The Delaney’s Holiday – Day 06

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All the characters in this story who engage in sexual acts are over 18.


Mike Delaney woke on this day wondering what he’d done to deserve his good fortune.

His mother Suzanne, who had indulged in incest as a young woman, had seduced him. But not before both his virgin sisters had initiated horny acts. And now he had fucked all three. Plus he’d got head from his mother and given head to his youngest sister, there had been ‘watersports’…

He felt no guilt, except for a tinge of regret that his father would not approve. While strolling with her near the bend in the river, he spoke to his mother about it. She explained: “Well, he used to be a churchy type, just before I met him. He doesn’t know about the incest in my family. But he is well aware that I have a strong appetite for sex and he’s the beneficiary of that!”

“Have you ever, y’know, been with someone else? While you were with dad, I mean?”

“No. I have had to satisfy my hunger with a vibrator. That one you saw me with. I’m surprised it still works! It’s seen some action, I’ve no idea how many batteries I wore out in it! Anyway, I’ve thought about sex with you before but I wasn’t going to do anything until you’d grown up, if at all, but then it boiled up the other day… Are you sorry?”

“Hell no! Mum, it was the perfect way to lose my cherry. I’m so grateful!”

She hugged him: “OK. Then maybe we can be together some more?”

“Oh yes. I hope so…”

“That is, if you have the energy after your sisters…”

“Mmm. I have you to thank for that too. Especially Sammie. Without those thoughtful condoms…”

“I know. So, you wanna thank me properly?”

He smiled: “Like how?”

“Make me cum like you made Sam cum. On your face.”

“I’d love to mum. Um, now?”

“No, Friday next week! Yes now!”

After a brief check around her, Suzanne pulled her track suit pants and white cotton briefs down, stepped out of them, parted her feet, and motioned for her son to kneel before her. He did, and immediately licked along the length of her slit eliciting a low moan.

She parted her pussy lips and placed a hand on the back of his head to guide his tongue to her hungry clit. Mike licked and probed around it, occasionally darting his tongue directly onto it causing shudders through his mother’s thighs.

“Oh honey. I’m as hot as hell. Finger me too?”

Mike probed his mother’s pussy with a thumb. Without intending to, his middle finger found itself nudging her arsehole. It hadn’t occurred to him that it would turn her on so it was a surprise when she said: “Oh. Yes. Push in there too…”

He wasn’t sure how, so he just wiggled his middle finger until it was in his mum’s arse to the second knuckle, his thumb inside her pussy, and his tongue lapping on and around her swollen clitoris. Her hand on his head held his face to her private parts tightly and she ground on his tongue while his finger and thumb raised heat from her very core. Mike learned fast. He double-fucked her with his hand while his tongue lapped at her wetness, licking all the way around her cunt, inside it, on her clit, until she gasped, spasmed and practically fell over with thighs that refused to fully support her. Still he kept at her, holding himself rigid with one stiff strong arm on the ground. His mother mewed and shrieked, a second orgasm pulsing her snatch, this time Mike felt her arse clench hard at his invading finger while her pussy throbbed on his thumb.

He was so proud of himself. The whole thing lasted no more than three minutes. He made his sister and his mum cum quickly using his tongue. And he loved the taste and feel of wet pussy in his mouth. He secretly resolved to taste his twin sister’s pussy as soon as he could. But meantime…

“Mike. Honey that was fantastic. Oh shit was that fantastic. But now I gotta pee. So unless you move, you’re gonna get wet. Do you wanna get wet my darling? With mummy’s pee?”

“Yes. I never even dreamed pissing would be so hot. Mum, piss on my chest.”

“You want to take off your shirt?”


Suzanne smiled down at her son, kneeling in front of her. She never took her eyes off him as she let loose a stream of hot clear piss straight into the middle of his chest. Mike’s eyes were glued on his mother’s pissing pussy. The hot stream soaked his sweat-shirt in a big teardrop patch spreading out around his stomach, saturating the top of his shorts, soaking around his stiff cock and aching balls.

As the stream faded, Suzanne giggled: “My what a mess. Into the river, honey – then I’ve got something for you…”

The river was twenty metres away. Mike dived in, fully clothed, then got out and undressed, leaving his clothes over branches to dry. His mother took off her old, faded white t-shirt and bra.

“So, my gorgeous mother. What do you have for me?”

“Well, you made me cum like you made Sammie cum. So I’m gonna make you cum like she did. C’mere.”

Mike canlı bahis walked over to his mother. She knelt before him and took him in her mouth for lubrication, then began jacking him earnestly.

“Ooh mum. I’m so horny. I…”

Mike looked down at his mother, at her hand jacking his cock, at the other hand squeezing his balls, and mostly at the large round breasts jiggling with her hand movements. He focused on those tits. The elongated brown nipples. The goosebumps on her aureole. Jiggling, bouncing… Thirty seconds was all it took. His jizz boiled in him, hastened by her expert squeezing of his balls, then erupted over her tits in ropes of sticky white stuff that splashed on her left breast, in between them, and then stuck to her left nipple. A string of his stuff hung from her pointy nipple dragged towards the ground by gravity until it broke and fell.

Smiling up at her son, Suzanne licked the rest off his cock and playfully slapped his bum, saying: “Me for a wash now.”

She swam briefly then stood and got out of the water.

“Mike. I want to teach you. All sorts. I want to learn new things with you. What do you want to learn?”

“Oh mum. I dunno. Haven’t we done everything?”

“Oh no honey. There’s lots more. I haven’t even done everything!”

She sat naked next to her son, also still naked.

“Yeah. OK. I’ve heard of stuff, but I don’t know if it’s even true.”

“Like what?”

“Mum, I’m sort of shy. Talking with you about it.”

“Jeez, he’s fucked me, licked me to a superb double-orgasm, he’s cum in my mouth and on my tits and he’s shy?!”

Mike laughed: “Yeah. I see your point. OK. Well, can a guy really get his cock in your arse?”

“Yes, lots of people like doing that.”


“Um, yes I have. It can be really nice, but it can also be painful because it’s so tight in there. I love having a finger in my bum though.”

“Mmm, noted for future reference! How about same-sex? Does that turn you on mum?”

“Oh, I’ve thought about it. A lot, really. Never done anything about it though.”

“Is that why you peeked at the girls’ pussies?”

“No. Maybe. Oh hell. Probably, yes. Oh Mike. Am I too damned oversexed?”

“Hah. More like undersexed. You want more, don’t you?”

“I’ll go to hell. Yes. I want to try more. Do more.”


“Yes honey?”

“I bet Sammie would try some girl-on-girl. Oh mum, she’s a little sex goddess! When Lizzie and me were fucking Sammie licked her tits, played with her pussy, everything!”

“You were all together?”

“Yeah. Lizzie watched me fuck Sammie too!”

“I’m so glad you guys can explore without guilt. I’m proud. And a little turned on again. Ask me more.”

“Hmm. What about getting tied up, pain and stuff? Bondage, discipline? You ever tried that?”

“No. It’s not for me. I’ve had some rough sex before, it can be exciting, even a little light spanking. At the right moment it can be quite sexy. But nothing heavy.”

“Yeah, fair enough. I don’t think I could ever really hurt anyone, like, for fun.

“Oh shit. Mike? I think I might need some cock. Lend me yours?”

“Hah hah. Get me hard and I will!”

She didn’t need to try, he was already stiffening as soon as she took hold of his cock and popped it in her mouth. Then the moment was interrupted by Sam’s voice:

“Oh shit. Um…”

Lizzie was right there with her: “MUM!! MIKE!! Oh fuck. What?”

Suzanne jumped up, vainly trying to hide her nakedness for a few seconds before she gave up. She looked at her daughters. Fearing Paul was with them, she said: “Where’s your dad?”

Lizzie answered. “Gone to Weymouth for some part or other for the boiler. It packed up. MUM!”

“OK baby. So now you know. Sammie, I…”

“Oh I already knew mum. I saw you two the other day.”

Lizzie turned to Sammie: “You what? Jeez, I don’t know what to say. To think.” Suzanne turned all motherly: “Lizzie darling. Baby don’t be upset. I know about your games with each other too and I’m completely OK with it.”

Lizzie glared at Mike: “How do you know?” Suzanne deflected her daughter’s anger.

“Lizzie I saw you flash Mike when you and Sammie peed on the trip up. Oh heaven help me. I sneaked up on you three yesterday and watched you girls lose your cherry.” She hadn’t, she used the info Mike gave her in a little white lie to get her son off the hook. “Oh baby. Are you OK?”

“I don’t know. Um. What’s with you? Why are you, um, interested in your children having sex with each other?”

“Because I’ve had sex with my brothers and I’m OK with it.”

Lizzie sat down on the ground with a thump. Sammie, minx Sammie, chimed in: “Really? Cool. I never knew them of course but they look pretty good in that photo. Were they, y’know, hung?”

That broke the tension. Suzanne and Mike laughed briefly. Then Lizzie did too. Suzanne answered: “No, not really. Not like Mike here…” bahis siteleri

Lizzie laughed again. “Oh mum. It’s OK. Just a shock. Really, it’s OK. Um, you and Mike were about to…start…something?”

“Um, how so?”

“Because you’re both naked and you had hold of his cock. I suppose you were discussing the weather?!”

Suzanne blushed this time: “Guilty as charged. No, we were discussing Mike’s education. In the arts of pleasuring and being pleasured, that is…” Sammie interrupted: “Education? Is it just for boys, or are we in an egalitarian family?”

More laughter. Sam really knew how to break tension, even if she didn’t always realise it.

Suzanne responded: “We can all learn. But not now. I need…”

“Oh no you don’t!” Said Lizzie, grinning broadly. “You don’t get off that easily. I demand to know what you were talking about. I demand equal rights, I demand…”

Mike lunged at her, grabbed her and flipped her on her side. “We were talking about spanking. Want some?”

Lizzie squealed and wriggled hopelessly. Mike had begun tickling her, giving her backside a healthy smack at every opportunity, knowing she could not do anything when tickled. Sammie looked at her mother. “Was he going to spank you?”

“No sweetheart. We were just talking about what things people like to do, but we hadn’t, um, chosen anything to try.”

“Well I’ve got an idea then,” Sammie said. “Oral. We all do oral. On each other. C’mon mum!”

Suzanne looked to heaven, then back down to earth: “I’m going to hell.”

Lizzie said: “It’s OK mum. We’ll be there with you. And we’ll have soooo much fun! Sammie! Strip. Show mum how pretty we are.”

Mike teased: “Oh, she already knows, I’m sure. And so do I. Get yer gear off!”

The sisters stripped out of their swimsuits quickly, standing proudly naked for their mother to fully appreciate the beauty she’d brought into this world. Then they stood awkwardly, not knowing where to start. Suzanne broke the ice: “Mike. Now’s your chance. You’ve given me and Sammie pleasure with your mouth. Now do the same for Lizzie.”

He needed no further encouragement, after looking into his twin’s eyes and seeing agreement there. Lizzie lay back on the soft grass and parted her thighs, closed her eyes, and awaited Mike’s tongue for agonising seconds. When she felt it, electricity shot through her up to her nipples which instantly hardened. Pinching them herself she looked between her thighs at the top of her brother’s head, revelling in the erotic tingling his tongue gave her. “Oooh Sammie. You’re right. This is bloody brilliant.”

Sammie wasn’t paying attention. She had locked lustful eyes with her mother, who held out her arms to her youngest child. Sammie embraced her mother. With them both standing naked, Sammie needed only to bend slightly to take nipples in her mouth. She knew from Lizzie how to nibble and bite them, and so she tried those tricks on her mother. Raising her hand to her mother’s pussy, she felt the wetness there in proof of the efficacy of her mouth on the breasts that gave her nourishment as a baby.

“Sammie? I want to do you. Can I do you?”

“Yes mummy. Please.”

Suzanne eased her daughter onto the grass, onto her side, and lifted her thigh so as to open the fuzzy pussy for her mouth to access. Ever the leader, Sammie immediately saw the opportunity and bent her head to her mother’s stomach and kissed it.

The two women thus signalled they were going to eat each other’s cunts, so laying on their sides, legs crooked to open themselves for each other, they set about licking and sucking, exploring, learning what pushed each other’s buttons.

Lizzie was fast getting over the shock of knowing her mother and brother were having sex. Mike’s tongue lapping at her dripping box made sure she was focused on pleasure. She turned her head to where her sister and mother were in 69. Sammie had her back to Lizzie, only two metres away. Looking down to Sammie’s round bum, between her sister’s thighs she saw her mother’s eyes, burning into her own with desire, as she lapped at her daughter’s melting pussy.

Lizzie pulled at Mike’s hair to get his attention. He looked up and Lizzie shifted into 69 with her brother. Mike felt his twin sister’s hot mouth engulf his cock and gasped aloud, focusing on the shot of pleasure she gave him, then went back to licking at her hairless pussy, now slick with her juices and his saliva.

She was not expert, this being the first cock in her mouth. Mike had his mouth full of pussy and couldn’t tell her how to please him, so she simply moved her head back and forwards a few centimetres at a time, lips closed around his shaft. Mike loved it, as his clenched-teeth groans against her pussy lips testified. But he wasn’t going to be selfish. He really wanted his sister to cum hard from his stimulation.

Despite the electricity Lizzie generated in his cock, the frequent (and recent) ejaculations Mike had enjoyed gave him bahis şirketleri the ability to push his own raging pleasure to the back of his mind and concentrate on Lizzie’s reactions. He again made comparisons. Sammie liked it best when he licked around her clit, especially when he put his lips over it and sucked. His mother liked direct contact on hers. Lizzie’s was too sensitive, she liked it most when Mike probed her vagina with his tongue, using a finger to press the hood around her clit.

Thus involved in the academic, he was able to push aside the erotic.

Lizzie had no such thoughts. Locking her eyes on her mother, who was still licking Sammie’s cunt, Lizzie’s orgasm blossomed from her arse and her nipples to contract into her pussy like a tightening spiral. She let Mike’s cock flop out of her mouth, screamed aloud and bucked her hips against her brother’s face, a finger deep inside her pussy and his lips pressing a kiss against her clit hood. She swooned and lost her sense of surroundings as her being melted on Mike’s mouth, and without realising it she squirted one, two, three jets on him in sync with her spasms.

Poor Lizzie was so overwhelmed with her climax that she squeaked and moaned but had no sense of either. As it gradually passed her legs rippled in the throes of the immediate afterglow until her brain reconnected with reality and she came back to earth. Lizzie and Mike lay like that for some time, lost in the moment.

Mike became aware of a familiar moaning. His mother and ‘little’ sister had near-identical cum-noises. And they were about to cum together. He looked at them in time to see Sammie clench her thighs around her mother’s head and buck slightly in orgasm. Suzanne’s actions were almost identical. Like mother like daughter. Her orgasm was less intense, but Sammie let rip with a few moans while hers washed over her.

When they’d finished, Sammie scooted up beside Suzanne and mother and daughter hugged. Lizzie was draped over Mike’s chest, holding his cock gently but without passion. She was erotically spent.

Sammie spoke first: “Mum? Do you always need to pee after you cum? I do.”

“Yes baby. Right Mike?”

“Um, you did the other night if I recall. Hey mum? We have a little game, us three. Wanna join in?”

“What is it honey?”

Lizzie explained: “We kneel in the river in a triangle and piss into the river to see how loud we can make it.”

“Sounds like fun. Let’s see how loud a square of pissers can be.”

In the river, the three girls giggled at the naughtiness of what they were about to do. Poor Mike had a problem. He was still hard and was sure he wouldn’t be able to ‘play’. Lizzie noticed his predicament: “Oh poor Mike. Pointing straight up. Oooh, twitching too! You gonna be able to pee little brother?”

“Nope. Don’t think I will. You gals go ahead though.”

“No way!” said Sam. “All together or not at all. OK?”

Her mum and sister laughed agreement. Suzanne took hold of her son’s cock and stroked gently.

“Jeez mum, it’ll never go down if you do that!”

Sammie decided to resolve the problem: “Mum, have you, er, sucked Mikey off?”

Suzanne blushed: “Yes. Yes I have.”

“So has Lizzie. So I’m gonna suck him off, then he’ll go soft, then we can do the pee game.”

“I raised a very smart and enterprising girl. Um, Lizzie?”

“Yeah mum?”

“Darling, while Sammie sees to your brother’s problem, um, I’d like to see what a smooth pussy feels like. OK?”

“OK. I don’t remember what it’s like to have hair. Bring yours closer so I can find that out too!”

Suzanne’s fingers explored her daughter’s pussy while her own was explored by her. They were a mirror image – kneeling there in the cool river water, facing each other. Each had their right hand on the other’s left breast and their left hand gently stroking the other’s pussy, not hastening to orgasm, more like caressing intimately. They kissed gently, softly, licking and nibbling each other’s lips.

Mike on the other hand had no such control. Sammie had kissed the end of his cock and looked up at him. He smiled, but half a second later Sammie had opened her mouth and launched it down onto his cock in one motion, closing her lips and tongue around it. The contrast of the cool dry air and the hot wet mouth shocked his senses into maximum arousal and within half a minute of his sister’s head bobbing up and down he felt his balls tighten.

He tapped Sammie on the head and warned her: “That’s so perfect darling. I’m gonna cum.”

She kept up, he tapped her again. Sammie brushed his hand away and took as much of his prick in her mouth as she could, and that did it.

Mike erupted in his sister’s mouth, she held her head there while his climax lasted and he felt her mouth pulse as she swallowed his cum. Letting his dick free, she looked proudly at her big brother and wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

Still he did not go completely soft, such are the recuperative powers of youth. But he was able to relax more, so the four of them resumed their kneeling square in the river. Sammie insisted they get close enough together so their thighs touched on either side.

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