The Club

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The three of us met for drinks the night after they had gone to the strip club and our conversation was full of comments about their experience. They described the atmosphere, the lighting and of course, the women, all of which they enjoyed. She complained about the lack of a comparable club for women- one that might go further than the R-rated, down to G-String type that never quite satisfies. As he left to use the restroom, our waitress came to our table. She had evidently been eavesdropping on our conversation and said she knew of an incredible place that might be exactly what we were looking for. She said it was very up-scale, private, and best of all, designed for the pleasure of women. Not cheap, but worth the price. She gave us a card, told us to call for an appointment, and said to have fun.

Thoughts were racing through your mind that night on the way home, wondering if she would make the call, would she tell him, and most intriguingly, what takes place at a club designed for the pleasure of women? Sleep did not come easily that night.

Her call at work the next day surprised you, and her message made your heart race with anticipation. She had called the club and had made an appointment for the two of you for tonight. “What about him?” you asked. She said that she didn’t tell him about it and the club was definitely for women only. She asked if you were still interested, and after a moment’s hesitation, you said yes. You would meet after work and share a ride for the evening. “One other thing,” she said, “there is a dress code; dresses only, and no panty hose.” You both laughed over that, you somewhat nervously, and agreed on where to meet that evening.

The ride to the club was fun and filled with sexual tension. The two of you had laughed because you had both worn black button-up-the-front dresses. She asked if you met the rest of the dress code and you surprised her by unbuttoning several buttons, lifting your dress and revealing your black thigh high stockings. She responded by pulling her dress up enough to show her black stockings, garters, and a glimpse of her black lace panties. Both dresses stayed slightly lifted for the rest of the drive, and more than once you caught her glancing at your legs; the sight of her just further heightened the anticipation for that night.

The club was in a beautiful area a few blocks from the beach and was actually a rather large stone house marked only by a small sign on the door that said THE CLUB. Your knock was met by the opening of a small window through which the card was passed. You entered and were escorted down the hallway by a tall, dark-haired man dressed in black. As your eyes adjusted to the light, you realized that there was no seat in his pants and that you could see his ass. You were led into a warmly lit sitting room with a fireplace and told that your waiter would be right there to take the drink orders. As he left the room, your eyes followed him down the hall, enjoying the view.

The waiter arrived, dressed in the same manner, and offered a choice of wines. He then gave you an album, told you to look through it, and to select the performer for the evening. He suggested a slight adjustment to our attire. “Most of our guests,” he said, “enjoy the evening much more if they remove their underwear before the performance begins.” He told us to consider canlı bahis it, gave us a small bag, and showed us a small dressing room where we might remove our panties. He said he would return in a few minutes with our drinks and we watched his ass as he left the room. She laughed and said she thought she was really going to enjoy this. “Come on,” she said, “we might as well take full advantage of what they have to offer,” and she led the way to the dressing room.

We both lifted our dresses and slipped our panties down. You glanced at her while doing this and noticed her pubic hair looked as if it had been trimmed and that her lips appeared moist. She look at you and said she had decided to trim things up for the occasion and she pulled her dress up and showed her cunt more fully to you. “Things are slightly wet,” she said. You responded by lifting your dress and showing her your wet pussy and said you were more than just slightly wet. You both laughed, put your panties in the bag, and returned to the sitting room to look at the album.

Each page held pictures of incredibly good looking men of all types, races, and physiques, all in various stages of nakedness. When you reached the fifth page, you knew he was the one. Tall, dark-haired, vibrant blue eyes, warm smile, a great body, but not overly muscled. Your eyes were down to his cock, which though not erect, was 7 to 8 inches long and very thick. He had the look of someone who was completely comfortable with his body. You both agreed, he would be your performer. The waiter returned with your drinks and asked if you had made your selection. When you showed him your choice, he smiled and said, “You will definitely enjoy his performance. The show begins in a few minutes,” and he led us down another hallway. As you watched his ass in front of you, you felt her hand on the back of your thigh, and she whispered in your ear that she felt like she was going to explode with excitement. You responded by reaching behind you and stroking her leg, feeling the outline of the garter, and said, “me too!”

We were led to a v-shaped room that opened onto a small, darkened stage and were directed to sit on a love seat placed a few feet from the stage. Our waiter placed our drinks on the small tables on either end of the couch, gave you a kiss on the cheek, then leaned over to do the same to her. Instead, she turned her mouth to him and he kissed her full on the lips. You saw him slip his tongue into her eager mouth and her hand reached behind him and grabbed his ass. After a few moments, he stopped and said that the performance was about to begin but he would be back later.

Left alone with your hearts and minds racing, you both made an interesting discovery about the small couch you were sitting on. Clearly designed for two, its leather surface was form-fitted for a person’s ass, with a slight ridge in the center that fit well into the cunt of the visitor. You noticed her moving her ass so she could find exactly the right spot and you did the same. At that moment, the lights began to dim, the beat of a drum began a slow crescendo, and her hand moved quickly to your thigh. “Do you feel it?” she asked. You then realized that the seat and most importantly, the ridge, was now vibrating to the thud of the drum whose tempo seemed to be accelerating. She sat up briefly, pulled the back bahis siteleri of her dress over her ass and sat down with her bare pussy now riding the ridge. A smile appeared on her face and she said. “You’ve GOT to do this.” You quickly complied and felt the ridge now pulsing into your naked cunt. “You’re right,” you said, and just then the lights began to come up on the stage.

Our performer stepped out of the blackness and stood, moving slightly to the music, only 5 or 6 feet away from us. He seemed unaware of our presence, concentrating only on the music and the movement of his body. He was naked from the waist up and had loose black pants and bare feet. As he turned to the side, you realized that his black pants were slit from the middle of his calves almost up to his waist. This allowed for glimpses of his nicely muscled thighs and just a bit of his ass. He continued to move to the music, ignoring your presence, and he began running his hands over his body. Every time he turned to the front, your thoughts returned to the pictures in the album, and you began hoping to see more. You glanced to your left, wondering what she was thinking, and the sight of her glazed eyes, staring intently at him while continuing to ride the ridge, told you she was also anxious. At that moment, he bent over and undid the Velcro straps around his ankles. He spun around, facing backstage, tore the pants from his body, and the music came to a stop.

You could almost touch the silence. You noticed that the seat had stopped vibrating and you heard a slight moan of protest from her, but your eyes were fixed on him. He stood naked now; legs spread, hands in front; waiting. Then you heard, and felt, the music start again and he slowly turned around. He was amazing. His cock was long and thick, and his huge balls hung down between his legs. You heard a gasp from her as you watched him starting to move closer to the front of the stage, closer to you. He was now staring intently at the two of you, and at the same time, stroking his body. He moved to a place only a few feet in front of you, continued moving to the now stronger beat of the music, and placed both his hands on his now stiffening cock.

You heard some movement on your left, looked at her, and saw that she had completely unbuttoned her dress up to the waist and had her hand between her thighs, fingers stroking her clit. You rubbed your pussy even more firmly on the vibrating ridge and turned once again to watch him. He now stepped forward and stood directly in front of her, his stiff cock leading the way. You held your breath, not knowing what he would do. He reached out and pulled her to her feet and began moving to the music with her. They started to move to the music and your eyes were fixed on both of them. He began to control the movement; guiding her, touching her, and gently but firmly, not allowing her to look down at his cock. He would lift her chin every time she started to glance down, which make her want it all the more.

He reached out and undid the remaining buttons on her black dress, revealing a black merry widow with garters at the bottom. Almost unconsciously, you slid your hand down, unbuttoned your dress up to the waist, and began stroking your clit. He had moved behind her and, standing close to her, removed her dress. She hardly seemed to notice, but you saw her bahis şirketleri back up into him. His hands now began to stroke her shoulders, down over her breasts, and along her ass and thighs; seemingly avoiding her cunt. Ever so slowly, he began to guide her more to the front of the stage, closer to you, until they were only a few feet from your seat. His hands moved behind her and moved her thighs apart. Then he bent slightly at the knees and slid his cock between her thighs. Not letting it push into her but shoving his hips forward, making it appear as if his cock was protruding from her wet pussy, as if the cock were her own. She began to ride his thick tool, her hands reaching behind to pull his hips into her.

Warm hands on your shoulders startled you and then the voice of your waiter whispered in your ear and told you to stand. Nervously you complied and he moved around to the front of your seat and produced a penis-shaped dildo with an odd v-shaped base. He quickly strapped it over the ridge in the seat and the sight of that now vibrating cock made your heart race. He guided you to your seat, kissed you, and unbuttoned the remaining buttons on your dress. As his tongue searched your mouth, he removed your dress, and helped you sit down. The cock easily slid into your pussy and you noticed it was quite warm already. “It’s got hot water inside”, he answered your puzzled look. “And now you can really enjoy the performance.” When you looked back at the stage again, your eyes met his and he smiled.

As she rode his cock, he kept his eyes fixed on yours and moved her directly in front of you. Then he bent her forward at the waist and pulled his cock from between her thighs. He guided her hands on either side of your thighs and spread her feet further apart. Keeping his eyes locked on yours, he took his thick cock and placed it against her dripping pussy. A slow thrust of his hips pushed him inside her and she immediately raised her head, crying out in pleasure. And now she too was staring directly into your eyes. He began to slowly fuck her, each time pulling out almost all the way and then thrusting in a little further. Her face was a picture of lust; hair wild and moist with sweat, lips parted, her tongue licking her lips, her eyes focused on yours.

Each time he pushed into her she would cry out and you began to imagine he was fucking you. The cock in your own cunt started to feel more lifelike and you moved your hips up and down in sync with his thrusting. As if with one mind, you both leaned forward and kissed. Her tongue caressed your lips and you opened your mouth to receive more. As he continued his fucking, she was now moaning into your mouth. Her hands found their way to your wet pussy and she stroked it, adding to the impending explosion of your orgasm. She stopped kissing you as the fucking became more intense and her cries grew in volume and intensity.

He was now driving his cock harder into her and she began to scream as she started to come. You realized you were doing the same; crying out as you started to explode. You kept your eyes open, not wanting to miss one visual moment, and then you shoved your hips down onto your cock as waves of pleasure flooded your senses. You both came at the same moment and watching her revel in the sensation made yours that much stronger. She collapsed into your arms and you hugged her tightly.

On your way out of the club, arms around each other, you asked her if she would tell her husband about your evening. She smiled and said, “I don’t think so, After all, it IS just for women.”

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