The Family Outing Ch. 02

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Theresa loved the feel of those large strong hands on her head, pulling her mouth down over that thick hard cock. She just plain loved the feel of those strong hands holding her in any fashion, whether on her head or just wrapped around her hip pulling her tight to the large man those hands are attached to.

She truly loves her husband, but she has now found that she loves the strong commanding man that is her husband’s father, Jeff. From that first time that she was able to wrap her lips around his softening cum covered cock that day Jeff came into the house when she and Elaine were servicing their mother in law, she has always looked forward to any chance to be his slut.

As Jeff held her head tight to his cock, she swallowed each thick rope of cum he shot into her throat. She could never swallow fast enough and his salty load always overflowed in her throat and dribbling out the corners of her mouth. As Jeff released his grip on her head, Theresa began her cleaning of his cock, making sure she licked the entire surface clean, taking extra time to run her tongue around the cut head.

This is when Bryan, her husband, came into the room. Theresa stood and met him in the doorway with a long kiss. Bryan could taste the remnants of cum in her mouth. He stepped back and smiled, knowing that his dad had made Theresa a happy girl again. Bryan looked at Jeff and asked if he fucked her yet or just gotten a blow job. Jeff said that she had just sucked his cock, but that he was sure her sweet little pussy was ready for Bryan’s cock and that he had to get going.

Theresa shuttered as Jeff ran his hand across her ass when he walked by them. As she took Bryan’s now hardening cock out of his jeans and began to stroke him while Jeff walked away, she remembered back to her first taste of Jeff’s cum……

It was at the house, that wonderful sex filled day that left her and the others exhausted that night. Theresa had gone to the house canlı bahis with Bryan to visit his mother, Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is a short woman with large floppy tits and a larger belly. As tiny as Theresa is, she often found her pussy moistening at the site of those large tits — especially when Kaitlyn’s large thick nipples were visible. Theresa had mentioned to Bryan several times before how this turned her on.

On this day, Bryan and Theresa walked in on Kaitlyn as she was was furiously working her fingers in and out of her fat hairy pussy as she watched a porn video in the living room. The video on the screen showed an older woman being eaten out by a younger woman. As Kaitlyn buried one hand into her pussy, her other hand was pulling hard on her nipples, going from one to the other. Theresa felt her pussy get instantly slippery, as she saw Bryan’s hand start to rub his growing cock through his pants. Theresa made the first move, pulling off her little top and pinching her nipples as she stepped around in front of Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn started to pull her hand from her sloppy, sopping cunt, but Theresa dove in between her thighs and took Kaitlyn’s slimey fingers in to her mouth and licked the pungent pussy juice from them. She pushed her tiny hand into her mother in law’s well lubricated pussy, and at this Katlyn let out a very loud moan. Theresa moved her mouth to the older woman’s pussy, her black curly hair matted from all the juice oozing from her large lipped pussy. As the petite younger woman ran her tongue over Kaitlyn’s hard protruding nub, Kaitlyn growled out to her, “Lick my fat pussy………yes….. suck on my clit you little slut.”

Theresa licked at her mother in law’s pussy like it was the last thing she would ever do. Bryan stood there taking this all in, watching his mother stretch her tits out as she pulled hard on those big nipples. His wife’s face now already covered with his mother’s pussy juice. And he was stroking bahis siteleri his now free rock hard cock as he watched. His mother hissed at Theresa that she was cumming and she started to moan loudly and shutter. Theresa sucked on her clit and wave after wave went through the older woman.

Theresa quickly moved now, she kept one hand pumping into Kaitlyn’s pussy, as she climbed up and engaged her in a deep kiss. Kaitlyn broke from the kiss and started licking the pussy juice from Theresa’s face. Theresa motioned to Bryan to come forward, and she whispered into Kaitlyn’s ear that she had something else for her.

Kaitlyn’s face was red with lust and her eyes were still mostly closed, Theresa took Bryan’s thick cock in her hand and guided him to his mother’s mouth. When Kaitlyn felt the hard smooth skin against her lips and the pre-cum pushing into her mouth, she opened her eyes to see her eldest son’s thick cock. With her last orgasm barely subsiding, and Theresa’s hand still sliding in and out of her pussy, she found herself wantonly opening her mouth to take that cock into her mouth. She licked around the rim of Bryan’s helmeted head, and let it slide on her tongue into her mouth and down her throat. It had been many years since she last saw his cock, and it had certainly grown much more than she remembered it.

Bryan began fucking his mother’s mouth, telling her what a great cock sucker she was. Theresa moved her mouth to one of Kaitlyn’s large hard nipples and began tweaking it with her teeth. Nibbling and pulling on the hard bud with her lips and teeth. With the show that he just had and the thought that his mother was giving him great head, Bryan could hold back no longer. He began filling his mother’s throat with his warm thick cum. As he fucked her mouth, his cum oozed out from her lips and ran down her chin and neck. Kaitlyn swallowed as much as she could, as fast as she could, but she just could not keep up with the jizz bahis şirketleri her son was pumping into her

As Bryan pulled his cock from her mouth, Theresa again began kissing Kaitlyn. The two women swapped Bryan’s cum back and forth, as the older woman tried to catch her breath. Theresa laid her head onto one of Kaitlyn’s large tits, and gently rolled the other nipple in her fingers. She told Kaitlyn that she had wanted to suck her pussy for a long time, and she would gladly do it again, whenever Kaitlyn wanted.

Kaitlyn was happy with this turn of events, as she had not had a female lover in many years, and with this new lover came a very nice cock too. Kaitlyn had no hang ups about that cock being attached to her son, they were all adults now, and besides it is a damn nice cock! It reminded her of Jeff’s, it was about the same length and maybe a little thicker in girth. She was surprised at herself for swallowing his cum though. As much she liked to lick and play with her husband’s cock she had only swallowed his cum a couple of times the entire time they were married. Most times she would get him almost to the point of shooting off and then jerk him off onto her tits. And even this seemed like it was happening less often as her belly grew, along with her thighs and ass.

Theresa asked Kaitlyn if she had ever shaved her pussy, or if she had ever thought of it before. She told her mother in law that she shaves her pussy completely and that both her and Bryan love it when he sucks her bare pussy. Theresa pulled her shorts off to expose her very bare and barely there pussy lips. This was when Kaitlyn also noticed that Bryan was neatly trimmed above his cock, but his balls and around the base of his cock were shaved smooth. Kaitlyn said that many years ago when she and Jeff were first married she trimmed it very close, but that she had let it grow out a long time ago. Theresa told Kaitlyn that she would love to shave her pussy for her, if she wanted. Kaitlyn agreed, and with that the two of them headed off to the bathroom leaving Bryan to watch the porn movie his mother was watching when they came in, as he stroked himself.

To be continued…

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