The Confessions of Cherry Duncan Ch. 02

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Big Tits

This story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed are FICTITIOUS. NO identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.


Zayne took a step closer to Cherry, holding one of her smaller bags. “Is there anything else I can help you with?” he asked. She could think of a million things. One would be to stick his cock in her virgin holes and split her open with his fat cock. He was thinking the same.

He handed her her bag. She touched his hand as she took the bag from him and blushes. “You might prefer to change for dinner. Eating on a ship tends to get messy. We wouldn’t want you to spoil your dress.” he grinned. She looked up at him towering above her, “But then who will I show my pretty dress to?” She batted her eyelashes sweetly and innocently.

He smiled a naughty smile. “You can show me.” he quietly responded. She paused and then spun for him, holding her skirt in her hands. He inhales, catching a glimpse of her bloomers and stocking clad thighs. He smiles, “Lovely.”

Cherry stops and stares at Zayne. “Might you join me for dinner?” she asks. He smiles, “It would be an honor.” He bows his head. “I must say, you look rather shapely in that dress, if you don’t mind my saying so.” he blushed. She shook her head, “Not at all.”

He stepped even closer to her, “In that case, you have a lot of animal magnetism, and you shall make any man lucky as his wife.” She could barely catch her breath. Her bald pussy began to soak through her thin Keçiören Escort bloomers. “Th- thank you,” she stuttered. “Are you married?” she asked after a moment. He replied, “No.”

Silence filled the air. Suddenly, Mr. Graham entered the room spouting, “Captain says dinner is in 10 minutes and then we set sail.” Zayne steps away from Cherry. He takes one final look at her full breasts. He bows his head, “I shall let you get changed then, Lady Duncan.”

Zayne and Mr. Graham exit the room. Zayne turns to him, “I shall keep watch so no one disturbs Lady Duncan.” Mr. Graham stares at him. “There is no lock on the door,” Zayne continues. “Ah!” Mr. Graham replies, then says, “See to it then.”

Mr. Graham walks away confident and clueless. Zayne turns around and peaks through the curtains covering the windows on the doors. He sees Cherry pull down her dress over her full tits, tight corset stomach, and bald pussy in transparent bloomers. He watches as she slips her hand down her bloomers and rubs her clit. He gasps.

Zayne discreetly pulls out his fat dick. He licks his fingers and jerks off. Cherry reaches up and pulls down her straps. She grabs her nipple and pinches, causing her to let out a little gasp. She bites her lip.

He watches her look around for a place to lie down. She walks over to the bed across the room and lies down. Zayne pushes the door open just enough to listen. She pulls off her bloomers to reveal her sopping wet, bald virgin pussy. He licks his lips.

Cherry Etimesgut Escort rubs her pussy moaning, “Oh, Zayne. I want you to be my first.” Zayne feels close to cumming with her, stroking the tip of his fat dick. “Fuck yeah, baby,” he whispers. Her moaning turns to grunts and he can tell she’s about to cum. The second he sees her begin to orgasm, he releases simultaneously, shooting his hot cum on the door.

She moans while her body spasms, then stops. He catches his breath, still rubbing his cock, then sticks it back into his pants. He turns around casually and guards the door. A few minutes later Captain Jefford calls out, “Dinner everyone!”

The shipmates of the frigate walk across the deck. Others walk up from beneath the deck and to the set dinner table in the center of the ship. Captain Jefford walks over to Mr. Graham: “Where is Lady Duncan?” he asks. Mr. Graham nods toward Cherry’s bedroom, “Changing her dress.” Captain Jefford tsks. “Shame.” he says to Mr. Graham.

“I know.” Mr. Graham replies after a moment. “She’s my boss’s daughter. I dare not look.” he adds. Captain Jefford walks away towards her room. Mr. Graham says quietly over his shoulder, “Do not let her see you.” Captain Jefford pauses then continues walking to Cherry’s bedroom.

Captain Jefford walks over to Zayne. “Dinner, Zayne.” Captain Jefford commands. Zayne regretfully nods his head and walks away. Captain Jefford stands in front of the bedroom door. Slowly he turns around to look inside the Demetevler Escort crack of the door to see Cherry still naked, rubbing her pussy.

She licks her fingers. His dick instantly swells till he’s rock hard. He grabs the tip through his pants and rubs it. Cherry pinches her nipples, then after a moment she stands up. She walks to her suitcase, opens it, and finds a see through nightgown and robe.

At this point, Captain Jefford is struggling to not rape this girl right then and there. He opens the door and walks inside as she’s getting dressed. “Captain!” her sweet voice pipes. He stares at her full blooming cleavage displayed in her lace nightgown, with the robe tied tightly around her tiny corset waist. “You look delectable.” he says.

Cherry stares up at Captain Jefford, standing half naked and close to his hard cock. He laughs, “I apologize. I have not had the pleasure of spending time with a woman in quite some time.” Cherry smiles. “You think I’m a woman?” she asks. He moves the robe away from her tit and looks at her hard nipple under her gown.

He pinches her nipple and rubs the tip. She quietly moans out. “Yes. I do.” Captain Jefford says. He pulls down her nightgown to reveal her giant breasts. He bends down and sucks on each of her nipples as hard as he can, making her moan out in pain and pleasure.

Zayne looks at Mr. Graham mindlessly eating like a pig. He turns at stares at Cherry’s room but can see nothing. Captain Jefford reaches down and grabs Cherry’s pussy through her dress. Cherry gasps. He grins, “I want this.”

He slides his fingers up and down her pussy. He licks her pussy juice off his fingers then goes back to rubbing her dripping wet pussy. “After dinner.” he stops, then walks away. Cherry hides her hard nipples and wraps the robe tightly around her small waist. She can still feel Captain Jefford’s strong fingers rubbing her virgin pussy.

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