The Deal Breaker

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“Peter, I can explain!” Mrs. Allister blurted out over the sound of Morty’s fading groans. Much to her dismay, he had yet to remove his stiff prick from the moist confines of her ass. Turning her head back to take a quick glance at him, Mrs. Allister flashed a menacing look at the pleasure she saw on his face. Even with her husband standing over them, this bastard of a young man still possessed arrogance enough to continue to use her tightened sphincter to milk his cock to the last drop.

Her eyes floated back to her husband and she released her hold on the twin ass cheeks that she held spread for Morty, placing her hands down on the couch cushion in front of her.

Mr. Allister’s pants slid down his legs to the floor and he stepped out of them. “No need to explain, dear,” he said as he walked over to her. Mrs. Allister watched her husband’s swelling erection bounce with every step he took. She hoisted her upper body up to make room for him as he took a seat on the couch in front of her. “I imagine you must have been quite famished, what with my busy work schedule lately. Speaking of which…” He grabbed hold of the base of his swelled cock and lowered the thickening tip to her lips. “Here. I’ve practically forgotten what those hot lips of yours feel like.”

Mrs. Allister grinned evilly, her pleasure stemming mostly from her now having no need to explain to her husband about the plot that she’d waged against his precious little girl. With the feel of Morty’s softening erection still embedded in her ass and the sight of her husband’s throbbing hard-on right in front of her, Mrs. Allister’s grin slowly spread into a wide smile.

Mr. Allister looked on in eager anticipation as he watched his wife’s lips part and her face lower into his lap. He gritted his teeth together and let out a strained grunt when he felt her wrap her lips around the tip of his cock. Her suckling accompanied by the playful tip of her tongue was enough to leave him trembling in his seat. Before long her closed hand was stroking him and her head was bobbing.

Morty’s lips curled into a slight grin as he stared at the back of Mrs. Allister’s head as she went about trying to suck her husband off. He’d felt his own prick drain off its last into her ass and continued to revel at the feel of her orifice clutched around his softened meat as he kneaded her soft ass cheeks. He drew his hand back and delivered a quick smack to her right cheek. “Come on, Mrs. Allister, suck him dry,” Morty called out to her.

His words forced Mr. Allister to momentarily abandon his groans for a quick chuckle.

Mrs. Allister lifted her head up from her husband’s lap and turned her face back to Morty, continuing to pump her fist over her mister’s dick. “If you’re done filling my ass up why don’t you make yourself useful. My clit and my tits could use a little attention. Besides, I seriously doubt that Peter needs a cheering section while he’s getting his cock sucked.”

“Oh, I’m sure the boy meant no harm by it,” Mr. Allister said, gently guiding his wife’s chin back toward his wet and throbbing prick. “And a little encouragement never hurt anybody.”

Mrs. Allister put her mouth back to work on his cock. She felt Morty’s fingers begin to twist and tug at her nipples and she began to moan around the solid shaft moving back and forth across her tongue. She couldn’t believe how this whole fiasco was starting to unfold. Here she was now with her husband’s prick in her mouth, Morty’s soft cock up her ass, and her lovely daughter out with her new boyfriend Brad. Despite this turn of events, she had to admit that everything seemed to be working out.

So far.

Morty had Ümraniye Escort slipped a finger down between the wet folds in between her legs and was stroking his fingers over her clit at a furious pace. Her hips began to squirm in his lap and Mrs. Allister could feel him doing all he could to keep his cock embedded in her ass for as long as possible. What an asshole, Mrs. Allister thought as she felt him push her over the edge of an orgasm.

Her cries of release were soon muffled by the flood of liquid that her husband began to release down her throat.

“Yeah,” she heard Morty call out over Mr. Allister’s strained grunts. She tightened her grip on her husband’s twitching rod and used her hand to assist his own natural fluid pumping mechanisms in draining him completely. Morty clenched closed a palm over one of her hefty breasts as he continued to throttle her clit with his fingers. “Swallow it all, Mrs. Allister.”

Asshole, she thought.

Mrs. Allister removed a twelve ounce bottle of water from the refrigerator and headed back upstairs to her bedroom where her husband awaited her return. Along the way she passed by her daughter’s bedroom and heard the distinct sound of Emily’s high pitched whines. It couldn’t be, Mrs. Allister thought, closing the silk robe she wore tighter around her body and stepping closer to the door. Morty had been gone for hours and he wouldn’t dare cross her like this.

Quietly opening the door, she poked her head inside and stared across the darkened room. The light from the television cascaded across the bed and allowed Mrs. Allister light enough to see Brad lying on top of Emily. She had her palms gripped around the back of her knees and were holding them back beside her shoulders as he pounded his meat into her exposed cunt.

When Mrs. Allister caught sight of the pair of glasses attached to Brad’s face that jostled around as he held them trained on the sight of Emily’s bouncing breasts she knew for a fact that there was no more sense entertaining her worst fears.

She watched as Brad’s hips stopped moving and he slid his shaft out of Emily, rising up to his knees. He held it tightly in his palm as he watched Emily rise from the mattress and turn her ass up to face him. With her knees bent under her and her shoulders pressed down into the blankets, the pillow beneath her had to suffer her cries as Brad’s pelvis began to smack against her ass cheeks.

Mrs. Allister closed the door and continued on her way.

Morty winked at the maid and shot her a cocky grin as she granted him entrance to the Allister home that morning. He quickly made his way through the expanse of rooms until his shadow darkened Mrs. Allister’s bedroom door. He opened the door to the sound of his hostess’ shrieking cries. Walking into the bedroom, he was greeted to the sight of Mrs. Allister down on her forearms and knees near the foot of the bed with her legs spread wide. Mr. Allister was standing on the floor behind her with his fingers pressed deep into the flesh of her hips.

Morty stood there in silence with a grin on his face as he watched Mr. Allister fuck his wife’s ass with an unmatched urgency. During some of his calmer moments Morty was actually able to catch a glimpse of the blood swelled head of his cock as he drew back his hips before burying the entire length of his stiff member into her hole. Otherwise there was barely any space at all to be found between Mrs. Allister’s reddened ass cheeks and the front of his pelvis.

When Morty heard Mr. Allister’s grunts drop down a few octaves and become drawn out and labored he felt a small tinge of jealousy sweep over him, wishing İstanbul Escort that he was the one spilling out his semen into Mrs. Allister’s clenching cavern.

He watched Mr. Allister slowly slide his prick out from between his whimpering wife’s cheeks before her body collapsed down to the mattress below. Morty stepped out of the bedroom in search of a fully stocked bar.

When Mr. Allister left for the office Morty returned to the bedroom and found Mrs. Allister up and about, adorned in her robe. “What the hell are you doing here?” she said when she turned and saw Morty standing there. She continued on her way to the bathroom with him at her back.

“What do you mean, what am I doing here?” he said, walking up behind Mrs. Allister as she slid the glass shower door aside and started the water running. Wrapping his arms around her, Morty parted her robe and took hold of her by the twin globes gracing the top of her chest.

Mrs. Allister stood upright and took hold of him by each of his wrists. “Sorry to disappoint you…Morty,” she said as she removed his hands from her breasts and threw his arms down. “But I know you caught that little action earlier,” she said, turning around to face him while closing the front of her robe.

Mrs. Allister had managed to catch sight of him standing in the doorway of their bedroom courtesy of one of the many mirrors resting atop the dressers. She saw the smug smile that he wore as he stood there watching her having her ass fucked and even now she could hardly resist smacking the one covering his current expression right off of his lips. “Well he’s been going on like that ever since last night,” she said to him as she moved over to the medicine cabinet above the sink. “So I’m afraid that you’re just going to have to take care of any immediate urges that you might have yourself.” She removed a small bottle of pills and shut the cabinet. “I’m completely exhausted. Now get out here.” She motioned toward the bathroom door and Morty complied with her order.

Mrs. Allister emerged from the shower and wrapped a towel around her body. She walked over toward the marble counter of the sink in search of her make-up bag and was quickly distracted from her task by the sound of Morty’s voice in the distance.

“Yeah. Just like that,” he’d said.

The bathroom window was open a bit. With a swell of fury boiling over inside of her, Mrs. Allister stormed over to the window and shoved the curtain aside. “Bastard!” she fumed to herself, for below her there was that scraggly character Morty standing poolside with his cock in Emily’s mouth.

She sat at the edge of one of the plastic pool chairs with her bikini top lying on the ground next to her seat as Morty coached her through a blowjob. Mrs. Allister stood there with fire in her eyes as she watched Morty’s stroking hand replace Emily’s on his shaft. He freed himself from her lips and Emily let slip a surprised yelp as Morty set loose the first of many creamy white spurts across her daughter’s lovely visage. Mrs. Allister nearly jerked the curtains down from the fixture as she pulled them closed and stormed out of the bathroom.

Later that afternoon Morty enjoyed a sandwich and a beer in the kitchen. That is until Mrs. Allister stormed into the room and interrupted his lunch. “You son of a bitch!” she spat at him as she approached the counter that he leaned against. “How dare you?”

“How dare I what?” Morty said over a mouthful of bread.

“Don’t stand there and pretend that you don’t know what I’m talking about. I saw you, plain as day, cumming on her face. We had a deal.”

“We still do,” Morty said, taking another Anadolu Yakası Escort bite and chasing it with a swig of beer. “Emily and I aren’t getting back together. It was just once more for old time’s sake.”

Mrs. Allister’s brow crinkled up in anger. The fact that she held herself partially responsible for this loaf-about’s lapse in judgment was the only thing keeping her from flying off the deep end right then and there.

“Come with me,” Mrs. Allister said through clenched teeth. Morty took another bite of his sandwich and a drink of his beer before following her out of the kitchen. “In the event that you once again find me unavailable and yourself at the mercy of your own primitive impulses I’d like to introduce you to an alternative to shoving your cock into Emily’s mouth.”

Mrs. Allister pushed open the door to one of the guest bedrooms and she and Morty found the maid inside straightening some of the ornaments atop one of the dressers. “Victoria,” Mrs. Allister called out to her, gaining her attention. “Take your clothes off.”

“I beg your pardon, ma’m,” the young lady said, turning a shocked and doe eyed stare to the couple that had just entered the room.

“Oh, you heard what I said,” Mrs. Allister said, her voice laden with aggravation. “Strip.” As the young lady proceeded to disrobe Mrs. Allister turned her eyes to Morty’s smirking face. She could see the excitement in his face as he took in the show across the room. It disgusted her to no end. “Well…” she said to him. “What are you waiting for?”

Mrs. Allister watched as Morty quickly scrambled out of his tattered excuse for a wardrobe and hurried over to the bed. Victoria had taken a seat at the foot of the bed. When he positioned himself in front of her and offered her his stiffening prick, the maid took one more glance in Mrs. Allister’s direction. She received an approving nod before taking the swelling end of Morty’s cock into her mouth.

Mrs. Allister couldn’t fight the smile that overtook her lips as she watched Morty melt into a series of grunts as he began to rock his hips back and forth in front of her face.

Mrs. Allister removed her clothing and climbed onto the bed behind Victoria. The young lady let out a fearful whimper around the obstruction in her mouth as she felt the inside of Mrs. Allister’s thighs on the outside of her legs and her breasts pressing up against her back. “Now, do we have an agreement?” Mrs. Allister said to Morty as she reached her hands around and took up Victoria’s hardening nipples between her fingers.

“What’s that?” Morty managed to squeeze out between grunts. He was too busy staring down at the top of Victoria’s head while reaching a hand down behind her to take up one of Mrs. Allister’s breasts to pay much attention to the words she spoke.

“You are to continue to have no further contact, nostalgic or otherwise, with Emily, and in return I’ll continue to see to it that all of your needs continue to be met.”

“Whatever you say,” Morty said as he thrust his fingers into the young girl’s hair and began to pump his hips even faster.

“That’s what I thought,” Mrs. Allister said. She tapped Victoria on the shoulder and she turned around to face her, still stroking Morty’s swelled solid rod. “Come on, dear. It’s my turn to see what that mouth of yours feels like.”

Still a little confused by the suddenness of all of this, she simply stood up from the bed and turned around to face her employer. She watched as Mrs. Allister slid back across the bed a little and spread her legs. Victoria bent over and lowered her face to Mrs. Allister’s crotch. Just as her tongue darted out and touched down on her employer’s clit she felt the engorged tip of her guest penetrate own wet opening.

Standing in the doorway watching her ex pound his erection into the shrieking woman who held her face between her mother’s thighs, Emily could hardly fathom what she had just heard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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