The Dream Come True

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It was the summer after my daughter’s high school graduation. She had gotten a summer job to get ready for college in the fall. She called home and said that Trisha was coming over and they were going to the mall, but she had to work over about an hour or so. I was to tell Trisha that she could wait or come back.

As the afternoon wore on, I forgot about Trisha coming over and decided to sit on the deck and finish the book I had started last week. It was hot, so I had on an old T-shirt and my stretched-out gym shorts with no underwear. I loved the feeling of lounging around in those shorts, plus it was easy to get my cock and balls out for a quick play if I desired.

Before settling in to read, I decided to jump in the pool to cool off. After a few laps, I hopped out and dried off, letting my shorts drip dry. I sat down and began to read. After few chapters I heard the door bell. It was Trisha, long brown hair, half way down her back, wearing a bikini top that revealed most everything and a pair of white shorts, very short shorts. I invited her in and told her that Melissa was working late and that she could wait or return. When she decided to wait, I asked her if she’d like a cold drink. We went into the kitchen and poured two lemon-aids and went out to the deck.

She asked what I’d been reading, seeing the book next to the low-setting deck chair I moved to and told her it was the latest murder mystery, but it was moving kind of slow. I told her she could go inside and watch TV or go for a swim while she waited. She opted for the swim. She said she knew where Melissa’s room was and would go get a pair of bottoms to swim in and that I should just sit back and read, and forget she was here.

A few minutes later she came out and headed to the pool. I continued to read, while watching her swim. Her small perky breasts barely being held in the top she wore. Her tight round ass as she walked to the diving board. The longer I watched, the more my cock grew, slowly at demetevler escort first then building to a throbbing hard-on. After several trips out of the pool and over to the diving board, she laid back on a raft and just floated, I however, tried to return to my book but found it hard to remain awake.

I drifted off in a light sleep for what couldn’t have been more than a few moments. I dreamed I felt a tongue on my balls, slowly licking up and down. Then I dreamed that that same tongue would travel up my cock, circle my engorged head and move slowly back down. Starting to come out of my sleep, my hand went for my cock and found a head and hair in its place.

I opened my eyes and saw Trisha slowly moving her hand up and down the length of my cock while her tongue circled my balls and flicked under the sack. I sat up quickly and pushed her away, tucking my package back inside my shorts. “What the hell are you doing?” I shouted. “I’m sorry Mr. Price, I came out to get a towel and saw your cock…er…penis sticking out of your shorts”, “it looked so good I just had to try it”. “Trisha, I’m old enough to be your father, it just isn’t right”, I said.

Trisha replied, “I have to confess Mr. Price, I’ve had a crush on you for several years now”. “Ever since I spent the night a few years back with Melissa, I watched you take a shower, even them I knew I wanted your cock.” She continued, “I know you have watched me as well, even today I saw your hard-on from the pool,” “Why do you think I made all those trips to the diving board”.

With that, she reached around behind her and un-did the clasps holding her top on and let it fall away, exposing those beautiful young breasts and firm, hard nipples. She stated, “No ones around and I’ve worked both of us into a frenzy, it would be a shame to waste it now.” She knelt back down and pulled aside my shorts, revealing my throbbing cock. Her hand gently wrapped around it, looking so small as she slowly escort demetevler stroked my cock.

After a few minutes, she reached up and pulled at the waist band of my shorts, pulling them off my ass and down my legs. Then she stood up and pulled down the bottoms she borrowed from my daughter, kicking them off to one side. She then opened my legs by spreading my knees apart, my cock standing straight up at attention.

She then turned around and bent over slightly, revealing her perfect ass and pussy lips, pointing them directly at my cock. Then she slowly sat down, piercing her cunt with my cock. Slowly at first, just the head poking in and out of her sweet pussy. Then with one push, she drove my meat deep into her hot, wet hole. She was so tight, the walls of her cunt gripped and massaged my cock.

Her moans started with each time she pulled off of me and then drove my cock back home. If she kept this up, I wasn’t going to last very long. It had been years since I had experienced a pussy this tight and GOD was it great! While she pumped herself up and down on my rod, she reached down with her fingernails and gently scraped them across my balls, the feeling was so good! Like none I’d felt in a long time. Here I was, an 18 year old friend of my daughter’s, fucking me like she had done it for years!

I mention to her that I’m getting close to cumming and she had better get off of me now. She stood up and took a hold of my hand, pulling me out of the chair. She reached over and removed my shirt and said, “Let finish this in the pool.” I lean over and picked her up, cradling her in my arms. As I carry her to the pool, our mouths meet, tongues intertwine. I lift her up slightly more and place a nipple in my mouth, biting and sucking as she moans louder and louder. We walk down the steps into the pool and I set her down, back to the wall. I whisper to her, “Hold on tight baby.”

I move between her legs and open them, exposing demetevler escort bayan her lovely shaved pussy to me. I kiss slowly a long her thighs moving closer with each kiss to her dripping cunt. As I run my tongue around the lips of her pussy, I can’t remember when I had tasted one so sweet. I drive my tongue deep into her, fucking her with my tongue, alternating between her clit and her tight sweet hole. Her moans increase in sound and frequency as I place my finger at her asshole and start to penetrate while eating her hot cunt.

I feel her body tense as the first of several waves of orgasm across her little frame. Over and over and she begins to beg for me to stop. I release her legs and move up her body, kissing her as I go. Our mouths meet again and we kiss long and deep. She tells me to sit on the edge of the pool and I lean back, exposing my cock. She drives her lips down, engorging herself on my raging hard-on. Up and down her head bobs as she pulls and rolls my balls in her hands.

Watching this young woman suck my cock is more than I can bear. I feel my load beginning to boil deep inside me. Sensing that I am close, she leans forward and strokes my cock between her breasts, all the while watching me and smiling. Stroking my cock, I shoot my cream up into her face, load after load. Cum is dripping down onto her chest as she continues to pump my cock. I lay back, completely spent as she cleans the cum off my cock and scoops the creamy juice off of her tits and face, licking it off of her fingers like it was ice cream or chocolate.

She crawls up on top of me, her hard nipples rubbing along my chest and kisses me. “Can we do this again some time Mr. Price?” she asked. Please, call me Jim…and yes baby, we can do this as often as you like.

We get up and I begin to dress as she grabs her things and heads inside. Moments later, Melissa drives up. As they leave, Melissa comes to me and leans over and kisses me on the cheek. I’ll bet that’s the first kiss you’ve gotten all day, huh Dad”, she says. “Then we should make it two kisses for the day” smiles Trisha as she leans over and pecks me on the other cheek.

My two sweet girls, what would I do with out you! Trisha looks back over her shoulder as she walks through the door and says, “Yes…what would you do?”

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