The Family Camping Trip Ch. 04

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When Callie woke the next morning she was alone. She could hear people talking outside the tent and looked at her watch. She gasped as she looked at the time, it was after 11. She never slept this late. She quickly dug in her duffel bag for clothes and got dressed. She picked a tight denim skirt that molded to her body and a half shirt that just barely covered her tits. She figured she had fucked most of the men at the camp out so far, so it wouldn’t hurt to look sexy.

She climbed out of the tent and walked over to the campfire. Nick and Frank were talking sports, Trevor was sitting in his camp chair sipping on a soda and talking to Jacob. Her mother, aunt Michelle and Jessica were nowhere to be seen. She saw a pan of scrambled eggs with ham cut up in it sitting just off the fire. She walked over and made a plate then moved over by her dad and Uncle Nick. She sat down between them and started eating.

“Hey sleepyhead.” Nick said mussing her hair.

Callie swallowed and smiled up at him. “Hey, where’s everybody else?”

Nick looked around and shrugged. “Your mom, cousin and aunt were gone when I got up.”

Callie looked at her dad. He just smiled. “They headed down to the lake. They figured since we’re leaving tonight they would get one last swim in.”

Callie sighed as she finished eating. It had been a fun three days; she didn’t want to go home. She knew she would continue having fun with her dad and Jacob, but she would miss Trevor’s sweet cock. She looked over at him and he blew her a kiss. She smiled and winked at him. He winked back then went back to talking to Jacob.

Callie set her plate with the rest and sat back against Nick’s legs. He reached down and rubbed her shoulder then leaned down and kissed the top of her head. “Hey kiddo, wanna run to the store with me?”

Callie looked up at him and shrugged. “Sure, beats sitting around here.” She stood up and straightened her skirt. “What are we going for?”

Nick let his eyes drift over her and licked his lips. Then he cleared his throat and smiled at her. “Since it’s our last day, your dad wants to grill some steaks over the fire.”

Callie looked at her dad who smiled. “Sounds good lets go.”

Nick grinned and stood up. “Okay, we’ll be back in a few.” He led Callie over to the suv and climbed behind the wheel while she climbed into the passenger seat. While Nick started the engine, Callie looked at the car. It was huge, the backseat was big enough to hold three people comfortably. “Nice ride.” She said as she turned back towards the front.

Nick grinned at her and looked out the windshield as he turned onto the main road and headed towards town. “Yeah, I got three more at home. This one is just a rental but I couldn’t resist it when I saw it at the shop.”

Callie licked her lips and ran her hands over her bare legs. “You could fit three people in the backseat.” She said as they stopped at a light.

Nick reached over and ran his hand over her leg, pressing against her skirt. Callie looked over at him through lowered eyes and he smiled. “It’s big enough to lie down in too honey.” He said keeping his hand on her leg as he started driving again.

Callie looked down at his hand and closed her eyes. She should be shocked but after everything that happened this weekend, she just relaxed and waited to see what happened. They stopped at another light and Nick moved his hand up her leg, pushing her skirt up with it. “Uncle Nick,” She said breathlessly looking over at him.

Nick smiled at her and moved his hand higher, pushing her skirt up even more. “You are beautiful honey.” He said licking his lips.

Callie looked around; there was no one on the road, so she decided to throw caution to the wind. She unbuckled her seatbelt, then lifted her body and grabbed her skirt, and pulled it up so it was bunched around her waist. She sat back down and rebuckled her seatbelt, then spread her legs and smiled at her uncle as she grabbed his hand and put it on her pussy.

Nick glanced back to the front and started driving again as he lazily let his free hand drift over her pussy. “Mmmmm, nice and smooth.” He said softly pushing his fingers between her pussy lips as he kept his eyes on the road.

“Oh Uncle Nick…” She sighed spreading her legs further apart as he brushed his finger against her clit.

Nick stopped at another light and looked over at her. “You like that little girl? You like me touching your sweet pussy?” He brushed his finger against her clit, then dropped his hand and teased his finger against her slit.

Callie looked at him through half closed eyes. “Oh yes, I love it when someone plays with my pussy and your hand feels good Uncle Nick.” She lifted her hips and his finger slid inside her.

Nick smiled and slowly sawed his finger in and out of her, as he started driving again. Callie purred and lifted her hips against him then grabbed his hand and slid his finger faster inside her. “I like it when you move it fast Uncle Nick.” escort haberleri She purred rotating her hips.

Nick chuckled as he started driving again. “You’re a horny little shit aren’t you?” He worked his finger faster inside her and rubbed her clit with his thumb.

Callie squealed and lifted her hips pulling him deeper inside her. “Oh yes Uncle Nick. I love getting fucked and your hand feels so good.”

His finger flew in and out of her as he mashed her clit with his thumb. He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye and saw her with her head tipped back and she was breathing hard. “Lift your shirt, let me see those tits.” He growled as he stopped yet again.

Callie had her eyes closed but she opened them and looked at him. “Are you kidding? Someone could see.”

Nick laughed as he continued down the road. “There is no one around, besides your already giving any other driver a show with my hand in your cunt.” He worked his finger faster and she cried out as she rotated her hips in a circle.

Callie bit her lip in indecision. Nick stopped moving his hand and looked over at her. “Show me your tits girl if you want me to get you off.” He held his hand buried inside her.

Callie whimpered, her pussy was burning with need, but she was embarrassed at the thought of anyone seeing her with her shirt off. She looked over at him and he just smiled. He slid his finger in and out a couple of times and dug his nail into her clit. “Take your shirt off little girl.” He growled.

Callie sighed and lifted her shirt over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her tits fell free as she dropped her shirt on the floor. Nick looked over at her and licked his lips as he started moving his hand in her again. “Oh yeah, nice pert little tits.”

Callie whimpered and lifted her hips as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes once more. “Make me cum Uncle Nick, please.” She sighed.

Nick worked his finger faster inside her as he mashed her clit with his thumb. Callie started whimpering and panting as she lifted her hips against him. Nick stopped once more at a light and looked out the passenger window, he smiled as a truck pulled up beside the car and the driver glanced over at them. Callie was crying out and lifting her hips as he fingered her furiously. “Play with your tits girl.” He growled fingering her even faster.

Callie didn’t bother opening her eyes, she just reached up and grabbed her tits and started pawing them with her hands. She pulled on her nipples as she whimpered. Nick looked out the window again, the man had a look of pure awe on his face and he was licking his lips. Nick saw him put his hand down under the window nad figured he was grabbing his cock. Nick grinned and fingered her even faster.

The light changed and Nick started driving again. He glanced out of the corner of his eye and saw that the guy in the truck was keeping time with them. He would glance between the road and Nick’s car. Nick grinned at the man and mouthed, “I’m fingering her.”

The man in the truck’s eyes widened and he glanced at Callie, she was whimpering and crying out and slamming her body up and down against Nick’s hand. Her hands were pulling at her tits as she started breathing heavier. The man in the truck grinned and licked his lips. He mouthed, “really?”

Nick grinned and fingered her even faster as he nodded. The man moaned and rolled down his window. Nick smiled as he watched the man roll down his window. The man could hear Callie’s cries through the open window and he smiled and licked his lips once more. He glanced towards the road then back to Nick. “You gonna make her cum man?” He called over the wind.

Nick grinned and fingered her even harder, Callie cried out and started thrashing her body around. “What do you think?” He called to the man beside them.

The man looked at the empty road then looked back at Nick. “Any chance you’ll pull over and let me have a feel?”

Nick glanced at Callie, she had her eyes closed and was whimpering like crazy. She didn’t seem to notice the two men discussing her. Nick slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road. He turned off the ignition then turned in his seat and looked at Callie as his fingers flew inside her. He cupped her breast and squeezed it as he looked out the back of the car. The truck had pulled up behind them and the man was climbing out of the truck and walking towards the car. Nick licked his lips and leaned over and whispered in Callie’s ear. “Good show little girl we’ve got company.”

Callie slowly opened her eyes and looked at him. “Huh? What do you mean we have company?” She looked out her window and gasped, there was a man standing there leaning on the window.

“Hi sugar, nice body.” He commented reaching in through the window and cupping her tit.

Callie’s eyes widened as the man cupped her tit. “U…Uncle Nick?” She whimpered feeling her orgasm rising even faster.

Nick gaziantep escort haberleri smiled and kissed her neck. “It’s okay honey, he saw the show you were putting on and he wants to play too.”

Callie looked at him even as her body heated up even more. She had to admit the man’s hand on her tit felt good and when he opened the door and knelt beside the car she looked at him. He grinned at her and leaned up and wrapped his lips around her nipple sucking hard at it. “Ugh, U…Uncle Nick.” She sighed in surprise.

Nick grinned and fingered her even harder. “It’s okay honey, just let go, we’re going to have some fun with this hot little body of yours.” Then he lowered his head and wrapped his lips around her other nipple.

Callie whimpered as pleasure coursed through her. The strange man and Nick were wrapping their tongues around her nipples as Nick’s fingers continued torturing her burning cunt. She was breathing heavy and knew she was going to cum and cum hard. She watched through half closed eyes as the man ran his hand down over her stomach heading for her pussy. Callie’s eyes widened and she opened her mouth as his hand touched her pussy and continued downward. “U…Uncle Nick, he…he’s touching my pussy. Oh fuck.” She moaned tipping her head back as he pushed Nick’s thumb away and brushed his finger against her clit.

Nick lifted his head and smiled at her. “Just relax honey, enjoy our touch, and let your body go.” He slammed his fingers deep inside her as the man worked at her clit. Callie panted and thrashed around as the two men drove her body into overdrive. The strange man still had his mouth wrapped around her nipple and was sucking hard at it as he pulled on her clit. Nick was biting and nibbling on her neck with his teeth as his fingers flew inside her.

Callie closed her eyes and focused on the pleasure coursing through her. She couldn’t help wondering if her uncle had done this to Jessica and knew she would ask her cousin as soon as they got back to camp. Then suddenly nothing mattered except her body. It didn’t matter that there was a strange man touching her, or that her uncle had made her put on a show for him. Her body was on fire and it suddenly reached a fever pitch. “Ugh, oh fuck I’m cummmmmiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg….” She cried as she coated Nick’s fingers in her juices.

Nick growled against her neck as she tightened around him. “Oh yeah honey, coat my fingers in your hot juices.”

Callie slumped against the seat and looked at the two men with half closed eyes. “I…That is…” She stammered.

The man lifted his head and smiled at her. “I wanna taste you.” He said with a grin as he licked his finger.

Callie looked at him wide eyed and glanced over at Nick. He was grinning. He scooted back in the seat until he was resting against the door. “Come here sweetheart, come lay against me.” He said grabbing her arm and pulling her towards him.

Callie let him pull her until she was laying across the front seat with her head in his lap. She looked up at him as the man moved between her legs. He pushed one of her legs onto the seat and spread her pussy lips open. “U…Uncle Nick, you’re going to let him eat me?” She gasped as she felt the man’s lips touch her pussy.

Nick laughed as he lifted her head and undid his pants and pulled out his cock. He rubbed it against her face. “Little one, I’m going to let him fuck you if that’s what he wants.”

Callie’s eyes widened and she whimpered as the man worked his tongue over her clit. She looked down at him and sighed, he was on his knees with his face buried between her legs. She felt his tongue brush against her clit again as he slid a finger inside her. “Ugh…” She moaned lifting against him.

She looked back at Nick. “U…Uncle Nick?” She asked softly as she raised her hips.

Nick rubbed his cock against her lips. “Just enjoy it baby, you should have seen how Jessica reacted when she was in this position.” Callie’s eyes widened again. “Oh yeah, she turned into quite the little whore. She even gave the guy her ass.” He rubbed his cock against her lips. “Open up sweetie.”

Callie didn’t know what to feel. There was a strange man sucking on her cunt and heating her body up, she was laying half naked in her uncle’s SUV on the side of the road and her uncle wanted her to suck on his cock. She whimpered as the man between her legs wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked hard at it. She raised her hips and pushed against him as she slowly closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

Nick looked down between her spread legs. The trucker was going to town on her cunt and Callie was crying out and raising against him. She reached down and tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled him tighter against her. “Feels good doesn’t it sweetheart?” He asked huskily pushing his cock into her open mouth.

Callie whimpered around his cock and locked her lips around the head as she looked up at escort gaziantep haberleri him. She nodded and wiggled her hips around as she tugged on the man’s head. He growled against her cunt and sucked harder as he drove his fingers into her.

Nick chuckled and fed her his cock slow at first then faster as she bobbed her head up and down over him. “Oh yeah, you look so hot sucking on my cock while you get your sweet pussy eaten.” He said huskily.

Callie looked up at him through glazed eyes as she thrashed around on the seat. She sucked harder at his cock as she raised her hips against the man eating her out. She moaned around Nick’s cock and he just smiled and stroked her face. “Such a good little slut.” He growled fucking her face even faster.

Callie wrapped her hand around the base of his cock so he didn’t strangle her and let her tongue move over him. The man between her legs was driving her insane with pleasure. His tongue was everywhere and his fingers were flying in and out of her. Callie started breathing heavier and tried to breathe through her nose as she sucked at Nick’s cock hungrily. Nick forced his cock in and out of her mouth furiously and Callie whimpered as he pushed against her throat. She looked up at him and he just grinned so she let him slide into her throat. “Oh fuck yeah, that’s it.” Nick cried feeling her tighten around him.

He slithered his cock in and out of her throat as Callie whimpered around his cock. Her hips were flying back and forth and the man was gobbling at her pussy like a man possessed. He sucked hard at her clit and worked his fingers in and out of her like a small cock. Callie was having a hard time catching her breath as her body heated up to fever frenzy. She dug her heel into the door opening and humped violently against his face.

Nick watched her and knew she was getting close. He fucked her face faster as he grabbed at her tits and mauled them with his fingers. Callie cried out around his cock as she looked up at him wide eyed. Nick smiled down at her nad dug his nails into her flesh, making her whimper. “You gonna cum baby?” He asked pulling on her nipples.

Callie looked at him through heat filled eyes and nodded vigorously as she slammed her body hard against the man. He sucked harder at her cunt and she pulled her mouth off Nick’s cock as she screamed in pleasure. “I’m cummmmmiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggg…”

Nick laughed and slapped his cock against her face gently. “That’s my girl.” He said with a laugh.

Callie just glared at him as she tried to catch her breath. The man between her legs lifted his head and smiled. “You taste good little girl.” He said with a grin.

Nick looked at him, “you wanna fuck her?”

The man looked at him in surprise. “Really?”

Nick nodded. “Callie, go lean on the hood and push your ass out.” He ordered looking down at her.

Callie closed her eyes as embarrassment swept over her. She was about to get fucked on the side of the road where anyone could drive by, by a complete stranger. She looked at the man who had just gotten her off and he was watching her hungrily. She looked at Nick who just grinned so she slowly climbed out of the car and walked along the passenger side of it. She rested her hands on the hood and spread her legs wide as she leaned over it.

She spread her legs and felt the man’s hand moving over her ass. She looked at Nick but he was just watching her with a hungry look in his eyes. Callie whimpered as she felt something hard press against her then suddenly the man was inside her and pulling out. She clawed at the seat as he started fucking her with long, drawn out strokes. He wasn’t very long but he was thick and she felt her body stretching to accommodate him. “Ugh, y…you’re so big.” She whimpered as he pierced her hard.

The man chuckled and grabbed her hips pulling her towards him. “Two and a half inches thick baby.” He growled leaning forward and nibbling at her neck with his teeth.

Callie closed her eyes and moaned as he started fucking into her faster and harder, his cock drilled deep inside her and she cried out as he bottomed out. She heard a car coming up the street and opened her eyes and looked at Nick. He was standing just outside the car stroking his cock. “U…Uncle Nick, s…someone is coming.” She said softly even as she pushed back against the man fucking her.

Nick looked behind them as a red honda headed up the road. “I know baby, it is hot as hell.” He continued stroking his cock.

Callie’s eyes widened. She knew the person in the car could see she was getting fucked and she wasn’t sure how she felt about it. The man behind her pierced her hard and she moaned and pressed back against him, pulling him deeper inside her. She looked down the road and her face burned red as the honda crept closer and closer with each second. “U…Uncle Nick, please.” She whimpered her body rocking from the power of the man behind hers thrusts.

Nick walked over and cupped her face. “What’s wrong little girl? Don’t like getting your pussy filled.”

“I…It’s not that.” She panted as her body heated up from the powerful fucking. She whimpered and slammed her body back against the man fucking her.

Nick smiled. “Looks to me like your enjoying yourself.” He said putting his hand down between her legs and flicking his finger against her clit.

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