The Computer Pt. 01

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Double Penetration

So I get a call from my cousin who asks me if I can go to his house and help his wife with her computer. She is working on a time sensitive project and needs help right away. I happened to on vacation so I headed right over. When I got there I knocked on the door but there was no response. I waited a few minutes and knocked again. Her car was in the driveway, and I was just called me to go over there so I assume she is expecting me. I opened the door and walked in.

“Hello” I say. “anyone here?”

A few seconds later she appears, “sorry, I was laying down and didn’t hear the door. Are you here to help me with my computer? Thank you so much. I’m kind of embarrassed so please understand. I was hoping you would come over before my husband got home. I think I did something to my computer and it’s frozen. Well, you’ll see.”

I notice she a little flushed and appears to be a bit nervous for some reason. I tell her it’s all good and ask to see it. She has me follow her to her bedroom where the laptop is sitting on the bed. It’s open to a porn video and frozen. Now I understand why she is a bit uncomfortable She looks at me with puppy dog eyes. She says, “can you help me, I’m desperate? I hope you won’t say anything to anyone about what you see. I’m very embarrassed.”

I’m amused, and a bit aroused, but feel bad for her as I can imagine how embarrassing this must be for – so I try to play it cool. “Hey, shit happens” I say as I sit on the bed and grab the laptop to investigate.

She sits on the bed right next to me. I cannot help but notice that she is wearing a nice tight pair of shorts and tight fitting white tee shirt. It appears that she is not wearing a bra either. The tight shirt is restraining her above average breasts and her nipples are poking out. My eyes move down, between her legs. I see the clear outline of her pussy lips stressed under the restraint of her super tight shorts. I remembered the outfit from another time we visited.

A month or two earlier she had been wearing those same shorts, had spread her legs on the couch in front of my wife and I and gave me a naughty look as she placed her hand over her crotch. These tight little shorts formed nicely around her puffy pussy and she made it a point to bring attention to it by sliding her fingers between her pussy lips – then pretending to adjust her shorts by picking and pulling them down a bit. This only increased my desires.

I couldn’t help but get aroused and did my best to ignore my urges. But my cock got hard. I think she noticed. I was making my way to the bathroom to adjust myself. She stepped in front of me and stopped cold in the hallway. I bumped against her – my swollen cock landed perfectly between her ass cheeks. She pushed herself back against me and arched her back a bit moving her hips, allowing my cock to straighten out. My shaft was positioned upright and pressed against her hot ass. She leaned her head back and gave me a wink as I watched her slide her hand down to her crotch. Her fingers slid over her lips to her ass. Her fingers reached the head of my cock. She stopped. Her fingers rubbed just under the head of my cock. She turned to me, smiled and said “you gotta go to the bathroom?”

I was so turned on, but there was no way this was going too much further. I looked around to make sure no one could see us, then turned around to face her. I placed my hand between her legs and slid my fingers over her pussy. It was so hot. I couldn’t resist. I reached down with my other hand and slid her shorts to one side. She widened her stance allowing me to spread her lips. I slid my fingers into her hot wet pussy. I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit for a few minutes. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips, then pulled away slowly.

“That was hot. I may need to see you again soon when we can be alone” I say.

“Absolutely,” she says.

I fantasized about that encounter for days after that. I had sex with my wife and imagined sharing the experience. I whispered my fantasy to my wife, but I was too insecure to make sure she could hear me. She still may have. Not sure. Pretty sure she has no idea until now – when she reads this.

Back to the computer fix.

Now, here I was, sitting on her bed next to her all alone. I had her computer on my lap and proceeded to investigate what the issue was. To my surprise, as soon as I hit a keystroke on the keyboard the video started to play. I paused the video and minimized the browser. I asked her if this had been an intermittent issue or a one time event as it seemed the issue had been resolved. In my mind I assumed that her laptop had just gotten bogged down during playback.

“Nope, there’s no problem with the laptop. I lied. To be honest I have fantasized about this scenario for quite some time. Having you come over here to help me with a computer issue was the only way I could get my husband to call you. Plus having you find me watching porn and having it turn you on to the point where kızılay escort you can’t help yourself was part of my fantasy. After the last time we touched each other I figured you might be cool. It just took some courage to actually put this in motion.”

She looked away and continued, “I was a little nervous about just reaching out to you for a ‘booty call.’ Besides, I don’t have your number. And, I’m a little insecure about my body – so I wasn’t sure you would still be interested even after that moment we shared.”

I looked her in the eyes and said “I’m insecure as well. But you should not be at all. You are beautiful. I would say that you are one hot milf for sure. I am an average and out of shape middle aged man. I know what we did really happened, but I too wondered if you were really interested too. I almost started to wonder if it had really happened at all. I have thought about that on more than one occasion since then. Honestly, any time I think about you my cock gets chubby and I, well… I masturbate thinking about you.”

She spread her legs and placed one of them over mine. She reached down and put her hand on the bulge in my pants over my cock which was hard as a rock at this point. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips. We kissed passionately. She then turned and straddled me. I placed my hands on her ass and pulled her towards me. I felt her hot pussy grinding against me. I slid my hands up to her shoulders, then gently pushed her back – moved my hands to her breasts as we stared into each others eyes. I felt her hard nipples and pinched them gently. She closed her eyes and moaned, then smiled and pushed herself off of my lap.

She got on her knees in front of me and unbuttoned my pants then pulled them down exposing my throbbing cock bulging against my sporty underwear. She motioned me to stand up. She placed one hand on my cock over my underwear and rubbed it gently. She leaned in and placed her mouth on my cock over my underwear. I felt her hot tongue pressing just under the head of my cock. Her hot breath on my cock felt amazing. She then reached up with both hands and pulled my underwear down exposing my rock hard throbbing cock. I watched her as she placed her lips on the head of my cock. She opened her mouth wide, placed her hands on my ass and pulled me towards her, letting my cock slide deep into her hot mouth.

She moaned as my cock slid over her hot lips and down her throat. She she gagged a bit as my swelling cockhead penetrated her deeply and slid past her tonsils. She reached around, grabbed my shaft and stroked me as she sucked and licked. Occasionally pulling my cock out completely and placing her lips under the head. Sliding my cock over her hot lips felt amazing. She looked up and smiled. Her tongue swirling all the way down my shaft to my balls. Rubbing just under my cockhead with her thumb. Then devouring my cock with a moan, looking up at me with her beautiful eyes again – moaning with pleasure as she took it all the way in. I felt her throat muscles loosen as she accepted my cock deep inside her mouth. Again, she gagged a bit. She wrapped her hot lips tightly on my shaft and slowly slid my cock all the way out – kissing the tip of my cock and swirling her tongue again. I almost came. She pulled away, looked at me and smiled as she took a few deep breaths. She stood up and slid her shorts down exposing her soaking wet panties.

I reached out, placed my hands on her hips – pulled her closer to me and kissed her on the neck as I slid her panties down. I turned her towards the bed and guided her back. She sat on the edge of the bed. I placed my hands on her shoulders and gently guided her down. Her legs on the floor, laying on her back – I caressed her breasts and slid my hands to her inner thighs. I got on my knees as I lifted her legs into the air. I leaned in and placed my lips on her pussy. I stuck out my tongue and tasted her – touching her clit. My hands made their way to her inner thighs as I began to lick more intensely. I slid my hands in and rubbed her hot pussy lips – spread them apart and slid my tongue down deep inside her. She rested her legs on my shoulders. I kissed her pussy passionately, licking her lips and clit – sliding my fingers inside her occasionally to open her up. I felt her shake and she moaned loudly as her legs tightened.

Her pussy was so hot. She tasted so good. She placed her hands on the back of my head, moaned my name and pushed me against her as she started to orgasm. I felt her pussy get hotter and wetter than ever. I drove my tongue deep inside her licking the sides of her pussy lips, sliding my tongue up and down- wrapping my lips around her clit. I gently bit on ther clit with my teeth, slid my finger into her ass.. She arched her back, pressed her pussy hard against my face and shook as she came. “Oh my fuck baby. This is incredible, holy shit,” she cried out.

I spread her pussy lips apart with one hand and shoved my face in as deep as I could. I had kızılay escort bayan two fingers in her ass, one hand spreading her pussy lips – and my mouth devouring her, licking her – swallowing her juices as she squirted. My face was covered with her hot pussy juice when I came up for air. She sat up, reached out and pulled me towards her. She kissed me and licked her own juices from my face as I laid on top of her taking a few deep breaths. I could feel her hot body against mine. There we were, naked on her bed. We looked at each other in the eyes and caressed each others steaming hot skin.

Our bodies lined up perfectly. I felt my cock resting against her hot wet pussy. Our bodies moved in unison as we kissed. I pulled back, placed my hand gently on her face and brushed her short blonde hair back as the shaft of my cock slid over her clit and wet pussy lips. My cock head rested on the opening and I paused. She was so hot. My cock was so hard. This was the moment. I was about to slide my cock inside her. I pushed myself up to my knees between her thighs. She spread her legs wide, placed her hand on the base of my cock and guided my shaft inside her. I nearly came when I felt her hot wet tight pussy wrapped around my shaft as I slid it deeper and deeper inside of her. She closed her eyes and turned her head to the side. She opened her pretty mouth and licked her lips. I started slowly – afraid I would cum too soon. My cock was throbbing. Her pussy was throbbing.

We got into a rhythm for a while – she pushed towards me as I thrusted deep inside. I felt the head of my cock sliding through a much tighter spot inside her every other thrust. When my cock head passed over that threshold she arched her back, let out a moan and clutched my back. I felt her fingers digging into my back as her pussy tightened around my shaft and she held me. She said “Oh God baby, that feels so good.”

She held me tight when my cock was deep inside of her. I could feel it swell. She pushed against me taking my cock deeper than I thought it could go. I felt my balls touching her wet pussy lips. I felt her juices flowing over my balls. I pulled out all the way, then thrusted my cock back inside as deep as I could. Each time I could feel her pussy getting tighter and wetter. She started to moan louder – then said “Holy shit – I’m going to cum. Bury that hot cock deep inside me baby. I’m going to cum. Oh fuck!”

I pushed deep and held my cock inside of her as she began to shake. I placed one hand on her clit and began to rub it as she squirmed. I felt her pussy throbbing, tightening around the shaft of my cock as her juices started to flow. I pulled my cock out for a few seconds to tease her and watched her squirt, then quickly slid my cock back inside her soaking wet pussy as deep as I could. I thrusted my rock hard cock in and out of her over and over as she came. She quivered, groaned, arched her back over and over as I pounded her pussy. I slowed my thrusts strategically allowing her to enjoy her orgasm longer than normal. I could feel the head of my cock throb as it slid over her hot pussy lips. Each time my cock slid in it felt like her pussy got kept getting even tighter and tighter. It was amazing.

I felt her shake all over. She quivered and tears formed in her eyes and her black eyeliner began to run down her cheeks. She wrapped her arms around me tightly as she pulled me tight against her and kissed me on the lips as the last few bursts of juice shot from her pussy. She looked so sexy on the bed beneath me with her hair a mess, all sweaty and eye makeup covering her face. She giggled. “Oh my God. That was amazing. Did you cum?”

“Not yet,” I said. “I am torn. I want to fill that hot pussy, but I really want to cum in your hot mouth.”

She smiles, and says “why don’t you do both? I want you to fill my pussy. I know I can make you cum again with my mouth if you let me.”

With that I slid my cock back inside of her hot wet pussy. I felt her pussy muscles clutching my cock as I thrusted in and out of her again and again until my cock was about to explode. I pulled my dick out enough to slide my cock head over her hot lips to control my orgasm. I slid my swollen member into her a few more times before finally exploding into her pussy. As my hot semen shot from my cock I heard her moan and felt her pussy throb. My cock exploded like never before. I shot a huge load of cum inside of her. I slowed my thrusts as I continued to cum which felt like forever. I finally pulled my cock from her then watched as my semen dripped from her pussy onto the bed,

She rolled me over and slid down . She placed her lips on my cock head and looked up at me. She smiled and said “Now I want you to swallow your cum.”

“I need a minute,” I said. “I need to catch my breath.”

She smiled and placed her hand on my dick as she kissed my shaft gently and licked my balls. “Take all the time you need baby. I can’t wait to feel you shoot another load inside escort kızlay me. I have wanted to give you head for a long time, and we have all day. No one will be here for hours” she says.

It didn’t take me long to get hard again. After just a few minutes my cock swelled and I told her I was ready to feel her beautiful lips on my cock.

She placed her mouth on the base of my cock, stuck her tongue out and licked me to the tip. Her fingers wrapped around the base and slid her mouth over the head. She took my cock all the way down her throat. Her mouth felt hotter than earlier. Her lips were soft and warm. Her tongue was amazing. She proceeded to slide her hand up and down my shaft in unison with her lips. After a few minutes she pulled me out, kissed my cock head, licked the shaft and rubbed my cock head over her lips as she looked up at me.

It didn’t take me long to feel the urge to cum. She could feel my cock getting harder and hotter, so she worked on it like a champion. Sucking on my cock like a porn star. She moaned, gave me the sexiest looks – smiled as she stroked me with the head in her mouth. She licked the head then slid the cock deep down several more times until I was going to explode. She pulled my cock out, held my shaft and looked up. “Your cock is so hot. I love how it feels in my mouth. I want to make you cum. I want to taste you.”

She stuck out her tongue and placed it just under the head of my cock. She slowly slid my shaft into her mouth and swirled her tongue over the spot. My cock started to throb. She moaned eagerly and stroked me as her lips tightened around my dick. Her tongue was so hot. She pulled out for a second to catch her breathe then slid me deep inside her mouth when I exploded.

I felt my cum pumping from my balls, filling her hot mouth. She moaned with pleasure and proceeded to suck on me swallowing the first few loads. She pulled out, took a quick breath and slid her mouth over my cock again. My cock throbbed as more loads of cum filled her mouth. She pulled out again – looked up at me and opened her mouth showing me her cum filled mouth. She swallowed, opened up again and smiled to show me her empty mouth. She then slid her hot mouth over my cock again finishing me off.

She kept gently stroking my cock and placed her lips on my cock head as I continued to throb extending my orgasm for longer than ever before.

She got on the bed next to me and we just laid there in silence for about 10 minutes. She grabbed her phone and started texting. I nervously asked her if she was sharing our experiences with anyone. She giggled, put the phone down and turned. She placed one leg over mine and started kissing my neck. She caressed my nipples, slid her hand down to my cock and started stroking it. She looked up at me and said she wanted more of my cum. My cock rose to the occasion and she slid herself down and started kissing the head. She got up, went to her dresser and grabbed a few silk scarves. She walked back over to me and asked me if she could tie me to the bed.

I agreed. She tied my hands to the headboard, then blindfolded me and slid down my body to my cock. She giggled as she teased me with her tongue. She told me she was fingering her pussy and then placed her fingers in my mouth. She kissed me on the lips and shoved her tongue in my mouth. She asked me if I could taste my own cum. I could. I shook my head yes. There was a salty taste from my own sperm that I had blasted into her mouth a few moments earlier. I felt her pussy press up against me – it was hotter than ever and wet as fuck. That’s when I heard the bedroom door open. I was startled. But, my cousin’s wife didn’t skip a beat. She leaned in and whispered to me, “Hope you don’t mind that I invited a friend. That’s who I was texting. Don’t worry baby. Everything is going to be just fine.”

She then slid down and started to lick my shaft. She slowly made her way back up my body kissing my stomach, then nipples, then neck. I felt another pair of lips on my shaft. The new pair of lips made their way to the head of my cock then swallowed my entire shaft. I could feel the back of their throat. I heard this new partner gagging a bit.

My cousins wife made her way back down and she shared my cock with our new partner, licking and kissing – sucking and stroking. I was super hard. By now I couldn’t tell who was who. One of them kept sucking my cock and the other undid the scarf on one of my hands and guided it to what felt like a silky pair of panties. My hand was guided over a firm hot ass.

“Are you ready for a big surprise baby?” says my cousin’s wife.

“Uh huh,” I said with a shaky voice.

My other hand was untied from the bed then guided to the same stranger. This time I felt my hand being slid over a belly button. The strangers body twitched as my hand was guided down to the pelvis and over the front of the silk panties to what felt like the head of a man’s penis. I was trembling as I felt the shaft of another man’s cock sliding over my hand and realized what was happening. I instinctively wrapped my fingers gently around the shaft as it slid over his penis. My own dick hardened as felt his penis throb and heard his breathing getting heavier. I groaned with pleasure as I grasped the shaft and started stroking him.

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