The Gift of Goodness Ch. 02

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In the next few weeks after Louis had received his gift from Nikko, the world had taken on a color that was just a shade better than before. First of all his knee didn’t hurt. Above and beyond having a larger dick, having a knee that “worked” was way cool. The dick, well that was a close second. Louis marveled at it, like a new toy every time he saw it, or touched. And not least of all was Misty. She was like a new penny.

The biggest change in the period of time was the “overall” feeling and improvement in their bodies. Not like an instant change, but gradual over a period of days it was subtle yet drastic – all their friends telling them how great they looked, or if they were on a diet or lost weight. For instance, vision; he didn’t need to squint to read small print. Misty had to stop wearing her contacts – she couldn’t see WITH them! His body; he felt better (the knee would have been enough) but when his work jeans started to get “loose” and he had to go up not one but two notches tighter on his belts that he knew he had changed. The abs were hard and without much work he could see the long lost plates returning. Misty on the other hand was transformed in his eyes. Her body was “tighter” – her butt, her legs, the pooch had all but disappeared, and for him the “boob man” her breasts were fuller and bigger than before.

This new lease had made them happier and unleashed a new level of energy. Ethan had commented one evening that they were on “drugs” or something. Misty said that teaching school was more fun. Louis hated to admit that he even felt better at work. It didn’t hurt that a couple of days after the “event” his smoking hot Engineer, Gretta had given him a once over and asked if he had “done something different?” When he told her “No, just clean living” she gave him a look like a lioness sizing up lunch. Problems that would have really taken him off his game before were not even a blip on the radar. And the best thing is that his attitude seemed to rub off on everyone else. The plant was making strides he could feel it.

Then there was the sex. How about every day? How about twice a day? How about every position known to man and beast? It was better than he could have imagined. There were times it would be wild – sweat dripping down, dirty talk that would make porn stars blush. Other times it would be soft and gentle – or as Louis called it “Soft Porn” without so much as a word between them. They had always loved each other (and been in love) this was just icing on the cake. Yes, Louis would take time out of each day to give thanks, smile and think – life is good!

About a month later Misty was giving Louis a blowjob one morning before work in the bathroom. He loved to watch her work on his massive tool. It still amazed him how big his cock was, and that it was HIS!! As she worked him closer to cumming he could feel the heat build in him. He was getting used to the feeling; the sensation and release. This morning though Misty had something else in mind. As she stroked him in her mouth the last few seconds she pulled his cock out and with perfect timing he came just as she put an empty lotion container over the head of his cock. Louis could only look down with some disappointment as he shot his cum into the opaque bottle.

After he had finished he looked at his wife with only a couple hundred questions running in his mind.

“What in the wide, wide world of sports are you doing, Misty?”

They had gotten used to the lack of cum when he came inside her, like the first time, if he shot inside her there would be little to nothing that would leak out. Her body just took it in. If he came on her it was like a lotion, still “cum like” but it would be like a dissolving cream.

“Well if you must know I am going to conduct an experiment, and for the next couple of days I need you to deposit a load into this”.

Louis looked at her as she was putting the cap on the bottle and shucking her robe to get dressed. If he had any problems with her, seeing her naked made them go away and also got the attention of his little friend. He looked down at his cock and thought – don’t you ever get enough?

“That’s swell dear, would you mind filling me in on this “experiment” or is it too high level for my security clearance?’

She came out of her closet with a matching black bra and boy short on (he thought to himself that is new?). “Yes dear it is way above your clearance, but just to let you know, don’t worry, the secret is safe with me”

“Okay, so are you ever going to tell me what you are doing with my cum in a bottle?’

“I might but then I might have to kill you”. She pinched his nipple and winked as she finished buttoning her blouse and went into the bedroom.

Louis didn’t try to read his wife’s mind, he just let her “milk the python” every morning for the next several days – he wasn’t complaining since they had sex every evening. In fact he never thought he could want to have that much sex, but as long as it was that good, he wasn’t going Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir to complain.

A week after the milking experiment had ended Louis was informed that his wife’s sister her “boyfriend” and his son were going to come down for a Friday night steak cook out. Louis didn’t mind, Misty’s older sister (by 5 years) lived on the North side of Dallas, and was the high speed, high dollar and high maintenance sales professional. She was “dating” a guy the same age as Louis; he was a Lawyer, with no sense of humor and still tied to his overbearing ex-wife via their son who was the same age but the exact opposite of Ethan.

Faye, and Misty were sister’s but in some ways they were polar opposites. She was a woman in a man’s world. Not bashful at all, she could hang with the boys from business to baseball. A bit taller than her younger sister she had darker hair, and a laugh that no matter what mood you were in could get you to smile. She decided early on in her business career that she wasn’t going to let being a woman bring her down. So she upgraded her original equipment for a set of 36D’s. Her “store bought cans” leveled the playing field so to speak, and she was not afraid to use them. Louis had never “seen” them but could only imagine over the years what they looked like if they were let loose. Twice divorced she valued her career more than a family, and that was fine, that was Faye.

Like Misty she was a fitness freak and grew older kicking and screaming – she was not going to go gently into that good night.

Louis was out back cooking under the patio lights when the crew arrived. He could see through the blinds Faye, Kevin (still in his suit) and his son Ryan. After a few minutes Kevin came out back with a beer. They talked about general things, Kevin bitching about some case or low life getting off without doing any time. Louis thought that so much had changed since he had last seen them. Kevin was too wrapped up to notice the simple things in life. Ethan, Hunter and Ryan came out back and turned on the big back yard lights to toss the football around, seemed that Ryan dropped the ball every time even when Hunter threw it to him.

With the steaks done Louis called for everyone to come inside and get ready to eat. Carrying the platter into the kitchen Faye and Misty were talking in hushed voices as he walked in. As Louis turned to put the platter on the island he looked up and saw Faye and almost dropped it.

She was beautiful. Not like she wasn’t before, but she was “different” and then like a shovel to the back of the head Louis knew what the “experiment” was.

Faye must have sensed his shock by smiling and saying “Well if it isn’t my favorite bother in law!”

Louis took her in, and commented, “I think that would be your ONLY brother in law?”

Holding a glass of wine she came from the other side of the island and hugged him. A little bit longer than he was used to. He looked over at Misty, who had a “please don’t be mad at me” grin.

“Oh don’t be such a stickler for details you need to live a little!” As she kissed Louis on the cheek.

Louis couldn’t hold back the smile. As everyone was getting plates and putting food on them he made eye contact with Misty and did the international hand sign for “we need to talk”. She smiled and mouthed “I love you”.

Conversation at the table was nothing out of the ordinary until Misty asked Louis if he thought Faye looked “good”.

Both of them were sitting next to each other across from him at the table. Louis gave Kevin a quick glance (he didn’t even look up) before he replied that yes she did look very good.

Kevin commented that she must be, with as much time she’s been spending at the gym and not to mention how much the cream she’s been using must cost.

Louis could feel his faced getting flushed at hearing the word “cream”.

Trying not to look like he was about to pass out he looked at Faye (who was directly across from him), “So you are using some special cream? What does it do for you?”

Faye’s eyes sparkled as she said; “Well this is a highly specialized cream that firms up the skin, and just about anything that ails you”

Kevin listening to the banter then chimed in; “If you can believe that any cream will do all that. And even more far fetched is the next phase of this anti-aging wonder.”

Louis looked at the three of them like there is something he didn’t know. “I’m not in the loop here Kevin what is the next phase?’

Without missing a bite of his rib-eye he said “Injection”.

Louis did his best not to spit out his baked potato onto the table.

“Yeah, that’s about what I did when she told me about it. I’m telling you Faye, this is risky stuff. You don’t know what someone is going to shoot into you, sounds like a law suit waiting to happen”.

Louis nodded at Kevin as he turned his gaze across the table. There they were both of them trying to look innocent, but the look in their eyes İstanbul Escort told him otherwise. He was in trouble, because now there were two!!

Louis asked if anyone was ready for dessert and then asked Misty if she would help him in the kitchen. He didn’t know what he’d say other than; “What are you thinking!”

“She’s my sister, I love her. Plus I’m starting see the world and life differently”.

As Louis got the ice cream out of the freezer; “What does that mean honey?”

“Well I’m not as up tight, I feel more sexy, secure and adventurous……..”

She trailed off like she was about to say something but didn’t. Louis getting small bowls out the cabinet looked over at her.


“I think it would be hot if you fucked her. I mean I get it every day, she doesn’t so is sharing so bad?”

“Baby, she is your sister, have you lost your mind?!!”

“I know but, in a way it turns me on more than you’ll ever know. Plus you can tell me how much better I am afterwards”.

She smiled as she kissed him and darted her tongue in his mouth, took the bowls and went back into the dining room.

Louis stood there unable to move, the same woman that was jealous if some little hottie gave him a second look in the mall was now giving him complete authorization to pork her sister?!

After dessert Kevin looked at Faye and said. “Well I’ll round Ryan up and get him up to his mothers; I guess I’ll see you tomorrow night?”

Louis for about the tenth time in the past hour tried not to look shocked as Misty announced to the kids that Aunt Faye was “sleeping over” so they could go shopping in the morning. To make it even better she brought a scary movie to watch.

Kevin and Ryan left, and like a fire drill Hunter, Misty and Faye rushed to get their fannel jammies on and then all three rushed to get under a big quilt on the couch, demanding pop corn and diet cokes. Louis stopped cleaning the kitchen to fulfill their request. He couldn’t imagine eating ice cream and then dumping pop corn on top.

They asked him after he was finished if he was going to join them? He told them that he pretty much knew the plot of “Don’t go out to the lake after Prom Night IV”, and that he’d like to read a little in the bedroom.

All three made “frown faces” and told him he was going to miss the best one yet! Ethan passed as well, telling everyone he was going to watch something educational in his room. Hunter commented that ESPN does not count.

Louis settled in the rarely used oversized chair in their bedroom with an old Edgar Rice Borroughs’ novel (The Gods of Mars) and had gotten through about a chapter before he closed his eyes and tried not to think of Faye’s “cans”.

The next thing Louis knew he was being nudged by Misty as she walked by him to the bathroom.

“Doctor I think your patient is ready for you in the study”. She was pealing off her jammies, and he could hear the tub water running in the bathroom. A quick check of his chronometer showed that he had lost about 2 hours in the chair.

As he stretched she called out to him, “She just got out of the shower and was drying her hair when I came in”.

Louis pushed out of the chair and stood for a second before he entered the bathroom. He had a “mini-flashback” since Misty had lit several candles but still had the light on. He thought of Nikko and his “little friend” started to stir. He might try to pretend he didn’t want to jump Faye, but he was kidding himself.

Misty was sitting in the tub with her eyes closed as he went into the closet and changed into running shorts and a t-shirt. He came out and went to the sink to brush his teeth. He couldn’t ravage his sister-in-law with bad breath could he? As he was brushing his teeth Misty turned off the water in the tub.

“Did I ever tell you thank you?”

Louis didn’t know what was coming next, so he replied, “Thanks for what dear?”

“The bath salts you got me!”

Louis almost stuck the tooth brush down his throat when hearing that. Without turning to face her. “Oh yeah, saw something in Men’s Health about how to get your woman to love you, or something like that”.

“They are so relaxing, and from Japan no less, you are a good husband, I think I’ll keep you”.

Louis turned and looked at her in the tub, her breasts just peaking out of the water; her nipples were getting hard from the air. She was hot, and to think he was going to leave her there to go be with her sister.

She looked at him with a disapproving look. “Is that what you’re wearing?”

Louis looked down at himself; he didn’t really see anything wrong. “And what would you want me to wear? Silk PJ’s with a smoking jacket and pipe?”

Misty wrinkled her nose, “Well it’s just not very romantic that’s all”.

Louis shifted his weight back on the counter and struck a mocked thinking pose. “Well I have you, you could be Holly, Faye she could be Kendra, all I need is a Bridget and I’d be all set for the Escort İstanbul silk PJ’s”. Even when he was thinking about his own Girls Next Door the thought of Gretta as Bridget came to mind.

“I guess you’ll be fine for now stud muffin, quit stalling, off you go, do your duty!”

Louis stood and saluted and walked to the door. He was just about out when he turned to his wife and for the first time in a serious manner addressed her.

“You sure about this? What is the expectation? Bada-bing, Bada-boom, I see I cum I leave?”

She leaned over and rested her arms on the tub. “Enjoy yourself, have fun, okay?”

Louis nodded as she told him to turn out the light; he did and in the dim of the candles made his way to the study and his sister-in-law.

Before he gently tapped on the door Louis took a deep breath, just be calm he told himself, it would be over in a second. Faye called for him to come in.

The “study” was more a computer and TV room with a big couch, and some book cases. A small end table lap was on, along with the jazz station on the direct TV (Faye knew him well). She was sitting in a white robe at the computer with her back to him when he came in.

“Just checking my email, you know how folks like to drop little bombs on you on a Friday after 4 pm”.

Louis quietly sat down on the middle section of the couch, thinking of something witty to say, but nothing came so he just said “take your time”.

He could see her navigate and close windows over her shoulder. She finally finished and turned in the chair to face him.

With her hair just dried and without make up Faye was still a very good looking woman. Louis smiled at her in an attempt to settle himself down.

Faye smiled back and Louis could tell for all her ability to wheel and deal in business she was at a loss for what to say.

“You look great Faye”.

“Thanks Louis, I’m lost for words. Please don’t be mad at Misty, she loves you so much, and I would hate it if this caused you any problems in your marriage”.

“No, we’re good, in fact she’s taking a bath right now with full knowledge that I was going to come over here and…………”

“Fuck me?”

“Yeah, maybe not the word I was searching for, but I guess given the circumstances it will work”.

With the ice broken Faye pushed herself out of the chair and then took a couple of steps so that she was standing arms length away from Louis in front of him on the couch. Without a word she undid the belt and in one motion shrugged the robe off. In all her glory she was standing naked in front of her brother-in-law.

Louis took all of her in. He thought at 50 she could hold her own against women half her age. Faye had taken care of herself, and not having children didn’t hurt. For the first time he finally got to see her breasts, and he was not disappointed. They were huge, and even though they weren’t “real” you couldn’t tell. Her nipples were large and dark (bigger than Misty’s). She was longer in the waist than Misty too, and the countless number of crunches she did paid off, her belly was flat that trailed down to a small “racing strip” to her sex.

The way she was standing he could see between her legs, and unlike his wife whose lips were large and hung down, Faye’s were smaller and her pussy was more forward than his wife’s and void of any hair.

After a few seconds of looking her up and down, Louis looked back at Faye, almost embarrassed that he had taken the time to size her up like some John looking at a hooker.

“So, do you like what you see?” She smiled down at him with her hands on her hips as she turned around to show off her very round and perfect ass. Louis thought that in all the years he had been focusing on her breasts that he didn’t really appreciate the fact that she had a great ass!

“Yes, as a matter of fact you are stunning Faye”

“I’m glad, since I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’ve thought about you from time to time, and seeing you now……. Well let’s just say I’m glad Misty offered you up, because I might have made a play for you without her permission”.

Louis could tell she was trying to make him feel comfortable, he realized he had just sat there with his hands on his lap since he had come in. Louis decided that he would do his part by taking off his t-shirt. He still didn’t really grasp that he was now rock hard in his chest, shoulders and abs like he was 10 years ago. Misty had commented that he could be one of those guys who pitched those home gyms on TV.

“Oh my!” Was all Faye could say as she reached up and cupped her breasts, pushing them together and caressing them in a manner that could only mean that she needed to be taken care of.

Louis regarded her and could feel his heart begin to beat a little faster. For its part his cock had remained in its “regular” state for the most part. In fact it would stay that way till Louis got ready for action and then like a magical beast it would grow. He could tell Faye was looking at him (no doubt Misty had told her about his size) but he didn’t want to just “whip it out” yet.

Louis looked at her again massaging her breasts, now with a little bit of hip action.

“No kissing okay?”

“If it makes you uncomfortable, then okay, no kissing” Faye’s voice sounded a tad disappointed.

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