The Company

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8am on a Sunday, while the rest of the world enjoyed a well earned lie in, Amy was rudely awoken by the ringing of her mobile phone. She rolled over looking at the phone hoping she would be able to ignore it and roll over and go back to sleep. No such luck. It was her boss, ignore this and she would be out of a job. Amy wasn’t in your usual line of business, she had worked hard to get to were she was and wasn’t going to through it all away for an extra hour or two in bed.

“Hello,” grunted Amy.

“Good morning, hope I didn’t wake you,” Katie replied cheerily.

Amy trying to be polite responded with a casual “Of course not.”

“Glad to hear it, we have a little problem, well when I say little… I mean a big problem, Cath is ill and I need someone to take care of her client.”

“No problem, when and where?” enquired Amy.

“Don’t worry about that, a car will be with you in an hour just make sure you are ready when it arrives. I know how long it takes you to get ready!” Katie said jokingly as she hung up the phone.

Amy jumped out of bed, an hour to get ready, so much to get sorted she thought to her self. She dashed for the shower, turning it on the warm jets of water caressing her body, quickly lathering up her soft skin and rinsing off. A quick trim to ensure her pubic hair was neatly in place a small V leading down between her legs. Red nail varnish on her finger and toe nails, white flowery bra with matching knickers, white blouse, black jacket, black knee length skirt and skin coloured tights.

As Amy glanced in the mirror to check her appearance she heard the company car pull up outside. Just enough time to tie her hair back and grab her work bag.

Climbing into the car Mike greeted her, “Morning honey, how are you today?”

“Good thanks, what do you know about the client?” questioned Amy.

Mike handed her a plastic folder. Amy was familiar with the plastic folders; the company had one on every client. The folders contained lots of useful information to ensure the client left satisfied and the company retained their business.

Today’s client was a Mr Holmes, a 38 year old ICT technician. He had a good record with the company with no complaints and no problems listed. He had been using the company now for nearly eight years one of the first people to sign up. The pressure was really on Amy couldn’t mess this up.

They arrived at anadolu yakası escort the Hotel, Mike did his usual checks, he made sure Amy had his number and knew the procedure should things start to go wrong. He smiled at her, seeing how nervous she was,

“Nothing to worry about, you look fantastic and I’m sure he will like you, just relax and have fun” he said reassuringly.

At just 19 year old this was the most influential client she had met with. She looked around the bar, where it was agreed she would meet Mr Holmes. She spotted him sat in a quiet corner; he looked just as good as he had done in the photo she had seen earlier in the folder.

Slowly she walked over to him, smiling sweetly as she approached. Mr Holmes stood and pulled a seat over for Amy to sit on.

“I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with Cath’s replacement, I’m John Holmes and you are..?”

“Amy, a pleasure to meet you.” She replied pleasantly.

John ordered drinks and they sat chatting in the bar, John told her all about his business and how well things were going at work. They moved to the restaurant and started to enjoy a lovely three course meal. As they were eating Amy casually let her foot brush against John’s leg teasing him a little under the table. When they had finished John suggested heading for the room he had booked so that they could get on with the business side of the meeting.

As they entered the lift heading for the ninth floor, John gave Amy a little slap on the bum, she smiled back at him. She was starting to feel nervous again, what if this all went wrong, and what if she lost the company one of their most loyal clients.

Remembering Mike’s words of wisdom she tried to relax. They entered a beautifully decorated room with a large double bed. Amy headed straight to the bed and perched on the edge, she crossed her legs making sure John got a quick peek under her skirt.

John smiled and sat next to her, resting one hand on the bed and his other onto Amy’s knee. Amy turned her head until their lips met; slowly, at first, their tongues massaged each other. As they continued, they began kissing more passionately John’s tongue entwined with Amy’s. His hands began to wander over her young, clothed body tracing the outline of her small pert breast, teasing as her nipples hardened.

Amy’s hands atalar escort had also begun to wander; she was gently massaging the bulge she had found in John’s trousers. With her expert touch she quickly made him harden. She continued to stroke him through the thin material of his suit trousers. John began groaning with excitement as Amy undid his trousers freeing his long, hard cock. Glancing down Amy gasped at the size of the cock she was faced with. Although Amy had had a number of cocks this was one of the largest she had seen in person. Standing at about 9 inches and thick, she could now see why Cath always had a smile on her face after seeing John.

Smiling, Amy began to kiss the tip of John’s cock licking it softly, continuing to tease. John was groaning more loudly now as Amy began to slide her mouth along his thick shaft. Her hand slowly massaging his balls as she sucked his cock for all she was worth. She enjoyed sucking on him, his hand began guiding her head up and down his long shaft feeling him thrust into her mouth.

John pulled her head up, guiding it towards his own, they kissed again. John rolled Amy onto her back. He pushed her skirt up, revealing her white lacy knickers beneath the skin coloured tights, in one quick movement he pulled them both off. This left her soft pussy, bare and ready. He let his tongue linger over her small clit, flicking gently, causing Amy to moan in pleasure. He continued to lick her soft folds his tongue delving deeper with each lick, tasting her sweet juices as they began to flow. Amy began moaning more as John’s tongue pleasured her.

John crawled up the bed, positioning his long hard shaft at Amy’s tight hole. Gently he guided his cock into her waiting pussy. She felt so full as this long, thick cock entered her, letting out a small scream of delight. He began slowly thrusting into her, her moans increasing as her pleasure continued.

John withdraw, he rolled onto his back and motioned for Amy to climb on top. As she straddled him, guiding his cock into her wet pussy, she undid her hair allowing her long blonde hair to cascade down framing her beautiful face. As she began to rock her hips, John reached up undoing her blouse and removing her flowery white bra. Her small, pert breasts sat on her chest, hardly moving as the bra was removed. The cool air made her nipples ataşehir escort harden, Amy moaned in delight at the sensation.

As Amy increased her pace, making sure that she took John’s cock deep with each thrust, her moans became louder, she could feel herself approaching her orgasm. John felt her already tight pussy, tighten around his throbbing cock he began to push against ensuring she took his full length with each thrust. As her clit was forced to grind against John due to his extra thrusting, her body began to quiver, her face flushed, she let out a loud moan. She collapsed on top of John, her small nipples grazing his manly chest. Amy lay panting with John’s cock still firmly inside her.

She was still shaking from her intense orgasm, when John began to slowly thrust into her again, in the excitement she had almost forgotten about his pleasure. She kissed him on the cheek as his cock continued to fuck her wet pussy. She whispered in his ear,

“Where would you like to cum?”

John replied “I’d love you to suck me until I cum.”

Secretly Amy was pleased with this decision, as nice as it was to feel his large cock in her she didn’t think she could handle much more tonight. She let his cock pop out of her pussy, falling down onto his stomach. She began sucking on the tip, while her hand pumped the shaft. She quickened her pace as she let her mouth engulf the tip. John couldn’t hold back any longer, with a groan he began to thrust his hips upwards as his cum coated the inside of Amy’s little mouth. She swallowed his cum and licked the tip clean, before crawling up the bed to cuddle up with him. There naked bodies close together, her soft pale skin next to his darker tanned skin.

After half an hour had passed, Amy rose and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up and dressed. She rang Mike to let him know she would be ready for him to pick her up in ten minutes. Fully dressed in her suit again she entered the hotel bedroom, John was sat on the bed with a sheet wrapped around his middle. John reached into his trouser pocket and produced his wallet. He handed over a cheque for £150,

“I believe that is the agreed amount.”

“Yes, thank you” replied Amy.

Reaching back into his wallet he pulled out a £50 note,

“A little extra for, all your effort.”

“There is no need for that, but thank you.” Amy said.

With that Amy kissed John on the cheek and left the room. She met Mike outside the hotel and climbed into the car. Smiling to herself, she was relieved it had gone well. Mike pulled up outside Amy’s flat,

“Seems like you had a good afternoon, I’m sure I’ll see more of you. Katie will have plenty more work lined up for you. There are lots of clients like John who need our special service.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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