The Dinner Hour

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I’m cutting some vegetables to sauté up for dinner along with the chicken roasting in the oven when I hear you knock on the door. I yell that its open and that I’m in the kitchen, and a few seconds later your shoes are tapping down the hall into the kitchen.

I smile at you, telling you you’re just in time to set the table for me and turn my head to give you a kiss. Instead of a kiss you walk up close behind me and grab my wrists, shaking them gently until I release the knife and the red pepper I was slicing. You whirl me around and press my back up against the counter, and the next thing I know you’re grabbing my skirt and tugging it up. I slap your hands away, telling you I have to get dinner ready – but apparently you have other ideas.

Dropping to your knees, you quickly work my skirt up to my waist and grab my underwear. Giving me an evil grin, you use both hands to tug on the fragile material until I hear a tear, which is followed by the sight of you throwing my new overpriced lace panties on the kitchen floor. I give you a dirty look which is returned with an innocent one as you lift one of my legs over your shoulder, and pull my pussy down to your mouth.

I close my eyes and gasp as your tongue starts probing the length of my slit, teasingly dipping between my pussy lips but not entering them. You pull me closer and I feel my flesh pressed tightly against your mouth and face. My leg buckles slightly as you move the tip of your tongue to my clitoris, and start teasing me with quick hard licks.

Your mouth doesn’t leave my wet pussy for Bostancı Escort what seems like forever…until I feel myself start stiffening with each stroke of your tongue, tantalizingly close to the sweet anticipation of an orgasm.

Instead of an orgasm, I get you placing my foot back on the floor and smiling sweetly at me, telling me to go ahead and finish getting dinner ready…because surely you wouldn’t want to get in the way of a good meal.

Oohhhh! I try to tackle you but with my weak knees and throbbing pussy just end up being pulled to my knees and manhandled as you lean over me, unbuttoning my shirt and drawing it off my shoulders. You unhook the front of my bra and pull it off, then kneeling before me, reach out with your tongue towards one of my nipples. I watch it change from soft and puffy to tight and erect in a matter of seconds, and the other one follows suit even as you move your lips to caress it too.

Trickles of warmth flood my insides as your tongue slowly laps over my full breasts, your teeth giving an occasional bite at the tips. Starting to get desperate to have you inside me, I slowly tease one thigh between your bent legs until it can rest against your hard cock. I can feel the change in you when my body bumps against you there, you become more aggressive in your attentions to my breasts, and it’s not long before you’re moving away from me far enough to unzip your pants.

Guiding me to the middle of the floor, you lay me on my back and raise my legs as high and far back as you can, spreading me wide open. You Kadıköy Escort move your heavy cock so it’s resting between my thighs, and I start trying to wiggle capture it and slide it in me. You just lazily move it over my wet labia until both of us are coated with my juice, ignoring my body’s urgent pleas. Soon you’ve teased me enough and you slowly push the head into me. I let out a low moan as you start slowly stretching me out a little at a time, until your cock is sunk deep in the heat of my pussy.

Your thrusts are gentle at first, and my pussy hungrily clenches around its silken flesh, trying to keep it in me. The feel your body pressing against me and the look of concentration on your face soon has me right back on the brink of orgasm. I relax and enjoy the feel of your thick cock’s rhythm in and out of my body, finding it increasingly harder to relax my muscles and it’s not long before my body grips you in a strong vice, and I can feel you are having trouble moving, and in danger of cumming if I keep it up.

I free my legs and plant my feet on the floor beside your body so I can lift my hips up to meet your thrusts. I’m torn between helping you to fuck me hard and fast, and the urge to pull you deep into me and just grind my sensitive lips and clit against your body until you cum.

The choice is taken from me when you give an unexpected hard thrust deep in me and hold me down with the weight of your body, pinning me with your cock against the cool linoleum floor. You body freezes over me and I hear you breathe deeply for a few seconds Göztepe Escort before starting to slowly move in and out of my cunt again, rocking against me and causing a new flood of moisture to well up in my body.

You reach down and capture my lips with yours, giving me a hard deep kiss as you reach one arm under my ass to lift me even closer to your body, crushing my tits against your chest. I feel the roughness of your pubic hair slide across my clit and it’s just what I need to send me over the edge. I let out a shriek as my orgasm sweeps over me, thrashing under your body and pounding the head of your cock against the inside of my body. My hoarse moans continue as the last spasms rush thru my body and your cock keeps pounding away inside me.

Satisfied that I’m more than content with you, finally you relax enough control of yourself to concentrate on my tight soaking wet pussy and the urge to let your cock shoot hot cum deep in my pussy. The sensation of your hard shaft stiffening then madly thrusting in me sets off another thrill in my body and I arch my back and spread my thighs to give you access to me.

You can’t take much of that slick fast fucking after my pussy has been squeezing around you for so long. Soon your fast ragged breaths turn to moans of pleasure as my tight muscles milk your cock. With a final cry you shove yourself deep inside me and your body jerks above mine as you empty yourself inside my body.

Collapsing above me for a minute, you use your last remnant of strength to roll off of me and pull me on top of you, still firmly attached to me with your cock. You reach a finger up and trace it lovingly thru the sheen of sweat glistening on my tits all the way to the first tendrils of hair at my pussy before complimenting me on the best dinner you’ve had all week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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