The Joys Of Sunbathing Ch. 02

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Slowly kneeling down Tom spread Amy’s legs and started to kiss her lower legs, working his way up over Amy’s knees, once Tom had reached the thighs he stopped, Amy moaned at this, The moan was partly from frustration and partly from the fact she loved having her thighs kissed.

Looking up Tom grinned at Amy, she could see a glint in his eye telling her what was coming next.

Tom looked first at Amy’s covered pussy, the damp spot told him her pussy was soaking wet.

He began to lower his mouth down towards Amy’s pussy however, when he was within a tongues reach he blew on the damp spot causing Amy to jump slightly.

Once Amy had recovered from that little jolt Tom had caused, she realised that he was no longer between her legs but now kneeling beside her.

Tom placed one hand onto Amy’s stomach and slid the other under her neck, he reach the sting knot of Amy’s bikini top and pulled one of the strings knowing this would undo the knot.

Amy then realised what Tom was up to and lifted herself up so Tom could remove the bikini top, upon removing the top Tom looked Amy directly in the eyes, winked and lowered his mouth towards her nipple.

Amy had always found her nipples to be very sensitive, but when Tom began to gently suck on her nipple she felt a mini orgasm exploding deep inside.

Tom realised what was happening and began to pinch her other nipple with his free hand while sucking harder, Amy could do nothing but moan with pleasure, and raise up to get Tom to suck harder.

After a few minutes Tom released his lip lock from Amy’s nipple and looked at her with a big grin, “WOW” was all Amy could muster, to this Tom said “I’m not done yet!”.

He then began kissing Amy’s canlı bahis breasts while avoiding her nipples, the kisses were moving slowly down Amy’s body, when Tom reached Amy’s navel he stopped kissing, got up and moved between her legs. As Tom knelt back down he placed each hand on the waistband of the now soaking bikini bottoms, when Tom slipped his fingers under the waistband Amy lifted her bottom up just enough so Tom could remove the bottoms.

As Tom looked down he saw that Amy kept herself very neatly trimmed. Looking up at Amy, Tom smiled, slowly slid his hands up Amy’s thighs towards her outer lips causing Amy to grin.

Tom slid his forefingers up Amy’s wet lips towards her waiting clitoris, “mmmm” moaned Amy as Tom’s fingers pushed the hood back revealing Amy’s hard clitoris.

Again Tom looked Amy in the eyes, then lowered his mouth down. When his mouth was a few centimeters above her clitoris Tom blew on it causing Amy to jump slightly. Tom then poked out his tongue and began to tickle Amy’s clitoris.

Tom suddenly felt Amy’s hands on the top of his head pushing him lower yet closer. As Tom’s tongue moved down Amy’s wet slit he tasted what he thought was the most wonderful liquid ever.

Upon tasting Tom just had to have more, locking his lips onto Amy’s pussy he began to push his tongue out of his mouth and into Amy’s waiting hole.

“OH YES” screamed Amy as she felt Tom’s tongue enter her now soaking pussy.

Tom began to pump his tongue into Amy’s pussy, feeling her hands pushing his face right into her crotch, his nose rubbing against her clitoris. Tom reached his hands up Amy’s body towards her breasts, upon finding her nipples he started to pinch them gently hoping bahis siteleri to make Amy cum into his mouth.

After a few more pumps of his tongue Tom could feel Amy’s pussy begin to tighten it’s grip, Amy was also moaning alot louder, Tom know Amy’s orgasm was closer so he pushed his tongue in as deep as he could.

This extra deep licking tipped Amy over the edge, with her orgasm exploding all she could do was moan.

As Amy started to come back down from the orgasm she lifted Tom’s head up from where between her legs, looked him straight in the eyes and said

“i want that big hard cock of yours inside my pussy right now!”

Hearing this made Toms eyes light up, the one thing he’d dreamed about since Amy moved in next door was about to happen.

Amy then decided she wanted to ride on Toms cock, controlling how fast and deep they would go.

Getting up off the sun bed Amy grinned at Tom and told him to lie down.

Tom eagerly did as Amy asked, his cock now growing to full readyness.

Looking down at Toms cock Amy smiled, slowly she walked along side the sun bed, then stepped over it.

As Amy lowered herself down she grabbed Toms cock and gave it a little pull, causing Tom to moan.

Toms eyes were flicking between Amys face and hungry pussy, he could still hardly believe, he was about to fuck her.

Amy was now rubbing the head of Toms cock along her wet slit, she could see in Toms eyes how much this was teasing him, then suddenly Amy let her legs giveway.

They both let out a loud moan as Toms cock slid deep into Amys tight pussy.

Tom couldn’t believe how wet Amy’s pussy was, he was already feeling her juices running over his swollen balls.

Looking bahis şirketleri up at Amy he saw a look of absolute pleasure in her eyes, he guessed it had been a while since Amy had been fucked.

Tom grabbed hold of Amy’s waist and started to lift her up, he could feel her resist as first, but when she saw the grin on Toms face she allowed him to take more control.

Amy could’ve sat there all day, she felt so good having a hard cock buried deep inside her.

Slowly Tom lifted Amy up so just the head of his cock was left inside her, then suddenly Tom pulled Amy back down, while pushing his waist up to meet her.

This caused Amy to scream with delight, Tom pushed in as deep as he could, then began lifting again, once more dropping Amy down hard and fast onto his shaft.

Amy threw her head back with a loud scream as Tom began to pound her onto his hard cock, each thrust was harder and faster than the last, she didn’t think she would be able to keep up like this for long, but didn’t want it to end.

Tom moaned every time he pushed deep in Amy’s pussy, his balls were soaked with Amy’s juces.

Tom took a hand off Amy’s waist and began to rub on her clit while she now very happily bounced onto his cock, this extra rubbing caused a slight jump in Amy which just made her come down harder onto Tom’s waiting shaft.

The more Amy bounced onto Toms shaft the more she moaned with delight, it had been so long since she had felt this good.

Amy then decided she wanted Tom in deeper than he currently was, realising the only way to get this, was by getting to Tom to bury his cock into her from behind, she’d always loved a good fucking while being bent over the arm of a chair.

Quickly scanning her back garden wasn’t easy for Amy while bouncing up and down, but she saw her garden table sat there, it looked just the right height to be bent over and fucked deeply.

* * * * *

Part 3 is in production

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