The Fuck of a Lifetime

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To say that Stacey Bandersnatch was merely horny would be the equivalent of saying that a Lamborghini was merely a car. She looked down from her second story window to see her brother and his friends lounging at the pool. As she diddled her clit, she wondered which of Chuck’s friends she would like to fuck most, then decided that she could probably take all three of them on. They reminded her of those three guys from Workaholics: There was a tall one with brown hair, a medium one with reddish hair, and a shorter one with dark hair, but that’s not why she would fuck them. Her pussy hurt. Literally. In fact, it ached so terribly to be fucked that she wondered if this was how guys felt when they had blue balls, then she wondered if there was a term for this in women. Blue clit? She didn’t know, but she did know that she was very seriously craving a cock inside her, and regardless of the fact that she had already gotten herself off twice, she was still just as horny as she was when she first began.

I know, she thought. I’ll be nice and bring them a beer while wearing my skimpiest bikini. She began to turn away and saw Mrs. Terwilliger from next door looking at her. She waved as she said, “Fucking cunt.” She sighed as she got up and removed her pajamas. It really wasn’t Mrs. Terwilliger she was angry at, but her parents for asking the neighbors to keep an eye on her. Then again, her parents couldn’t be faulted, either, as it wasn’t their actions that placed Stacey in her current predicament.

Stacey pulled her panties down past the ankle monitor, then pulled up a nice black thong. The ankle monitor was her only accessory for the next five months, and it was given with much relish from Judge Reinhold even though Stacey’s boyfriend at the time testified that she knew nothing of the illegal weapons that were being sold from out of the trunk of her car. Judge Reinhold, in an attempt to make an example of Stacey, gave her six months house arrest and two hundred hours of community service, after which he would expunge everything from her record. It was either that or go to prison for two years as accessory to the fact, so Stacey took the deal. She affixed a top that barely covered her nipples and areola, then made her way to the kitchen.

As part of her house arrest, her mother and father made it absolutely clear that she was to have no visitors. “None! Whatsoever!” they emphasized, and asking the neighbors to keep an eye on the house in their daily absences was all part to ensure that Stacey complied. They never said anything about Chuck not having his friends over, though, so Stacey thought to take advantage of that. She pulled four Michelob Lights from the fridge—yes, just four as she was forbidden to drink during this probationary period—and made her way to the back porch, holding the beers close so they made her nipples erect. She got to the sliding glass doors to find the back yard empty. She opened them and stepped onto the patio and looked around, then Chuck appeared from the side gate.

“Where did your friends go?” Stacey asked. “I was just bringing you guys a beer.”

“Dressed like that?” Chuck asked.

“I can’t help the way I look,” Stacey responded.

Chuck laughed. “Just trying to show everyone what they can’t have, more like it.” He reached down and gathered his flip-flops and shirt. “We’re going to Cherry Lake in a bit. They’re having a big Fourth of July Fireworks thingy out there tonight. You know, music, grilling out, etcetera. Do you want to come? Oh, I’m sorry. You can’t, on account of you’re not allowed to go anywhere.”


“Gimme a beer,” Chuck said, and Stacey handed one over. Chuck unscrewed the top, guzzled half of it, then offered the remainder to his sister.

“You know I can’t drink. They test me every fucking day.”

“I’m just having a little fun with you. You know that,” Chuck said as he hugged her. He then looked at her. “Hey, wait a minute. Why were you really bringing us all a beer?”

“Can’t I do it just to be nice?”

“You could,” Chuck agreed, “but that’s not your MO. So, what gives?”

“I’m almost ashamed to say,” Stacey began, “but I guess I have sunk so low that I escort ilanları need the help of my little brother to set up a booty call.”

“A what?” Chuck asked with a hearty laugh. “A booty call? Really? Come on, now, Stace. You can’t be serious.”

“Chuck, you have no idea what I feel like right now,” she told him, then explained the whole “female equivalent of blue balls” thing to him.

“Damn, Stace. Is it that bad?”

“It hurts to even walk,” she told him.

“Yup. Female blue balls, alright. So … What? You want me to ask one of my friends if they want to hook up with you, is that it?”

“I wouldn’t ask under normal circumstances, Chuck, but it’s been damn near three months since I last had sex and rubbing one out just doesn’t do it for me anymore.”

Chuck sighed. “Okay. I’ll see what I can do.” He looked at her for a few seconds, really taking her in, her breasts, the nipples and areola of which were still quite rigid and poking through her top, her flat stomach, her shapely hips … he even looked at her thong and saw that, even as low as it was cut (he surmised it came just above the clit) there was no pubic hair to be found … then said, “You know, none of them deserve you, not to mention the fact that they just wouldn’t understand it to be a one-time thing. They’d assume that it would be ongoing.”

“The way I’m feeling, it might just be,” Stacey responded.

“They wouldn’t deserve that either, but I’ll let you know something,” Chuck promised, then went inside. Stacey followed and returned the three unopened beers to the refrigerator, then made her way back to her room.

She heard Chuck leave out thirty minutes later, and her mind began to wander to whom he might pick to help her out in this most drastic time of need. The thing is, though, that the more she dwelled on it, the hornier she got. It had gotten so bad that she actually went into her parents’ room and rummaged through her mother’s drawers in search of a vibrator or dildo or something, but none were to be found. Her legs were weak and her clit was throbbing. She was desperate. She got the idea of checking the refrigerator to see if there were any smoked sausage links or cucumbers. Hell, even a nice-sized carrot would do. She had rubbers, so she could just affix one around a good eight-incher, but they were all gone. “FUCK!!” she shouted, and she began to weep as she made her way back to her room.

Stacey fell upon her bed and just lay there. Finally, she called Chuck and was startled to hear his phone ring in his room. She jumped, then that scene from a dozen different horror movies flashed through her mind—”The call is coming from within the house!”—and she began to laugh. She made her way to Chuck’s room and found his phone. Her intention was to call one of his friends and tell then to tell Chuck that he left his phone at home, thus giving her a reason to ask if he had found anyone for her yet, but her curiosity got the better of her and she began to flip through his pictures.

The first was of a girl in cut-off denim shorts with a nice ass. The second was of a close-up of a girl’s breasts barely covered by a green bikini top. The third was of a girl wearing an American Flag bikini. Stacey stopped and went back to the first pic. She studied it for all of twenty seconds before concluding, “That’s my ass.” She looked at the second pic again and told herself that that was her bikini top, and with the third, she knew that was her in her bikini. “What the fuck?” She skimmed more pics, and although the heads had been deliberately chopped off, she knew her body—and her clothing—well enough to know that Chuck had been taking pictures of her. The only question now, though, was, “Why?”

He had over one hundred pictures of Stacey in his phone, everything from boob close-ups to crotch shots to pics of her ass. She looked at them again and again, and as she did, her mind wandered to the conversations the two shared. She remembered asking him if he was dating anyone and he said that he was working up the courage to talk to someone. She remembered him always volunteering to put suntan gaziantep escort ilanları lotion on her when they lay out in the sun. Why, just today, did he not say that his friends did not deserve her? Was the implication there, then, that he did? Was the implication that he not only wanted her, but continuously? Is that why he left his phone, to be able to conveniently say he forgot it so he wouldn’t have to be beholden to finding someone for me? It made sense. Of course, she wouldn’t know until she could ask him, and he wouldn’t be home until after midnight.

Stacey decided to go lay out in the sun for an hour or so until her parents got home. She would figure out what to do later on.

Her mother was the first to arrive, as usual. Stacey was so wound up that she breached with her a subject neither had ever before discussed with one another. “Mom, do you ever have the need to use a dildo?”

Maranda Bandersnatch’s laugh was both immediate and intense. “I should say not. Your father is still very capable in the bedroom. Why? Do you need one?”

She just stared at her mother and felt the total look of defeat on her features. “I need something. I’m going crazy.”

“Would you like me to buy you one tomorrow?” Maranda asked.

“Would you?” Stacey almost pled.

“I’ll bring it by to you on my lunch break. How does that sound?”

“Thanks, Mom. By the way, Chuck is at Cherry Lake tonight with his friends for that Fourth of July celebration,” Stacey said, then made her way to the living room to watch TV just as her dad walked through the door.

“Hey, pumpkin,” Karl Bandersnatch said to his daughter.

Before she could respond, Maranda announced, “Dinner in forty-five minutes.”

Stacey hugged her father, then turned on the TV and saw it was still on TV Land, which meant her parents were the last to watch anything on it. She saw that Leave It to Beaver was on, and immediately thought, Something this hokey should keep my mind off of things, but then “Beaver” flashed through her mind again, and although she was clean-shaven between her legs, the irony was not lost on her. She remembered that old joke, “What are the dirtiest words ever said on television? ‘Ward, don’t you think you were a little too hard on the beaver last night?'” She snorted a laugh, only because that’s what she needed at the moment. As she watched, she soon saw that this was when Wally was around seventeen and really developing his good looks and muscles, and she envisioned him giving her what she needed. She immediately turned it to The Game Show Network and watched an old seventies episode of Password. Nothing sexy about George Gobel and Phyllis Diller.

Maranda had prepared stir-fry, and everyone ate to their heart’s content. It was enough to get Stacey’s mind off her current dilemma, but only momentarily. She went back to her room and continued to pine away. She pulled Chuck’s phone from under her bed and began to once again look at all the many pictures he had taken of her.

About an hour in, she heard footsteps on the stairs. Someone was running up, and the only person to do so was Chuck. The footsteps stopped at his room, then, more slowly paced, they began again, stopping at her door. A knock. “Who is it?”


“Come in.”

Upon doing so, “Have you seen my phone?” Stacey held it up. “What are you doing with it?”

“Wondering why you have so many risqué pictures of me, for starters.”

“Om … What makes you think—”

“Don’t insult me, Chuck. Please,” Stacey said as she sat up.

“Yeah? What of it?” Chuck finally asked as he took a step forward, his chest bowed out in prideful bravado.

“Do you like me, Chuck?”

“You’re my sister.”

“I know. The question still stands, though.”

“I … Uh … Got to get back to the lake.”

Stacey was still horny and growing hornier by the minute as she actually began to entertain thoughts of fucking her brother. “Wouldn’t you rather stay here tonight and celebrate the Fourth with me?”

“Wh-Wh-What?” Chuck stammered.

Stacey pulled her top off, gaziantep escort bayan ilanları revealing her naked breasts to her brother. “Think about it, Chuck.” She stood and dropped her shorts to the floor, allowing her brother to take in her nude body. “You could go back with your friends, or we can stay here and make fireworks of our own.” Chuck’s head was moving left and right as if to say he could not comprehend what was going on. Stacey crossed the floor to stand before her brother, then dropped to her knees as she pulled his shorts and underwear down, revealing his swollen, seven-inch cock to her.

“What are you doing?” he asked in protest, but he didn’t make a move to pull his clothes back on. “Mom and Dad are downstairs.”

“Yes, they are,” Stacey said, then took her brother’s cock into her mouth.

“Ohhhhhh,” Chuck said breathily as he held onto the wall to keep himself upright. My fucking sister is sucking my fucking cock! I can’t believe it.

Stacey serviced her brother for about two minutes, then stood and pulled him to the bed. She lay on her back and cocked her legs as wide as they’d go as Chuck kicked his feet out of his shorts and underwear while simultaneously pulling his shirt off, then he got on top of her and for some reason said, “I’ll be gentle, I promise.”

“The fuck you will,” she told him as she moved her hips to give him ultimate access to her. “Fuck me like I’m a fucking street whore, Chuck. Slam that cock into me as hard as you fucking can. I mean it. Don’t hold anything back.”

Chuck, having forgotten all about his parents being downstairs, quickly found his sister’s vagina and pushed himself in. Stacey bit him on the shoulder to keep from crying out, which only emboldened Chuck to give her the fuck of a lifetime. He slammed into her as hard and fast as he could, and when she began moaning, “Deeper. Go deeper,” he rammed himself to the hilt.

“Oh, fuck!” Stacey growled as her first orgasm hit. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and it was all she could do to maintain consciousness, but she held on and made it through, only to cum again a few minutes later. In fact, she was firing one off about every ninety seconds now. “God, I fucking need this!”

Chuck had been silent, but ten minutes in he said, “Oh shit, Stace. I’m gonna cum.”

He made to pull out of her, but Stacey was fast approaching another orgasm of her own, so she grabbed Chuck’s hips and held him in place as she thrust upward, taking all his cock into her.

“Oh, God-damn,” Chuck whispered as his body spasmed. He felt his sister’s pussy get wetter and wetter from the huge load of cum he spurted into her, which mixed with her own orgasmic juices. He wasn’t finished yet. Not by a long shot. “Get on your hands and knees.”

“Yes!” Stacey said, and did so. Soon, her brother was filling her pussy again with his still-rigid cock. “Oh, God-damn, Chuck. Fuck me, baby. Fuck this pussy good.”

Chuck was like a jackhammer; his thrusts were so hard and fast and deep. Stacey was still coming at regular intervals, and with each passing orgasm, she felt herself building to her climax. Chuck slowed his pace, but he was still driving his cock home as hard and deep as he could. “Ooooh, don’t stop, Chuck. This is the big one. Don’t deprive me of the big one.”

“You better hurry up then,” Chuck told her, “‘cuz I’m gonna bust this nut any second now.”

Ten seconds of silence, then, “Give it to me!” Stacey screamed into her pillow as Chuck moaned deeply. He continued until the feeling passed, then stopped and fell onto the bed. Stacey turned to face him and kissed him. “Oh, God, Chuck. You don’t know how badly I needed that.”

“So, it was good for you?”

“That’s putting it mildly,” Stacey said. Then, “Thank you.”

“You know,” Chuck said after some thought, “You’re on lockdown for the next five months. Um, we can do this as much as you want. You know, if you … Uh …”

“Five months of this?” Stacey asked. “I’d be a fool to turn that down.”

“Maybe even after your five months is up?” Chuck asked expectantly.

“Now that’s something worth consideration,” Stacey said. “For now, though, I’m going to get some sleep. Go have fun with your friends.”

Chuck got up and dressed, and before he left his sister’s room he asked, “Would you like me to give you a happy wake up call when I return?”

“If by ‘happy wake-up call’ you mean wake me up by eating my pussy, then yes, I would.”

Chuck did, and has been doing so every night since.

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