The Job Ch. 01

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I had been home from college for just over a week. It was Christmas break and I had just finished the first semester of my freshman year. My mother and father divorced when I was 15. My father had left my mother and I to fend for ourselves. He started a new family in another state with us, his old family, all but forgotten, financially and otherwise. So all through high school I had a part time job to help my mother with expenses. I worked hard, both in school and at work. I was envious of the more carefree lives my classmates lived. But the work ethic I was forced to develop earned me an academic scholarship at a very well-regarded university. My school was 4 hours away from my mother’s house. She was delighted to have me back home for break.

I woke up one morning after being home for a week and walked into the kitchen. Mom kissed my cheek, gave me a smile and announced, “After breakfast, I want you to take a shower and go to Gloria’s. She has a job for you. I thought you could use some extra spending cash.”

I groaned to myself. I had really hoped to spend the next few weeks relaxing before hitting the books for the next semester. I imagined a day of tedious labor now lay ahead. Gloria was my mother’s best friend. They were about the same age (mid-30’s). Gloria was also divorced, although she didn’t have any children. She seemed a bit wild to me. I think that’s why my mother enjoyed her company. My mother was normally on the quiet, introverted side. Gloria was a party girl; loud, overly flirtatious and usually sporting excessive cleavage. She really enjoyed making me blush when I was in high school. I often came home to find her and my mom drinking wine after an afternoon of sunbathing. Gloria would pinch my ass if I got within reach. And she always asked about my sex life, knowing damn well I was a high school virgin. The first few times she did that, my blushing awkwardness was sincere. But soon I would just act embarrassed, all the while enjoying the attention of this horney milf. She’d rub her freckled c cups in my arm and ask if I was ‘getting any’. While acting uncomfortable to her delight, I soaked in all in, knowing I’d be replaying it in my mind that night while I jerked off.

For her part, my mom would just giggle. She would eventually say something like, “Gloria, leave the poor boy alone.” But I think my mother knew I was secretly loving the bawdy attention.

After breakfast, I took a shower and dressed in old jeans and a t shirt. All my jobs over the last three years had been labor intensive. So I was a pretty well put together 18 year old. My mom was waiting at the door as I was leaving for this ‘job’. She had an almost sad look on her face. I asked her if something was wrong. She surprised me with a long, tight hug. Then without a word, turned away. She called out that she would see me later as she walked out of the room.

I was still wondering about my mother’s odd behavior as I pulled into Gloria’s driveway. She opened the front door as I approached. I was shaken at the sight. She was in a black silk robe that clung to her body. There was obviously nothing underneath. She had taken time to do her hair and makeup. I caught the scent of an exotic perfume as I drew near. Her nipples poked out obscenely, as if she prepped them for my arrival.

She gave me a light hug and a kiss on the cheek then invited Escort İstanbul me in. I watched her ass cheeks play beneath the black silk as she beckoned me to follow her into the kitchen.

“Did your mother tell you anything about why I asked you over?”

“Uh… no ma’am.” Her head was in the refrigerator. She was leaning over at the waist with the pretense of looking for something. The effect was to raise the hem of her robe above the bottom of her naked ass. Her cheeks parted slightly, revealing her smoothly shaved perineum and winking sphincter. My cock began to stir as this ‘job’ was apparently not going to be what I originally assumed.

She finally turned around with some creamer for her brewing coffee. “Please, call me Gloria.”

I nodded and she continued. “Danny, I’ve always wanted a child. I always envied you and your mother. No matter what life throws at you, you always have each other. Family is the most important thing in the world, Danny. If you don’t know that now, I promise, you will find out eventually. I’m 36, almost 37. If I’m going to have a baby, it has to be soon. “

She poured herself a cup of coffee while continuing, “I want this baby to be perfect. Of course, I will love it no matter what. But why not do everything I can to ensure it will be as healthy and smart as possible? I could go to a clinic and get inseminated with a stranger’s sperm. But Danny, you are perfect for this. You’re smart, strong… everything I could wish for.”

My knees buckled a bit. I had to steady myself against the counter. My mom’s best friend wants my sperm. And apparently my mother knew this when I left the house this morning! Gloria saw the realization of her plan had shaken me.

“Danny, I will give you a thousand dollars for this. I will be so, so grateful. And don’t worry. There is no obligation after I’m pregnant. This child is mine. I have plenty of money. This child will be loved and want for nothing. And it will never need to know you are their father.”

She was selling this very well. In fact, it sounded like the easiest $1000.00 I would ever make; jerk off into a cup, let her figure out the turkey baster thing and cash a check.

“Wow, I am… speechless. Was my mother ok with this?”

Gloria smiled, “Honey, she was the one who first suggested it. When I told her I wanted a baby, she said it was too bad you weren’t a sperm donor because you were perfect in every way. She loves you so much, Danny. Anyway, I liked the idea the more I thought about it. You are perfect!”

Well, I figured if my mom was on board, why not? “Ok Gloria. Let’s do this. Is there a cup or something you want me to use?”

She put her coffee down, stepped right up to me and took my hands in hers. She looked up at me, her eyes almost pleading.

“Danny,” She whispered. “I don’t want your seed being transferred from a cup to a baster and finally my womb. I want this baby created by true contact, from you to me, directly.”

I couldn’t bring myself to argue. She spoke those last words slowly, at a barely audible whisper. Her lips were within an inch if mine. I could taste her sweetened coffee breath. Her delicious perfume had my mind in a lusty opium-like haze. I closed my eyes and leaned into those painted lips. The first contact was delicate. We held the connection, unmoving, for several long seconds. İstanbul Escort Bayan Then our mouths began exploring each other.

What Gloria didn’t know was I had spent the last 3 months learning how to pleasure my English lit teacher. The affair began almost as soon as my class began. She was 40 years old and sexually ravenous. She had eyed me up as a young, fresh morsel when I walked in her classroom, perhaps good for a couple weeks of amusement. But I employed the same dedication and work ethic to her pleasure as I had the other important aspects of my life. With dogged study outside the bedroom and focused experimentation in the bedroom, I could soon love the body of my professor as a virtuoso could play their instrument. She was in a constant state of orgasmic intoxication the last 6 weeks of the semester.

Gloria was leaning against the kitchen counter. After a few minutes of increasingly impassioned tongue teasing and sucking, I moved to her ear. I bit her lobe while at the same time pulling the sash to her robe. It fell open to reveal her slightly plump and womanly naked body. Her head fell back with her eyes closed and mouth open as I kissed my way slowly down her neck to the swollen nipple of one breast, then the other. They were delicious. I could only imagine how much more enticing they would be once they were filled with her mother’s milk.

After eliciting groans and gasps from my attentions to her breasts, I continued my journey down her body until I was on my knees before her. I was face-to-face with her cleanly shaved beaver. Her legs were parted just enough for access to her engorged clit and nether lips. I planted long, hot kisses all over her bald pubis. Then a soft, lingering kiss to her emerging clitoris. Gloria moaned and placed her hands in my hair. My tongue snaked out to dip between her folds and slowly curl back with a taste of her passionate secretion. She began feeling a sexual agony as she now grabbed my hair by the fists. After a series of long licks and soft sucks, I began a gentle strumming of her sensitive bean. She started calling my name, asking what I was doing and insisting I don’t stop.

I locked in to her body’s response. I was now completely in charge of when she would get her orgasm. I considered delaying it, making it a tantric experience for her. But I felt it was coming so quickly and so strong, any delay would diminish its intensity. So I redoubled the speed of my clitoral manipulations and inserted two fingers into her thirsty entrance. It was only a half a minute before she shouted ‘Oh my God! Oh my God’ then sort of spasticly collapsed on top of me. She released a copious amount of ejaculate, which ran down my forearm and splashed on the linoleum floor. Her whole body trembled and quaked. I was able to catch her before she collapsed completely on the floor.

I gathered her in my arms and carried her to the living room. She had lost her robe at some point and was now completely naked. I laid her down on the couch. Her skin was red and blotchy from her orgasmic rush. She giggled and gasped in both the amazement and the embarrassment for losing control of herself so dramatically. I stood over her, undressing myself for the real purpose of my visit. She watched me while running a finger slowly up and down her drenched Gates of Venus.

Once naked, I positioned Anadolu Yakası Escort myself on my knees between her open thighs. She held a fingernail between her teeth and looked at me in anticipation as I ran my swollen cockhead around her flooded entrance. Mixing my own copious pre-cum with her excessive lubrication, my head and shaft were soon ready for penetration. I leaned over her body and took her hand, placing it around my turgid rod. I whispered, ‘Put it inside you’. I felt the bulbus helmet approach her Eden. I push slightly, causing her to whine in a mix of ecstasy and pain. I knew I was larger than most. I could also tell Gloria hadn’t had a lover for a long time. I took my time working my way inside her. The desire to bury myself to the hilt wrestled with my sympathy for the pain this woman was feeling adjusting to my length and girth. Eventually, I felt my cock nudge her cervix. Once I could go no further, I began to fuck her slow and rhythmically. Her eyes remained tightly shut for a while. But as we continued and her body finally accommodated my intrusion, she opened her eyes and began to urge me on.

“My God, Danny! You’re incredible. Fuck me… fuck me forever!”

I was so turned on. This would be the first time I came inside a woman without using protection. I was going to get this woman pregnant. The idea was the biggest turn on I’ve ever experienced. It was the ultimate in instinctual pleasures. Raw, natural sex was ingrained within us since the dawn of man. The continuation of the species demanded a drive and pleasure that trumped all others. And I was now experiencing it fully for the first time.

I felt the skin on my back tear as Gloria dragged her nails into me. She was lost in a world of continuous contractions, thrashing, twisting. She could only gasp, ‘Please, please..’ I didn’t know if she was begging for my seed or begging to be released from the stream of orgasms that wouldn’t stop. I gave in to the rush of my own release. With a final thrust I pushed my shaft to it furthest depths. I released a torrent of semen into her womb. I was aware of 5 or 6 full, potent blasts filling her baby-making core.

I didn’t move as I hovered over her. I wanted to stay inside, keeping my precious from spilling. She lay motionless, her eyes closed, her mouth open. The only indication she was even alive was the soft moans that she expelled over and over. It had been an amazing coupling for both of us. My own organ was still randomly bucking, as if there was more jizm to dispense. I reached for a cushion that had fallen to the floor. Slowly and carefully, I withdrew myself from her. Then I quickly lifted her ass and placed the cushion underneath. This would keep her pelvis tilted in a way as to keep my life-giving seed inside.

For her part, Gloria looked lost in a euphoric daze. She allowed me to position her without a word. I took an afghan that was draped over the back of the couch and tucked her naked body in. I kissed her cheek and asked she just lay there for a while. She closed her eyes, smiled and hummed her assent. I quickly dressed. I turned to say goodbye only to find she had drifted off to sleep.

I let myself out. As I drove home, it really hit me what an odd, potentially scandalous arrangement this all was. And what about my mother? She sent me over there, her only child, to impregnate her best friend? Neither of us were particularly religious or anything. But we were always properly modest when it came to sex. For her to send me out like a racehorse to stud was really outrageous. There would be an interesting conversation when I got home.

To Be Continued…

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