The Four Day Ch. 02

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Brad dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a dark green polo shirt. Christen was resplendent, wearing a pair of blue jeans that hugged all the right places, and a blue button-up shirt with a plunging neckline. They were still as excited as 2 kids in a candy store and couldn’t believe how much fun it was being away from the kids.

Dinner was excellent; they went to the 5 star restaurant that was in the casino and were amazed at how good it felt to eat at a fine establishment without worrying about how their kids were going to act.

After the appetizers were finished, and over a delicious main course, Brad and Christen started talking about what games of chance they were going to play in the Casino. Brad was excited because he is a poker fanatic and was looking forward to finally getting to play after going a year without it.

Christen, on the other hand, just wanted to play some Blackjack and maybe goof around on the slots for a little bit.

Brad was amazed that Christen was looking so beautiful tonight; he was tempted to not even play poker but just to go play blackjack so he could spend more time admiring her lovely curves and grace. However, the poker tables seemed to be calling his name so after dinner was completed the two kissed each other at the entrance to the casino and went their separate ways.

Brad swore that he wouldn’t be long, knowing that his worry prone wife wouldn’t have nearly as much fun without him being there to soothe her financial concerns.

Christen walked into the casino and was immediately a little overwhelmed. She loved this feeling. She had visited a casino with Brad only once before and still couldn’t get used to the deluge of noise and visual stimuli that such a grand place offers. Lights were blinking everywhere, people were talking and laughing loudly, there was music in the background, and even the occasional buzzer or siren.

Christen looks around and becomes very excited to just be a part of so festive a place as this. At first, Christen just walks around, soaking in the ambiance of the place, trying to get her nerves to calm down and to become, or at least look like, someone who knows what they are doing.

She doesn’t notice the attention she’s getting from all the men around her as she saunters across the casino floor; she never notices these looks.

Finally Christen feels that her blood pressure has returned to normal, or at least as close as it’s gonna get, and makes her way to the blackjack tables. She sits at a table populated by a couple and 2 other men and promptly places $100 dollars on the table to be changed into chips.

After about 2 hours of playing, and a few cocktails, Christen is really starting to have fun and loosen up. She’s stayed about even with her wins and losses, so doesn’t feel the beginning stage of anxiety over losing any money and is sincerely enjoying herself.

That’s when he walks up.

He looks like a dream, with everything that Brad has, just turned up a notch. He walks with such confidence that you can’t help but to watch him, women and men both are drawn to his slow, southern gait. Christen notices that this guy is well over 6′ tall, and with his deep blue eyes and wavy hair, she can’t help but to feel the pull of a slight attraction toward him.

He glances at Christen as he approaches the table and then does a discreet double take. He is somewhat intrigued by this lovely lady who is tantalizingly sipping from her drink while looking at him through lowered eyelids. So much so, that despite his desire to go play some craps, he decides to sit and play a few hands of blackjack.

As he sits and places $500 onto the table to be cashed into chips he looks at her and smiles warmly. He extends his hand; Christen takes it amazed at its size and enjoying the feel of his rough calluses on her smooth hands.

In a surprisingly cultured accent, with a deep resonating voice, he says “Hello sweetheart, my name’s Roy, what’s yours?”

She is, at first, surprised by his forwardness but realizes that the way he has said the last statement seems to be in a somewhat practiced manner and not so much an attempt to pick her up.

Christen coyly says, “Hey, I’m Christen,” causing Roy to smile warmly.

When he smiles it’s like a ray of sunlight in this dingy casino, eclipsing even the lights of the slot machines.

This escort şişli is the first time Christen has ever had these feelings concerning someone other than Brad. She’s made uncomfortable by the butterflies in her stomach and the nervousness that attacks her, as if she’s a teenager all over again.

Christen has been a dedicated wife to Brad for the past 10 years, although she has experienced this before, she has never even come close to entertaining the idea of taking it to the next level. Again, she does the same here, despite the fact she is so obviously attracted to Roy, and he so obviously attracted to her, she decides to back off a bit and kind of pulls into herself.

Roy is not discouraged by the way Christen has started to act; he noticed her wedding ring upon his arrival, always checking that left ring finger upon first meeting any woman. He doesn’t expect anything to come of this so brief meeting in a place where people come and go all the time, but he just can’t bring himself to quit taking discreet looks at her.

The way her face lights up when she wins is awe-inspiring; he’s even appreciative of the looks that come over her face when she loses. It’s incredibly endearing the way she scrunches up her nose when she sees a card she did NOT want to come out of the shoe. Inevitably, his eyes betray him and he finds himself looking at the way her cleavage moves as she breathes…trying to hide this look as best he can.

Of course, like any woman, Christen doesn’t miss the way Roy has been watching her. To say the least, she loves the attention, and quickly feels her nipples getting hard and her pussy getting wet. Finally, she can’t take anymore and looks directly at him, causing him to jump as if he was caught stealing something and blushing furiously as he looks away.

Christen lets out a yelp, as Brad picks the not so perfect time to sneak up behind her and lightly kiss the back of her neck. Ignorant to the taboo attraction taking place at the table he quickly dumps himself into the seat beside his wife and places his chips on the table.

He’s beaming, and quickly tells Christen that he just won $1000 playing poker and then starts in on one of his tireless play by play commentaries of his latest conquest. Brad, however, is not as unobservant as he appears and quickly realizes that this is the last thing his wife wants to hear, and quickly loses his train of thought.

Man I have one beautiful wife, he thinks as he looks her up and down, and notices the two slightly protruding bumps at the ends of her breasts.

Brad then looks around the table and smiles to himself as his eyes fall upon Roy.

Brad knows what Christen admires in other men, they have talked about it often, and he quickly realizes the cause of his wife’s arousal. Roy makes eye contact with Brad and Brad immediately introduces himself as Christen’s husband.

Of course Roy notices the introduction and recognizes that his time at this table, enjoying the view of this woman, is probably at its end.

Christen sensing the mood and afraid her husband is getting attacked by one of his infamous bouts of jealousy quickly tries to alleviate the tension by talking about something inconsequential.

Brad on the other hand, starts thinking of something that may have a nice chance of happening. You see, Brad has been trying to talk Christen into having a threesome for years. She has always refused flatly, never giving a reason but Brad suspects it’s from her strict Christian upbringing and desire to make Brad secure in their marriage.

What he doesn’t know is that Christen knows Brad’s propensity at jealousy and just doesn’t think that a threesome, at least with 2 men and her, would ever work. However, Brad over the course of his last deployment took many opportunities to tell Christen just how much he wanted one and even had her promise to check out a website and see if she was intrigued by what she saw.

To Christen’s relief Brad immediately relaxes and the tension seems to have never existed. Roy too, is happy that the tension dissipated so quickly and that he could continue to enjoy the view.

Brad just sat back with a smirk on his face picturing his wife riding this other man for all she was worth, and instantly starting to grow hard under the table.

He clears his throat and looks at Roy as he says, “Christen dearest, it’s getting a bit late, do you think we should be getting ready to leave, before we start losing all the money we’ve won?”

Christen who is a bit disappointed that she’s going to have to give up her eye candy agrees and starts to get up. But she is surprised beyond words when Brad walks over to Roy and offers his hand again.

She doesn’t hear what Brad says to him but Roy smiles and shakes his head in the affirmative and begins to collect his chips as well.

Brad comes over to Christen with a big smile on his face and announces that they will be joining Roy for drinks at the bar in about an hour for a nightcap. However, he says he’s bushed and feels gritty from sitting in a smoky casino all night and asks if she wants to go up to the room and get freshened up as well.

Of course, she can’t miss the glimmer in his eye and looks forward to working out some of her pent up sexual frustrations on her unsuspecting husband.

Upon entering their room, Brad immediately started undressing, looking forward to luring his wife into the shower with him.

He gave her a sideways glance with a smirk on his face and said, “Care to join me?”

Christen’s pussy immediately flooded with the juices of her arousal and she was naked in a matter of seconds.

Brad couldn’t help but to flat out laugh at the eagerness his wife was showing to have sex with him, secretly knowing the cause of her uncontrollable arousal. Before he knows it, she’s already in the bathroom running the shower and adjusting the water so that it’s a comfortable temperature.

He smiles as he walks in and sees her bent over at the waist with her hand under the water and can’t help admiring her, oh so lovely, round ass.

She becomes a bit self conscious as she gets that feeling that someone is watching her and turns to her husband and blushes as she realizes what he was looking at.

She stands up straight and stares at him with hands on hips and says, “I thought we were taking a shower,” pretending to not know they were going to fuck each other’s brains out in the shower.

Brad quickly composes himself, chuckles, and gets in. Christen quickly follows and can’t help but to watch as the water gently cascades down her lover’s body.

While looking she notices the telltale sign of his arousal and the small waterfall that runs off the tip of his hard cock. She smirks to herself and licks her lips at the sight of so tempting an invitation and while Brad has his head under the water, quietly slips down to her knees in front of him.

Brad jumps when he feels a warm mouth envelop his painfully enlarged dick and moans in happiness. He looks down to see his beautiful wife reciprocating the oral onslaught he had given her earlier in the evening, and enjoying every second of it.

She takes his cock as deeply as she can into her mouth and then pulls back ever so slowly. She keeps her left hand around the base of his shaft and slowly manipulates his balls with the other, enjoying the silky feel of his penis and ball sack.

She pulls his cock out of her mouth and licks it continuously up one side and down the other, imagining it as a lollipop. She sticks the head back into her mouth and twirls her tongue around its base, knowing how this drives Brad crazy.

His knees buckle from the intense sensation and she chuckles around the cock in her mouth. Brad at this point doesn’t even know where he is anymore, he is sooo involved in the sensations coming from his genitals he accidentally leans back too far allowing some water from the shower head to get past his shoulder and hit Christen square in the face.

She immediately starts spluttering and coughing and laughing all at the same time, because realizing what he had done, Brad had the funniest look on his face, a mixture of guilt and disappointment thinking he had ruined so fine a moment.

With Brad stating countless apologies and wishing he weren’t so retarded, Christen quickly gets back down to business and starts to lick his dick again, going along the shaft on one side around the base of this cock then up the other side.

Brad immediately loses his train of thought and again falls into his feelings of ecstasy. Christen continues to suck his cock until her knees are crying in protest and even her jaws hurt from being open so long. She slowly stands and makes out with Brad letting the water envelop them both. Brad lowers his hand to her wet pussy and slowly begins to play with her clitoris, before penetrating her with his fingers.

Her knees buckle, Christen has never been able to handle her pussy being manipulated while she is standing, Brad just knows what he’s doing a little too well and she can never keep on her feet.

Brad sensing this quickly turns off the shower and opens the curtain. He backs up and looks at his lovely wife, standing there dripping wet, with her nipples protruding and her hand unconsciously playing with the area just above her pussy.

Christen says, “Don’t just stand there hand me a towel so we can get to the bed!”

Brad smirks knowingly and rather than reaching for a towel he scoops her up in his arms.

Christen knew that Brad had been working out in Iraq but never thought of this possibility for his burgeoning new strength.

Instead of carrying Christen to the bed he surprises her yet again by standing her in the middle of the floor. He then takes one of the chairs in the room and positions it in front of the mirrored doors of the closet.

He smirks as he beckons her to him after he sits and spreads his legs. Christen straddles his lap and lowers herself onto his waiting dick, guiding it so that it slides in without a problem and they are immediately joined.

She rocks to and fro crying out in happiness as his shaft rubs her clit on each forward and backward movement. She begins shaking uncontrollably and lets out a forceful scream as she cums all over his cock and the juices run down his sack.

He smiles and tells her, “Now baby, turn around and watch yourself as you fuck me,” pointing to the mirrored doors. As she’s going at it in this new position she is amazed at how much more exciting it is as she watches herself bouncing up and down and seeing glimpses of his cock as it goes in and out.

This is when Brad whispers, “I wish I could see you doing this to another man.”

Christen is immediately assaulted with a visual image of Roy plowing her brains out and cums explosively with a shout.

Brad smirks knowingly and then whispers, “Maybe we can talk that guy Roy into joining us up here, just see how things go.”

He didn’t want to rush her, and definitely knew that if this were to happen it would be on her own terms.

Christen continues rocking and considering the proposal as Brad who is visualizing what he just talked about cums inside her cunt filling her with his creamy liquid.

Christen smiles, so it really does turn him on thinking about this, she muses. She dismounts and turns to look at him and decides to test it a bit.

She puts on a pained expression and says, “But baby, you are the only man I love and the only one I’ve ever had sex with; why would I ever want to do this?” Brad immediately starts to feel guilty, but presses ahead saying, “That’s just it dearest, I know you love me, and I know no matter what you will still love me. But I also know how much you would enjoy 2 men at one time and Lord knows I would enjoy it immensely. I know you think I’m going to get jealous, but we’ve talked about this before. He’s a stranger; we’ll never see him again. Hell, we don’t even know his last name. I don’t think there is anything to worry about here, we’ve been married 10 years, and I think our relationship is strong enough to handle anything. I even think this will only strengthen our relationship by making fantasies that we both have harbored for years come true.”

Christen starts thinking then, and starts to become aroused at the possibilities that could come of this sexual adventure.

She looks at Brad who has seen the signs of her thinking about it and is smirking, when she slaps him playfully and exclaims “You’ve been planning this from the beginning you little punk!”

That’s when Brad confesses that yes, ever since being in Iraq he has been planning this exact situation and was just glad Christen found a guy she was interested in that he could try it with.

Christen turns serious and looks Brad in the eyes, staring deeply ready to read whatever body clue he may give, when she asks, “Baby, are you 100% positive you want to do this?”

He smiles and with a gleam in his eye confirms it and she knows by the way he says it and the look on his face that he means it, and she thinks, oh the possibilities…

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