The Dream

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*reposted due to grammar errors*

This is a dream I had the other night. Then I had it several times again over the course of about a week. I’m obviously not a writer lol It was suggested I write this down to get it out of my head, I just figured Id share.

We’re standing in the laundry mat where I work. There’s about 4 other people there, but we’re over in a corner chatting. I’m telling him that I haven’t been sleeping well. He asks me why and smiles as if he knows what I’m about to say.

I step closer to shorten the distance between us. It’s risky other people may hear me, and I almost can’t believe I’m about to tell him the truth. I whisper my answer, my lips nearly touch his ear love. “I can’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking about fucking you”

He looks shocked but smirks like he’s intrigued.

I turn to walk away, my face feels flush with embarrassment. I’ve either just started something I’m not sure I can finish or I’ve successfully ruined our friendship. It üsküdar escort feels like an eternity before he speaks. His voice cool and calm he replies with “It doesn’t have to just be a dream.”

We step outside the back door to talk. There’s only 1 customer now but I need this job. I can’t risk customers hearing this conversation.

We stand there awkwardly for a moment staring at each other. His eyes pierce daggers into me, I have no idea where this is going. My heart is beating in my head. I may very well pass out.

Finally, He whispers in my ear “I’ve wanted to fuck you so bad for so long.”

I moan, his lips are on my neck now and his hands on my boob, I rub his dick through his pants. I’m lost in lust and it’s overtaking my body. Every touch I want more.

His dick is hard as a rock now. His pants can’t contain it. I’ve come back to Earth briefly and realize I’ve been away from the register for quite a long şerfali escort time. He adjusts and puts his dick in the waistband of his pants, the tip sticks out. It’s glistening beautifully with pre-cum.

All I can think about is fucking now. I want him inside of me so badly. I push him against the building and kiss him deeply. I bend down and lick the tip of his dick. I hear him inhale sharply, his body trembles, then I giggle and say I have to go back to work before customers come. Teasing him is all part of the fun.

He follows me back into the laundry mat which is now empty. I take his hand and guide him into the back where we keep the clothes. We’re kissing again, I say “I feel like we are going to get caught”

He says “Maybe we will” and flashes me that sexy smile again. His hand is down my pants now and the world is gone again. I gasp when I feel his fingers on my clit. This feels better than I had imagined. I’m already close to cumming. I’m starting to get louder and louder but I can’t stop myself. He’s touching me in all the right ways.

I kiss him and tell him I really need him to fuck me right now. He reaches down to release his dick from his pants. I can’t waste a second or I may just change my mind.

I lower myself down to my knees and take his dick in my mouth. I hear him mutter something but I can’t make out what it was. It’s bigger than I realized and I choke. He’s really into it and pulls my ponytail a bit. He guides my head up and down and I swirl my tongue as his dick glides in and out of my waiting mouth. It’s too much, he’s making so much noise and I’m just too turned on.

I look up and plead for him to fuck me. I stand up and slowly take down my leggings. Good thing I didn’t wear underwear today 😉

His dick is ready, slick with a mixture of pre-cum and my spit. I turn around and bend slightly, placing my hands on the wall for support. I gasp loudly when he enters me. With every pump he goes deeper and my body starts to tremble.

We are only able to fuck for literally what feels like 4 seconds before someone from the front says “Hello, is anyone back there?”

We part ways and agree to meet later and that’s when I wake up.

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