The Cottage By The Sea

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He knelt beside her, caressing her breasts while she masturbated herself. Their eyes looked intently into each other. She lifted her buttocks as she rubbed her clitoris. David leaned down and his lips locked with hers in a deep kiss. He placed his hand onto hers and moves it away from her crotch. David crawled up until his penis was almost touching her face. Hilary looked up and knew what he wanted from her. Her fingers wrapped around his hot and turgid penis and he could feel the wetness of her juices on his phallus as she slowly pumped him.

Hilary’s tongue licked his precum and he shuddered as he felt her against the opening of his cock. Then her arms encircled his waist as she pulled him towards her. Her lips opened and he was deep inside her the cavern of her mouth. Hilary began to suck him.

David gasped as he felt the softness of her lips enclosed on the thick girth of his hard penis. He tried hard to control himself but he knew that some of his semen had seeped out of him into her mouth. His right hand moved down to her crotch and his fingers touched her matted pubic hair. Using his finger, he probed into her vagina. She was seeping with sticky secretion. With gentleness, David finger fucked her as she moaned.

Unable to restrain himself much longer, David pulled away from Hilary and moved himself to the edge of the bed. Taking both her legs, he pushed them upwards and placed them on his shoulders. He placed his leaking penis against her opening and slowly penetrated her. As he entered her vagina, he pushed her legs flat against her breasts. David began to fuck her as she raised her buttocks to meet his thrusts.

“Careful, don’t come inside me,” she whispered out to him, her eye’s fluttering.

This was the third time they had made love that night and each time, David had pulled out to spray his sperm onto her stomach.

As he fucked her, David knew that he could not allow himself to ejaculate inside her. But the need to do so was overwhelming. She pulled him down towards her so that he could suck her puffy nipples. They were engorged and large as he sucked them alternately, deep into his mouth.

Both were lost in the lust for each other’s body. David could feel himself cumming and tried as he did, he could not control himself. Hilary felt him jerking spasmodically and knew that he had emptied himself deep inside her.

She cried out in despair, even as her orgasm overtook her. Shuddering in ecstasy, Hilary called out incoherently as David pulled out in despair, his semen kept spraying onto her pubic hair. Gasping for breath, he could see his mother’s swollen vagina lips leaking out his incestuous sperm as it formed a pool on the bed sheet beneath her buttocks.

The sight intoxicated him and then Hilary felt his lips on her freshly fucked vaginal lips. Her eyes opened wide as he began to suck out his own come from the deep recesses of her opening. The lewd act caused her to bite into her pillow as David kept sucking on her tenderness.

Satiated, both mother and son lay in silence, both breathing deeply. David’s head was still between Hilary’s thighs, his face wet with her juices, his mouth and tongue sticky with her cum.

They lay with their own thoughts. Although they had committed incest, the unthinkable had happened; he had deposited his cum inside her. She could be impregnated by her own son.

At 43, Hilary could still conceive. David was her only child and at 23 years old, his sperm was potent. Tears began to wet her eyes as she laid there, an obscene spectacle, a mother who had succumbed to her son’s desires.

In utter exhaustion, both had fallen asleep. When Hilary awoke, she saw that David was snoring softly. Quietly, she extracted herself from him and got off the bed. She could see his naked body and unconsciously, her hand touched her belly, knowing that her son’s sperm is inside her. Walking unsteadily, still weak from their illicit love making, she headed for her bathroom.

She could see her pubic hair had already hardened stiffly by her own secretions and David’s semen. The familiar odor of sex made her shiver. As she washed herself, she recalled all that had transpired earlier that night.

How she had allowed David to tease her and that fatal moment when he had held her in his arms and kissed her. It had seemed so innocent and loving; until his lips touched hers and his hands had unhooked her bra. She had been taken by surprise by his boldness but when he touched her breasts and subsequently kneaded her nipples, she could not stop him, not could she fight the exquisite feeling. It was a moment of madness and weakness and she had consented to it when she did not stop him. She had missed the touch of a man.

Her husband had been killed in an accident 6 months ago. They had mourned his loss, but life goes on. David had recently ended his relationship with his girl and was home the past two kızılay escort days, visiting her.

They had enjoyed each other’s company. There was laughter in the house, after months of loneliness for Hilary. David had always loved his mother. But secretly, he had a crush on her, and there were times that he thought of her in a sexual way. He tried to suppress such feelings but since he had grown older, he often had wet dreams about her.

She had kissed him back in response. As they looked at each other, uncertain of how the other felt, David unbuttoned her housecoat and let it slip to floor. Standing before him, her bra hanging loose, after he had unclipped it, he moved it off her shoulders. Her still firm breasts were naked for the first time to his eyes. As they rose and fell by her uneven breathing, her nipples began to swell and stand out. Hilary dropped her head, unable to meet his eyes.

Then his lips were on them, gently licking the swollen mounds, and when his mouth closed onto a nipple and his incessant sucking motion, she felt an indescribable, exquisite feeling which made her knees buckled. Hilary would have sunk to the floor had David not held her upright by the waist.

He stripped her completely, and lifted her in his arms. Nude, David carried his mother into her room and placed her on sitting on the edge of her bed, with her legs dangling on the floor. Intoxicated by the sight of her naked body, David knelt between her legs. His mouth searched for her opening. Hilary lifted up her legs, bent at the knees for him to close in on her vagina. The touch of his lips on her opening caused Hilary to gasp. He sucked on her and when he pushed his tongue to fuck her, she grasped his head and pressed against him, fucking him back. The suddenness of his actions made her cry out and it opened the floodgates. Her juices came pouring out, wetting his face and her crotch. David was intoxicated by her coming as her juices flowed into his mouth.

In the throes of her long suppressed inhibitions, Hilary surrendered herself to her orgasm. Unable to control nature, Hilary whimpered uncontrollably as she squirted all over her son’s face. David had to release his hold on her as she kept coming.

David had never experience a woman squirting before and he looked on in awe. He wondered whether his mother was urinating during her orgasm.

“Oh David, God,” she panted.

Seeing his mother, sitting on the edge of her bed with her knees bent and her eyes glazed, David quickly pulled down his trousers and masturbated in front of her. He came almost immediately, spurting his semen onto her chest. He came all over her, as his sperm began to drip down her breasts onto her belly.

Hilary was shaking as his cum hit her.

Unable to contain himself, David walked to his mother and placing his hands on her shoulders, pulled her against him. Pressing his penis to her chest, he held her breasts in both hands and pushed them tightly against his penis as he breast fucked her. Hilary encircled her arms around his waist as another volley of spurt erupted and hit her on her neck.

As the throes of satisfaction sated each other, he released his grip on her breasts and she fell back onto the bed.

David, who was naked from the waist down, still had his shirt on. He looked at his mother, who had her arm across her face, as though shielding her eyes from him. He never thought he would ever be in this position, his mother naked, lying in front of him, with his sperm splattered on her body. If this was a most sinful dream, he did not want to wake up.

But it was no dream. He could taste her cum in his mouth and his face was still wet with her secretions.

Although he had cum twice, his penis was still rigid. Not really knowing what to do next, he quickly pulled off his shirt. Now mother and son were naked. David walked to the bathroom and rummage around for a hand towel. He wet it and returned to the naked woman on the bed. Crawling beside her, he gently wiped away the semen from her body as best as he could. He took her hand away from her face and cleaned her neck. Finally, he wiped away her secretions from her crotch.

Hilary did not open her eyes, nor did she utter a word as her son cleaned her up.

David knew there was no turning back. They had committed incest and his need to fulfill the final sin of possessing her was overwhelming. He lay beside her and gently turned her onto her side. Slowly, he pushed her legs up to bend at the knees. David got up to lie facing her buttocks. He inhaled the muskiness of her crotch, still fresh with the odor of her. Her pubic hair was soft and shiny, wet from the wiping that he had administer just recently. Her vagina lips was opened and engorged. As his fingers brushed against them, he felt her flinching slightly.

Holding his penis in his hand, he rubbed against her opening. kızılay escort bayan The realization that he was about to fuck this woman who had given birth to him make his penis stiffen. Slowly, David pushed in, exhilarating in the knowledge that he was really fucking his mother.

Her channel opened to accept him. The thickness of his girth made her gasp. She knew it was so terribly wrong but she could not fight the need for fulfillment. Instead, she could only whimper in desperation.

“Please don’t come inside me.”

He was already deep inside her, fucking her gently. He could feel her vaginal muscle gripping and releasing the grasp it had on his penis. As he pumped into her, his arms went round her and he held her breasts in the palms of his hands, gently squeezing and then pulling at her nipples. At that moment, he had perverted thoughts that he was hoping that he could milk her breasts.

The only sound in the room was their gasps and the wet splurging noise when his penis moved in and out of her. Hilary felt fullness in her vagina that she never felt before. The lewdness of their coupling made her cry out as a tremendous orgasm overcame her. As she panted in fulfillment, she felt David gripped her forcefully and she also felt him pressed deeply against her.

She knew that he was about to ejaculate. She cried out again, almost desperately.

“Don’t come inside me.”

Hearing her plea, David pressed once more tightly against her buttocks, his penis as deep as he could push inside her and then pulled out. He sucked on her neck as he ejaculated onto her buttock cheeks, wetting them until he stopped spurting.

The aftermath

Hilary had left the house early in the morning before David got up. She left a note on the table beside her bed. When David finally awoke, he was still groggy after what happened the night before. When he realized he was on his mother’s bed, the memory of yesterday came rushing back to him. He looked around and saw that he was alone. Then it hit him. It had really happened, the pent up feelings that he had kept for so long. He did not know how to face the day. When he got off the bed, he saw the note.

“David, please don’t try to see me. I know that whatever happened last night, I am equally to blame. We have done something unforgivable and I could not face you. I am not blaming you; God only knows how I feel. I have betrayed your father, our family, our religion. I am so ashamed of myself. Maybe time will make things better, but I know it will never be the same. I hope that you will at least give me the decency to be alone when I get home. I am not telling you to go away, but I need time to work things out for myself. I don’t hate you for what happened. I hope you understand.”

Having packed, David turned around to look at the house for a last time. He felt the pangs of guilt at what he had done. But he could not change anything. He did not know what the future holds. He had made incestuous love with his own mother. It was unforgivable but he still wanted her. But he could see the pain in the note she left him.

Hilary could not come to terms with the memories of incest with her son. When her husband died, the insurance was substantial. As she did not have a big family, she made up her mind that she had to get away, to start a new life and try to forget about David. She sold the house and moved to the country. She bought a nice and small cottage, and assumed a new identity. All this was done within three weeks of her affair with her son.

At the end of the month, Hilary started to feel nauseated. She wondered whether it was the stress that she was going through or she was coming down with the flu. But deep within her, she also knew that it could be morning sickness. Then the vomiting began.

She went to the local pharmacy and got a pregnancy indicator, telling the person in charge that it was for her sister. Once home, she did the test and it was positive. Hilary cried herself to sleep. When she awoke, late at night, David and the incest that they had committed came to mind. She was carrying her son’s child in her belly. Sins of the mother, it was a heavy cross to carry.

Six months later:

David finally could not restrain himself from being exiled from his mother. He had promised himself not to call or seek her until she allowed him to do so. That was the least he could do for her. But time had not dulled the ache that he felt for her. He decided it was time to look her up and find out once and for all whether she had forgiven him.

David was shocked when he arrived at the house to see that it had new occupants. The new owners did not know where Hilary had moved to. David was almost desperate to find out where his mother had gone. Then he recalled the bank where she had her account. To his relief, they gave him the address of her new location.

David escort kızlay got off the bus and walked the 400 meters to the house. It was a small cottage facing the sea. As he neared it, he saw her tending to the small garden at the side of the house. She was wearing a cotton dress. The wind was blowing and the dress was pressed against her. She looked lovely and then he noticed the swell of her belly. David stopped in his tracks. She had remarried, he thought. It did not dawn on him to think otherwise.

“Mom,” he called her softly.

Hilary turned and saw him. It caught her by utter surprise to see him standing at the gate that she dropped the pot that she was holding. It shattered on the ground.

“David,” her voice caught in her throat. She looked at him, as she was seeing a ghost.

David closed the gap between them and caught her in his arms. She stood stiff and slowly pushed him away from her.

David was taken aback by her rejection. It haunts him that she had not forgiven him. He was hurt but he could understand her feelings. She had not sent for him, it was he who broke the rules.

As he stepped back, away from her, she saw his eyes on her stomach.

She stood transfixed as she heard him say, “I don’t hold it against you for hating me. Before I leave, at least let me know who my step-father is.”

Hilary choked back a strangled cry and ran into the house.

David stood still and contemplated what he should do. Her rejection hurts him deeply. He heaved a deep sigh and decided to follow her inside. He saw her sobbing on the sofa. His eyes scan the hall and it dawned on him that the house was strangely quiet, except for his mother’s sobs.

“Did I say something wrong,” he asked her softly.

She turned her tear stained eyes to meet his. The words came out haltingly. “I am still single.”

David looked at her, and saw that faraway look in her eyes.

Then it struck him like a thunderbolt. He knelt in front of her and looked in awe at his mother’s gentle swelling belly. Tenderly, he placed his palm on her stomach. Hilary did not stop him even when he began to unbutton her blouse. He left the blouse open but did not remove it. He unclipped her skirt and slowly pulled it down, off her hips. Then he peeled off her panties.

Hilary closed her eyes as she sat on the sofa, naked from her waist down, her blouse opened. Her breasts had grown larger and fuller and the sight of them almost made David cum in his pants. His eyes moved down to Hilary’s belly.

“Mom, am I going to be a father,” he asked her gently.

When she did not answer, he held her face in his hands and kissed her lips.

“Marry me, nobody knows us out here. I want to be your husband. I want to make love to you now, today and everyday,” he whispered into her ear.

David stood up and undressed. He then unhooked Hilary’s bra. Her breasts appeared and David saw that her nipples had grown to the size of his thumb. It was darker in color. He drank in the beauty of her nakedness and the wonder of having impregnated her. It was his sperm that had fertilized her eggs. It made him shudder to think of the consequences if ever their secret was revealed.

She sat like a statue, just looking at him. David knelt down again and his lips touched her midriff. It was like an electrical current when she felt him kiss her belly. He rained butterfly kisses on his unborn child.

“Daddy is here,” she heard him said.

Holding her hands in his, he made her stand up. Without asking her consent, he led his mother to her room. Once inside, he held her in his arms, her back against his front. She could feel the heat of his rigid pole on her backside. David bended his knees and his penis was lodged between the valleys of her buttocks.

As he slowly pushed in and out between her thighs, her moisture began to wet his turgid head.

Haltingly he said to her, “I have never loved or wanted a woman the way I want you, Hilary.”

His words shocked her. This was the first time he ever called her by her name.

“This is our first child, and I want to make you pregnant again and again. I want to taste and drink the milk from your breasts, but only when you have nursed our child,” he whispered in her ear.

The lewdness and profanity of David’s declaration almost make her come. Despite everything, she felt a tremendous load lifted from her shoulders. Her son really loved her, he was not only lusting for her body, but he loved her as a woman and a mother.

They made tender love and it continued throughout the night. Was it four or five times that David came? She could only recall that he had mounted her three times, his semen splashing into her vagina and she had taken his sperm in her mouth twice.

They were married in a very private ceremony, attended only by two elderly neighbors. Those present were rather surprise to see such a young man marrying an older woman, but folks in the country kept their counsel and did not condemn the loving couple.

As the years past by, the little cottage by the sea, was alive with the sound of three young children running on the beach, followed by an elderly lady and a strapping young man.

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