The Convention Pt. 10

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The building itself was two-story with a peaked roof. A large porch covered on two sides by plexiglass extended from the front wall, surrounded on both sides by white rock walls cemented in place in an irregular pattern. The double-door front was dark wood with paned stained-glass windows inserted in the top half.

As they got closer, the lights inside automatically turned on revealing a post and beam main room. Everyone jumped and Cade laughed. He explained the lights served a double purpose as an alarm in case anyone came up to the house as well as a welcome to visitors. “Ian said there are blinds inside that can be drawn down for privacy if we desire,” Cade said. “We can set the lights so they don’t come on automatically until we’re on the porch. There’s also a laser alarm across the driveway entrance.”

Inside, large beams in dark wood supported the slanted roof. Other beams, slightly lighter in color, crossed the open room. A large, white-rocked fireplace rose on one side. Matching couches were placed throughout the main room.

Marcy turned to her friend and they giggled. Lanie’s dream was coming true.

“These can fold down so up to four people can play on each one,” Cade explained. “Ian told me these can be pushed together for more people or pushed aside and a large mat placed on the floor that’s soft enough to play on. Not soft enough to sleep all night, but soft enough that large groups can orgy together. We won’t need that, but he explained how to clean it afterward anyway.”

Across the back half of the lodge were two rooms with closed doors, an open double door that led to a stainless-steel kitchen with a large table, and an open staircase leading to a second-floor where additional doors were located. “Each sleeping room has an en suite bathroom,” Cade added. “Have we decided on sleeping arrangements yet?”

“My desire is for Marcy and I to sleep together tonight,” Fred said. “Northwithstanding what happened that day at your house, this is the first time all four of us are making a premeditated, conscious decision to swap partners. You all know my greatest fear since The Convention weekend has been that I would lose Marcy. I want a final opportunity to declare my case before I let her loose in the wild, so to speak.”

“Makes sense to me. You guys take one downstairs bedroom and we’ll use the other one,” Cade said. “I want to be with Lanie tonight too. Why don’t we shower if need be, rest a bit and meet out there in an hour to see what we want to do tonight.”

When the four emerged from their rooms an hour later, all four wore white robes. They smiled at each other shyly and sat on two of the couches, Cade and Lanie on one side and Fred and Marcy on the other.

No one moved until Lanie broke the ice. She crossed to the other couch and inserted herself between Fred and Marcy. She turned to her girlfriend and pecked a quick kiss to her lips before she turned to her husband, then to Fred. They both nodded. She returned to Marcy and kissed her hard, pressing her tongue between her lips. She responded in kind and caressed Lanie’s skin with her hands down to her breasts, encircling the smaller mounds slowly before concentrating on the nipple.

Lanie moaned and deepened her kiss, moving a free hand to Marcy’s chest and reaching up the robe to caress her flesh, slowly moving until she felt the edge of the lace. She pulled the robe away slightly to see the red satin of the teddy they had purchased Saturday. Smiling, she reached the hard, red erection where she pinched once extremely hard. Marcy jumped and pinched Lanie’s nipple. They pulled away from each other laughing. Lanie motioned her husband over and Cade sat on the other side of Marcy.

Lanie took his hand and replaced her hand with his on Marcy’s breast. He hummed in appreciation for the soft lingerie. Once that was completed, she turned back to Fred and reached for his hand, placing it on her breast as she moved in for a kiss. He pushed her robe off her shoulders. She was wearing a matching outfit in black. Before long, she popped up and inserted herself between Marcy and Cade, hip to hip, and pushed Marcy closer to her husband. She watched as they kissed, and Marcy reached down inside his robe to play with his hardness. She turned back to Cade, smashing her lips against his, pulling his hand to her chest as she reached under his robe and found his full erection.

She stroked her husband, feeling the ridges and veins of his cock and the velvet texture of the skin. This was what she wanted, this was what she needed, and this was what she would never give up. She loved the feel, the smell, and the taste of her friend, Marcy, and yearned as she had since that not so long-ago night, to sink her face into Marcy’s wetness once again. She equally loved the taste and smell of her husband’s best friend, Fred, but she wanted her husband more.

She reached back for her friend’s hand and found Marcy’s hand reaching for her, almost like they had been having the same thoughts about each other. They joined istanbul travesti hands for a few seconds, then their position forced them to release.

Marcy pulled away from her husband and hugged her girlfriend, laying butterfly kisses on her neck and shoulders, running her hands down across her chest until both hands captured the separate nipples. She laid her chin on Lanie’s shoulder and pinched both nipples as she giggled into her ear before she turned back to her husband. Lanie jumped and giggled also. Payback was a bitch sometimes.

She concentrated on her husband, watching closely as her hand stroked his erection. She was ready to slip her mouth over him when he pushed her off. “We need to fold down this couch.” As she stood, she bumped against Marcy and they immediately embraced, trading short kisses as they pressed their bodies together, grinding their pelvises. Lanie reached for her girlfriend’s robe and pushed it over her shoulders letting it drop to the floor. Underneath, she saw the full magnificence of the lingerie, cupping and flattering her body.

She kissed her neck up to her ear, nibbling on Marcy’s ear lobe as she giggled again. “Switch?” she whispered in her girlfriend’s ear.

Marcy nodded and they waited for the boys to lay back on the now-flattened couch. She ordered the guys to close their eyes and Lanie moved over Fred and Marcy circled the couch to lay next to Cade.

Fred’s eyes popped open as soon as he felt Lanie’s mouth on his shaft. It was different than his wife’s, the lips a different texture and feel, the tongue spanning more of him than his wife’s shorter tongue. He remembered those lips well. Fred moaned and felt Lanie smile around his cock as she moved up and down, her tongue a steady drumbeat along the surface.

He moaned as she left his turgid cock and kissed up his belly, leading the way with soft caresses from her hands, until her hands stroked his nipples. Immediately, he felt one nipple engulfed by her mouth. He smiled and put his hand on her head, playing with her hair as she hummed and licked his erect bud. This was something he had started that night at the Walker house, and both he and Marcy had come to love it. It seemed the two girls traded notes.

Lanie kissed back down his front until her mouth was full of his erection again. “Oh, yes,” he moaned in encouragement.

Meanwhile, Marcy was bobbing up and down Cade’s shaft, and he was moaning and flexing in time. Lanie watched her play with her husband’s balls and then move below them after pulling his legs apart further. At the side angle, Lanie did not see exactly what her friend did, but her husband shouted “yes, that’s what I want” as Marcy moved her hand, and she understood.

Lanie remembered from a previous conversation that Fred had licked Marcy’s ass and fucked her there, but had demurred from allowing Marcy to touch him in that sensitive spot. Maybe tonight was the night for that to happen. After all, she had taught him how to eat a woman out using herself as an example because it was something Marcy loved. She was happy to see her friend more satisfied now and she wanted Marcy to be able to experience everything she wanted. She stroked Fred’s balls and then moved below them.

He reached down and swatted her hand away. With a dark face, she rose and looked at him. He shrugged, smiled, and said, “My wife gets first dibs.”

Lanie reached for her girlfriend and indicated her husband. “Time to switch again. Fred’s ready to have you play with him.” She rolled over the top of Fred and Marcy rolled over the top of Cade. They met in the middle, kissed, and rolled again, Lanie on top and Marcy on the bottom until they were by their husbands.

Lanie wanted to watch this and she figured Cade was interested too. She pulled her husband partially upright.

Marcy turned back, saw that her friend was facing her, and stroked her belly, sliding her fingers down to dip into her pussy. She pushed her fingers around inside Lanie, causing her to gasp, then moved back to her husband, pushing her mouth down over his hardness once again. Her hand glistening, she pushed beneath his balls and circled the rim of his anus. Fred screeched and put a hand on top of hers between his legs. Everyone assumed he was pushing her away once again and Lanie started to protest. Instead, he pushed her finger inside him numerous times until he shouted and came, filling her mouth with warm gushes.

Marcy swallowed several times before turning back to her girlfriend and sharing her husband’s seed. Lanie then shared with Cade.

Fred had sat partially up to see what his wife was doing and when she kissed Lanie who kissed her husband, sharing Fred’s seed, he erupted, driving to his feet. “What is this shit? It’s bad enough we’re playing with each other’s asses now. Are you trying to turn us gay?” He stomped off toward the bedroom, slamming the door behind him after he got inside. Wearing a worried look, Marcy scurried after him.

The bedrooms were soundproofed. Cade and Lanie istanbul travestileri didn’t hear much but once in a while, they heard loud voices that sounded angry. Eventually, the noises died completely, and Marcy emerged from the bedroom.

“I’m sorry guys. I’m not the only one who has trouble sleeping in strange places. Fred hasn’t been sleeping well. He didn’t sleep much while they were on the trip and since we met Thursday night he’s been so excited he’s slept even less. I got him calmed down. He’s going to take a nap and come back to join us.” Marcy went back into the bedroom.

Cade and Lanie looked at each other, knowing the mood had been shattered. They left the play area, grabbed their robes, and began preparing a light supper of salads and soup that required only warming in case Fred slept a long time.

Eventually, Fred came out of the bedroom and apologized for his tantrum. Wearing their robes, they sat down to eat. Once finished, Fred and Marcy went back to their bedroom. Knowing they would be alone in the play area, Cade and Lanie went to their bedroom as well where they discussed possible activities the next day.

When morning came the four assembled in the kitchen where Fred announced he was ready for some physical activity outdoors. “I’m been sitting and laying down for more than a week. I need to build a house or something. Anything. I can already feel my muscles atrophying.”

“Let’s go for a hike. I heard about this neat place. It’s a decent hike that we can take at any speed we want. Do we have food that’s small enough to pack?” Cade aimed the last question at the group.

They ended up stopping at a Deli for more soft drinks and snacks which Cade put in his backpack. At the trailhead, Cade double-checked that everyone had something to carry, redistributing some of the goods and adding a blanket from the SUV at Lanie’s request. The first part of the trail was mostly flat. Soon the path followed a stream gushing over large boulders. The trail took a steep hike and the water turned white as it surged over the rocks. They climbed and climbed until even Fred was about ready to plead for a rest.

As the women climbed ahead of them, Cade decided neither one of them wore bras and he wasn’t sure about panties. He especially saw Marcy’s larger boobs swing and move under her top. Even Lanie’s smaller breasts swung free. He felt himself harden and when he glanced carefully at Fred, saw he was affected the same way.

The path flattened soon after and they hiked through a dense forest. Everywhere they looked, thick bushes and shrubs coated the ground. The stench of rotting wood filled their nostrils. The air was cool enough that they shivered, their skin clammy from the cool air and perspiration of the climb. They saw the opening ahead get brighter and brighter until they came through the edge of the woods and emerged into a large meadow, filled with knee-high grass waving in the breeze. On one side, the grass was shorter. In that section stood a rustic wood picnic table made out from split logs.

Cade remained in charge. Everyone piled their loads onto the table, and they divided the food. “This hits the spot,” Fred said. “There’s something about the fresh air that makes me starved.”

Lanie and Marcy moved off to one side and started whispering to each other. The guys watched them with curiosity.

“Here’s what we’re going to do,” Lanie said as they parted. “You guys lay out the blanket, then sit on it with your backs against the bench seat. Pull your shorts down, but you don’t touch yourself in any way. We’ll tell you what to do from that point on.”

The women watched as the guys rolled out the blanket and with a grimace carefully pulled their shorts and boxers to the ground. They sat on the blanket in the specified positions, their hard cocks bouncing as they moved.

“Okay, you can’t touch yourself until we say,” Lanie reminded them.

She turned to Marcy and they embraced, locking their lips together. They gradually kissed each other’s jawlines and feathered more kisses to each other’s necks. Lanie stood back and pulled her friend’s top over her head, lightly kissing from her neck, between her bare breasts, with a side trip to her nipples, and down to her belly button before she stopped. Marcy now reached for Lanie’s top and hoisted it up her body and tossed it to the blanket. Cade had been correct. Lanie was bare also.

Marcy did to Lanie what Lanie had done to her, except she added more kisses to her friend’s nipples and she didn’t stop until she had pulled Lanie’s shorts to the ground. Once completed, she stood up and Lanie pulled her friend’s shorts down also. Cade saw that once again he was correct. Neither of them wore anything under their shorts.

Both women kicked their shorts to the side before they hugged, kissing softly. They slowly sank to their knees before scrambling until they had their faces in each other’s pussies. He saw Fred intensely watching Lanie playing with Marcy’s folds with her mouth and tongue, travesti istanbul so he focused on his wife receiving Marcy’s attention. They both began to moan and move. Cade could tell Marcy was concentrating on his wife’s clit. He peered at Fred who had moved until he had his face resting on his Marcy’s hip. He was close he could almost extend his tongue to reach his wife’s pussy. As he watched, Fred moved to try to lick his wife, but Lanie pushed him away. He glanced at Fred’s crotch and saw his cock was as hard as his own. He reached down to touch himself, wanting some relief but when his cock jerked, he stopped, realizing he was on the edge of climaxing.

He turned his attention back to his wife, moving his head forward until his chin rested on her hip. He marveled as he watched the changing features of her pussy, how it flexed and moved as Marcy licked various parts, of how the muscles in his wife’s hips jerked when her clit was touched. These were all things he had felt, not seen, when he had his face planted in her, making these same moves over the same spots. He wanted to see what his wife’s face looked like while she worked Marcy’s pussy, but he was so fascinated by his present view that he wasn’t able to move.

He began picking up signs of his wife’s impending climax. Things such as the tension increasing in her muscles, the slight arching of her back, the friction of her belly against Marcy’s body, and the increase in the flow of her juices. These were all things he had sensed in the past. Now he was seeing them happen from a short distance away and he was entranced. What he saw opened a new panorama of thoughts and desires. He now fully understood why his wife loved oral sex, especially with a woman, and he hoped she never stopped wanting it.

Within seconds, he saw her hips harden in tension and her back arch into the air. Marcy groaned as Lanie came and Cade glanced over to see her in almost the same posture as his wife. He understood they had climaxed almost simultaneously.

Marcy rolled off Lanie and they lay gasping on the blanket, eyes closed, arms still at their sides. When their breathing evened and their eyes opened, Marcy looked at Cade across his wife’s hips and smiled, sticking her tongue out at him.

Lanie sat up with Fred’s assistance.

“Okay, guys, lay on your backs. Time for you to have some fun and fill us girls.”

The guys complied gladly. Lanie slapped her friend’s ass lightly and grinned. Marcy flashed her a faux protest grin and stood up also. They exchanged looks before they moved so that Lanie stood over Fred and Marcy stood over Cade. Without a word, they sat on their lovers, cocks plunging inside them. Both men grunted and the women started moving up and down quickly, holding hands to help them keep their balance.

Cade came first, shoving up inside Marcy while she was moving downward, their bodies smacking loudly. The noise from their collision and Cade’s shout mingled and set Fred off. He came with a loud grunt followed by a scream as his seed poured into Lanie.

The two women stood up and semen dripped from their pussies. They immediately stepped to one side, moved into a 69 position on the blanket, and sucked their husband’s come from their lovers’ pussy.

They lay in the warm sunshine for an hour before anyone got dressed. They did so silently, gathered everything, and headed back down the trail. Lanie led, followed by Fred, followed by Marcy with Cade last. This was the first time they’d fully fucked each other’s spouse in a group setting and they reviewed each second as they walked. They silently helped each other down the steep parts of the trail. When they got to the SUV, Lanie moved to Cade, embraced him, and gave him a deep kiss. Marcy did the same with Fred.

They got in the SUV, Cade driving and Fred also in the front while the two women sat in the back, holding hands, lost in thought. No one spoke when they got to the cabin either. The couples parted, hand in hand with their spouses, heading toward the respective bedrooms.

Once inside as Cade was undressing and getting ready to take a shower, he looked up to see his wife perched on the edge of the bed, still fully clothed.

“Having second thoughts?” He queried.

She jerked like she’d been awakened from a deep sleep and smiled sheepishly at her husband. “Just thinking about today. No, no second thoughts, but wondering. Today was so perfect. It just felt right, like this is where we’re meant to be, doing what we’re meant to do.

“I love you, Cade, but I also starting to love my time with Fred and especially with Marcy. I cherish our time together, but I think I’m going to hate going home and not seeing either of them every day. At least you work with them.

“But more than that, I wonder if this is too good. If something, something we know nothing about, will cause our bubble to burst.”

Cade sat on the bed beside his wife and wrapped his arm around her. With one hand he pulled her face toward his and kissed her. “If something happens, we’ll deal with it. We all knew there was an itch and we wanted to scratch that itch. I think none of us realized it would develop to this level so rapidly. I mean, who knew the depth of Fred’s anal phobia and how quickly he might overcome it.

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