The Dean’s Lister

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Big Tits

* Early Saturday Morning,

Cloudy Day with Scattered Rainshowers + Thunderstorms:

I, Nishida, eighteen going on nineteen years of age, am totally shaking and shivering because I was still garbed in my wet (and nearly see-through) school uniform; stood in front of Browning International Academy, my alma mater since first grade, where I am now at my Senior Year in High School.


My older brother, Keichiro, six years my Senior, who also happened to be the perpetrator of the tragic incident that befell our small cottage (which is now officially ashes and cinders as of this moment, burned to the ground!), hastily dropped me back off here at Browning, where he picked me up just hours ago (I had to stay overnight at the campus because some of my group mates decided to finish our project before the upcoming Spring Break.

By the time we reached our li’l cottage, it was already swamped with flames, with the town firefighters battling a losing war against the fiery blaze. Even with the initiative and presence of mind of our next-door neighbors, nothing from our house was saved, all that remained were still-lit embers that represented all the memories that were destroyed because of my older brother’s carelessness and recklessness.

Thankfully, all of my school-related things, even an extra set of formal + two PE uniforms, were at my locker over at Browning; and for the fact that the house was properly-insured, and my brother and I were granted, left behind and given (through instructions to our family solicitors) by our deceased parents (may their souls rest in peace) a sizable legacy in different denominations: cold, hard cash, stocks and bonds, and another property at the outskirts of town. (Keichiro also has his own bachelor loft at the city, since he was working already)


Now, as Keichiro sped away enroute to the police and fire stations, as well as the insurance company at the city; I made my way towards Browning, which is situated in a huge chunk of land with a concrete perimeter, on foot, crossing my fingers that Uncle Jonin, the ancient school custodian, whom I am close friends, since third grade, with; was already awake, and would let me go inside.

My prayers were answered; Uncle Jonin was actually waiting for me at the main gates. I bowed respectfully in greeting, and told him the bad news. He made moans and clucks of sympathy, and immediately ushered me inside the campus.

Then, he bade farewell, since he had to go out to the greengrocers and the supermarket to replenish his cupboard’s stock for the week. I assured him I’ll be fine inside the main building, and since he trusted me not to intentionally destroy or ruin, unlike some of my peers, anything of value, he left without single glance back, or entertaining any doubts at all!

Once inside the main building, I went directly to my locker, and happily got hold of my cheerleading uniform (even for a gloomy day, it was hot and humid – or, maybe it was the fire’s effect on me…), until I discovered I had no extra set of underwear at hand!

I dialed Uncle Jonin’s number at my N93, and was elated to hear it ring. He answered after two rings, and I told him of my dilemma. He then promised to buy me some in medium size, but he warned me he’ll only be back by late afternoon.

I laughed heartily, “Since I’m alone here, Uncle Jonin, maybe I’ll go commando for a while…” Uncle Jonin laughed boisterously in return, and after a few minutes, I hung up, and my way to the old prefects’ (sounds too Harry Potter-ish, huh?) bathroom at the uppermost floor of the main building, so I can take a bath, and refresh myself.


At the prefects’ bathroom, after locking the door, I quickly shed my wet Kurtköy Escort clothes: wet uniform, wet socks, wet bra, wet panties – wet everything! I towel-dried myself first, and rested for a while, seated on the gleaming clean bathroom floor, naked!

The prefects’ bathroom was circular in shape, and was definitely bigger in size (than the more modern ones here at Browning), and fully surrounded by clear, nondescript mirrors. Looking around, a blunt, broken tile by the first sink caught my eye. I stood up to touch it, and when I did, my world literally turned!




Seconds, or minutes, or hours later, I woke up from my fainting spell, and soon discovered that the entire bathroom has turned into a giant tub with an ornate showerhead!

“What the-!” I cried out, shaking the cobwebs off my mind.

Then, a sweet-smelling odor, like a mixture of ylang-ylang, jasmine and vanilla, permeated through the air, making me feel light and giddy. Then, I noticed the tub was filling itself with water, and soon enough, I was floating!

As I floated on the water, I felt something brush by my delicate part at the south of the border – then again, and again, and again – until whatever it was finally found the confidence it needed, and was audaciously touching, caressing me down there – and, whatever or whoever it was, it remained unseen. I moaned in ecstasy as the unseen force found my delicate part’s burgeoning bud, and focused all its energies on tickling and massaging it. I cooed, oohed and ahhed, until the throes of my first ever orgasm overwhelmed and engulfed me. I was out of breath afterwards, and soon thereafter, the unseen force left without making itself known to me.

My entire body felt tingly. I was flushed, and I wanted it to pleasure me again.

‘Great. Whatever that thing was, it was slowly but surely turning me into a nymphomaniac!’

I fingered myself three times before I actually did any form of bathing and washing.

After my bath, I dressed in my cheerleading uniform with matching socks and sneakers, but funny, sans underwear. And, if it wasn’t really my bad luck day, the climate suddenly became windy! I had to look around carefully because my short cheerleading skirt kept billowing upwards, exposing my delicate part for all to see (thank goodness I was able to shave my wiry coif down there before our house burned to the ground!).


I made my way towards the custodian’s cottage eastward of the main gates. Small but very cozy, and the fireplace was left lit, much-needed warmth emitting from the bright orange flames. I quickly opened the small fridge that stood beside the antique oven, and pored over its contents. I satiated my hunger with a reheated bowlful of veal casserole, and a glass of milk. Afterwards, I settled down, seated in Indian-style, in front of the fireplace to rest for a while, before leaving the comfy cottage to wander around the campus.

I decided to walk-off the excess pounds she might have incurred by finishing off the whole casserole, and soon reached the Academy’s infamous Petrified Maze. “Why not?” I asked myself, as I toyed with the idea of entering such notorious place by herself, “I bet it’ll be fun, and besides, I’ve got nothing else to do until Uncle Jonin comes back, so I’ll have company!” So, gamely entered the maze, I did, without thinking of a ‘probable’ surprise in stored for me inside.


It only took a few minutes before panic settled on my frail nerves because all of my adrenaline was already spent when I was convincing Keichiro and practically begging the firefighters to let me enter our burning house to save some of things inside.

I was exhausted Pendik Escort to the bone, so when I finally reached the center of the maze, I welcomed the sight of a wide slab of a bench, and lay down to sleep.

My slumber was dreamless, which enabled me to slowly become conscious of my surroundings before I truly opened my eyes.

Eyes. Even if mine was still closed, I can feel someone was staring down at me, very intently.

As I opened my eyes to see my mystery looker, I gasped, as I recognized our Academy Dean, Longfellow Lee Wakamatsu, gazing at me straight to the eyes. “Ohayo gozaimasu, Gakkan Wakamatsu-san!” I greeted smilingly, though even I felt my smile was tired stiff.

He returned the smile with uncertainty, and asked, “Pardon my abruptness, but why are you at school? It’s Saturday, Nishida, and you’re here inside the maze, of all places in the entire campus!” “I understand your incredulity, Sir… But, since you seemed not to have been given the tragic news, I’ll share it with you myself, Sir: Last night, or early this morning, whatever applies – the house my brother and I shared burned to the ground, leaving us with nothing but the clothes on our back!”


I truly felt downtrodden and downhearted, and I can’t accept the fact that it happened to me and to the house I’ve lived in since I first came to this world. It was pure injustice.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Nishida…” Dean Wakamatsu said quietly, “I guess that would explain why you’re not currently wearing any form of underwear…” My jaw dropped open in shock. I hastily looked down, and saw my legs spread-eagled, giving the Dean a bird’s-eye-view of my delicate anatomical part.

Color drained from my face as I realized what had transpired, and even if I wanted to snap my thighs shut together, I could no longer see the use, when the Dean already had an eyeful anyway.


Still, the Dean didn’t take his eyes off my delicate part. In fact, if I know better, he was already ‘tinkering’ and ‘manipulating’ the said part in his mind. So I cleared my throat, and it was only at that moment that the Dean realized what he was doing all the time. “Forgive me…” he drawled huskily, flushed in embarrassment, “I didn’t know…”

I have to admit that I was so aroused just by thinking that the Dean was staring intently at my vagina for more than ten minutes, all his cares and worries obviously forgotten.

The world only consisted of himself, the maze and my pussy, which was already dripping with my intoxicating juices, which subsequently filled the air.

Emboldened, I spread my legs even further, astounding the Dean, who slipped and landed on his butt.

“There’s no use, Gakkan Wakamatsu, to put up a pretense of modesty on my part when you already ogled my cunt (he winced blushingly) like other men do with whores,” I removed my cheerleading uniform, as the Dean looked on in amazement, and added, “Well, you had your fill – now, satisfy me in return!”

I stood up, walked over to the dumbfounded Dean, and unbuttoned his polo shirt with my deft fingers; I unzipped his fly and off with his trousers, until all that was left was his thermal vest and white Jockey briefs, housing a painfully-erect penis, which was battling courageously to break free.

Certainly, I didn’t disappoint the thrusting tool, and ripped off the fabric that imprisoned it. (I kept the vest on because I liked to)

I knelt carefully on the ground, bent slightly, until my lips reached his throbbing gargantuan penis, and focused my attention in bringing the said tool of copulation to its pleasurable brink.

Slurping sounds brought about my expert sucking and licking filled our current environs, as Mutlukent Escort the Dean closed his eyes in ecstasy, and raised his hips to meet my carnal ministrations.

Being a member of his species, the Dean, who, by now, was also stark naked as I am, had already removed his thermal vest, didn’t last long, and soon enough, he was spewing his milky fluids on me – my face, my breasts, my abdomen, my thighs – that seemed to last for eternity.

Blood was surging through my clitoris, engorging it until it resembled a tiny version of what the Dean had. “Ooohhh…” I sighed, as crushed my breasts and pinched my nipples, while the Dean looked on, well-spent.

“Fuck me, Gakkan Wakamatsu-san, please put it in me – I need it so much…” I breathed huskily, as I fingered myself, crazed with desire.

The Dean jacked himself off furiously, willing his penis to stand up and do its duty to me.

Thankfully, it cooperated, and I took that as my cue to mount my lusty Dean.

|~I. Am. A. Virgin.~|

Funny, that thought no longer crossed my mind, as I lowered myself on the Dean’s hard-as-steel sexual rod. He held me by my hips, and when he was surely inside me, his hands found my bosom, and tugging my pointed nubs to their limit.

I remained inert, even if I already straddled the Dean, taking my sweet time in letting my body, which, for the first time, finally encountered a penis, to fully adjust – as the Dean began sucking my nipples like a hungry infant receiving his Daily Recommended Allowance of Breast milk from his Mother.

When the initial pain finally subsided, I slowly began moving up then down, and repeated that pleasure-giving process, as if I was riding the Carousel in the Mall. The Dean’s balls slapping my pert butt, as his calloused fingers found my clitoris, and began massaging it with his right index and middle fingers, while his left fingers pried my labia apart for better access.

“Oooohhhh… Aaaahhhhh… Don’t stop, don’t stop… Please! Uhhh… Oooohhhhh… Ooh, ooh, ohh! Faster, harder… please, harder, faster! Yes, yes, yes… Yeeeesssssss…”

An orgasm from my very first sexual intercourse.

It robbed me of my mental faculties and speech – I moaned, I groaned, I sighed, I grunted animal-like as my juice-leaking pussy milked the Dean’s cock dry.

I dropped atop the Dean, who embraced me tightly, with my breasts crushed sensuously by his toned chest.

We kissed torridly, our tongues lashing out yet savoring each other.

Then, we subsequently went off to slumberland in each other’s arms.


I never encountered the thing that awakened my sexuality – most probably because it already had served its purpose to me – inside the old prefect’s bathroom ever again.

Though it doesn’t mean it never struck again…

Just recently, one of my classmates, Makiko, divulged to me a bizarre incident inside the old prefect’s bathroom, which mirrored what I’ve experienced some time ago.

She also shared to me that after that fateful incident, she became insatiably horny.

So horny that she managed to gather her suddenly-audacious courage to approach Professor Arashi, our mutual Phys. Ed. teacher, unclothed one night. The professor didn’t put up much fight, she told me, since Makiko is a gorgeous and voluptuous young woman, well-endowed and skilled in the art of pleasure, and since then, they would fuck each other like rabbits each and every night… just like the Dean and me.

The Dean. Even if he was twenty years my senior, I really don’t care one bit. He’s handsome, virile, strong and HUGE! So, was there anything else I could ask for!? I’m perfectly contented, as of the moment.

Since my house burned to the ground, I occupied the room, which had a secret adjoining door, next to the Dean’s at school – just perfect for our midnight trysts!

And, for the first time in my life, I could say I’m really happy…

Notice the beaming smile on my face!? [winks]


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