The Cure For Gwn’s Sex Problem

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Chapter 1

Gwn’s Sex Problem

Six months ago Gwn’s divorce became final. Until Gwn found out about Jim’s affair, they had led a near perfect young married life. They were college lovers, married after graduation and were raising two pre-teenage children.

Jim’s had built a successful business and provided them their dream home. Gwn assumed they had settled in to make their lives as normal as possible, that is, until Jim announced his plans for divorce.

On the outside, Gwn showed exceptional courage as she had gotten herself and her children through the absence of her husband and their father. After the divorce Jim sold the business and left Gwn and the kids financially secure. Jim and his new companion moved to Europe after taking a executive position with an International company. Jim made arrangements for the kids to visit a couple of times a year but it was increasingly clear that Jim’s interest in the kids was diminishing as he had a new career and a new female companion to occupy his time.

Gwn had just recently become aware of her growing need to satisfy the strong sexual drive that she and Jim had developed and enjoyed before their problems emerged. At an age of 38, she was in her sexual prime. She began to realize that she had to find a release for this energy that was becoming increasing more difficult to cope with.

The vibrators and dildos weren’t satisfying any more. Her self induced orgasm’s left her feeling empty. Gwn’s thought’s made her feel guilty. She wanted to feel the warmth of human flesh. She yearned for some interaction with another male.

Conversely, she wasn’t ready for a committed relationship nor could she imagine her sex life taking on a series of one night stands. She wanted to move on and forget the past. She was not ready to invest the work required on a new relationship. Her children weren’t ready, yet, she knew she had to find a solution for her emptiness

Gwn began to share her thoughts with Jeni, her next door neighbor. Jeni was in her late fifty’s and had been widowed for over ten years. She lost her husband in an automobile accident.

Jeni had become a close confidant and had listened, consoled and nurtured Gwn through her divorce. Although they were a generation apart in age, Gwn had begun to open up and discuss some of her most intimate thoughts with Jeni.

It was dark rainy Saturday morning with a cool breeze blowing, as Gwn prepared Jeni a cup of coffee. Without thinking Gwn commented, “Jim and I would have some of the best sex imaginable on days like today. I can’t imagine how he developed an interest in someone else.” She quickly realized what she said and began to apologize, “Jeni forgive me, I guess I’m getting so horny I let that slip.”

Jeni laughed as she comforted Gwn. “I went through the same emotions when I lost my husband. I would feel guilty and then try to suppress my true feelings. I became so frustrated I didn’t know what to do. I had no one to talk to. Finally I went to a therapist and with his help found the greatest solution.”

Gwn’s finally felt that she could ask more. “I’ve often wondered how you dealt with your sex needs. You seem so normal, so contented. I’ve been reluctant to ask you about things so personal.”

Jeni responded, “I have felt the same way. I just want to let you know that the emotions you feel are very normal and that you should not be ashamed of them nor should you try to suppress them. I tried and it didn’t work. I can help you when you are ready to discuss. My sexual needs are greater than you think.”

Gwn smiled as she absorbed Jeni’s comments. “Jeni, I guess I assumed that you had buried those feeling and learned how to exist without a sex life.”

“Oh no! Quite the contrary,” Jeni said, “While I may be the age of your mother, don’t think of me in the same non sexual way. I have the sex drive of a street whore.”

Gwn’s mouth fell open, “You are kidding, what are you talking about.”

Jeni began to explain, “As I said before I had to see a therapist. I felt that I could adjust to the most difficult circumstances. I found out later that was a wrong assumption. I couldn’t sleep at night. I would wake up in a sweat. There were times that I had the most perverted sexual dreams. I felt guilty. I couldn’t help myself. I thought that I could lock all of my sexual feelings in a little treasure chest and put them away. I considered my sex life over and that I would move on to “old maid heaven.”

Gwn echoed, “I feel the same way, but I’m still young.”

Jeni continued, “After 25 years of marriage, I did not want to go through all of the adjustments that would be required in a new relationship. In a perverse way I was enjoying my new independence. The kids were grown and living their own lives. I was left financially secure. I wanted to travel, enjoy my own interests and develop my own circle of friends. I damn sure did not want another man to come into my life and change all of that. I have grown beyond the romance stage.”

“I’m not sure I want a new husband either,” çekmeköy escort Gwn replied. “I’m afraid this sex drive may push me into a relationship that I’m not ready for.”

“I’ve been there. I’ve felt the same way. You have time on your side. Let it happen naturally.” Jeni advised. But, you have got to find a way to deal with you sex drive. The same thing happened to me. It nearly drove me crazy.”

“What did you do,” asked Gwn.

“Very simply, my therapist basically said that I had to get laid. The program and facilities were already in place. As a part of maintaining a person’s mental and psychological health it was recognized that the old rules of society did not take care of the sexual needs of people suddenly without a partner. Nor does it take care of the many women who lose a partner or those who chose a career over marriage and family. Why should they be penalized if a better way can be found to deal with the problem? My therapist prescribes a program directed at a complete sex life for everyone.”

Gwn’s look of astonishment widened. “I’m not sure I understand. Is the same thing true for men?”

“Absolutely, my therapist assured me that my situation was very similar for a large segment of the population. So much so, that they have developed a program at the Psychological Health Center to help men and women in similar situations. You may also be a candidate for this kind of help. If you are interested I can refer you to my therapist.”

Gwn was eager to find out more. “I may be.”

Jeni stated, “Gwn this is the 22nd century and one can’t get hung up on old fashion ideas and morals that existed in the late 1900’s and early 2000’s. Dr Luck made me realize that sex is a natural human response that needs feeding. When a person is comfortable with that rationale then the rest is easy. It removes all guilt associated with sex satisfaction. It is true that should you fall in love, sex can take one to a higher level. But that alone does not eliminate the need for good sex.”

Gwn was hanging on Jeni’s every word. “Come on, you’re driving me crazy. How does it work?”

Jeni smiled and said, “The Health Center has developed a good sex help program that provides sex for qualified patients. The sex surrogates or sex mates, as they are called, are people who have sought help before and are now active participants for the new patients. They give back by becoming a willing participant. It is strictly voluntary and there is no pressure to participate. After the first therapy session I could have paid my bill and been on my merry way.”

Gwn nodded in the affirmative as Jeni asked if she wanted to hear more.

First you are given a complete physical examination just to make sure you are free of any STD’s and to determine your requirements for birth control. Then a sex therapist from the Heath Center interviews each client and determines their sexual likes and dislikes. Next you are scheduled for a periodic sex session based on your interview. Your progress is evaluated after three months to see how you are doing. If you are doing well you can then go on an annual maintenance program for as long as you like. I renew my plan every year and it has meant everything to me.

For some reason Gwn was becoming aroused just trying to imagine how the program worked. Her beautiful face began to perspire. “I had no idea. When do you go to the sessions?”

“I go at random times, whenever I can schedule an appointment. I try to combine it with grocery shopping or some other activity that gives me an excuse for being out. That way no one becomes to suspicious, not that it really matters..

Gwn could hardly hold her excitement. “I would never suspect such a thing out of you Jeni, but I’m glad. How does one get started? I’m so aroused. I think I could jump any man right now. How do you pick your partners?”

“I try to schedule one session each week. I tell them the kind of sex I want and they handle the scheduling. I generally like to maintain a variety of men. When I want a well endowed man I try to schedule that kind of session. On the other hand a well endowed man may not be available. There’s not as many available as you might think. In that case I may schedule an anal session, or a double penetration depending on the mood I’m in.” Sometimes I like a virile young “quickie” session and there are other times I may want an older longer lasting session. It’s the variety that makes the experience so enjoyable.

I have volunteered to provide two sessions a month myself. This is in addition to my own schedule. So I experience sex once or twice a week.”

Gwn’s smile lit up her beautiful face. That telltale sex flush appeared below her neck. “No wonder you seem so calm and collected. I’m beginning to understand. What happens if you get someone whom you are not attracted to?”

“In the beginning that worried me, “Jeni said. “Our therapy sessions have dealt with the acceptance issue. For instance, I now realize that sex can cevizli escort be very satisfying even when we are not initially turned-on to physical attraction. I have experienced great sex with people I thought were unattractive and vice versa. I have found that there is generally something attractive with everyone. On the other hand, should you become totally repulsed by an individual then you can reject the session.”

“Can you schedule a session with a woman?” Gwn asked.

“Sure” was Jeni’s reply.

“Have you tried that,” Gwn asked curiously..

“I have tried it just to see what it was like. My preference is still men. I like the penetration. When I get close to an orgasm I’m not interested in any sissies being around.”

With that statement Gwn erupted in hearty laughter and both “high-fived” each other.

That’s why I like large men. I want it deep when he explodes. I can feel it swell deep just before he starts to ejaculate. Two of the greatest feeling in the world to me is that first penetration and that moment of ejaculation down deep inside.

As Jeni began to leave, Gwn gathered her nerve and asked if Jeni could schedule an appointment with Dr. Luck. Jeni replied, “At my next session I will arrange a meeting between you and Dr Luck.”

Chapter 2

Jeni’s First Session

Gwn spent a restless night thinking about the conversation she and Jeni had yesterday. Even after a vibrator induced orgasm, she had difficulty getting to sleep. She knew she had to find a solution soon. She couldn’t keep sex off her mind. She wanted to hear more about Jeni’s experiences.

Suddenly Jeni showed up with a smile on her mature face. Gwn admired Jeni’s inner peace and self confidence. She wondered how someone single and without a male companion could be that content. Jeni was beginning to give her the answers.

Laughing and smiling Jeni said, “I’ve got you an appointment with Dr Luck next Wednesday morning at 9 am. They are not taking any new patients except by personal referral.”

Gwn’s curiosity was still unsatisfied. “Please Jeni, I don’t want to get too personal, but is there any way you could tell me more about this program. I can’t get this sex thing off my mind. It’s driving me crazy.”

Jeni reassured Gwn. “Don’t worry, after you see Dr Luck, I think he will outline a program that you will like. I think the best way for you to understand is to let me tell you about my first sex session. The Health Center refers to them as therapy sessions.”

As I said yesterday Dr. Luck very bluntly told me that I fell into a category of women who were without partners and did not want to pursue the baggage of another marriage. He goes on further to say that after one develops a healthy and fulfilling sex life it cannot be turned off as soon as someone finds themselves single. Many women start experiencing the same problems as ours. In the past, society tells a woman that she has to forget about all of that in order to be a morally fit human being. Dr Luck said that those are ancient ideas. Unfortunately some of society’s finest still want to impose those thoughts and ideas upon us.

Dr Luck prescribed a program of sex for me that took care of my immediate need and arranged a program that could be maintained on a long term basis.”

“Back to my first session, “my partner was selected on the basis of my likes and dislikes that came out of my interviews. Believe me they get very specific. They give everyone code names. My first partner was known as Rock. He appeared to be in his early fifties.

The Health Center has a set of room’s setup to make any sex experience great. Any kind of masturbation device one desires is available. Lubes, movies, and special made furniture are available for your enjoyment.”

“Special furniture,” Gwn questioned.

“Yes, for instance the end of the bed is made with a seat at the end situated in a way you can comfortably orally service your partner. The beds have some other built in features that can enhance your sex experience. When Rock came into the room, I was not all that impressed with his looks, although he turned out to be a very nice man. Today, I consider him quite special as he was my first and he turned out to be very sexually satisfying.”

He recognized that I was quite nervous at first. He started very gentle and made me relax before advancing. He asked me to tell him why I was here. I told him my story and came right out and told him that I needed to have sex with him. That kind of broke the ice and we started kissing each other. Except for my nervousness, I was wet and ready. He sensed that I was unconsciously holding back, yet he also knew I couldn’t wait much longer. It had already been to long.

Rock turned the lights down low. We could still see everything going on as we began to undress each other. Our hands got in each others way. Our hand’s got in the way as we fumbled to release the buttons , the snaps and zippers. I couldn’t help it, my hand found erenköy escort Rock’s cock. I understood why he was called Rock. Although, he was an average size, he was rock solid. I just hoped he wouldn’t hurt me.

Rock continued the conversation even as we lay nude on the bed. He recognized that I was trembling as he continued his caresses. Our desires rose as we emitted whispered sounds of passion. I would gasp as he touched that sensitive area between my legs. The tips of his fingers traced the length of my labia. My vagina was already wet. My pussy was opening like the petals of a blooming flower. I was beginning to relax and concentrate on the carnal pleasure I was feeling.

Gwn interrupted, “God this is so exciting. Can you imagine how I’m feeling?”

“I think I can,” Jeni said, “ I’m getting excited just retelling this story. I’m glad I’ve got a session scheduled tomorrow. I can imagine how tough it is for you Gwn.

Continuing, Rock had me at high level of excitement. I was ready for the first orgasm. I needed more that one. Rock sensed my need for immediate relief. He rolled over me and hoisted my legs over his shoulders. He then placed his lips on the lips of my vulva. I was right there ready to come. I just needed Rock to pull the trigger…, push me over the edge. I was begging for him to finish me. He just made me wait. Involuntarily I grabbed his head and ground my pussy into his face. Then when I could hardly wait any longer he flicked his tongue across my clitoris.

The spasms were immediate. My hips bucked uncontrollably. I couldn’t help it. I felt the inside of empty vagina clutching. My stomach would cramp and release. It was wonderful. It had been so long. I was so thankful.

“Was that all for the first session,” Gwn asked.

“Oh no,” Jeni replied “I couldn’t stop with that. After a brief respite I had to get hold of his cock and somehow show him my appreciation. When I touched him again I marveled at his hardness. I don’t care if he was aided with Viagra he felt wonderful in my hand. I could hardly wait to get him inside.

I caressed the head of his cock. I have always been fascinated at the smooth velvet textured skin covering the glans of a man’s cock. It seems so strange that it can be so hard at the same time feel so velvety smooth. I took my finger and coated him with his own precum. Then I drew him into my mouth and lubricated him further with my own saliva. While his size was average his hardness never waned. I noticed he had closed his eyes and his cock started to swell further. I had to have him in my pussy before his next eruption. I backed off and let him ease away from his impending climax.

As I backed up to lay down at the head of the bed he came with me. His cock nestled at the entrance to my pussy. Both of us were well lubricated. The first penetration was about to happen and I wanted it so badly. I knew my pussy would be stretched since it had been so long since my last time. I didn’t care. His hand found his cock and stroked up and down between the lips of my opening. Whenever he touched my clit I would gasp from the sensitivity.

As he lay between my upraised thighs I felt the muscles in his ass tighten and push his cock forward. It was beginning. I was about to be fucked and it was great. The lips of my pussy opened and gave way to his advance. I hooked his thighs with my heels in an attempt to pull him in deeper. He was so hard. My pussy was being stretched to accommodate him. My arms and legs encircled him making sure there was no escape. His next move crashed trough my opening and plunged to the depths of my sexual center. Words cannot describe this pleasure.

I begged him to lie still and let me capture his hardness. I wanted to savor the moment. I wanted to replay that first penetration. He seemed to understand. I felt his hardness flick deep in my cunt. I rotated my hips upward and spread my legs further in an attempt to receive his full penetration. He then started his withdrawal and would tease me just before he plunged back in. Rock knew what he was doing. He was gentle at first. Slowly, the intensity picked up. He started pounding my clit on every down-stroke. The walls of my vagina clutched him with each invasion. The entrance to my cervix was being battered at the end of each invasion.

If I hadn’t already gone through menopause I’m sure my uterus would have opened up and welcomed every sperm he had to offer.”

Gwn and Jeni laughed at that comment. Gwn said, “you know I still have that to worry about.”

Don’t worry said Jeni, “the clinic takes care of everything in their work up.”

Gwn apologized,” I should not have interrupted, continue.”

“He and I were getting close to my second orgasm. Somewhere in my subconscious I realized I was getting sore. But I didn’t care. Rock was giving me just what I needed. His cock was so hard. The invasive pounding turned my pussy into jello. Our coupling had become a wonderful sloppy mess.

Then I noticed Rock starting to take short quick breaths. His cock angled upward and tore into my g-spot. I could tell that this orgasm was going to be a big one. Waves of passion started deep within my stomach. The inner walls of my vagina started an involuntary milking motion around his hard cock. His back bowed for one last thrust. I held on as my body spasmed over and over. My cunt danced around his deeply buried cock.

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