The Graces Ch. 05

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This fictional story explores intimate sexual relationships between family members and friends that are of a variety of ages. This complies with the Literotica guidelines, especially the exclusion of any characters under the age of 18. Comments welcome. Copyright 2022.


Tom Grace lifted his coffee to his lips, blowing across the steaming surface to release the heat before sipping it. He was always first to the office of Lift Rainwood and last to leave, and the fall afternoon was just giving into evening as he savored his final cup of java before packing up and heading home. He was thinking erotic thoughts, in turn remembering his arousing mid-day tryst with Katherine Elizabeth and imagining what his darling daughter Leslie might be like in the nude when he heard soft footsteps coming down the office hall.

He arose from his chair and stepped out of his office to look towards the front door, aware of his hardened dick constrained by his trousers. Sauntering slowly down the hall was his step-mother, Joi, looking particularly fetching in a jean jacket over a scoop neck white cotton blouse, a strikingly short jean skirt that revealed her attractive and athletic thighs and calves, and a pair of brown leather cowboy boots with intricate tooling of leaves and branches. Tom smiled widely.

Joi and Gene Grace had joined Tom as first funders of Lift Rainwood and were strongly supportive of Tom’s efforts at community redevelopment and business growth. His father’s wife was a beautiful woman, even if she kept her hair butch-dyke short and never wore jewelry, qualities Tom judged as less than appealing.

Still, Tom never tired of her company, she was honest and funny and charming in many wonderful ways. Her features were sharper than Kate’s, high cheekbones and a straight nose above full lips, but her violet eyes always sparkled with some kind of mischief, he thought. Strong shoulders held squarely lifted her firm breasts against the material of her blouse, and the lack of a bra let the hard nipples show clearly against the fabric.

Joi smiled back and opened her arms to hug her son-in-law. Tom stepped into the embrace, reached behind her to draw her to him and pressed her body against his. He felt her stiff nipples pressing into his chest and the sensation added fire to his already rampant boner.

Joi breathed deeply at Tom’s shoulder, taking pleasure in the male smell of him, she turned her face into his neck and sighed. Gene had his smell, Tom had his, and they both were dear and familiar to Joi, who experienced both of these men with delight, although not in equal sensual intimacy. Tom was always so reserved, up tight, rigidly devout, she thought, as she continued enjoying his warmth at the moment. Her deep breath forced her tits into her son-in-law and she was surprised to feel a firm presence at his pelvis.

“Goodness, he’s fully aroused,” she thought to herself with a thrill. She was content to rest in his arms with his dick pulsing against her abdomen as long as he allowed. She nuzzled her face into the hollow of his neck and kissed him softly.

Joi’s kiss sent a tremor through Tom, and a hot feeling engulfed him, like standing in a warm shower with all his clothes on. At once he became aware of self-reproach for being stimulated by the loving gesture and realized in that instant that ever since his father’s second marriage he had lusted for his step-mother. The collision of the two thoughts momentarily confused him and he stepped back and released Joi from the embrace, but slipped his hands down her arms to gently hold her own by the fingertips.

He looked into Joi’s lovely face and their eyes met. She saw in his the rising surrender to his instinctive reaction in their closeness. He saw in hers the honest invitation to erotic intimacy. He leaned slightly to press his lips to hers and they kissed with undisguised passion.

Their mouths opened and tongues intertwined and the oral copulation intensified. Joi’s tongue was the more adventurous, sweeping across Tom’s teeth to jam into his mouth with abandon. Deep in his balls, Tom’s libido responded with a jolt.

Tom’s doubts and reserve fell away and he gave Joi his complete attention. He lowered his hands from hers to slide across her hips, descending across the small of her back and her astounding derriere to cup and lift her asscheeks and drive her pelvis against his.

Joi felt her cunt flood with juicy lubrication and she knew Tom would not turn back, he was absolutely going to fuck her this afternoon and this excited her powerfully. She experienced a wicked thrill in bursa escort seducing her husband’s son and making him cheat on his beautiful and voluptuous wife, a woman Joi had often fantasized about herself.

Gripping his hands, she drew him back into his office, released his lips and sank to her knees on the floor. Both hands reached up to his waistband, one flicked open his belt and the other swiftly drew down his zipper. The erection tied down by his pants rose from his boxers and the stiff shaft and glistening knob waved directly in Joi’s face. She tugged down his pants and underwear and then took his prick in both her hands.

“I’ve been waiting,” she said dreamily.

“Wait no more,” he replied. She covered his glans with her lips and began stroking his dick. Tom moaned.

She took her lips off his prick and looked up into his eyes, still furiously stroking the pole.

“You’re sure?” she asked.

“Goddamn sure,” Tom said profanely. It was clear to Tom that he was entering a time of trial, that he was committing a profound sin, not only for the ravenous desire he was feeling for his step-mother, but also for falling so quickly into a wicked infidelity that cuckolded Katherine Elizabeth. The guilt swirled in his stomach, but he was completely debauched and could not resist the powerful attraction he felt for Joi.

Joi brought Tom’s dick to her lips and thrust her head forward suddenly, taking the entire shaft into her mouth and throat and sucking as if her life depended on it. The vacuum sent Tom into shivers. Joi slipped one hand under his scrotum and lifted his balls, rolling them gently in her palm as she impaled her face on his prick.

Tom’s mind fogged and his entire awareness because focused on his pubic area as his step-mother ramped up her stimulation of his dick and balls. Her saliva glistened on the shaft as she drew her lips back to the tip, and she held nothing back as she shoved her head and shoulders forcibly into his hips to completely devour his stiff shaft. He was not fucking her mouth, her mouth was fucking him. Kate might be a wanton lover, but Joi was without doubt a depraved vixen and she was hungry for sex, he realized.

Joi swirled her tongue around the shaft of Tom’s circumcised dick. Cut men were so much sweeter, Joi thought, and she tasted a musky flavor on her tongue as she drew it across the ridge of his glans.

His dick has been in someone’s pussy already today, she realized. This discovery added to her arousal and her cunt squeezed tightly anticipating the reaming she might get with a prong marinated in another woman’s sex. She knew it could be none other than Kathrine Elizabeth, and that, until this very moment, Tom simply did not have it in him to cheat on his wife. Joi took some pleasure in knowing Tom was so attracted to her and so deep in arousal because of her that she had the opportunity by banging her step-son to be his first extramarital affair. She loved the man and now wanted him deeply and completely.

Tom was not as endowed as his father, Gene, Joi realized as she continued to nurse on his prick. But in over a hundred sexual liaisons, Joi had learned that while size does matter, it is not the only thing that mattered. Compassion, exuberance, stamina, heft and rigidity were all important in a man, Joi had found, and Tom’s dick was hard as a rock and jutted vertically from his pubic bone now that he was fully engorged. The resulting hard on pressed up against the top of Joi’s mouth and held its lifting shape as it entered her throat, keeping her gag reflex in check. So she continued to deep throat him with gusto.

Tom had never had his dick so deeply in a woman’s face. He gazed down at his step-mother’s loving lips as they drew slowly back along his shaft, leaving a shiny sheen of saliva. She looked up into his eyes and he saw the fire of her excitement in their sparkle. She wanted him, he could see. And his own want for her was tight in his chest and balls.

“For Christ sake, Joi, maybe you’re planning to suck me off, but all I want to do is nail your cunt,” Tom said.

Joi slammed her mouth down his cock, driving the head deep into her throat, Tom could see it swell with the hard pole. She swallowed and he felt her esophagus ripple along the head of his dong.

“You sexy tart,” Tom exclaimed, “why did I not make out with you years ago…you are a thrilling woman and I am crazy to not have made a pass at you…your mouth is like heaven, darling, you are surely going to taste my cum in a minute.”

Joi drew her lips back to the tip of Tom’s dick, fisting the shaft with both hands and stoking rapidly. He groaned. She released the tip with a “pop” and stood up.

Unbuttoning bursa escort bayan his shirt, she said, “Tom, I love you and I’ve loved being your mom for the past ten years or so, but now I need to be your lover, to get this fine hard dick up my cunt so you can put your hot sticky cum in your mommy. Keep it hard for me, sweetheart.”

Tom grabbed his cock and began masturbating with relish. “I’m going to rub this dick until it’s like iron, mommy, and then I’m going run it up your pussy hole and to splash your womb with my seed, my baby cum, I’m going to fill you up with man syrup, I’m going to give you my hot love cream.”

“That’s my good boy,” Joi purred, lifting Tom’s shirt off his shoulders and dropping it to the floor.

Tom stepped slightly back and out of his bunched trousers and boxers, slipping out of his shoes and standing naked before his step-mother, beating his meat with abandon, a hungry look in his eyes.

“Uh, uh, mommy better hurry or Tommy’s going to spill his sap all over the floor,” Tom moaned.

“Here you go,” she said dropping her jacket on the desk.

Joi kicked out of her cowboy boots and grasped the hem of her blouse. In one easy motion, she lifted it over her head, releasing her tits to Tom’s view. They were firmly aroused, Tom saw, round and creamy, standing proudly from her chest with deep pink hardened nipples. She cupped them in her hands and said, “Don’t they look good, Tommy, so firm, not droopy, even though I’m past sixty? I love my titties.”

Tom choked and said, “They are gorgeous breasts, Joi, marvelous beasts on one of the sexiest women I know. Please show me all of you, I am so horny I don’t know how long I can last.”

“Well, hold on, tiger,” she responded and turned her back to Tom.

She pulled the short zipper at the side of her skirt and slowly lowered the waistband past her hips and rear. Tom nearly passed out when he saw the perfection of her ass. The globes were rosy and firm, sat high on her thighs, with a delicious curve as they joined the legs. The crease between them was deep and as Joi let her skirt and briefs fall away, she drew the cheeks apart. Her pink anus was a wrinkled delight, but her cunt was a masterpiece. Framed between her muscled thighs were rouged labia damp with lubricant nestled in a smooth tight slit with a fuzzy covering that matched her hair style, and the hard red tip of her clit dangled at the top of the gash. Now he’d always imagine Joi’s cunt when he saw his step-mother, because her head and pussy were identically trimmed.

“Oh, momma, you are a fucking vision,” Tom gasped.

The sight of his step-mother’s striking cunt sent a wave of passion through his body that electrified his cock. He felt his scrotum snap tight against his phallus and his orgasm nearly overtook him. He released his dick immediately. He had never felt as turned on by any sexual encounter as he was right now, about to screw his father’s wife, about to violate his wedding vows, about to ride that gorgeous pussy.

Joi turned back to face him. “You are a fucking sex goddess, Joi,” he babbled, “I’m overwhelmed by your beautiful body, you are incredibly hot, my cock is erect and my balls are tight, God, I’ve got to get my dick in you.”

“Yes, and I want that prick of yours to fill me, spread me, cream me, come on, lover,” she said.

Joi lowered herself to the floor and spread her attractive legs, lifting them towards her stomach to spread her pussy lips and placing one hand behind her head and one on her mons, fingering her clit. “Cum in momma, Tommy,” she said smiling. Tom spent a quick moment admiring the beauty of her face, the swell of her tits, the curve of her muscled abdomen, the nearly bald cunt and widespread legs.

Tom kneeled between her thighs, grabbed his prick and rubbed it in her slick channel.

“Honey, I’m home,” he sighed, and thrust his hips towards her, sluicing into her damp recesses.

Jeez, her cunt was so tight and wet, he thought, like she’s never been fucked. He briefly fantasized that he was popping her cherry, but then she moaned and lifted her hips, driving him all the way onto her cunt. He felt his glans bump her womb sharply and he drew back.

“Oh, Tommy, I really like your cock in me,” Joi gushed.

The first flutterings of orgasm were already racing through her cunt and she felt a deep pleasure begin to gather between her thighs. She moved her hands to his ass and urged him into her with a quick squeeze. The feel of her son-in-law sliding down her clamping channel was incredibly exciting, and she wondered how exciting it might be to fuck him and his father at the same time, she loved getting pounded in her cunt and ass and these two escort bursa terrific cocks on two men she loved would be amazing. Tom jammed in deeply again and soon had a pounding rhythm that coaxed grunts from both of them.

“Joi, your cunt, it’s so tight, goddamn, so wonderfully tight, my cock feels like it is fucking a tight, hot, wet fist,” Tom grunted.

He tensed his abdominals to add lift to his pubic bone and his dick scraped Joi’s depths, roughly agitating her womb and vagina. She responded with a quick moan and drew a deep breath.

“Oh, Tom, your cock fills me and thrills me, I’m stuffed, I want you to ride me hard, son, ride my cunt hard, jam it, jam me to me,” she grunted back.

Her hands trailed from his ass to press his hips forward and she rolled her hips up into his pubic mound. Her legs gripped his waist and she locked her ankles behind the small of his back. She rode him like a piston, rocking and thrusting while they both gasped for air.

“Joi, Joi, your pussy is amazing,” Tom said, “so soft and juicy and tight and hot, my dick loves being deep in you, I love you, I love fucking you, I love putting my joint in your hole.”

He drilled her feverishly and Joi responded with a yelp as an orgasm rocketed through her guts causing her ankles to release and legs to spread completely, pressing her yawning pussy into his jamming pole.

“Oh, god, Tom, you’ve plowed me,” Joi moaned.

Tom jerked his prick out of Joi’s cunt, grabbed her ankles to hold her legs at their widest angle and dove into her pussy with his tongue, sliding the hard muscle up her vagina to catch the creamy release flooding her tunnel.

“Ah, lord, lord, Tom, lover, I’m cumming for you, darling, I’m cumming so goddam hard, suck me, fuck me, take me, you’ve made me erupt, my cunt is blowing up,” Joi exclaimed.

Tom dug his mouth into her mons and his tongue found her clit, hard and erect, raised from her labia and exposed. He bit it gently and Joi shrieked. His mouth sucked eagerly on her labia and vulva as his tongue dug into her gash.

“My god, you fucker, you mother fucker, you godamn mother fucker, yes, eat my clit, sonny boy, eat it until I shatter,” she yelled.

Tom avidly ate her clit and cunt, letting her juices soak his lips and chin, until the contractions in her vagina slowed. Then, still holding her ankles wide, he rose up on his knees and swung his stiff dick back into her crotch. With a sudden forward thrust, he hilted her on his tool, pulled his hips back and forth and his cum started to flow into her.

“Here’s your cream, you fucking awesome woman, here’s your son dumping his sap into you, filling your womb with my baby cream, I love giving you my jam, jetting my sticky cum into you,” Tom growled.

“Yes, lover, I want your cum in your mommy, I wish you could knock me up, I’d get off being your pregnant baby momma, Tommy, I’d love it if I were able to have your baby, be your sweet knocked up mother, Tommy, I wish you could breed me for real, would that be amazing, Tom, if you could give your mommy your baby, would you breed me, darling?” she urged.

Joi was dizzy with the fantasy of bearing her own grandchild and child.

“I will love you any way you let me,” Tom said honestly.

Another ropey shot of sap unreeled into Joi and he arched his back to mash into her clit.

“It would be so hot to see you pregnant with my baby, yes!” he exclaimed.

Spewing curds of sperm drooled into Joi’s womb and squished out around Tom’s erection. He thrust again and again, until all his energy was expended and his balls emptied. He collapsed onto her body and she wrapped her arms around him tightly.

“We are so wicked, Tom, so wicked to fuck this way but I love this sex with you, I want this sex with you, you will fuck me again, won’t you, can you fuck me again, dearest?” Joi asked,

Tom’s erection was not going to fade, now, not with that impetuous invitation from his sexy step mother. In fact, he thought that it might just have gotten even harder, though that would not be possible. He drew his staff slowly from her snatch until her channel closed behind it. Her labia were reddened from the friction and her mons was soaked with the moisture from their copulation. He looked down into her beautiful face and shining eyes.

“Would you let me fuck you again, mommy?” he asked, smiling.

“Your mommy wants a big fat dick in her cunt, do you have a big fat piece of meat for mommy’s cunt, sweetheart?” she asked.

“Right here,” he responded, easing his erection back into her sodden tunnel.

“Mommy wants to you to fuck her hard, then,” Joi said, lifting her hips to draw his prong into the depths of her pussy and rocking her legs to rub it across her vagina walls.

It was an hour and three orgasms later when they finally turned off the lights and, exhausted and exhilarated, departed for their respective homes.

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