The Hot Tub Pt. 02

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A routine set in. Rick spent more and more nights in Lisa’s bed. The sex continued unabated.

But Rick was torn. He could see Maggie was looking lonelier now. Yet he wanted to be with Lisa. He did his best to make time for both.

Maggie was torn too. She wanted her son to be happy. Yet she wondered where they were headed. Or was it jealousy that Lisa has what was forbidden to her. A few weeks later, was Rick was home studying, Maggie texted Lisa, “Can we talk? Tomorrow. Just us.”

“Yes.” Came the reply. “After work. I’ll tell Rick it’s girl’s night.”

Maggie was relieved. She worried how Lisa would take it. Lisa texted Rick. Her place was out of bounds tomorrow, girl’s night.

Next morning, Rick asked, “Going to see Lisa tonight?”

“Yes. Can’t the women in your life get together for a chat?”

He wisely said no more and left for classes.

That evening, Maggie walked over to Lisa’s. Yesterday she thought she knew what she wanted to say. But now… all was a blur.

“Maggie, come in.”

They headed to the kitchen. “Cocktail hour! Want some wine? Or something stronger?”

“A glass of wine would be fine.”

She poured two glasses. “Let’s head to the living room.”

They sat on the sofa.

“Maggie, I know he’s been spending a lot of time with me…”

“No, Lisa. I understand. Sex and passion. New love. Is it love?”

“Maggie.” Lisa paused. “I don’t know. He… I don’t know where we’re headed. He’s so passionate. And caring.”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be here. This is between you two.” Maggie stammered.

“Maggie, I’m happy you came. Seems we both have concerns. Yes. I’m afraid I AM falling for him. But I can’t. He’ll move on. Sooner or later. I’m not sure who’s heart will be broken.”

“Yes, I can imagine. He’s not aware of himself yet. He wants to please. And that alone…” Maggie trailed off.

“I’ll say.” Lisa said, rolling her eyes.

Silence fell. “Maggie, would you like to take a dip in my hot tub? It may be cool out, but the water is lovely.”

“Um, but…”

“Come on. Au naturelle here. It’s just us girls.”

“Okay.” Maggie answered.

“Grab your glass.”

Lisa grabbed hers and the bottle. “Follow me.”

Outside, the twilight air was cool, but not too cool.

Lisa put her glass and the bottle on the ledge and began to undress. She looked at Maggie.

“Come on Maggie. Don’t be shy.”

Lisa took the last of her clothes off and slipped into the warm water. Maggie started to undress, all the while watching Lisa, admiring her son’s now naked lover.

Lisa now watched as Maggie undressed. She undid her bra and her full breasts fell free. She bent down and pulled off her panties, tits dangling. Maggie stood up and walked to the hot tub.

“Damn girl. That’s quite a figure.” Lisa declared.

“You’re not so bad yourself, Lisa.” Maggie replied as she slipped into the water. “I can see why you drive my son wild.”

Maggie reached for her wine and took a gulp. “Oh, this is wonderful. So private.”

“Give me your glass. It’s almost empty.” And Lisa poured more wine for both.

“Must be great for sex.”

Lisa was taken aback a moment. She took a gulp from her glass. “Yes. The first time Rick and I… um, made love.”

“You mean fucked!”

Lisa gave her a wry look. “Yes. We fucked like mad in here the first time. And many more times since.”

Maggie moved closer, “Come on. Tell me. Is he a good lover?”

“Maggie…” she smiled, “Damn is he ever. Can I tell you? I’ve had no one to tell.”

“Of course.” came the reply.

Lisa dove in, “He’s the first guy I think I’ve known who’s more interested in getting me off than himself. Our first time! Most guys want us to get them off first. But Rick? He ate me out first. Fuck! What an orgasm. And it’s only gotten better.”

Maggie drank some more wine. “Rick knows his way around a pussy, then. And he fucks you?”

“We fuck and fuck. That cock of his has staying power. Find yourself a young lover, Maggie.”

Maggie had one in mind but he’s off limits, she thought. She pressed for more.

Lisa moved closer. “A cock that can stay hard as his and makes you cum and cum. Mmm… I can feel that cock inside me now.”

Maggie squirmed a bit. The thought of his cock penetrating…

“Oh Maggie. Sorry.”

“No. I loved hearing it. Closest I’ve gotten to sex in a while.”

Lisa looked at her. “Why? a woman like you!”

“Maybe. Guys just see my tits. I haven’t met anyone I’d touch.”

“No one?”

She wanted to say the one name she wanted. But not even to Lisa. She drank some more wine and Lisa refilled their glasses.

“A guy can like tits and still treat a woman well. Look at your son. He can’t get enough of mine. He loves to suck on them, and I love it too.”

Maggie was getting hotter at the idea of her son sucking on tits, even if it wasn’t hers.

“Maggie, can I let you in on a secret. I shouldn’t be telling you this, but Rick had an eye for your tits.”

Maggie looked at her, eyes wide.

“I pressed him on it. How could a breast lover like nurdağı escort him not notice?”

Maggie drank some more wine. Her judgement was slipping.

“Want to know a secret Lisa? I’ve sucked on some tits. Yes, before I got married. I went both ways then.” She said taking another sip. “I hinted at it to Rick just the other day but didn’t lay it out.”

“That makes both of us.” Lisa added.

They looked at each other. a long pause ensued. The wine was in full effect.

Then, “Maggie, would you like to suck on mine?”

Maggie looked at her. She was torn. But she was so aroused now. Maggie leaned in and kissed her. She pulled away; half scared of where this was headed. But she needed to touch and be touched, badly.

Lisa kissed her back and Maggie responded. Lisa put her arms around her, and Maggie sighed to the touch. Now Maggie’s hands wandered. She found a breast and cupped it. She looked at Lisa for reassurance then the beckoning tit. She brought her mouth to it and gave it some kisses before sucking on it.

Lisa sighed. “Like mother like son.”

Maggie kissed and sucked. Another body, hers to touch. Lisa pulled Maggie’s face to hers and kissed her deeply. She now knew it was Maggie who needed some love. She repeated Maggie’s gesture on Maggie’s tits, kissing them then sucking on them.

Maggie now moaned. Lisa lifted both tits to her face and worked each in turn.

“You ARE beautiful Maggie.”

Maggie took it all in as her body was made love to. Lisa knew she needed more. Her fingers slid between her thighs. Maggie parted them. A finger slipped into her womanhood and Maggie’s body shivered.

Lisa kissed her as her fingers worked its magic. Maggie was desperate for release. She grabbed Lisa’s tit and sucked on it, then pulled Lisa’s lips to hers and kissed her breathlessly. Lisa’s fingers worked furiously now.

Maggie’s was panting and she arched her back. The orgasm came.

“Lisa! oh… aaah… a-a-a-a…” She squealed as it hit her.

“Cum Maggie, cum…” Lisa ordered.

And she did. She came and came. Lisa was awed by how long it went on.

It finally passed and Maggie relaxed.

“Feel better now?”

“Maggie just smiled.”

“Come on. Let’s go inside.” Lisa said taking her hand. They toweled off. Maggie collected her clothes and they quickly got out of the cool night air.

Lisa turned and kissed her. “I’m not done with you. She led her to the sofa and had her lay down. She got between Maggie’s legs and kissed her way up her thigh.

“Oh, God!” Maggie exclaimed to a tongue flicking her clit.

Lisa drove a finger in as her tongue work feverishly. Maggie closed her eyes and grabbed Lisa’s head, guiding her. Maggie was soon writhing in pleasure. The attention to her love spot by another person was long overdue.

“Lisa! There… Jesus! Oh… yes!” Maggie’s body jerked each time the magic spot was hit.

Lisa continued. Maggie was on the edge. Then Lisa paused. “Are you going to cum for me? Do you want it?”

“Lisa! Please… Oh fuck…”

Lisa returned to her clit with greater force.

“Oh god! Oh… Ah… Aaah!” She screamed. Her back arched and body shook as wave after wave of orgasm flooded her. It continued, her body pulsing in ecstasy.

It finally passed. Maggie’s face showed her bliss. Lisa, her face soaked by Maggie, gently kissed her thigh, looked at the expression on this woman’s face. She was feeling satisfied with the pleasure she had just brought.

“Lisa… I… it’s been so long since I came like that.” she said, catching her breath.

Lisa moved on top of her, and they kissed, gently.

“You looked like you needed it. And it was a pleasure making love to a woman like you.”

Lisa slid up to Maggie’s breasts. She kissed each with care. “What tits. Rick could get lost in them for a day.”

Maggie senses gathered. She looked at Lisa, making love to her tits, and pulled her up for a kiss, deeper now.

“Your turn, Lisa.”

“It’s okay. You don’t…”

“No! I want to!” And she flipped Lisa on her back.

Maggie drove her tongue into Lisa’s mouth then kissed her neck. She moved to her breasts. They were a fair size, but firm. She sucked a nipple into her mouth.

“Mmmm…” Lisa murmured.

Maggie remembered; her son has sucked on these tits too. Her hands wandered over Lisa’s body, finally slipping between her legs. Lisa’s slit was soaked. She ran a finger in, parting the folds.

Maggie moved her head between Lisa’s legs. Lisa watched as she dove in. “Maggie, yes! Eat me girl! Fuck!”

Maggie looked as her as her tongue dove deeper.

“Your son’s cock was just in there just a few days ago. Does that turn you on?”

Maggie gave no answer, but it did. She applied all her attention to Lisa now. She wanted to see her cum, to return the pleasure. And it was working.

“Fuck, Maggie! You’re good.” Lisa exclaimed as she closed her eyes.

The intensity rose and Lisa’s breathing changed. Maggie had her. Two fingers drove deep into Lisa’s womanhood as her tongue nurdağı escort bayan ravaged her clit.

“Fuck… Magg… Magg… ieee… oh… God! oh…”

Her body pulsed as the orgasm came over her. Maggie was feeling good to, watching Lisa in ecstasy.

Lisa moaned and moaned, her body shifting uncontrollably.

When it was over, Maggie kissed her belly. Lisa pulled her up. They kissed then Maggie laid her head on Lisa’s breasts. No words were spoken. They just lay there some time.

Reality returned to Maggie. “How will I ever explain this to Rick?”

“Rick? He’ll think it sounded hot.”

“But you’re his girl…”

“His lover?” Lisa finished for her.

“Yes. But it seems wrong. Like I betrayed him.”

“I seduced you, Maggie. And you needed some love.”

“Maggie, you know he has the hots for you. And I think you’re attracted to him. I don’t mind. sharing him.”

“He’s my son!”

“So? You’re both adults. And who’s to know? And you haven’t denied you’re hot for him.”

“I can’t just… I mean…” Maggie stammered, looking at her.

“Just give him a small opening. Come clean with him about tonight and watch his reaction. The thought of us eating each other out with be a turn on. Play the ‘I’m sorry’ card. I bet he’ll be all ‘it’s okay’.”

“Then tell him about our love making. Sit close to him. You’ll be like a magnet.”

It was true, Maggie desperately wanted to make love to him. It was so wrong. Yet Lisa was encouraging her, his own lover. She was feeling confused. The wine didn’t help.

Maggie sat up. Lisa sat next to her. She looked at Lisa’s reassuring eyes.

“What time is it?”

“Almost eleven.”

“I better get home. Rick might wonder…”

“Wonder what?” Lisa laughed. “Whatever… It will be okay.” she continued and hugged her. Maggie could feel her soft breasts rubbing against her.

Maggie stood up and staggered a bit. “Ooo… the wine!” She looked at her naked body, “God! I can’t go home like this!”

“Will you be okay?”.

“Yes. It’s not exactly far.” And Maggie dressed.

Lisa put on a robe. She saw Maggie to the door and kissed her with care. “Let me know. I’m here for you.”

Maggie walked down her path. Lisa watched to be sure she would make it in her state.

When Maggie opened the front door, she realized Rick was in his room. She was relieved. She didn’t want to face him now. A night’s sleep first. She quietly slipped into her room.


Next morning, they met in the kitchen.

“How was your ‘girl’s night?'”

“Oh, okay. We got to know each other better.”

Rick smiled. He liked they were hitting it off. “I’ll be at Lisa’s tonight.”

“Rick, could you come home first? We need to talk, mother to son.”

“About what?”

“We both have to get going. Let’s save it for tonight.”

She kissed him on the cheek and headed to work. Rick headed to school. Talk? A knot was in his stomach. He didn’t like the sound of it.

Maggie got home early. She wanted to think it through. But she couldn’t. Anxiety was building.

Rick came home. “Hi mom.”

“Hi Rick. Rick, come sit in the living room, I won’t be long.” Even though she knew this wouldn’t be short.

Rick sat next to her on the sofa, a look of concern on his face.

“Rick… Where to begin… Rick, last night, well… Lisa and I…” She looked at him, “We made love! I’m so sorry Rick. I didn’t mean to hurt you. It was my fault.”

The words sank in. A smirk came to his face. His mother and his girlfriend? ‘Damn’ he thought.

“Mom, it’s okay. But I didn’t know you were into women.”

“I told you once. I had secrets. Well, yes in my younger days. Before you dad came along.”

My mom’s ‘bi’ wow! he thought to himself.

“Rick, I’m so sorry.”

“Mom, it’s okay if you like women. I can see why you went for Lisa.”

“Oh Rick!” she hugged him. Her nipples were hard and pressing Rick. Was she working him? Her mind was a blur.

“So, you and Lisa…” he stammered.

“Yes. We got naked in her hot tub and with the wine and all. And that body. I’m surprised you aren’t fucking her every night.”

Rick squirmed. Maggie stopped hugging him. He’d never heard her express ‘fucking’ so casually.

“So how did you two…” He stammered, realizing the question was too much.

“How did we make love? How do you think. Naked it that warm water. Kisses… Hands exploring. She made me come right then.”

If she had gone too far, Rick could have stopped her. But he didn’t.

It encouraged her. “Then we went inside. She ate me out. Fuck! what an orgasm.” She said, closing her eyes, remembering.

Rick couldn’t hide the growing hard-on. He tried to keep her from seeing it. “Did you then…”

“Reciprocate? Of course. How could I not. Well, you know what it’s like. I mean going down on her. I’m sorry Rick, was that too much?”

Their faces were inches apart, looking at each other. She did her best to express what she couldn’t say.

For Rick, it was almost too much. Was escort nurdağı his mom coming on to him? Was she just teasing him? Had he misread the moment?

But her lips were right there. His mind was on one thing. He leaned in and their lips met.

Maggie practically swooned. His lips. He pulled back, looking for reassurance. He found it in her eyes and her smile.

He kissed her again, more passionately. He couldn’t believe it! His long desire. It was happening. Tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. Hands exploring. His hand found a breast and started squeezing it. Something he longed for.

And she did also. She didn’t want slow love making. Not after this long desire. She took her blouse off. Then undid her bra. In one move her breasts fell free and she presented them to him.

He stared at them a moment, looked at her in amazement, then knew what to do. This mouth fell on one and kissed it. Then he sucked on the other. Her tits! Was it all real? He wanted to worship them.

She looked at him, her boy, her lover now, sucking on her tits. The sensation, so erotic. “That’s it. Suck on them. Love them!” She closed her eyes.

He obeyed, gladly. He sucked each one in turn; licked them. he lifted one and sucked in as much as he could. He saw the effect on her. He continued sucking, making love to them. They lost track of time, both consumed in pleasure.

Maggie saw the bulge in his pants, the stain of precum. Suddenly, she wanted it, NOW!

She pulled his shirt off, undid his belt and yanked off his pants, pausing a moment to admire his stiff rod. What she longed to see. She stroked it briefly. She stood and dropped her skirt and panties. Now it was his turn to behold his mother in her full nakedness.

“No more foreplay, Rick. Make love to me. Fuck me! Put that cock in me!”

She laid back on the sofa and spread her legs. His heart was pounding. He couldn’t wait either. He climbed between her legs. He kissed a tit then move to her lips. His cock was at her entrance. It was like it had found its home. He pressed it in.

“Oh fuck, Rick!” She pulled him tight. She wanted him deeper, to hit home.

He began to pump. He wanted it to last but his cock wanted release.

“I can’t last mom!”

“Just give it to me! Deep! Yes! Fuck me! Fill me, Rick!”

“Agh…” Rick screamed as he thrust deep inside her with his first load. He grunted with each load of his seed splashing his mother’s womb.

“Rick! Rick!” She grabbed his butt, pulling him in as deep as possible. “Oh god… a-a-a-a…”

Now Maggie came. Her body trembling as he filled her with his sperm. They grunted and squealed, each orgasm amplifying the other’s passion. The years of repressed lust, now released, was expressed in this moment. And still it went on.

His orgasm ebbed enough for him to kiss Maggie, giving her plenty of tongue. Her body now jerked as wave after wave still passed over her. She held him tight, wanting to merge with him.

Both orgasms eased. Panting, they looked at each other. A new level of love had been reached. Maggie wondered; she didn’t feel guilty, just love. She didn’t care, she just felt enormous love.

She touched his face beaming her love at him. He felt relieved.


“No…” She stopped him, then pulled his head to rest on her tits. “Not ‘mom’. Now, when you make love to me, I want you to call me Maggie. I want you to make love to me, not your mom. Can you understand?”

He looked at her, “Yes M… Maggie.” He kissed her. “I love you so much.”

He rested his head back on her soft breast.

“I’ve love you since the day I set eyes on you.” She replied, pulling his head closer.

They lay together some time in bliss.

“Rick! Weren’t you supposed to see Lisa tonight?”

“I want to stay with you, here.”

“Text her. Tell her you’ll see her tomorrow.”

He got up, got his phone, and texted her. Lisa saw the text and smiled. It happened.

Rick saw the reply, “She said she understood, and added a heart.” He looked at Maggie questioning.

“Oh, Rick. She knows. Hell, she encouraged me.”

He just looked at her.

“Yes Rick. She saw in both our hearts.”

“You must be starved.” She said.

“I just want to make love to you.” He replied, kissing her.

They got up, kissing and hugging.

“I’ve always wanted you in my bed.” She said and led him by the hand to her room as his cum dripped down her leg.

They fell on the bed kissing passionately. She rolled him on his back and hung her pendulous yet firm breasts over his head. He latched on immediately. Lisa was right, he did have a thing for her tits.

“Suck on them. They’re here for you anytime.” She watched him make love to her tits. It was so erotic yet mixed with nurture. And it felt so good. She let him take in all he wanted. And he wanted a lot of time with her soft, dangling breasts.

It took a while, but he wanted more now. And to get both. He was hard. “Ride me, Maggie!”

She obeyed gladly. She straddled his shaft, then holding it, lowered herself on it. She closed her eyes, feeling every inch of it enter. A man inside her. And THIS man… This special man.

Rick grabbed her tits and mashed them as Maggie started riding him. She looked at him, looking at her with such passion. It was too much and she closed her eyes and rode him some more. She looked at him again, his passion, his love was evident.

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