The Corruption of Sue Pt. 02

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Part 2

A Woman, Wade and Another Woman

Sue had awakened from her nap after having arrived home from her first date as an escort. As she remembered the great sex that she had had the night before, a smile returned to her face. In the seven years that she lived with her ex-boyfriend, their sex had never come close to being as satisfying as last night had been. It was about 2pm and Sue decided she was hungry, so she got out of bed and wandered naked to the kitchen to get some food. There wasn’t much there because she hadn’t been able to afford groceries after her ex-boyfriend cleaned out their bank account and credit card. She had about $75 left from the $200 that Margo had given her, so she threw on a light t-shirt and her khaki shorts and headed off to the grocery store.

As she entered the store, Sue remembered how embarrassed she was when her cards wouldn’t work at check-out less than a week ago. But, she was in such a good mood she wasn’t going to let that memory bother her today. She picked up some items with which to make a few salads, some eggs, bread, margarine, coffee and strawberry jam for breakfast and a couple of bottles of wine because she discovered she liked wine.

While Sue drove home, she began to wonder what her next date would be like. If they could all be as good as the one with Bill, she would be very happy, but she figured that that would probably not be the case. When she got home, she made a small salad and then turned her laptop computer on and decided that she needed to research some of the sex acts she would be expected to perform in the future. The one that was on her mind the most was anal sex. She really liked having her butt plugs in her ass and enjoyed it when Bill had licked and played with her ass last night and this morning. However, the idea of a cock as big as Bill’s pumping in and out of her little anus gave her reason to pause.

She watched several videos on a couple of porn sites of women having anal sex. She realized that the women of porn were seasoned professionals, but they did seem to like it as their asses were filled with hard, throbbing man meat. She watched a couple of ‘casting videos’ as those women seemed to have little experience. A few grimaced in pain, but the majority seemed to like it to a certain extent. Granted, the male wasn’t overly endowed, so perhaps that made a difference. A bit later, Sue came across a video with a petite Asian woman who was having ass sex with a black man who had an enormous cock. She was in the cowgirl position as he was ramming his cudgel in and out of her anus like she did it every day!

The last video got Sue so worked up that she decided it was time to try the largest of her butt plugs, so she paused the video and went into her bathroom. She gave herself and enema and then grabbed the toy. It was considerably bigger than the previous 2 that she had used. This one was 3.5″ wide at its widest and then tapered down to a stem that was a little bigger in diameter than Todd’s dick. She greased the toy up with her lube, and ran a lubed finger in her ass and then began pushing the monster plug into her ass.

It took Sue a while to get the plug in, but when she succeeded she decided that it felt pretty good. She really liked it as the widest part stretched her sphincter muscles. She decided it was time to have fun, so she went into her bedroom, grabbed her favorite purple ‘rabbit’ vibrator, lay on her bed and began getting herself off. The vibrator was tough to get into her pussy because of the large butt plug, but when she managed to get it all of the way in she felt like she was full up. She hit all of the control buttons to get all of the functions running on high and then reached around and began fucking her ass with the big plug.

Sue had 4 huge orgasms as she squirted her girl cum all over her hand and bed. When she had had enough, Sue had turned all of the functions off and lay in bed with her pussy and ass both stuffed. After laying there for a while, Sue drifted off to sleep once again. She had a dream about being fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time again and woke up when she climaxed in her sleep. As she sat up in bed, she said to herself, “I’m going to have to make that happen one of these days!”

That evening, Sue got a text from her new boss, Margo, which said;

Sue, come to my place around 10am tomorrow. We should open you a new

checking account at a different bank, so you pig ex-boyfriend can’t get his

hands on your money. I’m looking forward to hearing all about last night!

Sue smiled as she thought about Margo. She admired the woman for creating the life that she wanted. She, also, admired how she managed to talk her into becoming a prostitute. “She played me like a violin,” Sue thought to herself. But, she wasn’t angry in the least. As a matter of fact, after last night, Sue was glad that Margo had convinced her to become an escort. She was looking forward to Kartal Escort her meeting with Margo.

The next morning, Sue drove over to Margo’s house at the beach. Margo welcomed her with a big hug and a kiss as Sue entered the house and invited her to sit in the living room. “So,” Margo began, “Tell me all about your night with William.”

Sue smiled and said, “It had to be one of the best nights of my life! I had no idea sex could be so wonderful. We had a nice dinner, went dancing and after a while I was ready to move things along. I gave him a blowjob! My first ever!”

“He told me that you took him in all of the way,” Margo exclaimed! “You have to be the only person to have taken that big of a cock all the way down her throat on her first try!”

Sue blushed and replied, “Well, in that video you showed me, it seemed like that was the point so I practiced on those dildos you gave me. Anyway, next, Bill nearly made me climax as he pinched and sucked my nipples. I had no idea my tits and nipples were so sensitive. I had him biting, pulling and pinching them hard which drove me crazy! He then ate my pussy, stuck a couple of fingers in me and made me cum so I hard I squirted him with my juice.”

Margo laughed and asked, “You squirted? No wonder William thought you were a firecracker!”

Sue continued, “Finally, he crawled up my body and we had sex. I can’t tell you how many times he made me cum. By the time we finished, the bed was soaking wet from my squirting and perspiration. Next we took a shower and he lodged his cock in the crack of my ass. I’m pretty sure he would have taken my ass, but I asked him not to and he was enough of a gentleman to refrain. It was pretty late when we finished with our shower and he convinced me to spend the night.

“I had a dream that I was being fucked by two faceless men, one in my pussy and one in my ass! I woke up so horny that I asked Bill to do me doggy style and I told him to stick some fingers in my butt. It felt so good that I was tempted to let him ass fuck me, but I decided to save that for another time. Actually, I promised Bill he could fuck my ass all night the next time we got together!”

Margo couldn’t believe her ears as Sue related her tale. Just six days ago, this beauty was bawling her eyes out because her asshole boyfriend had left her penniless and abandoned her. Prior to Wednesday, Sue had had, probably, the worst sex partner in the country and had no idea about anything sexual. Now, she was describing a night where she came multiple times, had performed oral sex and had deep throated her partner. The thought that she nearly consented to anal sex nearly blew her mind. “So, you enjoyed yourself,” Margo asked?

Sue laughed and said, “I can honestly say that it was the best night of my life and I can’t wait to do it again!”

Margo smiled and said, “Well good, because I have another client for you on Saturday evening. His name is Wade and he’s a VP of a big computer company. There are a few things you should know about him; first, he likes to mete out pain. Nothing to severe, but he usually comes armed with riding crops, floggers and clamps for your nipples and pussy. Second, he really likes anal sex a lot! Be prepared to be fucked in the ass several different ways and times. And last, he is very generous, especially if you handle everything he dishes out without complaint. You’ll, probably end up with a larger tip than what Bill gave you and a new computer. Do you think you can handle him?”

Sue thought for a couple of minutes going over everything Margo said and then looked up, smiled and replied, “I guess I’ll never know unless I try. I’m not adverse to a little pain, especially on my breasts and nipples. I’m willing to give him a try. The worst that can happen is that I won’t get a computer!”

Both women laughed for a while. Next Margo said, “I took the liberty of opening a bank account for you, so that your pig ex can’t get his fingers on your money. I deposited your $5,000, less taxes and what not and $500 cash which I will give you now. You will stand to do as well with Wade on Saturday, if not a bit better.” Margo handed over $500 in cash to Sue and then said, “Would you like to go for a swim?”

Sue smiled and said, “I would love to but I don’t have a suit.”

Margo laughed and replied, “We don’t need suits here!” She stood, took Sue’s hand and pulled her with her to a nice pool behind her house. Margo began stripping off her clothes, so Sue followed suit and moments later they were frolicking in the pool. Sue had never been swimming while naked, but really enjoyed the feeling. After 10 or so minutes, Margo said, “Let’s lie in the sun for a while. I’ll oil you up if you oil me!”

Sue raised an eyebrow, but agreed. Sue had been curious about sex with another woman ever since she had seen Margo’s video and after Margo had kissed her last Sunday night. She was pretty sure that Margo’s intent was to have sex with Pendik Escort her, so this was her opportunity to try lesbian sex out.

As they got out of the pool, Margo couldn’t help but stare at Sue’s body. With the water glistening on her perfect form, her nipples so long and erect, her pert little ass shimmering in the light, Margo had never wanted another woman as badly as she wanted Sue. She directed Sue to a double sized chaise lounge and grabbed a bottle of coconut tanning oil and told Sue to get on her stomach. Sue did as she was told and then felt Margo straddle her legs and begin to apply the oil all over her back. When she was finished, she told Sue to flip over onto her back, so she did and Margo began oiling her front.

When Margo reached Sue’s breasts, she smiled because she was, finally, going to be able to sample her fantastic nipples. Margo pinched, pulled and mauled Sue’s nipples and breasts causing Sue moan loudly with pleasure. After a few minutes, Margo resumed oiling Sue’s body and when she had finished, she said, “Okay, beautiful my turn!”

Margo climbed off of Sue and lay down next to her on her stomach and handed Sue the oil. Sue sprinkled oil all over Margo’s back and began rubbing it into her skin. When Sue had finished with Margo’s back, she began to oil Margo’s front. She emulated what Margo had done to her and worked her tits over really well and then payed close attention to Margo’s pussy. When Sue had finished, Margo grabbed ahold of Sue’s arms and pulled her down for a kiss.

Sue had been expecting this and, frankly, was looking forward to it. Sue kissed Margo with all of the passion she had and moaned as Margo returned her passion. The feeling of their two bodies writhing all over one another with the oil was incredibly arousing for Sue. She then decided she was going to try to eat pussy for the first time. She slithered down Margo’s body while kissing her all over until she was between Margo’s wide spread legs. Sue looked up at Margo’s face and saw nothing but lust in her eyes. So, she smiled and lowered her head and began eating her first pussy.

Margo moaned as Sue ate her pussy like a pro. Sue had spread Margo’s lips with her hands and worked her tongue all over. Margo liked it when Sue began sticking her tongue into her urethra and then moved up to her clitoris. After a few minutes, Margo begged Sue to put some fingers into her vagina. Sue remembered the video that Margo had shown her and began working her fingers in and out of Margo’s hot wet pussy. Before long, Sue had four fingers working in and out of Margo. Sue smiled to herself, curled her thumb into her palm and pushed her fist deep into Margo’s vagina.

“OH, MY GOD, YES! FUCK ME WITH YOUR FIST!” Margo cried out. After about 30 seconds, Margo had her first orgasm at the hands of Sue. Margo had grabbed Sue’s arm and began showing her what she wanted, by pulling Sue’s hand completely out and then pulling it back in deeply again. Margo was grunting loudly every time she pulled Sue’s fist back into her pussy. Sue, for her part, thought the scene was fantastic and couldn’t wait for Margo to do it to her.

As Sue fisted Margo, she began rubbing her thumb over Margo’s clit and, within a couple of minutes, Margo had a major orgasm and began gushing her girl cum on Sue’s arm and onto the cushions. Sue kept it up with Margo and caused her to have 2 more gushing climaxes until Margo begged her to stop. Margo lay upon the chaise huffing and puffing as she tried to regain control of her breath. When her breathing had normalized, she asked Sue to kiss her again. The two women made out for 15 minutes until Margo said, “Let’s take a shower and then a nap!”

As Sue left for home, Margo thought to herself, “If I’m not careful, I could fall in love with that girl!”

At around 11am Saturday morning, Margo texted Sue with her instructions for Wade. She was to meet him at a bar called the Dew-Drop-Inn that was out by the airport at 6pm. She was told to dress casually, but sexy. She was told to take her own car and to have fun. Sue looked at the instructions and thought that this was quite different to the instructions for Bill, but she knew that Margo wouldn’t steer her wrong.

At around 2pm, Sue decided to take a nap, so she would be ready for an all-nighter if necessary. She was exceptionally horny and had been thinking about the pain that Wade may inflict on her. The more she thought about it, the hotter she got. She was, also, looking forward to having anal sex for the first time. Margo said that Wade liked it a lot, so she figured that that was what she was going to get most of the evening. With these thoughts, Sue nodded off until her alarm woke her at 4:30pm. She popped out of bed, cleaned her colon, took a shower, dried her hair and herself, put her hair in a ponytail and then decided what to wear.

She decided to wear a very sheer t-shirt with a light vest over it and a pair of khaki shorts that Göztepe Escort were very tight, sat low at the waist and showed a lot of her ass. When she looked in the mirror, she smiled because her tight belly was entirely exposed, she could make out the lips of her pussy because she hadn’t worn panties, she could see her entire cleavage and, when she bent over, her shorts rode up into her ass crack. She giggled to herself as she imagined the look on Todd’s face if he could see her now!

When she was ready, she got into her car and followed her phones GPS instructions to the Dew-Drop-Inn. The name of the bar made her laugh as she got out of her car. The bar was very dark inside, so she had to stand, like with Bill, just inside the door until her eyes adjusted to the dim light. As she stepped into the tavern, she noticed every face was looking at her. From what she could tell, every person in there was a man and most of them had on the uniform of an airline worker. Finally, a nice-looking guy who looked more white collar than blue approached her and asked, “Sue?”

Sue smiled and stuck her hand out to shake and replied, “Yep. Wade?” Sue took in what she saw. Wade was about 5’10” tall, weighed about 160, had sandy colored hair and was quite handsome.

Wade smiled and said, “I’m Wade Jensen, it’s nice to meet you. I have to say that you are even more beautiful than your picture. Would you like a drink?”

“Honestly, I’m not much of a drinker, but I could go for some food.”

“Okay,” Wade replied, “The restaurant at the hotel is pretty good, if that sounds alright. We could even order room service.”

Sue laughed and said, “I’ve never done that before. If we do, we could eat naked!”

Wade laughed nervously and said, “That could be fun! Do you have a car, because I walked over here?”

Sue grabbed Wade’s hand and lead him out to her car. Wade showed the way to his hotel which was one of the big chain hotels but a good one. She grabbed her bag and then held hands with Wade as they made their way to his room. When they got to his room Wade rummaged through one of the desk drawers and found the room service menu. Wade invited Sue to sit on the couch and then he sat next to her as they both perused the menu. There was nothing fancy, so Sue opted for a cobb salad, while Wade ordered a hamburger and fries.

As they waited for their food, Sue said, “So, Margo tells me that you work for a computer company. Do you like it?”

“I do,” Wade replied. “I work for Apple, which is more than a computer company these days. I do, however, work in the laptop division.”

“So, what do you do?”

“I’m the VP for marketing and research. Basically, I try to discover, with the help of my team, what would help us sell more computers.”

“I’d buy one of your computers if they worked like the ones on Star Trek and all I had to do was ask my computer to answer my question or pay my bills. I would even try to develop a Scottish accent like Scotty’s!”

Wade laughed uproariously with Sue at her statement. “I’ll see what we can do to make your ideal computer!”

A few moments later, there was a knock at the door and Wade got up to let their food in. When they were alone again, Sue cried out, “Let’s get naked!” Wade laughed as he watched Sue stand and begin to remove her clothing. Since she only had three things to take off, Sue was naked in seconds. She walked up to Wade as he eyed her body and asked, “Well, what do you think?” She spun slowly allowing Wade to see every inch of her.

When Sue stopped spinning, Wade said, “All I can say is, wow! You are so beautiful!”

Sue smiled at his assessment, walked into Wade’s arms and kissed him fervently. She could feel his erection pushing into her stomach, so she decided she was going to help Wade undress and began unbuttoning his shirt as they kissed. When she had pulled off his shirt, she kneeled down and began undoing his belt and undid the buttons on his shorts. She let the shorts drop and discovered that Wade didn’t have underwear on as his erection bounced in front of her face. “Commando! Nice, just like me!” Sue said as she looked up at Wade’s face. She smiled for a second, reached out and grabbed Wade’s erection and then brought it towards her mouth. Sue decided that Wade was a bit longer than Bill, but was a bit narrower girth wise. She pulled Wade’s cock into her mouth thinking that he fit her mouth nicer than Bill’s had.

Wade began moaning as Sue began working his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth with every stroke. After a few minutes, she got him all of the way in and began pulling him in and out of her throat as if he was fucking her face. Wade couldn’t believe how good it felt and how erotic Sue looked as his cock slid in and out of her face. After just a few minutes, Wade unloaded his first load of cum into Sue’s mouth with a groan. Sue held his cum in her mouth and when she pulled off Wade, she opened her mouth to show him all of his spunk before she swallowed it. Wade stood there shaking his head and said, “You are unbelievably hot!”

Sue replied, “Thank you, you’re pretty hot too and your cum tastes really good! It makes for a pretty good aperitif!” Wade laughed loudly and said that they should eat.

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