The Interview

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This is meant to be a short idiotic story. Please don’t expect it to be more than that. Short and idiotic. And sex too of course.

*** *** ***

The Interview

*** *** ***

“Your 4 o’clock interview is here.”

Jay looked up at his admin, Tracy, whom had just spoken and nodded. He really did not want to do this interview. He had already decided who to hire. The perfect candidate had been in two days before. They had discussed numbers and now it was just up to the paperwork.

The next interviewee stood no chance. He had pre-read her resume and she was vastly under qualified for the position with no real work experience. He had only agreed to see her as an ill-conceived favor. She was his ex-wife Karen’s step-daughter Sally. In other words, she was the daughter of the bastard his former wife had cheated with. Karen and that rat had both been married and left their respective spouses to marry each other. The rat was a bit older and had offered a more stable middle class lifestyle to Karen than Jay could at the time. Jay had been struggling to start a business so the finances had been strained.

Losing your gorgeous 25 year-old wife to a 40 year old guy with a 12 year old daughter hurt in more ways than one. It still stung a little, even if it was 10 years ago. Now, he somehow got roped into interviewing the guy’s 12 year old daughter who somehow had found time to become 22 years old and a recent college grad. It did not seem like enough time had passed for that to have happened.

Jay was only following through to help give Sally some experience at being interviewed. Maybe it would help her land a job on her own. He has nothing against Sally, she always seemed like a nice girl during their brief encounters, Jay only hated her asshole parents.

Three years after Karen had left Jay and he had moved on emotionally, Jay’s business had finally taken off and he started to make good money. His ex and her new husband decided to sue him for an adjustment to the divorce settlement. They argued that she had been around during the company’s founding and had not gotten properly compensated when Jay had bought her half during the divorce; he was accused of fraudulently understating the value of the business. They wanted 50% equity in the company. It had been a long and bitter fight that ended in Jay writing a not so insignificant settlement check. It had cost him everything he had and then some to keep the company. He was only now fully recovering financially from the episode. This is what Jay hated them for.

Sally was okay in his eyes. She had acted as an intermediary at times. She would drive between the two homes and interact with him civilly. She was a good kid caught in a tough spot. When she turned 16, in an act of rebellion just after getting her drivers license, she had returned his CDs and DVDs that his wife had purloined when she had left. They had been set in a box in the garage with some other effects that belonged to him. At a point of high tension in the alimony fight Sally had grabbed the stuff and driven over. She gave him his items and apologized for her dad being a jerk. When he told her it wasn’t her fault she responded that he was lucky, at least he didn’t have to live with them.

Sally arrived in his office looking much more mature than he remembered her. She was a 5 foot 4 tall brunette and slim, wearing tight, white slacks with strappy, white high heels that elevated her to 5 foot 8. The added height from the heels made her look even more slim and long legged. She was wearing a loose white blazer over a silvery spaghetti strap top. She always a cute girl, but time had shaped her into a beautiful woman.

Sally appraised Jay as well. She thought he was still as handsome as she remembered, but had become a little more rugged looking with age and maybe a little more trim. She thought to herself that it did not seem fair that some men got better with age.

As with all interviews Jay conducted, they casually sat at 90 degrees from each other on the sofas in his office corner with coffee served on the knee high table in front of them. Jay liked to be casual and conversational. It gave him a better feel for a prospective employee’s personality.

Their seating positions showed off her legs to him and the way she leaned forward for her coffee hinted that her modest, perky breasts may also be braless. He suspected she was teasing him with glimpses of her chest on purpose. He was more distracted by how her narrow waist and flat stomach transitioned to her hips and butt, and the way she stretched out her slender legs.

Her interview was lousy. It was what you might expect for a person on their first interview, especially since he was giving her a minor grilling just to see how she would respond to pressure and a few tough questions. He lightened up the last of the questioning so that she would not feel totally inadequate.

After Jay wrapped up his questions Sally asked, “Is there a job for me?”


She looked shocked at his terse response. “Is it because of what my dad İstanbul Escort did to you?”

“No, you just aren’t experienced enough for the position.”

“But, how do I get the experience if I can’t get the first job.”

Jay bit his tongue, there really was not an answer to that question. “Let’s go over your interview and critique what happened.”

He went over how she answered questions and coached her on what she did right and how she could have phrased other things better. He also explained the importance of good posture, eye contact, and not nervously playing with your fingers.

He appreciated that she seemed to be listening and taking mental notes. In fact, he noticed that she was already correcting some of her bad body language habits. He was thinking about if he could justify hiring her as an intern. He didn’t need one, but he had always liked her spunky personality.

Their talk drifted to catching up on what was going on in Sally’s life, which evolved into talking about his ex, and Sally asking about his life. Jay had always had a mythological quality to Sally. Spoken of but rarely seen. He was the rich guy who her evil-step-mother was certain had cheated her out of money somehow. She knew her evil-step-mother well enough to know Jay was lucky to have escaped when he did.

Jay looked at his clock and realised his admin was waiting for Sally to leave before heading out herself. He knew she had a date tonight and felt guilty for potentially making her late again. He made her late for dates frequently by working after hours and letting her stick around. He called her in. “Tracy, you can go. We’re just chatting.”

Tracy’s eyes darted to Sally for a moment. “I can hang out. It’s no trouble.”

“Nonsense. You have somewhere better to be. Go. Sally and I are just catching up on family gossip at this point anyway.”

Tracy seemed both reluctant to leave her post and eager to see her boyfriend. Jay forced her to go home despite the fact she was making a fuss about staying.

Once he refocused his attention on Sally, she asked, “Any other interview advice?”

“Yeah, what is going on with that shirt? I can almost see your nipples when you lean forward. Hell, I think I could see all the way down to your belly button if I tried.”

She seemed embarrassed, “I’ve heard that being eye-catching would help win over men.”

“It may work, but these days there is maybe a bigger chance it could backfire. Lots of employers will run from any hint of sexuality out of fear of harassment lawsuits. Besides, do you really want a guy to hire you just hoping he can get his hands on your tits?”

Sally felt humiliated, she didn’t normally dress this provocatively. She admitted, “It wasn’t my idea, Karen dressed me like this. She said you are obsessed with boobs and wouldn’t be able to resist hiring me if you got a few glimpses.”

“I don’t know what’s more sad, the fact she thinks that I have so little self control or that she never learned what I really like in a woman.”

“You don’t like tits?” She grabbed two handfuls of herself to emphasize her question.

“I’m more of an ass and legs guy.”

“I’ve got those too.” She said in a joking manner.

“And I’m sure they’re very lovely.”

Sally stood and turned her back shrugging out of her coat. She threw her blazer on the back of a chair and playfully pushed her butt out toward Jay at head level. It was a nice tight, round ass. It was more than lovely.

“So, what do you think?” She wiggled it for him. She was having fun teasing. He was such a hunk. Silent, tough, tall, dark, handsome in a rugged way, and always enigmatic. She thought of him like a film noir detective. Part of her wouldn’t mind him taking advantage of the situation. It had been a while since she broke up with her cheating asshole boyfriend; she was ready for someone new. Jay had an appeal beyond his brooding good looks. He was more mature than her past lovers and she thought he would understand her broken heart. She had a foolish notion that their common past of being cheated on made them kindred spirits of a sort.

“I think that you should stop teasing me before I take you up on your offer. There would be no chance of getting hired if someone could say you slept your way into this job.”

Sally quickly sat down, albeit much closer than before. “So you really don’t mix sex and work? Karen is convinced that that is all you do here. Using your position to sleep with the female staff because that’s all you can get.” She placed a consoling hand on his knee and explained, “Of course, I figured you didn’t need to stoop that low.”

He admired her thin bare shoulders. She was close enough that it was tempting to look inside her loose, open top. Despite his earlier declaration for not being a boob guy, watching the visible part of her small chest bounce as she used her hands to talk was distracting Jay. The possible exposure of her boobs that never quite happened was causing inspiration to swell in his pants.

“It’s becoming more and more apparent Bayan Escort she never understood me.”

“Well, I don’t get her either. I mean, you’re handsome, and seem interesting, and very nice, while my dad is chubby, old, and a bore.”

“That just makes it worse.”


“What would be easier to accept, if your boyfriend left you for an ugly girl with no personality or a hot blonde nymphomaniac?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend.” She gnashed her teeth. That whore that she caught her boyfriend with was an ugly bitch in her eyes.

“Your hypothetical boyfriend then. It would still hurt, but you could rationalize it if he chose to be with the hot, blonde nympho over you. But…”

“Yeah, I guess if I got dumped for an ugly girl it would cause me more hurt. It would make me wonder what was wrong with me; what would make her preferable to me?” She sat silently for a minute before continuing. It was exactly what she had gone through. Sally needed to change the subject. “Do you think Karen is trying to use me to get into your life?”

“Probably. It wouldn’t be the first time she tried to worm back in.”


“I don’t want to talk about the details. I thought about taking her back for one night of revenge sex, only to get back at your dad, then dumping her. But, I like to pretend I’m better than that.”

“Let the jerks keep each other. That’s better revenge.” Sally caught Jay looking down her shirt. It was the fourth time in the last 2 minutes. She didn’t mind that he was interested. The sassy side of her personality decided to poke fun and try to embarrass him. “It looks like you are curious. Do you want to see them?” She nodded toward her chest.

Jay saw what she was up to so he decided to throw the ball back into her court. “Absolutely!”

Sally froze.

Jay was delighted that he had flustered her. He decided to rub it in. He gleefully added, “You are such a tease.”

That pissed Sally off and her impetuous nature flared. She stood and whipped the shirt over her head. Now Jay was frozen in shock. She smiled at the fact she had shut him up.

She stood straight with her hands on her hips, proudly arching her back and pushing her chest out. Her b-cups sat like firm, palm of your hand sized teardrops with her erect nipples angled upward. His eyes trailed down from her tits and marveled at how perfectly her flat firm stomach and pronounced hip bones disappeared into the top of her tight pants.

Jay looked like he was about to drool on his shirt. Sally glanced at the tent in Jay’s lap and jabbed, “It seems to me you may be more of a boob guy than you like to admit.”

Jay did like what he saw. As much her personality as body. The body was fantastic, but the combination of her fiery temperament and playful verging on smartass attitude he found quite alluring.

Jay could see that they were playing chicken now and he was not going to swerve. Especially if it meant that he was going to collide bodies with the hot girl in front of him. Jay offered, “You might be changing my opinion about boobs. Bring them in closer. I’ll want to see your ass too of course.”

Sally could see the look in his eyes. He was not going to stop until one of them was riding the other. While she was deciding if this was okay or if she should leave, his hand reached out and ran up the inside of her thigh. He was melting her resolve, if she wanted out she better get out now.

His other hand settled on the small of her back. She could hear her window of opportunity to get out of the situation sliding closed. If she wanted to get away she had to move now. But she wasn’t sure she wanted to get away. She was not a promiscuous kind of girl, but she was having trouble finding the will to reject his advances. Jay pulled her into his lap so that she was straddling his legs, sitting on his thighs.

As he suckled at her nipples, she reminded herself that she was not the kind of person who could fool around with someone she was not in a serious relationship with. She continuously told fingers to halt while she unbuttoned and removed his shirt. When he flipped her onto her back she tried to convince herself to stop him despite the fact she was lifting her hips to help him get her pants off.

Jay had no such internal debate going on. He wanted her. She appeared willing. He was going to have her. End of story.

Jay removed his clothes and settled his hips between Sally’s thighs. She helped line his throbbing member up with her moist folds and he pushed in.

Sally was surprised at how gentle he was being. For all his animalistic lust he was taking his time, making sure her body was ready. After slowly working his way into her body, he leaned down and kissed her tenderly.

Sally didn’t know how to respond. His fingers trailed softly along her skin, he nibbled at her lips, all while carefully rocking in and out of her. She never felt this loved during intercourse before. At first she resisted the intimacy of what he was doing. The past boyfriends she had been in love with, had Eskort not been half this caring during sex. She needed to keep this as a lusty encounter but he was taking liberties with her heart without permission.

Despite her reluctance, she surrendered to his invasion into her private emotional world. Sally returned his gentle kisses eagerly. She used one hand to trace the strong line of his jaw. Her other hand grasped at his hip and encouraged Jay to penetrate her as deeply as possible.

Jay pressed his pelvic bone against Sally’s firmly, holding himself as deeply inside her body as he could get, pulled his face back and gazed into her eyes.

“You are wonderful.” He told her.

“You’re not bad yourself.” Best she ever had, but she would not say that out loud.

“It has never felt this perfect before.”

She had no response. The level of physical and emotional intimacy was overwhelming her. She was not seeking it, so it was not necessarily welcomed. It suggested something she was not willing to face in the moment. She wanted more simulation though. It was like he was only teasing and much more enjoyment was possible if he’d just get to work.

Sally rocked her hips against him, grinding her clit against his shaved groin. He rewarded her with a quick withdrawal and thrust.

Sally grunted, “Yes!”

Jay jabbed into her pussy several more times each time resting for a moment fully immersed in in her wonderful warmth.

Her hand on his face drew him into another long kiss. Her other hand on his ass encourage him to increase his tempo.

She listened to the slapping of their bodies ashamed of letting things get so far out of hand, more ashamed that she really enjoying it and wanted him to give her more, and outright disturbed that she was so emotionally engaged.

Jay listened to Sally grunt for him to go harder, to give her more. She was the best lay of his life and they were just getting started.

He pounded down into her pussy and her hips continually rushed up to met him. He pulled his mouth from hers and moved to her neck. He gave her a love bite on her neck just below her jaw, marking her as his. He wanted to possess her. He wanted the world to know she belongs to him.

Jay sat up and used the added leverage to fuck Sally harder. He enjoyed watching her firm little boobs dance under the assault.

Sally began to climax on his cock which encouraged Jay to work harder. She screamed with pleasure. On one particularly hard thrust the sofa lurched hard and the partially collapsed. They both jolted as the rear corner of the couch dropped and Jay landed on Sally still joined at the pelvis.

Concerned, Jay asked, “Are you okay?”

Sally liked the caring look on his face. She brushed his hair back off of his brow to get a better look at his eyes. She laughed, “Yeah, but I think you broke your sofa.”

“Me?! I think you had a hand in this too.”

“This had nothing to do with my hands. I was just laying here enjoying myself. You did the work yourself.”

Mesmerized by her naked youthful beauty, Jay reached his arm out and cupped her left breast in his right palm. While he rolled and gently stroked her nipple with his fingertips, Sally moaned and teased him, “I think you are a boob guy. You just don’t want to admit you’re wrong.”

“Maybe with you.” Jay pulled out of her pussy and Sally groaned a complaint at losing the thickness stretching her. “Roll onto your knees, I want to watch your gorgeous butt wiggle.”

Sally complied, she kneeled in the lowest corner of the terribly listing, shipwrecked couch, resting her elbows on the back thrusting her ass towards him. She felt exposed and slutty. She was naked in his office striking a pose, inviting him to fuck her. Before she had been ravished, albeit she had been willing if not outright complicit. Now she was actively aiding the enemy. No longer could she lie to herself that he had taken advantage of her, she could not claim she had been too shocked to say no. She could not say she had not wanted this. In fact, she was growing impatient for him to take her again.

She thought to herself, “Dear God, what’s taking him so long to get going.”

Jay was awestruck. He loved her ass. It was the best ass he had ever seen. He could sit and look at it all day. He needed to touch it.

Finally, she felt his callused hands smoothing over her butt cheeks. Sally looked back just in time to see Jay ducking his face down.

Jay could not resist, he needed to lick the perfect softness of the globes of her ass. He probed her g-spot with his thumb and teased her clit with the index finger of the same hand. He probed every detail of her butt with his tongue. Sally moaned and swayed enjoying his worship of her body’s best asset.

He used his tongue to follow her spine to her neck. He wrapped her body in his from behind and bit at her earlobe, all the while strumming both inside and outside her pussy simultaneously.

Sally cooed with pleasure, writhing in his grasp. Then his other hand found her nipple. She spontaneously combusted. He was engaging all of her erogenous zones at once. His teeth tugging at his ear, the stubble of his chin on her neck, and her nipple, clit, and g-spot being sent into overdrive. She needed him to fuck her. She just needed it.

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