The Candy Shop Ch. 05

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Wonka had finally got a plan. It had taken best part of a year to get all the pieces in place but now at last it was time to move.

“Bella, I need you to take Cara home for the weekend. Have her stay, a proper sleepover.”

“I can’t do that.”

Bella spat the words out hard and fast. No way was she allowing anyone into her private world and particularly not a girl as sexually attractive as Cara.

“You need to do this for me Bella please. It’s vital.”


Wonka looked over at Cara and winked suggestively.

“I really want to see your home Bella and meet your family.”

Cara rubbed herself against Bella like a playful kitten then wrapped her legs around the protesting girls neck.

“Pussy wants to come home with you too.”

Bella loved the smell and taste of Cara’s holes and without a thought ran her tongue from pulsing ass to swollen clitoris.

“Oh yes baby girl just think how much fun we can have.”

Cara ground her mound hard onto Bella and sighed happily as her labia lips opened wide enough to fully enclose Bella’s mouth and nose in her hot snatch. Having nothing better to do Wonka grabbed Bella’s ankles and holding them high and wide pressed his already engorged cock against her asshole. It gaped hopefully and with a lunge he obliged the wanton cavity with a full hard penetration. Bella was fucked utterly, fucked physically and psychologically. With the sweet salty goodness of Caras cunt pouring down her throat and Wonka’s rampant cock rogering her unmercifully what could she do but agree to their requests then cum with soul numbing violence.

Bella opened the front door very quietly and ushered Cara quickly into the kitchen. The television blasted out from the living room where her mother was deep into her soaps and the sound of her pretend stepfather’s usual Friday poker game for the whole police department sneaked up the basement stairs. Bella had a bad feeling about this whole arrangement and was focused on getting soda, snacks and Cara up to her bedroom before anyone was aware they had arrived.

“Is that you Bella?”

Her mother’s voice shot out from the living room over grating music running behind a shows end credits. Bella pressed her fingers over Cara’s lips to keep her quiet and waited hopefully for silence.


This time the voice was louder and a little perplexed.

“Going straight upstairs mom, very tired, see you in the morning.”

Cara looked like she might say something so Bella stuck her tongue down her throat to keep her quiet.

“Did your friend come with you?”

Cara started to giggle and Bella pinched her hard.

“Yes mom she is tired too. We will visit in the morning.”

Bella pushed Cara up the stairs to the second floor and closed the door to her bedroom tight behind them.

“Fuck that was close.”

“Your mom sounds sweet!”

Bella glared sufficiently hard at her friend to finish that line of conversation.

“Bella get down here now!”

“Fuck that’s my pretend step-dad.”


“Stay here I wont be long.”

Sheriff Jeffries was waiting halfway up the basement stairs.

“Here’s a hundred bucks go get some beer and a quart of scotch we are running dry downstairs.”

“My friends here pops.”

“So the fuck what, Do what you told before you taste the back of my hand.”

Bella could smell the drink from three foot away and kağıthane escort knew he wasn’t joking about the slap.

“You can take my cruiser, but be quick okay?”

The fucker actually smiled as he said it like it was something special. Bella grabbed the two fifties and headed for the door.

“Second thought baby why don’t you take your time?”

Bella looked round long enough to see him grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“I will be straight back.”

The Liquor store was a five minute drive. Bella didn’t bother to go to the store front but instead parked in the rear next to the service entrance and banged on the cut out door in the steel roll down shutter.

“Hey Bella what’s up?”

Marty the liquor store owner was a good guy and knew the score.

“The Sheriff wants beer and scotch.”

“Friday poker night?”


Marty took the two fifties and disappeared for a few minutes before returning with a cardboard box he put in the cruisers passenger seat.

“Tell your daddy to have a great party on me baby.”

Marty gave a knowing wink and handed back the hundred.

“Remind him my license is up for renewal.”

Bella smiled sweetly nodding in agreement and began to plan what she and Cara would spend the hundred on the next day.

The poker party downstairs in the basement was getting raucous. Bella could hear the sound of the cat calls and whistles from the front yard and not wanting to get involved left the fresh booze on the kitchen table where she knew it would be found and made her way upstairs.

“Sorry I was awhile.”

No one answered, the bedroom was empty. Presuming Cara was in the bathroom Bella stripped down to her skivvies and slid under the duvet. It had been a long time since she had been able to hold a body all night and having got used to the idea of Cara staying she was sure going to make the most of the opportunity.

Bella woke with a start and tried to focus. Unscrambling her brain took a few moments but slowly she realized that for one Cara wasn’t snuggled up next to her and secondly she could hear the sound of her mother sniveling from across the landing. Very quietly she slipped out of bed and opened her door just enough to be able to listen more clearly. The sound of loud music and partying was still rising from the basement and her mother’s sobbing was almost a constant wail. Carefully Bella tiptoed along the landing and peeked into the open door of the master bedroom. Her mother was sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed with her wrists handcuffed to the iron rail above her head, her bent legs pinioned securely to a robust spreader bar. Bella wondered why her mother was crying. She was quite accustomed to seeing her in various states of bondage and generally she seemed to thrive on the experience. She was half way down the stairs when she realized exactly what was happening, familiar smells started to invade her nostrils and sounds that only came from one kind of pursuit.

From her position standing on the bottom stair of the fight down to the basement Bella had a clear view of the entire room and Cara was of course the center of attention. The sheriff was laying naked across the poker table with her friend impaled anally on his fat cock. Bella had seen it a few times previously and was mightily impressed. Cara’s ass was stretched wide open sarıyer escort and probably would gape for a week. Sergeant James was standing between Caras bent legs fucking her cunt hard and deep. Bella wondered momentarily if her dad minded the slapping of the sergeants ball bag on his then pushed the thought aside.

Officer Daniels was kneeling beside Caras head and she was gamely trying to get all of his exceptionally long prick down her throat. Game to the end she was wanking two other officers with erudite manipulations oh her wrists. Three other guys seemed to have already shot their load by the amount of semen covering Cara’s breasts and face but it looked like they had another round in the chamber by their still obvious interest in proceedings.

Bella felt the telltale tingle of arousal start to spread through her body. Her cunt always tended to be moist but the site of Cara servicing quite so many cocks with abandon had made the flow heavy and hot. Without thinking too much about it Bella slipped a hand deep into her boy shorts and her middle finger into her vulva. True there was something a little weird about her Dad being at the bottom of the pile but in all truth he wasn’t her real father or even really related. It was about this moment that Bella realized someone was standing behind her on the stairs but it was way too late to pull her finger out as her first climax was already causing her to piss her pants. In the circumstances the hand that slid down the cleft in her buttocks to slip a finger in her winking asshole was very welcome.

Reaching back with her free hand Bella was very happy to find a nice erect penis awaiting freedom from its constraining pants. She had always prided herself on dexterous activities so quickly freed the rampant trouser snake from its enclosure. A second finger had joined the first already deep in her anal canal and Bella arched her back to get both seated as deeply as possible before squeezing them hard with all her muscular might. The resulting second climax had her knees shaking and juices squirting immediately.

The rod in Bella’s hand was twitching seductively and she desperately wanted to taste its velvet mushroom head but that would have meant taking her eyes away from the unfolding circus of Cara’s resplendent gang fucking. Instead she decided to slide her boy shorts down far enough to allow the penises throbbing head to align with her anal canal and push back with all her strength. The cock was big but with a little more effort and a good spread she managed to impale herself deep and hard. Bella so loved the feeling of being stretched till it hurt, stuffed so full that nothing else could occur but her asshole to rupture, tear from the very penetration of life force she desired more than any other. The ribbed and gnarled tube of joy pistoned deep in her dirty darkness making the spread of liquid from her swollen cunt lips a proof to the state of orgasmic high she searched for eternally.

Bella was pleased to see that the boys in blue hadn’t lost interest in Clara after their initial multiple penetration but were taking the scene up to a whole new level of depravity. Rumors of the array of sexual paraphernalia available in the basement had always excited Bella’s imagination but this was the first time she had actually witnessed any of it in use. Cara had been moved from the sefaköy escort poker table to lay face upwards on a wooden platform raised a few inches off the floor with rings that enabled her wrists and ankles to be securely fastened. A fucking machine was set up in front of her widely gaped thighs with the penetrating dildo arm firmly inserted in her anus. The sergeant was armed with dildo mounted sawzall which he directed firstly into Caras mouth and then into her red swollen and already well used vulva. Once the sawzall was fully inserted and jostling nicely the fuck machine was set to stroke deep. Cara squirted instantly like a well pressured fountain flooding the surrounding cement floor extensively.

Arching her back fully Bella allowed the continued pummeling of her fully gaped anal canal to completely overtake her senses. At first she had attempted to grip the invading shaft with her muscles but the extraordinary flow of mucus that the friction generated made such efforts untenable. Bending deep at the hips allowed her ploughing to reach full depth and truly she began to wonder if any form of bowel control would ever again be possible. The first contact of her extruded tongue with the newly offered ball bag seemed almost surreal. She was unaware that her stooping had exposed her upper body to the room in general and her other senses were far too occupied with ass pillaging thrusts to take heed of much else. Gratefully she sucked one of the spheres of jizz creation into her drooling mouth and rolled the pleasure container on her tongue. She was rewarded almost immediately by a hot shot of freshly cultivated semen full on the forehead and was pleasured by the sensation of the turgid drizzle slowly descending between eye sockets to drip deliciously from her nose.

The fresh assault on Bella’s mouth cut off any ability to see the ongoing devilish despoilment of Cara but thankfully her friend was never a quiet fuck and bellowed her continuous orgasmic expressions of appreciation at full volume. The steady hum of the penetrating machines piston engine adequately described the rhythmic plunging and the increase and decrease of the sawzalls vibrato rub against clitoral flesh added a delightful nuance to the aura of decadence and depravity.

Bella was keenly working orally on her third cock when the strangest question popped into her mind, would she indeed be able to tell her widely purported but incorrectly assumed to be fathers penis from taste and texture alone? The object was no stranger to her eyes, the bastard have waved the swollen member in her face on numerous occasions in the hope of the blowjob she had always refused to supply in deference to her mother’s sensibilities. However in this present orgiastic situation when all previous bets and more importantly ethical considerations were off the question was deliciously vexing.

Cara had reached that utterly excruciating point were extreme pleasure and agony unite in one inexhaustible scream of release. The joint scalpels unendingly incised deeply within her being cutting across an unending supply of jarred and tortured nerve endings. Bella was on the verge of collapse, only the continuing spit roast of unwavering majestically proportioned lance in her bowel and ever changing rods ravishing her throat kept her upright. She had climaxed far too many times to recollect, her legs were soaked to the ankles and her face wore the thick residue of sufficient semen to propagate a legion of demonic local government officials. Bella swallowed hard as the latest throbbing prick emptied its salty load into her stomach.

“That’s my baby!”


Any reply was lost to her ears as she descended spent and utterly sated to become a wet and trembling heap on the cold cement floor.

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