The Houseguest

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She was my sister-in-law’s best friend and she was coming to stay at my brother-in-law’s house for a week or so as her vacation. My wife and I were renting the basement apartment from her brother and the layout meant that we had to share some hall space with them. A good situation, since we all got along very well and we needed a cheap place to live at this time.

Tiffany was a petite brunette, with short hair and dark brown eyes. We had met before, at my brother-in-law’s wedding, so she was not really a stranger. I never really looked at her in a sexual way before but, considering I was being neglected by my wife, I took a different look at her this time. She had a small waist and narrow hips, but what really caught my eye was her chest. She was definitely built, I figure about a 36D, and her tits were the first things that most men would notice about her. She also liked to wear very tight tops to show off her “assets” and this day was no exception.

She arrived on Friday night, bag in hand, looking quite flustered from the heat and humidity outside. I was home alone when she arrived as everyone had gone out to bingo and I had volunteered to baby-sit my 22 month old niece for the evening. I was just getting my niece ready for bed when Tiffany showed up. I invited her in, showed her where her room was, and excused myself to finish with Erica.

In a few minutes, Tiffany called out that she needed to take a shower and would I mind. I yelled back that it was not my house, so she could do whatever she wanted. She called back and said “Thank you” and I then heard the water start to run in the shower. I continued with Erica’s ritual for bed, then went downstairs and plopped myself down in front of the TV for the night. I completely forgot that Tiffany was there until she quietly knocked on my door. “Come in” I said, and she very slowly opened the door to my living room.

“I hope you don’t mind, but would it be ok if I stayed and watched TV with you? I’m not familiar with this house and I hate to be alone after just getting here.”

“No problem. Find a seat and enjoy” I said to her, patting the sofa next to me as a gesture as opposed to a suggestion. To my surprise, she decided to sit right beside me on the sofa, and quite close I might add.

“Comfy?” I asked

“Yes, this is quite a comfortable sofa. I hope you don’t mind if I sit close, I got a chill after the shower and maybe being close will help warm me up”

I wasn’t sure if I was taking things wrong, but this sounded like a come-on to me. “No, I don’t mind at all” was all I could think of saying until I could figure this girl out.

We watched some stupid show for a few minutes, neither of us seeming to enjoy it much, when she spied my collection of videotapes in the corner. “Wow, you seem to have quite a collection there” she said.

“About 120 movies in total. Go ahead, pick one you like and we can watch that instead”. She got up and moved to the rack, bending over at the waist as she eyed the collection. This position left me with a great view of her ass which was enclosed within very tight jeans. I kept eyeing her as she kept looking at the collection.

“I see you have some porno tapes canlı bahis here as well” She said as she glanced over the titles.

“Only a few. I like watching them occasionally. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be as much fun when you have to watch them yourself, and my wife can’t stand them”. I was testing this girl to see how much of a flirt she really was. Actually, my wife and I always watched the movies together, at least when things were going well between us. We hadn’t watched on for quite some time and I really forgot that they were still in the rack.

“That’s too bad, about your wife not liking them that is. I kinda like them myself. Mind if we throw one on?”

“Sure, your the guest. Throw one in while I get us something to drink. Wine or beer, that’s the only choices I have today.”

“A beer please, wine gives me a headache.”

“One beer coming up.” I said as I walked to the kitchen.

When I returned with the drinks, she was sitting back on the sofa, in the same spot she was in before, and had the remote in her hand waiting for me. I sat down beside her again and said “Fire away” motioning towards the VCR.

She started the tape, I don’t remember the title, but it starts off really slowly, almost as if it had a plot (which, surprisingly, it did…albeit not a good one). She snuggled in to my side, and I instinctively put my arm around her shoulders. “Warmer now?” I asked.

“Mmmm, yes, much better thank you”.

We stayed like that for quite awhile while the movie progressed. It was finally getting into some good sex scenes when I felt Tiffany’s breathing getting deeper.

“You enjoying the movie?” I asked her.

“Oh yes, very much” she answered. After a few seconds, she really shocked me by stating “And they make me so fucking horny I could die.”

My jaw must have dropped at her comment, but I replied, without missing a beat, “Me too…and it’s been so fucking long since I had sex, I think I might cum in my jeans.”

“What a waste.” She said, and she proceeded to place her hand on my crotch. “I could sure use some of this tonight, it has been quite a long time for me as well”. She was looking me squarely in the eyes as she rubbed my aching cock through my jeans. I was not about to argue with this girl, especially with such an aching hard-on.

I leaned forward and our lips met, our tongues instantly searching out each other’s. I started to caress her sides as she continued to stroke my cock through my jeans. I moved my hands around to her front and began to rub her tits through her top. They felt so wonderful in my hands, I could hardly wait until I had them in the open. As I worked my hands up under her top, she began to undo my jeans. As soon as I lifted her top over her head, she immediately pulled my hard cock out of my pants and started stroking it with vigor.

She then started sliding herself down on the floor, until she was positioned directly in front of my raging hard-on. She proceeded to lick my cock up and down the shaft, stopping on the upstroke to run her tongue around the head. After a few minutes of this, she took my cock in her mouth and slowly lowered herself down on it. Now, I may not be huge, but bahis siteleri I have enough to satisfy, and she was taking me in completely with no hesitation. She continued to move up and down my cock and all I could do was moan in pleasure.

It had been so long without sex, that I knew I was going to cum very quickly. In fact, I could already feel my balls start to tighten. “Damn, I’m gonna cum any second” I told her, wanting to give her as much notice as possible. She let my cock out of her mouth and said “That’s ok, I want to taste you anyways.” And proceeded to take me in her mouth again. I needed no further encouragement, and I let myself go, sending a huge quantity of cum down her throat. I thought I would never stop cumming, and she took all I had to give. After I stopped shooting into her mouth, she raised her head and wiped her mouth of any excess that may have escaped. “Mmmmm, very good. Hope you enjoyed that”. “God yes…that was fantastic” was all I could manage to say.

She got up off the floor and proceeded to strip off her pants and panties. “My turn” she said with an evil grin on her face. She was completely naked now, and I finally got a full look at her slender body. Her waist was tiny, and her hips didn’t flare out too much, just enough to give her a good curve. My eyes focused on her pussy, it was shaved, and I could feel myself starting to get hard again at the site of her bare pussy lips, already swollen and waiting. I jumped up off the sofa and removed my clothes as well while she positioned herself in the exact spot I had just come from, her legs already spread, waiting patiently for me to get to work.

I got down between her legs and began to run my tongue along her very wet slit. She tasted so good, and I knew that I could spend as much time as she liked doing this to her. She began to moan softly as my tongue searched out her pussy, alternating between running my tongue along her pussy lips and probing inside her. Every time I entered her with my tongue, she would moan a little louder and push herself further towards my eager tongue. I used my hand to find her clit, and when I touched it for the first time, it literally jumped out at me. I began to rub it as I continued to explore her pussy with my tongue, and she started to buck her hips in time with my touches. I continued like this for several minutes, enjoying the sounds she was making, and then I replaced my tongue with two fingers and started to kiss my way up her body.

I was fucking her slowly with my fingers and I could tell she was enjoying this very much by the smile on her face. I continued to lick and kiss my way up her body, until I was directly in front of her huge tits. I started to run my tongue in circles around her tit, slowly moving inwards until I was just flicking her hard nipple with the tip of my tongue. She let out an even louder moan of pleasure and I knew I had hit a very sensitive spot. I took her nipple into my mouth and began to suck on it, all the while my fingers were deep inside her, moving in and out at a steady pace. I reached up with my free hand and began to rub her other nipple between my thumb and fingers. I could see the look of ecstasy on her face and bahis şirketleri I was determined to make this as pleasurable as possible for her.

As I continued to suck on one nipple and tweak the other, I inserted a third finger inside her now soaking pussy. She cried out “Oh god, yes, fuck me with your fingers” and I was certainly happy to oblige her request. I started moving faster with my fingers, faster and deeper with each penetration, working up to a frenzied pace when all of a sudden, I felt her tense up, and she raised her hips off the sofa screaming “GOD YES, I’M CUMMING….”. She seemed to have the longest orgasm I had ever witnessed, and I kept up my motions with my fingers throughout the whole ordeal. She finally started to calm down, and I started to slow my pace as well, eventually pulling my fingers out of her to give her a chance to rest. She looked exhausted, leaning back, her arms outstretched, her legs completely spread apart, and her pussy wide open to my eager view.

“So, how was it?” I asked.

“God, I’ve never cum so hard in my life. I feel like I’ve just run a marathon. You sir, are one hell of a pussy eater.”

“I take pride in pleasing my partner, and you are no exception to that rule. I’m just glad I hadn’t forgotten how to do it.”

She sat upright at that point, and pulled me close to her, our lips locking together like two teenagers in heat. She reached down to grasp my hard again cock and then broke our kiss to say “We still have to take care of this….” And with that she pushed me away and stood up. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom she was going to be using. “Don’t want to fuck you in your wife’s bed, hope this will do?”

I didn’t say anything, I just let her lead me to the bed where she gently pushed me down onto it. “Lay back and enjoy yourself” she said, and I obediently followed her instructions.

She climbed up on the bed and got between my legs, not wasting any time in taking my cock into her mouth. She sucked on it for a few minutes, then raised herself up and positioned herself with her waiting pussy over my throbbing member. She slowly lowered herself down onto me, and my cock slipped easily inside her. She kept lowering herself until I was fully inside her, then she paused, letting me enjoy the feeling of her cunt around my aching cock.

She started to raise and lower herself on my cock, slowly at first, but then quickening the pace. I started to raise my hips up to meet her and we soon got into a very comfortable rhythm. The faster she went, the faster I pushed up into her, until we were at a frenzied pace, both of us moaning and groaning. I could feel myself getting ready to cum again, and I was sure by the sounds she was making that she was as well. I grabbed her hips and started pounding myself up at her until I couldn’t hold back any longer. I exploded inside her, and she started cumming as well, her cunt grabbing my cock tightly, both of us crying out in pleasure at the same time. I emptied myself inside her and she collapsed on top of me, my arms going around her to hold her tight as I kissed her softly while we both came down from our exceptional high.

“That was incredible” I said.

“No fucking kidding” she laughed.

“I think I’m gonna enjoy your vacation as much as you will” I said with a sinister tone.

“I’m sure we will BOTH enjoy the next week. I look forward to doing this again REAL SOON.”

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