The Chair Ch. 03

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Norm, my next-door neighbor recently wrote me,

“I have no further use for you.
You are a used woman.”

His words turn me on wildly; when he speaks to me that way, my heart melts away. My legs part wide immediately, my ass dilates instinctively, my clit dances with joy, and my mouth opens up to take in his small cock. Little does Norm know that I am training my 22-year old daughter to be a slut and one day service Norm, too. I call her “Kitten” and I make her write me what she really would want. She saw THE CHAIR in the basement one day and wanted one for herself. This is what she wrote, and now I share for Norm’s masturbation tonight:

Mommy darling!

Daddy is always so loving and so caring! Daddy is always helping Mommy when Mommy is loving kitten. Daddy fastens kitten’s leash and helps Mommy tie kitten’s arms behind her back. Daddy helps Mommy tie kitten’s ankles down if that is what Mommy feels like seeing. Daddy hold’s kitten’s legs nicely raised and widely parted if that is what Mommy wants. Daddy holds kitten’s back arched all the way back, knees wide apart and legs touching the pillow so Mommy can get deeper and fuller penetration when Mommy fucks kitten’s tight pussy deeply inside with her massive strap-on.

Kitten often begs Mommy to let kitten watch Mommy and Daddy fuck. But Mommy always says, “No, kitten, you are not ready to watch us. It is not healthy for you – yet.” Kitten obediently purrs, waiting for desperately for permission one day. Kitten, tied down on the bed for the night hears them in the adjacent room, going at it all night, happy and oblivious to her anxious desires.

Daddy is so handy! Daddy made a perfect plaster of Paris casting of his huge cock. Daddy poured it into a mold and made a perfect replica of his cock of in semi-rigid rubber, complete and perfect down to its finest details, ridges and veins and foreskin and peephole, all just perfectly detailed. Daddy also made a second replica in harder rubber, only this one to scale three times larger, three times longer and thicker than his already-huge cock. For every inch of length and width and girth of his cock, Daddy made it three times bigger. Only that on this replica, Daddy made the ridges and veins and ribbing deeper, more pronounced, even bolder so that kitten feels every nuance.

Daddy firmly attached both on kitten’s high chair. The smaller, exact replica of his cock is towards the front; the huge one about an inch behind. Daddy knows exactly where to place them!

Kitten comes etlik escort home to find Mommy cooking a delicious meal. Kitten cannot wait to savor such a sumptuous banquet. Mommy is such a wonderful cook! She knows what kitten likes most, and just how to make it! Kitten admires Mommy moving about the kitchen. Mommy is huge and she moves with such effortless grace all over the kitchen. Kitten admires the splendid enormity of Mommy’s breasts heaving about, her huge behind and thighs taking up most of kitten’s field of sight, her generous laughter ringing throughout the house and beyond, past the yard and onto the street.

Kitten is famished, “Mommy, may we eat now?”

Mommy laughs, “Kitten slut, this is dinner: we have guests coming over! I have something else for you for lunch! Be a darling and take the butter to the table.”

Kitten takes a stick of butter out of the refrigerator and goes to the dining room. The sight is ominous. Kitten sees her high chair. Mommy took it out of kitten’s bedroom and placed it at the dining table, next to where Mommy sits. Kitten knows what that means. And even if kitten had not already known, the two dildo replicas of Daddy’s huge cock that attached are a clear reminder.

Kitten freezes right where she is standing, stick of butter in hand. Mommy comes out of the kitchen, laughing, patting her huge hands dry on her apron. “Kitten, it’s time for lunch. You know what to do, don’t you, my slut?”

Kitten lowers her head and nods obediently. Mommy laughs then gets very stern, “Kitten, hold your head up high and look at me, slut! Now, get started. Strip – totally naked – right this very minute; now!”

Kitten undresses, folds her clothes neatly, letting Mommy sniff her panties to show how wet kitten is. Mommy approves. Kitten kneels on all fours, using her hands to spread her ass cheeks wide open, letting Mommy get a perfect view of her anus. Mommy approves and hands kitten the stick of butter. Kitten knows what she is expected to do next. Mommy has raised her to be a good girl.

Stick of butter in her trembling hand, kitten butters her anus. Over and over again, sliding the stick of soft butter, teasing it in deeper and deeper, she awaits for to Mommy say, “Enough, slut.”

With wobbly legs, kitten approaches her high chair. No matter how often Mommy has made kitten do this, her legs tremble and wobble. She struggles to get up on the high chair. Mommy is starting to lose her patience, “Kitten, are you going to etlik escort bayan be a big girl and do it alone? Or do you want me to call Daddy to help you do it?”

Kitten starts to sob: she can do it all alone today. She mounts the high chair’s top rung and starts to lower herself. At first, she lowers herself slowly. When kitten feels the tip of the huge dildo touch her anus, she freezes. Kitten stares at Mommy. The icy stare in return tells kitten all she needs to know.

Slowly, kitten starts to impale herself on the huge dildo. The butter eases the penetration. Kitten feels every deep ridge, every vein, every enlarged detail of daddy’s cock as it makes its way deeper and deeper up her ass. About ten inches down, kitten feels the deliciously welcome touch of the perfect casting of daddy’s cock touch her pussy. Kitten moans and drops herself all the way down onto the seat!

Mommy is happy that kitten is thus doubly impaled on the high chair. Mommy reaches through the opening in the back to touch and make sure kitten is fully pressing down with her own weight. Satisfied, Mommy ties kitten’s ankles to the legs of the high chair to keep kitten from closing her legs or getting off the high chair. Kitten feels helpless. Helpless like the little baby she truly is in Mommy’s eyes.

Mommy goes to the kitchen and returns with a bowl of pureed baby food. Mommy made it especially for kitten. Mommy has the feeding spoon in one hand. Kitten knows all too well what is in the other hand. Mommy looks lovingly at kitten, “Ready for lunch, my slut?”

Kitten returns her loving glance, sighs deeply, and nods.

In her other hand, Mommy is holding a remote control with two pushbuttons, one that Daddy boldly marked “A” and the other is marked “P”. Mommy presses the “A” button. The remote control sets the huge anal dildo vibrating and pulsating wildly deep up kitten’s ass!

Kitten gasps, opening her mouth wide open. Mommy smiles and feeds kitten’s open mouth a spoonful of pureed baby food. Yes, Kitten is already 22 years old and Mommy still feeds her baby food to make her subservient. Kitten swallows. Mommy smiles again and presses the “P” button. The smaller dildo in kitten’s pussy purrs softly. Kitten moans happily, moving about a bit on the high chair. It feels so good!

Mommy lets the first spoonful go down and resumes the cycle: “A” button, kitten gasps and opens wide; “P” button and kitten swallows and purrs. Again and again, the cycle gets repeated escort etlik until kitten has finished. “The whole bowl,” Mommy exclaims in admiration, “Kitten must have been hungry!”

Just then Daddy gets home from work and walks in, seeing kitten on her high chair. Kissing Mommy on the mouth, Daddy asks, “Kitten was a good girl at lunch today?”

Mommy nods, “Very good, indeed! Now it’s time for her bottle and them to bed for her afternoon nap! Daddy, will you please help me with kitten?”

Mommy opens her blouse and loosens her feeding bra. Out come Mommy’s absolutely, impossibly enormous breasts that kitten wants to have when she grows up. Mommy passes the remote control to Daddy and gets close to kitten. Gently, carefully Mommy positions her left – Mommy always starts with the left – nipple next to kitten’s mouth.

“Suck my tits, slut!” Mommy sternly orders kitten.

With Daddy randomly pushing the “A” button, the “P” button, or both at the same time, holding one or the other pushed in longer or shorter times, kitten is going out of her mind. Mommy is tweaking and twisting and twirling kitten’s tiny nipples in every direction. Both replicas of daddy’s huge cock inside her, one just to perfect scale up her tight pussy; the other, much bigger up her ass, kitten is doing her very best to breastfeed from Mommy, to please Mommy with her behavior, and to retain her mental sanity as she climaxes over and over and over again until she is about to collapse from a sexually nervous meltdown.

Daddy helps kitten out of her high chair. Kitten barely has the strength to moan very softly as the two dildos leave her. Daddy carries kitten up to her room and lays kitten gently down on her bed, tying kitten down for her nap lest kitten touch herself in her sleep.

Mommy comes to the room, admiring kitten in her state of complete sexual exhaustion. Gently stroking kitten’s very wet hair, she kisses her lightly on the lips. Kitten purrs almost indistinctly. As Daddy brings the high chair back into the room and dries the seat off from kitten’s incessant torrent of vaginal squirt, Mommy turns and smiles. “No need for a bedtime story today. She is out like a light. Such a good girl. She makes me proud!”

Daddy agrees and leads by Mommy the hand to their bedroom to fuck Mommy’s brains out. Kitten was pretending she was asleep. Instead, she tiptoes out of her room and through the crack in the door of her parents’ bedroom she admires Daddy fucking Mommy like there is no tomorrow. Screams and moans and groans and pleas are a symphony of orgasmic proportions in kitten’s ears. Her eyes wide open, she masturbates furiously, her widely dilated pussy and ass wanting to be filled again and again.

Thank you, Mommy!

Norm, I love you, too. And I mean it…

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