The Felt Resort and Spa Pt. 02 Ch. 06

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Valerie went to check on Zack who had today’s morning shift, she had a lot of paperwork to review after Pete left, and he had to open the clinic. Zack looked annoyed, he was typing furiously as he was being blown underneath the desk.

“What’s wrong?” Valerie asked, most likely a small problem, a rejection, a rude guest, a number of things.

“Brian Lodge.” Two words that impacted hard against the air.

“What about Mr. Lodge?”

“He heard that you got Gia booked here as his replacement, he knows we sealed the deal with her to make it happen. I was drugged when I woke up this morning, I had no fucking clue where I was at first.”

“Val, I was sweating, and I thought that I was going to die. I couldn’t move for an hour, then I convulsed, when I got up, and I mean I had to hold onto the bedframe or I would have fell. There was this girl…I think. I met her at that movie thing the other day, she was laughing, and then she was gone.”

“And there on my goddamn nightstand was a personal card signed by Lodge, hoping that the champagne he sent up was to die for.”

“Sweetie.” Valerie snapped her fingers addressing the woman under the desk “It’s grownup time, I need you to give us a little privacy.”

The woman groaned, but she grumbled off from under the desk without a word.


“I don’t care if your balls were in heaven right now, Zack you could have overdosed on whatever he gave you. You don’t do drugs.”

Zack rubbed his face “I went to the hospital, the actual hospital. It was three in the morning and I just needed to go. I was scared.” Zack looked sick still despite his visit.

“Come on, you can’t work like this. And Lodge isn’t going to screw with us like this, he could have killed you. So now I guess I’ll have to bury him.”

“I just don’t want to feel like this ever again.” Zack frowned, he looked like he was on the verge of tears. Valerie walked with Zack who was still a bit slow on his feet to the clinic where in a private room he informed Pete what had happened.

“Son of a bitch.” Pete growled “Did you tell Anna?”

“So she can do what?” Zack glared “Kiss his ass-

“Dude this isn’t some fucking game, you nearly died in your room and we wouldn’t have known! Why the hell would Anna be okay with that?! A goddamn prank over the life of a friend, are you fucking serious?!” Pete’s brown eyes darted between anger and pure rage.

Zack rubbed the back of his head “I didn’t think it would help.”

“I could solve this in ten minutes flat.” Valerie said confidently.

“No, because if he tries something with you, he’s dead. Just wait here. Both of you, I’m going to alert Grant, and we’ll go to Anna together.” Pete left the room closing the door behind him.

“Is Pete okay? He seems…demonic. Maybe we should have followed him.”

“Or maybe Pete’s right.” Zack turned his head fast, Valerie was supreme in being right, never in disorder, so her saying Pete was right so quickly and so easily like it was natural threw his mind.

“I thought only you and Anna could ever be right.”

“Don’t try and figure it out. You’re still sick.” Valerie sat down in a nearby chair “We kind of have been seeing each other.”

“What do you mean? Like a relationship? What about Anna?” Too much was flying at Zack too fast and he couldn’t catch a grip on what was true.

Valerie shifted in the chair biting her lip “I mean, I kind of want it to be. But I have to cut off Anna completely which means another long awkward talk. Honestly that’s what scares me the most. But I’m being selfish talking about myself., do you need anything? Icepack?”

“No, what’s going on with you and Pete?” Zack leaned in an ear interested.

“A lot of amazing sex, rough, surprised, unexpected but satisfying type of amazing. I think I came almost a hundred times in the last few days.”

“Wait just you two? No one else?”

“I mean we invited Diane for a night I can barely remember, but it feels like something more. When we’re alone and we talk and when we’re together, he knows what I like, and he gives me so much more.”

“It’s sex and talking, holding and kissing, with feeling. And Anna’s still there somewhere tucked in a corner. I can’t keep him and her, and I only want one.”

“But which one?” Zack asked “I thought you and Anna were just going through a break, not a break up.”

“I care for Anna, but I can’t deal with all these emotions and playing games isn’t me. It would make a shitty mess and you know it. But today we conquer Brian Lodge, once and for all.”

Zack grinned “You’re not supposed to go there alone.”

“I can do whatever I want alone. Look promise me this, after we see Anna, do not tell Pete about me going to confront him. Because after this, that is exactly what I’m going to do. And I’m going to rain down hellfire.”

“I promise.”

After Pete returned all three went to Anna’s office where Zack explained his illness, Anna was not pleased, by the dead look in her eyes she was just as pissed off as Valerie was, possibly eskort bakırköy more so.

Anna straightened her shirt and smiled darkly “I will personally take care of this. I just need to get things in order here and I will pay Mr. Lodge a visit. For now Zack why don’t you stay in the clinic, Hailey can check on you.”

Zack smiled blushing slightly “Kay…”

“And Pete I want you to stay in the clinic, do your job.” Pete frowned, but he wasn’t about to challenge Anna Morgan. “For now you’re all dismissed, except for Valerie I need to run some things by her.” Both Zack and Pete looked at Valerie before leaving.

“Now is not a great time Anna-

“No, now is the perfect time.” Anna slammed her hands down on the desk, her arms began to wobble “I’m sorry..”


“Valerie, I’ve been acting weak to please Brian, because he’s been such a great guy to me. I should have never put you in between the two of us.”

“But you did.” Valerie breathed “And I don’t want this to be awkward or some bitch fest, but Anna…We fell into ruin as Brian and things progressed. It wasn’t just him.”

“I know, it was me-

“God..” Valerie rubbed her forehead “It was both of us. I was there too, I gave you the cold shoulder, and I ignored you, because it hurt and I was embarrassed. I wanted to be cruel to you, because that’s apart of who I am.”

“It was so good, us together, even when Grant got more of you. It fell apart, we had our times together and apart, but be honest.” Valerie rubbed her eyes, wasn’t going to cry, not now. She still had a lot of rage to release of Mr. Lodge. Anna rubbed her eyes until they were red and walked towards Valerie.

“It was a fun game to play…but it totally failed as a real relationship.” Anna sighed looking into those deep blue eyes. “We tried dressing a cookie up as a cake. By adding icing and frosting, but underneath it all it’s still a cookie. And they crumble easily.”

Valerie sighed, something in the back of her head made her feel guilty, because despite how sad it should be, she felt relieved. She had pursued Anna, and their time had reached its end. Now was her time to explore with Pete, where their relationship could go. It was always chance when trying to fall in love, but it was worth the shot.

“It fell on us both. I just didn’t want to talk and you wanted to, then all the other little problems and issues we tried to redress over again.” Valerie shook her head “I want a chance to pursue something else, someone else.”

Anna took her by the hands squeezing them tight “Sometimes love isn’t everlasting. But I’m glad that we tried.” Anna pressed her lips against hers one last time before saying “Our relationship is officially over.”

Valerie sighed happily “It doesn’t matter if we’re not together, because we’re still a family here, the staff is.”

“I will always back you guys, I’m just sorry I let you down this time.” Anna sat down at her desk and began typing “Inform Mr. Lodge that I’ll be up in thirty minutes with his check out papers. Think of this as your head start.” Anna winked.

Valerie smiled grabbing an extra pair of keys and hurried to the nearest elevator. Once she reached Lodge’s room, she opened the door boldly. Brian was leaning back against his bed receiving head from a trashy platinum blonde star chaser. He had jolted up when he saw Valerie and the woman froze as if she were about to be arrested.

“Valerie, coming around?” Brian smiled “Or this about-

“You know what it’s about you dick.” Valerie stated “You nearly killed Zack, using one of your many tossables, was she the one you used to seduce him? Drug him? Nearly send him to the morgue?”

The woman looked completely lost and freaked out from what she was hearing “I don’t know what weird shit you’re into, but it’s not worth nearly killing someone.” She soon ran out of the room bouncing along the hallways.

“You had to ruin the moment.” Brian sneered getting off his bed and pulling up his shorts. He walked right up to Valerie as if sizing her up.

“I am so sick of you and your pretentious attitude. You give it away to low class staffers, but when it comes to me I’m this lesser being to your glory. What exactly is so special about you?” Brian placed a hand on her behind “Or maybe I could find out right now.”

Valerie slapped him across the face, leaving a big red mark for him to show off to his friends. She pushed his hand away and glared at him. “You’re a sick, delusional, narcissistic punk. Just because I don’t want to lay with you, I’m a staffer. Just, because you had Anna doesn’t mean you get to pick your lot of the entire staff-

“I pay you, so yes it does. Down to where and how I want to be satisfied, because I’m the guest.”

“Not for long. Your stay will end abruptly in…” Valerie checked her watch “Twenty seven minutes.”

“What did you do-

“No what did you do? You nearly killed my friend over replacing you for someone less temperamental-

“It was a screwy prank, it’s not eskort ataköy my fault that the stupid slut poured in the wrong about!” Brian blurted.

“The only stupid slut I see is the one who just admitted to poisoning a staff member-

“Grow up, I wasn’t trying to kill him. I was just giving a warning. You can’t just screw me over and think that all was okay.”

“You really are a little boy.” Valerie shook her head “A sorry person with no real skill, not even in a decent production for sex.” Brian grabbed her by the shoulder violently.

“Shut up you- Before Brian could react Valerie’s right heel connected with the center of his shorts right where his testicles hung. “Argh!” Brian fell onto the floor holding his crotch in pain.

“Don’t ever put your hands on me.” Valerie shoved him down with her shoe, feeling triumphant she left slamming the door closed. She went to meet Anna who had decided to give her, Zack, and Pete a break for the rest of the day. Victory was sweet indeed.

Pete and Valerie helped Zack into his room and Hailey came to watch over him just incase Brian tried pulling any last minute stunts. But after they entered the hallway Pete narrowed his eyes at her.


“Don’t what me, I saw you coming down from the second floor. I was going to get Smith to man the desk. You just had to go.”

“Come on, I feel so awesome right now-

“It was dangerous, he could have hurt you.” Pete frowned “I know you can kick everyone’s ass, but you can’t walk up alone to some creep’s room, because you feel awesome. I was worried.”

Valerie sighed “Sorry…I was just filled with anger and relief and-

“Relief for what?”

“Me and Anna talked. And we ended things, without tears, and I was feeling amped from that and mad for Zack, and the feelings combined and I came up here…Could you have stopped me?”

“Possibly..” Pete leaned against the wall “Zack’s color is coming back, I just hope he feels better in the morning.”

“I think my sister will see to that.”

“You’re right about that, come on.” Pete pulled her along into his room where they laid on the bed together, thinking as they embrace. They reminisced about their times together, joking, times Anna grilled them and times that were too embarrassing to forget. With Zack, Lola, Ted, and Trent, all lovely memories that had moved on.

“Zack told me to ask you out tonight.” Pete informed her. Valerie sighed, Zack always had to talk when bored or invested in conversations. “But I think I’ll save that for tomorrow.”

“Yeah, Zack’s been through enough.”

“Is it weird that I still want to kiss you?”

“Not in my opinion.” Pete rolled on top of her and kissed her lips softly “You’re strong, but you don’t always have to be.”

“I know.” Valerie smiled, their lips parted and came together, their tongues wrapping around one. As they made out Pete felt himself rise and stopped “It’s okay.”

“I just want to wait until tomorrow.” Pete laid his head down next to hers, all the years they knew each other, their pasts, first times, first loves, preferences, how they got to the resort, everything including family, and their secrets. No matter how much they knew it felt weird wanting a relationship, how would that work out? They hadn’t in the past with other staffers, guests, people in town even.


“Just thinking.”

“While hard-

“I got overexcited.” Pete smiled to himself “Val I can’t stop myself once I get started..And I really want to touch you.”

Valerie rolled on top of him smiling “And I want you to, what’s the problem?”

“How can we mesh a relationship, work, friends, events, and sex?” Pete questioned looking into her eyes, he was being serious. Valerie paused rubbing her fingers through his hair.

“We make time. If you add work, friends, and events together, then work and friends together, we have many combinations to try.”

“And if we hurt each other?”


“You know I wouldn’t want to hurt you on purpose. And I know you would rather tease me to death than hurt me.”

“Then if we do hurt one another, we’ll try and heal one another. Sometimes we can fix the damage as long as it isn’t permanent.”

Pete nodded “Then after work, the little restaurant in town. It gets crowded in the dining room.”


The next day things went back to normal, Zack was feeling better thanks to Hailey, and Brian Lodge was booted. There were some tourists and fans who noticed Anna kicking him out, she kept her words proper and polite after dismissing him. Later in the evening Valerie met Pete at the restaurant he mentioned.

She wore a long black lace number, straps not sleeves, with a slit on the side revealing up to her mid-thigh. She had her hair up in a braided bun, something that Pete made a mental note of. She usually wore her hair down or in a ponytail. She seemed to floated across the room nearing his table.

Being the gentleman that he was he pulled her seat for her, pushing escort her in and sitting down himself. Pete wore a nice plain dress shirt and black pants, he felt dressed down compared to Valerie’s outfit.

After a few compliments went around dinner and wine was ordered, jokes were passed, then conversations about life outside of the Felt, funny, good, and some a little strange. Valerie soon finished her desert feeling delighted from the nice company.

“Night cap?” Pete teased.

“Don’t try to be cute, Pete. Of course.” Valerie told him licking the cream off of her spoon. Something started stirring inside Pete so he quickly called the waiter to pay the bill. They located his car and they got in.

“Oops, did I do that?” Valerie rubbed her hand against his pants feeling something wanting to pop out to greet her.

“How a I supposed to drive if you do that?” Pete groaned.

“We have time to spare.” Valerie unzipped his pants and pulled his cock from his boxers rubbing it in her hand, feeling it stiffen, she bent down her head and licked the tip causing Pete to fidget as she did. She opened her mouth and consumed him, feeling his meaty cock hit the back of her throat. She bobbed tasting him, rubbing his balls as she did. Speeding up and slowing down as her saliva ran down his member.

She deepthroated him feeling him wanting to cum, she took him all the way inside her warm throat. Three more bobs down and something hot filled Valerie’s throat, she gulped twice before getting it all down.

She licked the edges of her mouth and then cleaned off his cock with her tongue.

Pete need her now, he felt through the slit of her dress and removed her thong. He fingered her vagina gently at first, wanting to feel her become wet with lust.

“Mmm…lets go back to your room.” Valerie groaned wriggling her hips.

“I need you now.” Pete said pulling up her dress to expose her, he removed his fingers and pulled her leg up.

“It’s too tight in here.” Valerie told him.

“Lets go to the back.” Pete opened the doors and Valerie followed him. She laid down on the back seat spreading her legs widely, her lips opened fully.

Pete pushed himself into her “Ahhh.” Pete started thrusting to feel the fires burning deep within her body. “Ah.” Valerie wrapped her legs around his waist as he penetrated her body without rest.

“You got…a tightening?” Pete asked thrusting inside her.

“I was..ohhh a little loose.” Valerie groaned. Pete kissed her lips as he ripped through her body rapidly, her grip was constricting him nicely, which urged him to push on until they both came.

“You’re still hard.” Valerie told him as he removed himself.

“I know, but we have to get back or we’ll never leave the parking lot.” Pete, with his member still out went back to the front seat, Valerie took the passenger side, It didn’t take long to arrive back at the resort.

When they entered the lobby they noticed a few guests wandering around as Smith typed lazily at the keyboard, he gave a wave to them and continue to type. Pete and Valerie took a private elevator where Pete held Valerie against the wall, holding up her legs to enter her again.

“Ahh!” Valerie moaned as he went deeper inside her, he kissed her softly as he fucked her, her juices kept spraying out of her as he pounded her, a small puddle formed onto the floor. Pete gave his all in thrusting into her, always hitting a tight wall each time. “Ohh.” Valerie groaned against his lips until they reached the second floor where Pete kept a grip on Valerie all the way to his room, he laid her on the bed to face him, grinding his balls against her body. Valerie came.

“I could stay inside you forever.” Pete moaned as he pushed harder inside her, Valerie gripped the sheets on the bed shivering in joy as he fucked her harder, she didn’t care, she just wanted him inside her.

“I’m cumming.” Pete grunted as he pushed against her walls again, quickly, until it came to one large thrust where he filled her with his semen, it leaked out of her as he withdrew his sword.

Valerie caught her breath, sitting up she started undressing Pete and when she was done she undressed herself. Pete placed her on the center of the bed to where her head was on one of his pillows, he got on top of her and started toying with her breasts. He squeezed to hear her moans, he pulled her nipples to see her bliss, he rubbed them violently, feeling them moisten.

“Uhh.” Valerie moaned as something squirted from her breasts, more so when Pete started to suck on them. “I’m going to cum again if you keep doing that.”

Pete sucked even harder after she said that, taking in her sweet liquids, wrapping his tongue around her nipples, pulling and squeezing.

“Ohhh.” Valerie felt herself cum again. Pete looked at her, heated, and out of breath, but neither one wanted their pleasure to end. He kissed her lips so she could taste her own sweetness. She felt something hard press against her ass, it started to poke at it roughly trying to access it’s door.

Valerie didn’t get one tightening, she got two. Pete thrusted against her ass crushing his mouth over hers, he forced her gateway open and inserted himself up her anal cavity, causing her to moan and her hips to buckle as he turned her over to get a better reach.

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