The Experience

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Big Dicks

It would start out with kissing and fondling as I undressed you, then once you are naked I would stretch you out on the bed, your arms strait above you laying on your back with your legs strait and comfortably together. then put a light blindfold over your eyes. I tell you to stay still or I will stop.

Starting at your lower legs I begin to very lightly drag my fingertips up your entire body to your forearms. I make little swirls around your pussy, navel and nipples as i pass them, never actually touching them.

In small areas I go from very light to slow deep scratches with my dull nails. I start with scratching you over your hips/waistline, and your ribs, the backs and inside of your thighs and your chest between and below your breasts.

Slowly I trail my tongue from your navel up between your breasts, to each side of your neck where i nibble on your ears. Then starting again at your navel I take my tongue and lick to both sides over your hip bone where I pause to kiss and tickle with my goatee. Then back to your navel where I drag my tongue down inside both of your thighs still avoiding your pussy.

I can smell your arousal and it makes me very much want to take you now, but I have more plans for you first. You will get me, but you will have to wait.

I take off the blindfold and you see that I am now naked. My dick is rock hard, deep red, and glistening drops of precum are dripping from the head.

I tell you to turn. Lay on your back with your head to me. put your arms out to both sides as far as you can reach and scoot to where your head hangs off my tall bed. This puts your head just below my dick and makes it easy for you to stare at that object of your desire and soon to be pleasure.

I kneel and take your head in my hands. I hold it as I kiss your forehead and cheeks working my way to your mouth. I use my tongue to explore your mouth and then slowly lower your head back to hanging while sultangazi escort I kiss. I slide my hands over your shoulders and down your torso to fondle your breasts while we kiss.

I pinch your nipples as I break contact with your lips and slowly stand. I step forward to place my dick up to your lips.

“You ready for me?” I whisper to you, all the while I am still pinching your nipples.

I slide my dick into your mouth. You feel my knees go weak as the feeling of you on my dick is amazing. my hands slide even further down your body. I spread your pussy lips and revel at how wet they are. I start rubbing across your clit using your own lubrication to get it nice and slippery.

I slide in a finger while I rub your clit then start moving my dick in and out of your mouth. After a little while of fucking your mouth I pull out and order you to get up.

You stand in the center of the room where I had pointed and your leg quivers as you see me staring shamelessly at your naked body. I walk behind you and trail my fingers over the small of your back. I then slap your ass. Sharp and loud, but not very hard. The surprise makes you just more than anything.

I tell you to lace your fingers behind your head and stand with your legs spread. I can see a smile on your face as you comply. Your eyes close of their own accord.

I slide a hand up between your legs slipping through your slick juices and feel your dripping pussy. It radiates heat, and I caress it gently, playing in your wetness.

I nibble on your ribs below your raised arms, and work my way around with nibbles, kisses, and licks under your breasts.

You feel me enter you with a finger. Not much goes in you but enough to get nicely slippery then it pulls out. You feel that it has moved it attention and is now slowly pressing into your asshole. The pressure and lube make it easy to pop arnavutköy escort into you.

I step around in front of you, but the presence is still in your ass. You realize that I left a small plug in you there. I sit down on the bed and tell you to turn your back to me. then sit on my dick. I want to feel you ride me, but keep your hands up.

I grab your ass cheeks as you lower them to me and guide myself into you. I am rock hard, just waiting for this. I have you spread your legs and lean forward. then I slap your ass, first one cheek then the other. After a couple slaps I rub the sting out and turn on the vibrator in the anal plug.

I can feel you sump and squirm a little as you get used to this sudden sensation.

I get tight grips on your hips and start lifting you up on my dick and sliding you back down. I bounce you on my dick and feeling the head of my dick hit that vibrator inside you every time I go in. Every three strokes or so I give your ass a good slap as you bottom down on me.

I keep this up until I can hear you getting close to an orgasm. You feel the vibrator turn off and I lift you completely off me. I tell you to move your hands and hold them behind your back as you kneel to suck yourself off of me. I watch your head bob on my dick when you are not busy running your tongue all over it. You look up to my eyes, and I can see defiance there.

I will have to remove that.

After I am cleaner I have you lift up. I squeeze you breasts together tightly so you can titty fuck me while you lick the head of my dick. I feel myself enjoying this too much and see my precum stringing from my hear to your tongue.

I tell you to stand up again. I tell you that your hands are free to do as you wish as I pull you to me, slide my hands around to caress your back and ass cheeks while I kiss up from your navel all over your breasts. I flick your başakşehir escort nipples and bite at them as I pass. I work my way up your neck to your chin then your lips and kiss you soft and slow. Deeply.

You feel my arms tighten as I lift you off the ground completely and roll back onto the bed. I hug you close as we roll over to the center of the bed and I continue to kiss all over your neck and ears.

We end up with me on to of you. You can feel my dick pressing against your belly as I slide my legs between yours. My eyes are locked on yours as I maneuver into position. You guide me as I slowly enter you. I watch your face. I feel your legs raise. You squeeze me lightly between them.

I slide in smoothly to the hilt. I pull back out and start fucking you with just the head. Popping in and out. Every once in a while at random you get the full length.

I continue this until I hear you whimpering and I start fucking you full strokes each time. I slip my arms under your legs. I lift you and make it easier to pound into you and let my balls slap against your asshole and that anal plug.

I reach down and turn it on while I am slamming it into you. You can feel the pressure from it vibrating through to my dick as they rub together and vibrate together deep within you.

I am staring into your half open, glassed eyes, your breasts are bouncing in circles as I thrust into you. We bounce time the bounce to use the beds springs to out advantage.

I can see your eyes are now closed. I can feel your pussy walls squeezing my dick. I can hear your breath coming in short quick grunts. I can feel your legs pushing against me.

I am getting very close too. I start fucking harder, faster. You see my eyes are closed now. I grab your breasts and squeeze them, the nipple pinched in my fingers as I thrust into you and shoot my cum deep. The heat spreads in you as, I go ridged above you.

I hold there for a little bit, then reach down to turn off the vibrator. I slowly let you lower your legs, keeping me inside you the whole time.

I lay down carefully on top of you and put my head on your shoulder. my lips against your ear. I nibble lightly with my lips then very softly whisper into your ear, “Sweet Nothings, Sweet Nothings, Sweet Nothings,”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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