The Crash that Changed Everything Ch. 02

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Ryan hobbled out of the hospital in his crutches and hopped into the car with his mom’s help.

“I’m so happy you’re alive honey.” Shelly leaned over and hugged her boy.

“Yeah, I mean, I’m in a lot of pain right now, but all things considered I guess I’m pretty lucky.” Ryan couldn’t help but look down his mom’s blouse as she leaned in to hug him.

Ryan felt his erection throb even harder in his pants, painfully strained against his tight briefs.

Ryan was daydreaming out the window about everything that had just happened at the hospital when he suddenly felt his moms hand on his thigh.

“I love you so much sweetie.”

“I love you too mom.” Ryan smiled.

Little did Shelly know that her hand was mere inches away from her son’s throbbing cock.

“I want you to know that I requested two weeks off work so I could help you until you get back on your feet.”

“You really didn’t have to do that mom, I think I can get around on my own for the most part.”

“Nonsense, you have a broken arm and legs and bruised ribs, you couldn’t even get in the car without my help!”

Ryan knew his mom was right, he did need her help, but he was also really embarrassed about his mom having to see him naked, especially in his current condition.

They finally arrived home and Shelly suggested that she help Ryan go upstairs and lay down in his bed while she made some supper.

Shelly carefully helped Ryan up the stairs and into his room.

“Do you want me to help you change out of this jeans first? No one likes sleeping in jeans.”

Ryan hesitated, the jeans made it very painful for his erection, but at the same time he was embarrassed for his mom to see his erection.

“Yeah, that would probably be a good idea mom.” Ryan decided that his mom was going to see it anyways, might as well get comfortable.

Shelly reached into Ryan’s drawer and pulled out a pair of grey sweatpants.

“Are these okay honey?

“Yeah, those are fine mom.”

Shelly got on her knees and began to unbuckle her son’s belt. Ryan had the perfect view down her blouse, and once again couldn’t stop himself from taking a peek.

She took off Ryan’s belt and started to work on his zipper.

Ryan took a deep breath as he prepared himself for what her reaction would be. He figured the big hard cock strained in his briefs would be too painfully obvious for her not to bring up.

Shelly slowly pulled down Ryan’s jeans until they were around her ankles. She looked up to tell him to lift each leg up so she could pull them off but lost her voice when she saw what he had been hiding under there.

Her eyes were glued to her son’s briefs, his magnificent cock was pressed up against his right thigh, pointing up towards his belly. The head of his cock was almost pushing free from the top of his briefs.

Shelly didn’t know how to react, she had divorced her husband a few years ago and it had been so long since she last saw a man’s cock.

Ryan looked down at his mom blatantly staring at his throbbing erection and didn’t know if he should say something to break the awkward silence.

Shelly finally snapped out of her trance and quickly regained herself.

“Oh, um, Honey, could you lift your leg up so I can get the jeans off.”

Ryan did as he was ordered and Shelly threw the jeans aside.

Shelly grabbed the sweatpants and began sliding them up her son’s legs.

As she pulled the sweatpants up, her fingernail gently slid across the length of her son’s cock. Ryan’s whole body shivered in response to the touch.

Shelly noticed what she had just done but wasn’t sure if she did it on purpose or not, her mind was at a loss.

Shelly helped Ryan into bed and then quickly ran to her room to collect her thoughts.

Shelly plopped down on her bed.

“Did I just purposely touch my son’s cock?” She thought to herself.

She wrestled with her thoughts for awhile and decided to take her mind off it by preparing supper.

Meanwhile, Ryan laid in his bed just staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep. He had tried to jerk off, but his bruised ribs and casts made it impossible for him to do.

Ryan heard knocking on the door.

“Honey, can I come in?” Shelly asked.

“Sure mom.”

Shelly came into Ryan’s room holding a plate of food and a glass of water.

“I figured you could just eat in bed since it’s such a pain for you to go up and down the stairs.”

“Thanks mom.”

“I figured after you’ve finished eating that I could help give you a bath, nurse Julie said it was very important.”

Ryan knew this moment was coming eventually.

“Yeah, okay mom, that would be fine.”

Shelly smiled at Ryan and began to pick up some dirty laundry on the ground before leaving his room. As she bent down in her jeans, her black thong became rose up along her back. Ryan felt his cock twitch and could feel pre-cum begin to wet his briefs.

Ryan finished his food and desperately tried to settle his erection down, but it was no use. He had not jerked off for weeks and kızılay escort there was nothing he could do.

Downstairs, Shelly heard the phone ring and picked it up.


“Hi, is this Shelly?”

“Yes, it is, how can I help you?”

“Hi Shelly, this is nurse Julie, I was just checking up on Ryan.”

“Oh, hi Julie, thanks so much for being so caring.”

“No problem Shelly, I was just wondering how Ryan is doing and if you have bathed him yet?”

“He is doing okay, he’s just upstairs finishing dinner. I haven’t bathed him yet but plan to after he is done.”

“Okay, that’s great that I caught you beforehand then, I just wanted to give you a few pointers.”

“A lot of mothers in your situation end up neglecting their son’s private areas while bathing them, and it is very important that you make sure to wash every part of his body.”

It didn’t occur to Shelly until just now that she would have to wash his privates, she was thinking of him as being her little boy before, but after recently seeing how big his cock was now, she knew it wouldn’t be anything like washing him when he was just a child.

“Shelly, are you still there?”

“Oh yes, sorry Julie, you were saying?”

“I was just saying to make sure to thoroughly wash his privates, I’ve seen a lot of young boys in your son’s situation come in with health problems due to not washing down there.”

“Okay, thanks for letting me know, I will be sure to take your advice. I just have one question for you Julie.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Well, when changing Ryan’s pants today, I couldn’t help but notice he had a very hard erection, is this normal or should I be concerned?”

“I see Shelly, it is nothing to be too concerned about. You have to understand that boys Ryan’s age typically masturbate at least once per day, sometimes even twice. Ryan hasn’t been able to relieve himself for quite some time now, he is likely unable to do it himself because of his current condition.”

“Does Ryan have a girlfriend that could, well, help him out with his problem?”

“No, he doesn’t have a girlfriend, at least that I’m aware of.”

“I see, that might be a problem then, medically, it might be bad for him to go that long with an erection.”

“What should I do about it then?”

“I’ll tell you what Shelly, how about I come over tomorrow night and I’ll help you out with the situation?”

Shelly didn’t really know what Julie meant by this, but figured she could use all the help she could get.

“Okay, that would be great, I’ll let Ryan know. Just one more quick question Julie, if you don’t mind.”


“How should I go about washing his privates tonight if he is still erect?”

“I see your concern Shelly, Ryan well, how should I say this, he has a very large penis Shelly. Just make sure to thoroughly wash all of him and remember that you are just a loving mother taking care of her son.”

“Okay Julie, thanks so much for your help, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.”

Julie smirked in disbelief, she couldn’t believe her mischievous plan was actually working.

Ryan looked up to see his mom walk through his door.

“All done with your supper honey? I figured now would be a good time do get your bath ready.”

“Yeah mom, it was great, thanks.”

Shelly began to help Ryan get up from the bed.

“I just talked to that nurse of yours, she’s going to come over tomorrow night to help me out with a few things.”

“Julie?” Ryan gulped.

“Yep, she is such a sweetheart, we are so lucky she ended up being your nurse.

Ryan’s mind started racing, he knew that crazy bitch had something up her sleeve, he just didn’t know what.

Shelly helped Ryan over to the bathroom and started the bath water.

“So, umm, what did you and nurse Julie talk about?”

“Oh, just some medical things, nothing to worry about sweetie.”

Shelly tested the bath water with her hand.

“This should be good, lets get you out of these clothes now.”

Shelly carefully pulled Ryan’s shirt off, gently peeling it from his injured arm.

She took a moment to admire Ryan’s hard chest and abs, he worked out almost every day and it definitely showed.

Shelly once again got down on her knees and slowly pulled off Ryan’s loose sweatpants. She could already see his cock outlined through the pants, and realized that he was still hard. She pulled the pants off his ankles and looked up at her son. He was now completely nude except for his tiny pair of briefs, barely hiding his throbbing cock.

Shelly grabbed the elastic waistband of his briefs and gently pulled down, Ryan’s cock sprang free and almost hit Shelly’s face.

Ryan stepped out of his briefs and was embarrassed yet relieved at the same time. His cock had been stuffed in there for so long now, it felt amazing to let it out.

Shelly, still on her knees, looked up at her son in awe. His cock was hard as a rock and even larger than she had imagined.

Ryan felt like he had to apologize kızılay escort bayan to his mom.

“I’m sorry mom, I just, well, haven’t been able to take care of it.” Ryan said, looking down at his penis.

Shelly stood up and stared at Ryan’s throbbing cock and then into his eyes.

“It’s okay sweetie, nurse Julie said it is completely normal.”

Shelly leaned in and gave Ryan a kiss on his cheek, his cock rubbed up against her leg as she leaned in.

“You’ve really turned into a fine young man, you’re going to make some woman very happy one day.”

“Let’s get you in this bath now.”

Shelly guided Ryan into the bath as he slowly got himself into the hot water.

He sat there for thinking about what his mom said about making a woman very happy one day. Little did she know that the only woman on his mind was her.

Shelly poured some shampoo into her hands and massaged it into her son’s hair.

Ryan was in utter bliss, the massage his mother was giving to his scalp felt incredible.

His mom scooped up a bucket of water and poured it over his head a few times, rinsing out the shampoo.

Ryan looked over at his mom and noticed that she had spilled some water on her white blouse, and could now see her black bra through the blouse.

Shelly saw Ryan staring at her breasts and looked down to realize that her white blouse was now transparent. She was embarrassed, but also wondered to herself if she was actually turning on her son.

“Could an old lady like myself really turn on a young stud like my son?” She let out a little laugh to herself, she realized how absurd that sounded. She figured there was no way he was attracted to her.

Shelly grabbed the sponge and reached over to wash Ryan’s muscular chest. As she reached, her blouse accidentally got soaked by the bath water, but she had no idea.

Ryan noticed and figured he should let his mother know.

“Um, mom, your blouse.” He said, looking at her chest.

“Oh for heavens sake. I guess this is more difficult than I thought it would be.” She laughed

“Honey, do you mind if I take my blouse off? It is really getting in the way and it’s no different than wearing a bikini top anyways.”

Ryan couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It is true that it’s not much different than a bikini top, but he had never seen his mom in a bikini, and there is something just different about a black lacy bra compared to a bikini.

“Yeah, sure mom, whatever makes you feel more comfortable.” Ryan gulped.

Shelly smiled and lifted her blouse up from her head.

Ryan tried not to look, but he couldn’t help but keep glancing over at his mom’s big breasts only now covered by a lacy silk bra.

“Jeez, maybe I am turning him on.” Shelly thought to herself.

Shelly grabbed the sponge again and continued to wash his upper body, making circular motions along his chest and abs.

Ryan’s cock was still hard and laying up against his belly button. Shelly worked around it, gently gliding the sponge on his abs, close to his throbbing cock.

To clean around his belly button, Shelly was going to have to move his cock out of the way. Without any notice, Shelly grabbed the top of Ryan’s cock, wrapping her hand around his shaft, and pulled it away from his stomach.

Ryan was in shock, he couldn’t believe that his cock was wrapped in his mother’s hands.

He let out a quiet moan as she held his cock and washed the rest of his stomach with the other.

She finished washing his stomach and gently lowered his manhood back to his stomach.

She wiggled herself over closer to his legs and began to wash his inner thighs and legs with the sponge. As she bent down to wash his lower legs, Ryan again noticed her black thong peeking out from her backside. His cock began to twitch and he let out a grunt. It took all of his power to stop him from cumming right there.

Shelly didn’t hear Ryan, but she certainly noticed the twitching of his cock. She wondered what was getting him so excited, oblivious that the woman of his dreams is currently washing him half-naked.

She finished washing his legs and then realized it might be difficult to get to his back.

Shelly stood up and thought over the situation.

“Hmm, now how the heck am I going to wash your back honey?”

“Can you scoot up a bit more so I can run this sponge over the back of your body?”

Ryan attempted to, but his feet were already touching the end of the tub, and his bruised ribs made it to painful to bend his back forward.

“Ah, it’s okay mom, we can just skip it for now.”

“Oh no we aren’t mister, you’ve been laying in that dirty hospital for weeks now.”

Suddenly an idea came to Shelly.

“How about I help you get to your feet and I’ll stand in the tub with you to wash your back?” Shelly suggested

“I guess that would work mom.”

Shelly helped Ryan to his feet, as he grabbed a hold of the shower rack with his uninjured arm for support.

Shelly now realized that she couldn’t escort kızlay stand in the tub without her jeans getting all wet and ruined.

“Honey, I’m going to have to take my jeans off, they are an expensive pair and I can’t have them getting ruined, is that okay with you?”

Ryan just about fainted, here he is standing there with a full blown erection and now his mom is going to get into the tub with him while in a bra and thong.

“Yeah, um, no problem mom.”

“Remember, it’s really no different from me wearing a bathing suite.”

As Shelly began to pull down her jeans, she suddenly came to the realization that she was wearing her favorite black laced thong.

“Oh well.” Shelly thought to herself.

Ryan sneakily looked into the bathroom mirror as his mom undressed and her amazing ass covered only by a skimpy thong came into view.

Shelly noticed Ryan looking into the mirror at her ass and grinned to herself, she hadn’t had much attention from men in a long time was loving that she could turn on a young stud, even if it was her son.

Wanting to give Ryan a better view, she devilishly bent down to pick up her jeans from the floor, sticking her ass out in the air in front of the mirror.

Ryan so badly wanted to just start jerking on his cock right there, but he was unable to anyways since he was balancing on one foot, using his uninjured arm to do so.

Shelly stepped into the tub behind her son and began washing his upper back. Shelly couldn’t stop herself from brushing her breasts up against his back, it had been so long since she had this kind of contact with a man.

Shelly dropped to her knees and spread Ryan’s cheeks with one hand, rubbing the sponge up and down inside of his ass.

Ryan again let out a few grunts as he mom thoroughly washed his ass.

She finished up with the back of his legs.

“Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“No, thanks mom, you’re really the best.”

Shelly then remembered about her and Julie’s talk, and realized she didn’t wash Ryan’s cock yet.

“Oh, I’m sorry Ryan, we actually aren’t quite done yet.”

“Nurse Julie called me today to let me know that it is essential that I wash your privates during your bathes.”

Ryan didn’t know how to respond, he knew Julie was up to no good.

“I think I will be fine mom, just being in the soapy water was probably enough.”

“Ryan, I know this is awkward for both of us, but I’m not getting out of this bath until I finish thoroughly washing you. Now, turn around so we can both get out of this tub!”

Ryan slowly and gently turned around hobbling on his one leg.

Shelly, still on her knees, was now eye level with Ryan’s hard cock.

Without hesitation, she grabbed the bottom of Ryan’s cock, her tiny hands barely able to completely wrap around his shaft, and pulled it up towards his stomach. She then grabbed the sponge with her other hand and began vigorously washing Ryan’s testicles.

After what Ryan could of sworn was a good three minutes of washing his testicles, his mom let go of his cock and wrapped the sponge around his shaft.

She looked into her son’s eyes as she began pumping the sponge up and down the length of his cock.

Ryan looked down at his mom kneeling in the water, only in her panties and basically jerking him off, he was sure he must have been dreaming.

Shelly realized that if she continued pumping, he was likely going to cum at any minute, she decided to regather herself and remind herself that she is still his mother, and decided to stop before she took it too far.

Ryan, seconds from cumming, felt his mom stop pumping on his cock and looked down at her in disappointment. He couldn’t believe that his mom was giving him the nurse Julie treatment. He felt like crying.

Shelly saw the disappointment in her son’s eyes, but she just couldn’t take it any further.

“Okay, I think now we are finally done, let’s step out of her and get dried off.”

Shelly helped Ryan out of the tub and grabbed a towel.

She stood behind him, standing on her toes to reach his wet hair with the towel. She worked her way down his back, then to his ass, sliding the dry towel through his ass. She motioned for him to turn around. She dried off his chest, abs, legs, and once again saving his cock for last. She wiped the towel under his testicles and grabbed his sack with her hand through the towel, massaging it dry. She then used two hands to grab his cock through the towel and gave it a few pumps up and down.

“Well, I think you are dry enough now, let’s get these clothes back on you and head off to bed.”

Shelly grabbed Ryan’s tiny grey briefs and slid them over Ryan’s feet and up his legs. While getting them up his waist, she realized it was going to be difficult to fit his throbbing cock inside these tiny briefs, she wondered how it ever fit in there in the first place. She fumbled around with his briefs, trying to slide them up his waist but his cock just kept sticking out from the top.

Ryan stood there watching his mom, still in her underwear, desperately try to get his briefs on.

“My goodness Ryan, are these briefs from when you were a little boy or something? How do you get these things on?”

“I, uh, no, you bought them for me last year, I guess I’m just usually not in quite this condition when I put them on.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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