The Call Ch. 01

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The sun was nonexistent. It had been over a week since there had been any dry weather. Andrew looked out his office window, mesmerized by the rain drops sliding down the pane. How he hated the rain. It wasn’t unusual to have rain. But Denver had been in a drought for the past 5 years. He had gotten used to no rain. He liked no rain. He didn’t own an umbrella. He refused to buy one; a protest, in his mind, to the soggy attack on his life.

The door to his office opened. It was Lorna. God, she was just as beautiful as ever. Five feet six inches, long dark hair down to the middle of her back. Her breasts were large and firm. No sagging at all. She wasn’t one of those girls who felt that skinny was sexy. She was voluptuous. Now that’s a word not used much in society today to describe a woman Andrew thought. Today she was wearing a low cut blouse to accentuate her assets. Her skirt was just above the knees. The kind of skirt that left enough to the imagination and yet invited one’s hands to slip up underneath and explore. She locked her hazel eyes on to his.

“The rain’s made you bored again hasn’t it” she asked.

“What gives you that idea?” Andrew responded.

“The bulge in your pants silly.” She smiled.

Andrew looked down at his trousers. Sure enough his cock was hard. Was it hard because of boredom, or was it hard because of Lorna. Well, if it was due to boredom to start with, it was because of that now. He could feel his rod growing even more as he stared at the woman in front of him.

“I see your boredom is pretty strong” Lorna’s eyes were on Andrews pants, watching the movement that his ever hardening shaft was making. “That’s got to be uncomfortable”

Uncomfortable wasn’t the word for it. Painful was more like it. That was one of the downsides of having an eight inch cock. There was no room for growth. There was no sense trying to hide the ever enlarging bulge. It was too late to roll behind his desk. There was only one thing he could do. He pointed behind Lorna and said,

“Close the door and lock it.”

She smiled. She knew what was coming and she could already feel the juices begin to flow in her cunt. She knew Andrew couldn’t help but see her nipples harden up immediately through her shear blouse. Without hesitation she walked over to the door, slowly closing and locking it. Without waiting for the request from Andrew, she turned down the windows shades. Even though they were the only two people who worked in those two offices, someone could always walk in and request their services. She turned back around.

“You know what I need don’t you Lorna”

“I have a pretty good idea Drew”. That was her nickname for him, Drew. “I’ve had this pleasure many times before, and believe me, it’s a pleasure.”

“I’m glad to hear that baby; because what I need right now is to fuck you. I’ve got to get my mind off this rain.” Andrew began to rub his hand across the bulge in his pants. “The only thing I want to feel wet is my cock in your juicy mouth and dripping cunt.”

There were three things Lorna loved about Andrew. First of all, his size; eight fucking inches of cock. Every girl’s dream. Second, he was a fucking machine. He came in buckets full of cum, and could just keep on fucking for what seemed like hours. She never knew any other man in her life like that. And third, he loved to talk filthy. She absolutely loved that about him. She always felt that most everybody liked dirty sexy trashy talk when being fucked but were always too embarrassed to admit it. Not Andrew. And when he did speak that way, she always knew it was for the purpose of passion. Drew was a very caring and giving person. It was just his “animal” instinct that appeared at times of sex.

Andrew stood up and began to slowly undress. He wanted to make Lorna hot with uncontrollable desire. This woman knew how to get fucked. She knew how to fuck as well. She watched him take off his shirt exposing his finally shaped chest. He worked out but not to excess. Just enough to stay in good shape.

Lorna was just slightly rubbing her legs back and forth trying to excite her clit. She could feel her cunt juice beginning to leak dampening her panties. Andrew was unbuckling his belt now. Next came the clasp above the zipper. He stopped his motion long enough to kick off his shoes and then proceeded to pull down on the zipper slowly, exposing his briefs.

Lorna’s eyes were glued on his every motion. When he pulled his pants down and removed them, all the pressure they held upon his cock was gone. It was as if a wild animal had been freed. Andrew’s penis, now fully erect and free sprung over the top of his briefs exposing about two inches of shaft. He didn’t hesitate, but quickly removed his shorts. His cock was now sticking straight out; it’s head purple and swollen. His balls were huge. Lorna knew they had to be full of sperm.

“Take your blouse off!” Andrew ordered.

Lorna pulled her blouse over her head exposing her bra which did all that it could to hold her breasts within their confines.

“Come here Lorna”. Andrew had grabbed his İstanbul Escort cock with his hand and was stroking it slowly, but methodically. He was milking it, working the semen up the shaft from his balls. When Lorna was within hands reach, he quickly grabbed her bra and ripped it off her.

Lorna thought she would cum the instant her tits sprung free. Her areolas were dimpled and red. Her nipples were hard and pointing out into the air. She looked down at Andrew’s hand stroking his cock. She could hear his excitement in his breathing and see it in how he was jerking away.

“Get on your knees”

She dropped to her knees.

Andrew removed his hand from his cock. The tip was glistening with a bit of pre-cum. His shaft was twitching in anticipation. Lorna watched the motion knowing what was coming next.

“Stroke it.” He said, breathing a bit heavier now. “Stroke my cock.”

Lorna reached out, grabbing the massive tool in front of her and began moving her hand up and down the shaft slowly. She felt Andrew place his hands on her shoulders for stability. She didn’t want to be quick. The key was to be methodical; to be sensitive to the reaction of his penis.

“That’s it baby. Fuck me with your hand.” Andrew was watching her every stroke. He loved watching. Forget this fucking in the dark business. Half the excitement in fucking was watching everything that took place; seeing all the results of one’s sexual labors. “Milk it. Force my balls to work….that’s it. Make them produce sperm…force it up my shaft to my tip.”

Lorna’s panties were drenched now. Her cunt couldn’t restrain its natural reaction to the words being spoken or to the action taking place. As she continued with the sliding of her hand on Andrew’s penis she could see his balls moving slightly. They were swelling before her eyes; being gorged with semen. She reached down her free hand and cupped the orbs gently feeling their motion. This caused Andrew’s cock to contract. She immediately felt the tightening underneath the shaft. She abruptly stopped her hand and held it still. The balls lurched ever so slightly; the cock contracted again.

“FUCK!!!” Andrew cried.

One long stream of sperm shot out of his penis and sprayed Lorna’s tits. She immediately released his balls and prick, relieving all stimuli. The cock jerked up and down in the air a few times. She could see on Andrew’s face his concentration not to lose control and prevent a massive ejaculation. His penis jerked one last time, very gently causing a trickle of cum to leak out of the head creating a long string that hung halfway to the floor. It was white and very thick. It was the type of cum that would coat a woman’s vagina. The perfect impregnating sperm. Not like a lot of men’s sperm that was clearer in appearance and more fluid in nature. This was the type of cum that would coat a woman’s throat and stay there a while as opposed to going directly to the stomach. If you didn’t like the taste of semen, then this wasn’t the cum for you. And to top it all off, the size of Andrew’s balls made it apparent that when he came, it just wasn’t going to be two or three spasms. Those balls would have to be drained, and that meant a torrent of sperm shooting from his giant cannon.

Andrew watched the white sperm make a trail between Lorna’s tits. It had been a good shot, splattering directly between her two mounds. It was approaching her navel.

“I want to suck you Drew”, Lorna said. “Let me suck your cock. Please fuck my mouth and dump your load down my throat. Let me taste you. Please fuck my mouth.” She was almost begging.

Andrew knew Lorna was an expert in sucking cock. And she knew how to suck his. She was an expert at working the head of his penis while using her hand on his shaft and balls. That was a wonderful thing about having an eight inch cock. It was long enough to be blown and jacked off at the same time with room to spare. But not today, not now anyway. He had one thing in mind. Fucking that cunt of hers.

“You can suck me later. Right now I want to finger fuck your cunt; get you ready to be fucked and fucked hard.”

Andrew reached out and grabbed Lorna’s nipples pulling them; physically stimulating them. Her eyes closed. He saw the surrendering that was taking place in her body. She was having an orgasm.

“Oh FUCK!!!! You BASTARD!!! You’re making me cum….I’m cuming!!! I’m creaming!!!”

Lorna reached her hands out grabbing hold of Andrews’s waist to stabilize herself. Between the shooting sperm on her tits, the cum dripping from the cock in front of her; and her tormented nipples it was all her cunt could take. Her pussy was gushing juice. Her panties were sopping went. Her cum was running down her legs and dripping on the floor. She hadn’t even been fucked yet and already she was out of control. Suddenly she felt her panties being moved to the side. Now there were two fingers working their way into her drenched canal.

“Oh fuck no Andrew.” Lorna pleaded. “Not yet. Let me come down from this….please.”

“No way baby.” Andrew replied “I want you Anadolu Yakası Escort begging for my cock. I’m going to turn you into a fucking slut baby.”

Andrew pushed his two fingers deep into Lorna’s clutching pussy. It was still deep in the thralls of orgasm. He could feel her cunt juice spraying all over his hand. Without hesitation he began finger fucking her. He made long deep thrusts making sure to stimulate her swollen clit with every stroke. Forget this slow stuff; he was finger fucking her with intensity. He didn’t want her to feel any calm between orgasms. He dropped to his knees and pushed her onto her back causing her legs to come out in front of her. She naturally raised them up and opened them wide for easy access to the probing fingers pistoning inside her. Her skirt rode up her legs exposing the soaked panties. Andrew could now watch as his fingers ravaged her pussy. All this excitement was working on his eager cock. Semen continued to drizzle out from its tip, sliding down the head coating it and then dripping onto the floor.

Lorna was now thrusting her hips up into the air attempting to get into a rhythm with Andrew’s fucking fingers. She still hadn’t come down from your first cum when a second more intense surge began. Her pussy was constricting and relaxing, constricting and relaxing in orgasm, causing those wonderful fucking sounds that a pussy makes when it’s being fucked.

“Oh…SHIT!!!!” “FUCK!!!!” “I’m cuming again!!!” “You FUCKING BASTARD!!!”

Through all the uncontrollable reactions taking place in Lorna’s body, she looked up with focused eyes, directly at Andrew.

“Watch me Drew” She lifted her legs higher making sure that her cunt was in plain sight. “Watch me squirt. I’m going to spray my cum for you. I want you to see what you’ve done baby. Keep your eyes on my pussy…..I’m almost there…..fuck me faster…..faster….YES….FUCK YES….JUST FOR YOU BABY….AHHHH!!!”

Lorna lifted her hips high up into the air. Andrew felt her pussy squeeze tightly around his penetrating fingers. Then he felt it. Her cum attempting to spray around his fingers. Every time his fingers pulled out of her pussy, space was given for your cream to escape.

“Remove your fucking fingers!!! Pull them out!!!”

Andrew obeyed Lorna’s request and removed his fingers. When he did, her panties attempted to fall back in place and cover her ejaculating slit, but Lorna reached down and pulled them aside allowing her orgasm to continue unobstructed. Her cum was shooting out in streams. With each contraction of her pussy a shot of love juice would appear.

“I want to spray on your cock Drew. Hurry baby. Bring your cock up next to my cunt. Quickly baby.”

Andrew moved up so that the tip of his cock was just touching Lorna’s pussy. His rod was being coated with cunt juice as it shot forth. He made sure to let his tip rub up against her clit insuring even more cream coating. His eyes were glued to the action taking place between his penis and her pussy. It was so stimulating watching her pussy open up and then close in orgasm.

Gradually Lorna’s orgasm began to subside. Her pussy became silent and the stream of cum stopped. Andrew continued to stare at the wet cunt, the pool of liquid on the floor, and his soaking wet cock that through it all was still dripping sperm.

“It’s my turn now baby” Andrew said as he grabbed Lorna firmly.

Lorna was weak from the two massive orgasms she had just gone through when Andrew lifted her up and turned her over placing her on all fours. He was going to fuck her from behind. That meant deep long thrusts. That meant another intense orgasm. She felt a hand grab hold of her panties.

“You don’t need these while being fucked” Andrew said as with one yank he ripped the panties off Lorna and throwing them aside. He hiked up her skirt revealing her beautiful round wet ass that had become coated with her juices. Her cunt was still open from excitement revealing her large swollen clit. Her cum was still dripping from her slit. He grabbed each side of her hips drawing her ass toward him, allowing his cock to rub up against her waiting pussy.

“Wait!” Lorna said. “You need a condom.”

“What?” Andrew asked. He was at the point to where he could barely control his urge. “What the fuck do I need a condom for?”

“I need the condom on you for me. I don’t want to become pregnant.”

“That’s why you take the pill Lorna.” She could feel the agitation in Andrew’s voice. “My balls are begging for release.”

“Drew. I’m not on the pill.”

“You’re what?”

“I had to stop taking those things. Doctor’s orders. It’s only for about a month. But that means I’ve got to be careful. That’s why a condom honey.”

“No fucking way are you going to do this to me!” Andrew spewed. “I got two swollen balls aching to be drained and a cock begging to fuck unrestrained. And you bitch have a cunt open and begging to be filled. Beg all you want, but I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you hard and deep. I’m going to fuck you until I’m through.”

As much Üsküdar Escort as she was in need of his cock; as much as she felt like a dog in heat, pregnancy was not an option. He could eat her while she sucked him off, or jacked his cock. He could tit fuck her and plaster her face with his cream, but fucking her was not an option without protection. But before she could make a move to turn around and offer up one of these options she felt Andrew force her hips back towards him plunging all 8 inches of his swollen meat into her well-oiled pussy.

“NO! YOU CAN’T!” she yelled but it was too late.

Even though Lorna struggled, it was now a lost cause. Andrew was ramming his huge penis in an out of her fuck hole. She heard him grunting with every thrust. He was going for maximum friction. She could feel him pull his rod right out to the swollen tip and them pound it back in. She felt his knob pushing up against her womb. If he shot his spunk off inside her, it would practically be at its destination. She reached underneath her belly with one hand grabbing hold of the pumping piston hoping to pull it out, but all it did was excite him even more.

“Ohhh!!! You FUCKING cunt!!!. That’s it baby. Jack me off while I fuck you. Stroke that semen out of my cock baby.”

Here she was trying to prevent the eruption Andrew was drilling her for, but the hand she had around his thick fucking cock only made her excited. Her clit was on fire from the constant ramming of his cockhead upon it. She felt that uncontrollable fire between her thighs. Her cunt began to suck on his prick. The room became filled with the sound of a pussy being fucked. How a vagina has a mind of its own. How it attempts to naturally draw a cock deep inside it, assisting it in releasing its liquid. How it becomes naturally lubricated making it easier for a penis to fuck as much as it wants to. This was happening to Lorna’s cunt. She heard the words as if they were in a tunnel. She couldn’t believe they were coming out of her mouth.

“Oh Drew. Fuck me! Fuck me hard.” She began to notice her assistance in his fucking. She was now thrusting her hips to meet his strokes. “Fuck my cunt you mother fucker. FUCK ME LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!!”

Andrew was slamming into her pussy. Fucking her with a fever. Sweat was pouring of his body now, dripping onto her back. He looked down and watched as Lorna moved her ass out and back out and back, giving him a beautiful picture of his cock working it’s magic. He watched her fingers sliding up and down as much of his shaft as she could reach.

“Pull my hair” Lorna pleaded. “Make me cum. Fuck my cunt and pull my hair.”

Andrew obliged her request by removing one of his hands from her hips and grabbing her long dark hair and yanking her head back.

“Oh FUCK YES!!! That’s it baby. Force my pussy down onto your prick. Fuck me like a bitch in heat.”

Lorna was on the verge of her orgasm. One more thing would do it; would push her over the edge.

“I’m almost there baby. Grab my tit by the nipple and pull it. Oh God, pull my nipple….make me cream you cunt fucker…DO IT NOW!”

Andrew took his other hand and grabbed her left tit by the nipple pulling down hard. Instantly he felt Lorna’s pussy clamp down on his penis.

“FUCK MEEEEE! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!” She was literally bucking him like a wild animal. Her hips were swirling around his shaft while at the same time slamming him with so much force it was hard for him to stay upright on his knees.

“I’m cuming. Are you happy you fucker. I’m cuming. FUCK ME NOW!!!”

Andrew felt Lorna’s pussy open wide making a huge sucking sound, and then instantly clamp down upon his rod spraying a huge stream of cunt juice all over his shaft, running down its length onto his balls, which were now slapping hard up against the body being screwed.

“That’s it you fucking whore! Drench my rod with your cum”, Andrew cried between grunts. “Make that pussy suck me dry.”

Andrew pulled his cock out for just an instant so he could watch Lorna’s fucked hole squirt out a large stream of female cum. It drenched his balls before hitting the floor beneath them.

“Do you like what you see? Do you enjoy watching my pussy constrict in orgasm?” Lorna asked.

“Fuck Yes.” Andrew answered back.

His cock was nearly ready to explode. He looked at the tip and saw sperm leaking out in a slow stream. His balls were full; his shaft was full; his tip couldn’t prevent the semen from escaping. Hard telling how much had already seeped into Lorna’s cunt. He had released his hold on her when he had pulled out. He placed his hands firmly on her hips again.

“This is it baby. My cock is dripping sperm. It’s running out of me. I’ve got to fucking cum.”

Lorna was gradually coming down from her orgasm. She was regaining her reason. But even though she was realizing the possible consequences of an ejaculation in your pussy, the same was not true for Andrew. As the old saying goes, “A stiff dick has no conscience.” Andrew didn’t even give her a chance to stop him. He shoved his cock quickly back into her cunt and started fucking her with abandon. He could feel his balls beginning to churn. In just a few more strokes he would reach that point of no return to where he wouldn’t be able to stop his penis from clenching until it had dumped every bit of his seed.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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