The Hunt Ch. 09-10

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09 Another rainy day.

As usual, Ashley woke up by the sound of Jennifer’s happy voice.

“Rise and shine, rise and shine! Breakfast is ready!”

Ashley had a hard time waking up. Last night had been so intense, so many new emotions, the sex with Phoebe, with all the other men – she was still rather exhausted, and fell back to sleep.

Bang, bang, bang! Ashley jumped up hearing the sudden loud noise.

“Wakey wakey, sleeping beauties!”

“Dammit, Jennifer! No need to start banging pan covers together!”

“Well you guys wouldn’t wake up otherwise… everyone is having breakfast already, except the three of you,” the redhead said. “I know you must have had a hard time yesterday, but the men are not going to wait for you. Better get moving now.”


Half asleep she walked down to the kitchen and deposited herself on a chair, dropping her head on the table.

“I’m done for,” she said, “Too tired.”

Ruby sat down next to hear and said, “Hey, hey, now don’t you quit girl! That was a great performance you gave last night. I enjoyed watching Phoebe and you on the stage. The men too. I’d love to see that again. They were sometimes so engrossed that they even forgot that I was lying on their laps.

Now you just have to find yourself a good place to hide and you’ll be fine. Have a nap during lunch break and you’re back up again.”

Lifting her head a bit, looking at Ruby, she answered, “Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m not quitting, don’t you worry, I’m just too tired. And you don’t have to tell everyone everything that happened over there, you make me feel embarrassed. What I’m concerned, what happens in the mansion stays in the mansion, OK?”

She looked up, and out of the window. “Oh great, heavy rain again. More fun.” Her head dropped down on the table again. “Oh well, what do we have for breakfast? I really need to eat. That’ll help too.”

Phoebe came down too. She sat down and grabbed some food. “Thanks to whoever prepared it. I hereby volunteer for preparing lunch. I’m so hungry! Hey Ashley, get up man, you can’t eat like that!”

They all had breakfast, cleaned up, put on their shoes and left the cabin. It was raining really hard, another dark day looming.

“We can’t go back to the same place, they will check that one out for sure,” Ashley said to Phoebe. “Today I’m afraid we’re on our own. Good luck.”

She hugged and kissed Phoebe, and the women went their own way. Ashley slowly walked towards a possible hideout she had seen before. Under a big overhanging rock, well covered by bushes. She would have to lie down on the hard rock but at least she was covered from the rain and maybe she could catch some sleep even.

She lay down in her hiding spot, making herself as comfortable as possible, which was not really comfortable but which would have to do for the two hours the hunt lasted. The horn sounded. The hunt was on. Ashley closed her eyes, knowing that if she were found she had lost there and then, so better just try to rest as much as possible.

She thought about the previous days. How many men had violated her body. How often she had been fucked. The unexpected love she found with Phoebe. The sex with Phoebe, their first time being forced on stage with an audience. So much happened, she was just exhausted. She felt her mind getting thoroughly messed up with all those emotions. Thinking about it all she slowly dozed off.

And then, suddenly, a jerk on her arm.

“Hey, wake up beauty, I’ve some bad news for you. We got you!” said a man. “We got you again, I may have to say. Nice seeing you again, I really enjoyed fucking you yesterday, especially after that show you gave us. Where’s your hot girlfriend of yours gone to, by the way? You two didn’t break up now, did you?”

Ashley woke up, feeling somewhat disoriented. No, not again, was her first thought, hoping so much she would be spared at least for today. She had no idea how long she had been sleeping there, only that she did manage to doze off.

The man started to pull her arm, harder now. “You getting up or what?”

Ashley slowly got out of the niche. It was still raining hard, the man who found her was soaked. It didn’t take long before water was running down all over her body, filling up her shoes again. She was handcuffed, and led to the gate.

Arriving at the gate, Ashley noticed a female figure sitting in the rain, leaning back against the fence. Blonde, shoulder length hair, and a full build. Water was running all over her body, she looked quite miserable. Getting closer she recognised Judith.

“Hi Judith, they got me again,” she said.

“You’re lucky, they got me long time ago. I’ve been sitting here in this continuous rain for well over an hour now. I’m pissed off. Can’t they at least give me some shelter? This constant rain is just torture, and I’m freezing by now too. But it can’t be too long now, the game should be over soon.

“Oh hey, Jennifer. Welcome, join şişli escort the club.” Judith said bitterly.

Jennifer was brought in, and chained down as well. Her long ginger hair was hanging in streaks over her soaking wet body, hanging down over her breasts and almost reaching her belly button. She commented, “They must have a hard time finding us. It was so long, I thought they’d just have me there and then when I was found, but instead they took me here.”

“It seems so,” answered Judith. “I was found after hiding for what must have been almost an hour, and then I was the first. Oh well, their loss, our win I’d say. Though not much of a win for me personally.”

So she must have been sleeping for at least an hour and a half, Ashley figured. No wonder she was sleeping so deep when found, and why she was so mighty stiff.

Indeed they did not have to wait for much longer, as some ten minutes later the horn sounded, and the men returned from the hunt to take the bus back to the mansion.

“As everyone is soaked, please leave your wet clothes at the door. Here is a pile of towels,” William said, standing at the door welcoming them.

This changed the whole playing field, Ashley realised, as unless the men were going to put on some clothes again, everyone would be naked from the get-go. Now the lunch session was much shorter than the evening session of course, so they had to move a bit faster, this was anyway a serious change. Indeed the men remained naked, and after towelling off moved to the dining room for lunch. Ashley saw several of them had their dicks slightly erect, obviously anticipating what was coming next.

The girls in their high heels carried the food to the table. It included soup, an assortment of sandwiches and bread rolls, and various fruits and other goodies.

As expected there were only seats for the men, not for the women. When she just put down her last order on the table, a man grabbed Ashley’s arm and pulled her towards here. His dick standing upright, he was obviously aroused and ready for some pussy.

“Please share some lunch with me,” he said.

Ashley proceeded to sit on his lap.

“No no, turn around. Yes, face me. Good girl. Now you see that hard stick down there? Please mind it when sitting down.”

It was obvious to Ashley what he wanted, so she straddled him, then grabbed his cock with one hand while supporting herself with her other, and sat down slowly, letting the hard meat slowly enter her pussy. She was still rather dry so it was a bit painful and she had to take it slowly but soon enough he was in.

The man let out a sigh, and said, “You’re feeling great, girl”.

Then he grabbed a sandwich, offered it to Ashley, and asked her, “Care for some soup?”

“Yes, please.”

“There you go, but please be careful, OK?”


Ashley carefully sipped her soup and took a bite of her sandwich. It felt strange to eat while sitting on a cock. Very strange.

A few minutes later the guy next to them asked whether she would care to share some lunch with him, too. And so she had her second cock of the day. Now it was much easier as she was getting wet, so he slid right in. She realised she did not have any serious feelings about it. Yes there was a cock in her pussy, but was it really her pussy now? She had no feelings for that cock or its owner to begin with, and she knew the guy attached to that cock had no feelings for her as a woman, and was only interested in her sex.

The man sucked her tits, nibbled her nipples, and caressed her body with his hands. And all the while Ashley was trying to eat a bit, pretending everything was normal, and knowing she just had to eat now, as she would need the energy soon enough. She was getting rather aroused again. She did not like it, but also did not try to fight those feelings. She started to feel detached from her body. And then she was moved to the next lap.

When lunch was finished, the girls cleared the table. When they returned, two men grabbed Ashley and put her on the table. One of them handed her a banana. “Yesterday you gave us a great show – unfortunately we didn’t catch your girlfriend this time, but I’m sure you can manage by yourself too.”

She was shocked. She knew of course what was expected of her, but it was not something she had never done before. Well she had of course been masturbating, and sometimes been playing with fruits but never with an audience. Not even a boyfriend.

After a while she gained her composure, knowing she had no choice but to comply with their request. She sat down on her knees on the table, took the banana, and put it in her mouth. She pushed her head forward a bit as if she was giving a blow job to someone standing in front of her. Holding the banana steady she moved her head back and forward, slowly sucking it in and out of her mouth, pulling dimples in her cheeks and making occasional slurping sounds while doing so.

She mköy escort moved her head backward, away from the banana, and then started licking the sides while holding it more or less steady, as if she was licking a dick. She noticed all the men were watching her, as were Judith and Jennifer, who were sitting on some guys’ laps. It was quiet around her, and Ashley was very aware of all the eyes on her body. She continued the sucking and licking of the banana for a while, partly to put up a show, partly to put off the inevitable moment that she would have to actually masturbate in front of them. It took her a lot of willpower to overcome herself, but the pressure from all the people looking at her, and the expectations they had, made her finally overcome her reluctance.

She slowly lay down on her back, and spread her legs a bit, fully exposing her pussy to anyone who cared to watch. She gave the banana a final lick to make sure it was all wet and that there were really no rough bits on it, and then slowly brought it down to her pussy. With one hand she pushed open her labia, with the other she gently rubbed the banana over her exposed slit, rubbing her clit, and lubricating it even more. Rubbing the banana over her pussy felt quite good, it made her feel more aroused and she felt her juices starting to run again.

She put the tip of the banana against her opening and slowly started to work it in. This was going easily now, but still she took her time. Moving it slowly in, then out again, in the meantime rubbing her breasts with her other hand. And every time she moved in the banana a bit further. She felt herself getting more and more aroused, breathing faster, sometimes letting out a soft moan. Having overcome the initial embarrassment she started to feel good now. She slowly moved the banana in completely, and started to fuck herself.

Looking around she saw Jennifer and Judith had joined the action. Jennifer was sitting face to face on a man’s lap, while he was sucking her nipples. Ashley was not sure whether she had his cock inside of her, but they were clearly not fucking. Judith was sitting slumped on another man’s lap, playing with her pussy, while the man had his hands on her breasts. She looked highly aroused, too.

While Ashley continued to move the banana in and out of her pussy, and massaging her breasts, she saw that Judith and Jennifer were being passed around, just as had happened during lunch. It was very mesmerising. All these men, and the two women, were all looking at her while having sex themselves. She was at the midst of the attention, the instigator of what was likely to become a big orgy. She slowly increased her pace, and felt her arousal increase. Watching the other people having sex did not leave her unaffected, too.

Ashley watched as Judith was grabbed by another man, who bent her over face forward on the table, and started fucking her from behind. It wasn’t long before another took the opportunity, grabbed her hair to lift her head, and stuck his hard dick in her mouth.

Ashley started to masturbate faster. Looking around she saw Jennifer had also moved to another lap, and was now bobbing up and down, obviously fucking the man under her hard. She was moaning loud, while arching her back thrusting out her boobs, it seemed she was trying to reach orgasm for herself but only moments later the man she was having could not control himself any longer and came inside of her. When he was finished, Jennifer quickly moved to the next one and fucked herself to orgasm on the next dick.

The man doing Judith’s cunt also started to pump harder, and when he was almost done he pulled out and shot his load over her back. His place was quickly taken by another.

Ashley closed her eyes, listening to the action around her, and thought about last night, how she was forced to have sex with Phoebe on the stage. Oh she would have loved that girl to be here too. Thinking back to the smell and taste of Phoebe’s pussy she now worked her banana even harder, and she also felt her own orgasm coming soon. Very soon. Moments later she screamed out loud, shaking hard, letting her orgasm take over.

She was barely finished or a man grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the table, and started fucking her pussy hard, pushing her over the edge again. When he was done another dick entered her, and another, and another. When all were finally done her pussy was overflowing with cum, and she felt really exhausted. And, strangely, rather satisfied. Particularly her first, self-inflicted orgasm was a very satisfying one.

After a few minutes of rest, William showed up. “That was a fantastic show, miss. We all really enjoyed it. It’d be great if you could do that again for us, sometimes. But for now it’s high time for you ladies to return to the grounds. We’re late already, so unfortunately no time for showers. We now have less than an hour before the next hunt session starts, and I’d like to give you all enough güngören escort time to hide. I’m sorry about that part.”

They were sent out, back on the bus to the gate, and into the hunting grounds. With so little time to spare before the next session Ashley decided to immediately start searching for a new hideout, without even having a dip in the pond to clean up, or going back to the cabin to say hi to the rest of the girls. She was just too worn out, too anxious to not be caught again, too ashamed to look Phoebe in the eye after she got off on a banana while thinking of her.

She found a good place, between some rocks, under some branches, a bit away from the trails – but without much protection from the rain. This just has to do, she thought, in the rain is not so comfortable but they will not expect me to hide in such a place either. It is at least somewhat covered.

She was right, no-one came near her hideout this time. It was as if she was in a completely forgotten corner. Not that she cared of course, being caught two times in a row is really exhausting.

It also allowed her time to think about her relationship with Phoebe. What would come of that after this event was over? Were these feelings real or just given in by the stress of the whole situation? She really felt for the girl, thinking about Phoebe gave her warm feelings all over. Just as when she was in love before, but that were guys, and Phoebe obviously is not a guy. But she really did feel in love with her.

The rain stopped and Ashley started to doze off again. She was awaken by the sound of the horn, and slowly removed herself from the branches and slowly made her way back to the cabin for dinner.

10 Phoebe.


She suddenly heard a voice calling her name, halfway her way back. She turned around.


Phoebe came running towards her. She looked up, and felt a lot better again seeing her lover.

When Phoebe arrived she began pouncing her fists on Ashley’s shoulders.

“Dammit, Ashley, I hate you! Where were you? What happened? I was so worried! You weren’t there for lunch, didn’t come back either, I hate you! I was afraid you suddenly left, or worse!” she cried.

Ashley was standing there not knowing what to do at first, but then put her arms around the girl and gave her a big hug.

“I’m so sorry Phoebe. I didn’t realise you’d be so worried. I was caught again, we were returned late, and when coming back I just started looking for new spot to hide, not wanting to be caught yet again. So sorry. Didn’t Judith and Jennifer go back to the cabin and tell you anything?”

Phoebe stopped hitting, but was still crying. Her eyes were red and a bit swollen.

She said, “I don’t care about them, I care about you! I just wanted to see you, know you’re OK, that’s all. I was so worried.”

“I’m so sorry, I really didn’t realise. I’m OK, really, don’t you worry about me so much. Come, please give me a kiss, and let’s go back. Next time I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can, promise.”

Phoebe looked at Ashley, and then give her a hard deep kiss and a big hug. After that they walked hand in hand back to the cabin, both relieved not to have been caught again.

After dinner Angel hopped by with fresh supplies, and some words of encouragement for the girls. It was still odd to see one dressed woman between all the naked women, even though she didn’t wear much: just a simple tight tank top and a short skirt. She really seemed to enjoy showing off her figure, the outline of her breasts and nipples clearly visible under the stretchy fabric.

“The project is just over halfway, and the clients are very happy with you girls so far,” Angel told. “Unfortunately the weather was not that nice these days but but upcoming days the weather is predicted to improve: far less rain, more sun and higher temperatures.”

That sounded good to the girls, the rainy days made them pretty cold, being wet and naked all the time while staying hidden and motionless.

Angel also mentioned that she had heard that two of the girls had apparently started a relationship well beyond just friendship. She added that this was fine as long as they did not let it get in the way of their work here. But then considering what she had heard about events of the previous night it seemed that this was not at all a concern.

When the discussion was finished, some of the girls went for a game of volleyball, while others continued to chit chat with Angel and a few went to watch some TV and just relax.

Phoebe walked to Ashley, and said, “Care for an evening walk?”

Which of course Ashley happily agreed to.

They put on their shoes and left the cabin. The nearly full moon was hidden behind some clouds, yet some stars were visible. The rain had stopped a few hours ago, and the temperature was rather comfortable. The girls walked slowly, hand in hand, not saying much. Phoebe led them to the top of a small hill that was open, and covered in grass. She lay down on the grass, and Ashley lay down next to her. The moon appeared from behind the clouds, covering the forest in a faint light.

“Beautiful night isn’t it?” Phoebe said.

“Sure it is. Lovely,” Ashley answered.

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