The Family Ch. 06

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The next morning


I slowly started to wake, feeling good sensations on the special part of me. As I came to more and more I realized my cock was being rubbed against something wet. After remembering what had happened in the early morning and hearing Beth’s soft moans from in front of me I realized that it was my daughter’s pussy.

We were still in a spoon with our naked bodies pressed together. The blanket had been pulled off, a soft warm breeze flittered into the room from the open window. I could feel her hand gripping the underside of my shaft as she slid the lips of her sex up and down the top of it, her wet juices coating it as she did.

“And what do you think you’re doing young lady?” I felt my daughter freeze up against me. “Not that I mind being woken up like this.”

“Sorry dad…,” my daughter squeaked. “It’s just… I woke up to it poking me… it was already hard…”

“Morning wood sweetheart,” I said gently pushing my cock back and forth so it kept rubbing her lips.

“Ah… dad,” Beth moaned slightly. “It… started to turn me on… and I couldn’t stop… ahhh… stop myself from… mmm yes… playing with it.”

“Mmm, I can feel how turned on it got you,” I took a quick look at the clock and saw that we about twenty minutes before the alarm was going to go off. “You want it inside you again?”

“Yes daddy…” Beth moaned.

“Then guide it,” I told her.

My daughter took the head of my cock into her hand and moved it to her entrance. I in turn lifted her top leg for better access. She fumbled for a bit but was eventually able to guide me inside her tightness, making me groan as I sank my shaft into her once again. Beth gasped as I slid into depths, throwing her head back as I started to move in and out. I saw her wince a little and slowed my strokes a bit.

“How does it feel baby?” I asked her, still moving a little slow. “Does it hurt still like last time?”

“No, not so much daddy,” she looked back and smiled at me. “There’s a little pain, but not as much. It feels so good this time.”

I smiled before speeding back up, and thrusting a little harder. It was only her second time so I would still be gentle with her. It was better for me too, her only penetrated once pussy gripped me tightly. Even with the soft thrusts I gave her, I could see her breasts bouncing slightly. Oh god, those tits. I neglected them all day yesterday, but not for any longer.

I took the leg I held up and placed it in the crook of my arm, making it a tighter hold but that way it freed up a hand for me to grab one of her breasts. I squeezed it softly, groaning at the need to suck on them. She whimpered and moaned, I could feel her tightening on me. I increased my pace and force slightly, see that she was nearing orgasm. I knew it would a big one, I could feel my cock head rubbing the g-spot inside her.

“Is it ok… unf…,” I groaned looking at her and judging her expression. “Does it feel good baby girl? Not too rough?”

“No… that feels good… oh god…,” I saw her eyes start to widen. “Daddy… I’m about to cum!”

I gave Beth’s pussy a few more pumps before I felt it start to tighten. I pulled out and smiled as a big splash of ejaculate shot from her and she moaned loudly. As she continued to cum I rolled her onto her back and let my mouth descend to a nipple, sucking it into my mouth as I lightly pinched and rolled the other. Suddenly she seemed to shake more as what I guessed was a second one rolled through her.

As my daughter came down from her orgasm I broke away from her boob and lifted myself up. I kissed her deeply as I continued to massage her breasts. I was still really hard, needing release. I wanted to finish in a special way.

“God baby girl, you have me so hard right now,” I smiled while letting her see me stroke my cock. “I need to cum big time. How does my lovely daughter feel about letting her dad do something very pervy?”

“Umm, sure dad,” she said a little unsure. “What do you want to do?”

I had my daughter lie back while I grabbed a bottle of lube from a drawer. I pour a generous amount on my cock and then some in the cleavage between those luscious breasts. I straddled her stomach, laying my dick between her soft mounds. I grabbed them and gently pushed them together, letting their softness caress my cock.

“Oh yes…,” I groaned slowly starting to fuck my daughter’s tits. “That feels so good…”

Beth smiled and blushed as began pumping my cock between her breasts. Her hands covered mine squishing them together tighter, squeezing my cock. I could feel myself starting to get close, needing only a little more of those luscious pillows wrapped around my cock.

“Mmm, my pervy dad,” Beth moaned suddenly. “You like the feeling of your cock between my tits?”

“Oh… god… naughty language…” I was able to groan as I closed in on my orgasm.

“That’s it daddy, fuck my tits,” she moaned seemingly picking up on how much I enjoyed her talking dirty. illegal bahis “Slide that hard cock between them. I want to feel you cum between them. All over them… all over my chin. Come on, let it out daddy. Give me your cum, I want to see it squirt.”

Hearing my daughter speak dirty like that to me, that was it. I threw my head back and groaned as I began to cum. I kept pumping my cock as my thick white ropes filled the crevice in my daughter’s tits. A few ropes erupted as my head broke through the top of them, coating her chin and mouth as well. I was gasping at the end as I pulled my spent dick from her breasts and climbed off her.

“Wow dad,” she giggled as she sat up and looked at her cum covered chest. “You always cum so much.”

I chuckled as I sat back to take a quick breather… that is until my little girl surprised me. She took her finger and scooped up a glob of my cum before sliding it into her mouth. I stared at her, she looked up and saw me looking. She blushed again.

“I found that I like the taste dad,” Beth blushed even redder. “Is that weird?”

“Oh no,” I shook my head smiling. “It’s hot baby girl that you like to eat a man’s cum.”

My daughter smiled and lifted a cum covered tit to her mouth. Keeping her eyes on mine she started to lap at it and swirl her tongue over it. I felt my cock, which had started softening stop and start getting hard again. That was until… Beep-Beep, Beep-Beep… the alarm started going off.

“Crap,” I sighed. “We better clean up baby girl.”

“Aww,” Beth pouted at me.

“You don’t want you friends finding you here with my cum all over your boobs,” I said before chuckling.

“No, I guess that would be a lot to explain,” she giggled back at me.

We forgo the shower and just wipe each other off since we would be ‘waking up’ and washing anyways. Beth put her nightshirt back on before sneaking downstairs to rejoin her friends, telling her that I would be waking them all up in a couple of hours. I climbed back into bed and reset the alarm and slept until it woke me up at about 9am. I pulled on my pajama pants, a shirt and grabbed my phone before heading downstairs.

Missy, Becky and Sarah lay in their beds still sounds asleep as was Beth passed back out. I decided to let the girls sleep and walked into the kitchen to start prepping breakfast. I started the coffee maker, forgoing the Kurieg, and pulled out everything for Beth’s favorite, French toast, eggs and bacon. I was about to start cooking when my phone rang.

“Hey beautiful,” I answered when I saw that it was my wife.

“Hey handsome,” she said back. “How is everything back there today?”

“Everything’s fine,” I said stepping out into the backyard. “The girls are asleep right now.”

“Still? Must have been a fun night…” Carol giggled and then trailed off.

“So… need to talk to you some more,” I said taking a deep breath. “More things happened between me and Beth.”

When Carol asked me how much I laid it out for her. The further experimentation that eventually lead to her asking me to be her first. As she started to press I made sure that she knew that it was Beth’s desire, how she said that she didn’t trust anyone else to do it. I also told her of this morning. I told her I was careful, I didn’t pressure her to do anything and made sure several times that she hadn’t changed her mind. After I finished she sat there in silence over the phone.

“How’s Brent?” I asked trying to get her to talk more.

“He’s fine,” she sighed. “He’s in the shower right now. We’re going to go get something to eat and then probably… I don’t know after that.”

“Should just order room service,” I said with a chuckle. “Stay in bed, naked and making love all day.”

“Oh stop,” she giggled back. “We… um did that yesterday…”

I chuckled as we started talking more. She assured me that she was fine with what was happening, that she would have to process it. I informed her that it was probably going to continue and she said that was ok also. I walked back into the house to start cooking breakfast.

“I have to go hun, I love you,” I said with a smile and waiting for my wife to say the same before I hung up.

I poured myself a cup of coffee before starting up breakfast. Soon the sounds and smells coming from the kitchen starting waking the lazy girls up. One by one the lazy girls filled into the kitchen. I directed them to the coffee already made or they could have flavored coffee pods or tea from the Kurieg. As the girls ate they talked about everything that they were going to do today, Becky at one point gave me a wink letting me know she would keep the birthday girl away from the house for as long as possible.

About around noon all the girls were showered, dressed and ready to leave. I gave Beth in a white and pink t-shirt with knee length jean skirt, the keys for the SUV, some cash so they could all have lunch and sent them on their way. It was about an hour later the party service rolled up to illegal bahis siteleri my house. It took them about two hours to set up. I had them scheduled until eleven and they said it would only take them an hour to take everything down. I was told it would only take one to take everything apart. There was a DJ, a bartender that specialized in younger parties (aka alcohol free drinks) and of course a dance floor and food.

I was expecting at least thirty to forty kids coming over so to avoid anyone sneaking in drinks they weren’t supposed to have I hired a security group as well. It was getting close to six when the first of the guests started to arrive the girls were supposed to have Beth back around seven. I had the DJ playing some tunes until I got the text that the girls were almost home at that point everyone went quiet.

I waited out front for them and smiled when I saw that they had one of the other three was driving and had Beth blindfolded. They escorted her up to the house and through it to the back yard. I did a silent count of three, two, and one and then removed my daughter’s blindfold. HAPPY BIRTHDAY was yelled to my very shocked daughter.

As music started to play I gave my daughter a kiss on the forehead and told her to go have fun. She hugged me before getting dragged off into the crowd. I smiled before heading back inside the house.


A few hours later…


I had been enjoying the past few days so far, but this was over the top. Every single person that I knew was there, and I’d danced with almost every single boy. It was kinda bittersweet as I was hoping that I’d get some more alone time with dad. At one point I had found him and told him this, but he said that now that we had our relationship we could take our time, not rush it.

He was right of course, guess being a dad helped out on that. At one point I ended up having to use the restroom, someone of course was in the downstairs so I ran to the upstairs one. Locked with someone inside. I ran into my parent’s room, relieved to find that one was open. While I peed I heard the door open.

“Who’s in there?” I heard my dad’s voice, stern and angry.

“Just me dad,” I said and in popped his head. “All the other bathrooms were being used.”

“As were some of the bedrooms,” dad sighed as I stood and wiped. “I’ve been having to check them cause kids having been sneaking up here to make out… and have sex. Got fed up with it and put one of the guards at the top of the stairs, making sure kids can use the restroom but don’t sneak into the bedrooms.”

“Naughty,” I giggled and suddenly I noticed a bulge in his pants. “Got a little excited huh dad?”

“Yea, well I just walked in on your friend Becky, she was topless and giving head to some boy,” he shook his head and chuckled some more.

“Giving head?” I hated sounding stupid but I’d never heard of the term before.

“Yea,” my dad looked at me. “Um, giving him a blowjob.”

“Ahh,” I have heard about that before… it was something I was curious about as well. “So… she had his cock in her mouth… does that really feel that good?”

“It does,” dad smiled looking over at me. “You want to try it don’t you?”

I could feel the blush in my cheeks as I nodded, he only smiled at me. He had me sit on the toilet as he unfastened himself freeing his cock. When he stepped out of his pants and walked over to me I instantly gripped the hard shaft in both of my hands. I stroked him softly, making sure he was completely hard. I opened my mouth and slowly wrapped my lips around the head, tasting the slightly salty flesh of his cock.

Under my dad’s direction as started sucking on the head, slowly at first until I got a little comfortable with it. He made sure I knew to just use my lips like it was a popsicle, and keep my teeth away. I was able to take the head and few more inches into my mouth, which dad said was pretty good for my first time. He had me stroking his base as I did, softly squeezing and massaging it.

At one point I decided to do something I saw in a porno once, taking his dick out of my mouth, lifting it and sucking one of his balls. He groaned as I did that as well as stroking his shaft. I pulled it, my dad commenting for me to be gentle. I only pulled a little before releasing it with a pop. I licked at the other one before taking that one into my mouth too. Soon I could feel him getting close.

“Are you sure I’m doing ok dad?” I asked smiling and stroking him slowly.

“Oh yes baby girl,” he chuckled before I took the head back into my mouth. “You’re doing fantastic. You’re going to make me cum soon.”

I smiled inside myself and redoubled my efforts wanting to make my father cum. I took a moment to slide my pants back down and start playing with my pussy. I was so wet, my fingers were dancing on my clit.

Soon I heard him grunting and groaning. I knew he was about to cum. I kept my lips around the head and stroked him with my hand, which seemed to work. I canlı bahis siteleri felt his balls drawing closer to his shaft and his cock tighten.

“Oh… god gonna cum!” Dad growled trying to push me away, but I wanted to take the load in my mouth. “Baby… girl it’s coming… oh god, watch out… fuck! Ffffffuuuck!”

I moaned as I felt my dad’s cock start to pulse in my hand. The first blast hit the back of my throat, instinctively I started to swallow. As the second blast filled my mouth I tried to keep up, gulping it down. More just kept pouring in and soon I felt it leaking from my mouth. Finally he stopped and pulled himself from my lips as I drank the last of it.

“Oh fuck… that was awesome,” my dad gasped. “Such a good girl for daddy. What made you decide to do that?”

“As I said this morning I like the taste,” I giggled wiping the little that had dribbled out of my mouth and scooping it back in.

Dad knelt down in front of me and kissed me hard while his hand found its way between my legs. I groaned into the kiss as he pushed a pair of fingers into my pussy. He started thrusting them in and out as he rubbed my clit with his thumb. His other hand gripped the back of my neck and held me.

“Daddy… I’m gonna cum!” I was able to break away and squeal that before he pulled me back into the kiss.

I screamed into my father’s lips as an earthshattering orgasm rocked through my body. My juices sprayed all over my dad’s hand as I came. My body shook so much, he had to tighten his grip to hold me. I thought he would be done, but he kept going not stopping… until a few second later another squirting orgasm washed over me.

“That’s how good girls get rewarded in my house,” dad told me after he pulled his fingers from my cunt and sucked the juices from them. “You taste so good baby girl. You want to taste?”

I nodded at hungrily sucked dad’s fingers into my mouth when they were offered to me. I’ve tasted myself before, but there something more erotic about sucking my juices off my dad’s fingers. I wanted to stay and do more but dad said we needed to get back to the party. People would start to wonder where I was at. So we got situated and headed back downstairs. I avoided him the rest of the party, because I knew that I would be able to stop the leak in my cunt if I had been around him.


After the party…


It was a little after midnight when the party service rolled away from my house. The last of Bethany’s friends had left as well, and she waved them off. I was finishing up with the owner of the security team, thanking him. I had given each of his guys a big tip for on top of what they would be paid tonight. Having to deal with rowdy young adults was a big pain. The house was mostly spotless, what little cleaning that still needed to be done could wait till morning as I was beat.

“I’m going to go take a shower,” I said before giving Beth a kiss and heading upstairs.

I had just started lathering my body up when I heard a sound and turned to see my naked daughter walking into the shower. I smiled not needing to bother asking what she was doing. She smiled back before joining me, kissing me deeply once again. We washed each other, while we touched and made out, but that was it. Afterwards we moved back to my bedroom.

We quickly fell into each other’s embrace once again our hands and lips explored each other. She tried to move faster but I forced her to slow down, explaining that this time we would be alone the rest of the night and most of the day tomorrow so we didn’t need to rush. She nodded and relented, following my pace as we continued.

At one point I had her on her back, feasting on those lovely breasts that I’ve been neglecting. I squeezed and massaged them, lightly biting them and her little nipples. The little buds hardened so quickly at my touch and she squirmed and pushed her chest out every time I took one into my mouth. As I continued to use my mouth on her tits my hand found its way between her legs, playing with her wet slit, bringing her closer but never enough to give her the orgasm she wanted.

Reluctantly I pulled myself away from her breasts and started kissing down her body while rotating mine. She open her legs wide for me as my head went between them, upside down. She cried out loud as I began to feast on her pussy, which was already dripping with her juices so much that it had coated her thighs. Her divine taste exploded onto my tongue as it took its time exploring her cunt and clit.

Beth, it seemed, wasn’t happy with just receiving this time I guess. She must have realized that my cock was near her head and rolled us onto our sides before taking my shaft into her mouth. I groaned with a mouth full of pussy as she began to work her little mouth on my dick. I decided then to roll the rest of the way and pull her on top in a classic sixty-nine. We suck, licked and tasted each other for several minutes before Beth suddenly raised her head.

“Please dad,” she moaned as I hadn’t stopped eating her. “Oh god fuck! I need you inside me… please daddy.”

“Ok sweetheart,” I said before giving her clit another lick. “Why don’t you slide forward and try riding me? Let’s see how much you like that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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