Drew asked breathlessly.

Erin moaned in response, and at that, Drew took his cock from her mouth and began pumping it wildly. Erin stared at the swollen head, the liquid oozing from it; she panted too… this was one thing she craved… being bathed in a man’s cum.

“Ohhhhhh god… I’m gonna blow. I’m gonna blow all over your fucking face, bitch. Just because you’re a whore… and you make me go crazy with lust. “

At that, Drew threw back his head and thrust his hips. The first splatters of cum landed on Erin’s eyelids. She opened her mouth and the next burst landed on her lips. She smacked down the salty, sweet taste, and felt more splatters across her breasts. Drew groaned with each burst, his knees locked.

Finally, he crashed down on the couch beside her. “Holy fuck… ” he groaned.

Erin just giggled, “And we haven’t even fucked yet!”

“Gimme a minute,” Drew smiled as he mimicked her words.

“Alright, I’ll go freshen up and be right back,” Erin pranced out of the room.

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