The Kellen Adventure: Chris Mountain Ch. 01

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The Kellen Adventures are setup as a continuing tale of a woman and her various sexual adventures. Chris Mountain is the first installment of many to come. Each Adventure is split into small chapters with two sections, one Kellen’s and other the lead male. Each Kellen Adventure can be a stand-alone story, yet the chapters are designed to be read in order. I hope you can get into the story and enjoy.

My work is completely fiction and designed for an adult audience.



I exhale deeply for the third time as I walk down the wide corridor leading to baggage claim, thinking to myself I can’t believe I am doing this. My New Year resolution was to start to live my life how I wanted, and now I am doing just that.

Outside on the curb is where I am going to meet him, my online friend and playmate, Chris. Although I hadn’t met him yet in person, I’ve seen all the pictures he sent, talked to him endlessly for the past year via email, instant messaging, Skype, but that is not the same as seeing, touching, and actually talking face to face. This is the type of meeting where you get to feel them, look into their eyes and get a true sense of who they are; and know instantly if ‘it’ will happen. I will know if it is either a chance for us to become something more or, well, be done and move on. Will I endure two nights at his place, or chicken out and use my credit card to get back home to safety?

I pull my small black carry-on bag next to my feet on the escalator, going down to meet my fate, I could feel my heart beat on the inside of my chest. My blood was pulsing heavily through my arteries, even through my neck. I hope I don’t break out in a full body sweat; nervous energy was spilling off of me.

As I’m going down the escalator, I glance around looking at the different faces. I see smiles and hugs, happy people seeing each other once again. Chris and I agreed he would pick me up on the curb. Well I agreed, I told him he didn’t need to come in and he finally succumbed to my will. I looked for a way out of the Denver airport through the small evening crowds. Though right now staying inside seemed reasonable too. Exhaling again, I step off the cycling stairs and head to the door, wheeling my bag behind me.

I stop short when I look outside through the floor to ceiling window. Stepping out into that was not happening in my current attire. I came from 74 degrees yesterday. It was warm heading to the airport this morning in my running tights and v neck t-shirt. The only people outside here in Denver were the poor employees, the abundance of cars with inches of snow settled on roofs, and the few people speed walking towards them and their wonderful heaters all dressed like Ralph’s younger brother from the Christmas Story.

None of this you could see clearly through the shield of white. Currently the snow is blowing sideways. The temperature on the sign outside says negative two degrees Fahrenheit. I could only hope it had stopped working properly. I pictured it freezing at one point in the middle of the night.

Finding a corner by the door, I unzipped my small bag, pulling out my light teal Bonfire jacket, bright red knit beanie, black gloves, and debated on snow boots, but seemed like too much work and my running shoes would be fine as I made it to Chris’s grey Toyota Tacoma. I was tough, I could do this.

I put on my dry-fit running jacket, just to be safe, then my winter coat, added beanie and gloves, pull up my hood to keep the wind off my neck, before zipping everything back up. Looking at my gloves, they suddenly didn’t seem like much; I used them for running for god sakes, not snow. I thought cold mornings were below sixty. I exhale, now or never.

Stepping out into the glaciers of the Antarctic was pure pain. I felt it before I was completely out of the slow-acting automatic sliding door. It seemed that it was fighting off the frigid weather, almost screaming, as it had to open once more to let a poor soul outside. Denver greeted me with snow swirling in dense masses, and rushing wind smacking me in the face blowing back my hood. It continued to race into my coat and down my body before pushing itself into the breathable holes of my running shoes. Holy shit! is all I can think.

The wind and I continued our battle, as I leaned into it and walk randomly out towards a place by the curb. I sent Chris a text when we landed, but hadn’t heard back yet. He would be here. I looked and saw nothing to match his description of his dark grey truck. Wearing the thinnest running tights ever invented, I had little chance of lasting long, although I stood my ground. I had goose bumps covering every part of my body including my scalp. Nerves could have been a part of that, but I blame the cold completely.

A few cars drive past me as I debate on flagging sex hikayeleri them down just to sit inside. I would never do that, but it sounded nice in my mental dream land. I am afraid to take my hands out of my pockets, otherwise I would pull out my phone.

“He will be here. He will be here. He will be here,” is my chant for a few minutes, before it morphs to a more optimistic, “He is coming. He is coming. He is coming.” Shortly after that it becomes, “What the fuck am I doing?” With that, I turn to walk back inside.

Drrrrrrr. Drrrrrrr. Drrrrrrr.

My phone vibrates in my pocket. I stop my retreat and pull my phone out of my pocket to see a text from Chris.

Chris: “On way. Sorry I’m late. I didn’t get off the mountain soon enough. Can’t wait to see you. Stay inside.”

My glazed over eyes are watering. Something tempts me to type, “Fuck you,” but instead take off one glove, since the useless fabric couldn’t type on my touch screen, and slowly type, ‘O K.” I put my phone and glove into my pocket before quickly retreating back inside to the warmth, the florescent lights, and the groupings of well-layered travelers. I find two free couch seats next to each other in the back corner of the waiting area just across from the baggage carrousels. It was dry and had cushions, seemed like a great spot for me to remain in the fetal position.

I pull my legs into my jacket for warmth, not caring that water was running from my shoes, soaking my tights and the cushion below. My fingers, legs, and feet are numb, and I can feel the sharp prickles coming on as I warm. I close my eyes, resting the side of my head on my knees, as I feel my nose start to run and wonder if this is the right thing to do. I can still make my escape before he sees me.

Drrrrrrr. Drrrrrrr. Drrrrrrr.

Chris: “Don’t move. I see you.”

Awesome. I have snot running from my nose, all of my exposed skin plus my legs and feet are still frozen. I suddenly deeply worry about my appearance; deep down I am vain and want to look good for someone I have been lusting over for a year. Someone who I feel is amazing himself, I want him to want me just as badly as I want him. I want him to think I am the most beautiful, amazing woman he has ever been able to have a weekend fling with. I want him to compare all other women to me; I want to be the standard he holds others to.

My teeth are still chattering and I’m still experiencing full body convulsions every twenty seconds. With all of that going on, I sense him before I can see him. I look up from my knees, to find him standing before me in his unzipped brown jacket, still covered in a light layer of melting snow, brown hair dripping from beneath a dark beanie.

His light brown Carhartt work pants and black work boots only added to the ruggedness of his features and trimmed beard. Under his jacket, his white t-shirt is damp across his chest, moving up and down like he had just been running. His dark chest hair was just visible through the shirt’s now transparent appearance. I watch his Adam apple bob up and down once as he swallowed, before looking up to meet his eyes. His smile really does make his blue eyes sparkle, just like he said. Even the small crinkles in the corners are sexy.



I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and neck. Blood rushed lower when I saw her. Legs in her coat, head on her knees, shivering. She looked like a wet kitten, a sexy wet kitten. She hadn’t changed position so I decide to shoot her a text letting her know to stay there. She must be freezing. I knew I should have made her wait inside.

As I walk closer towards her, I realize she is perfect. I am almost right in front of her and she hasn’t even looked up yet. I hear the vibrations of her phone. She glances at my text before wiping her nose on the back of her hand, then looking up.

Her beanie is pulled to right above her eyebrows. Big green eyes with wet lashes stare at me. It takes everything I have not to rush towards her and take her right there. The entire year, I have been in a constant state of arousal; anticipating when we can talk next. She is so sexy, sassy, and smart. She can talk and be sincere or play with my mind in ways I never knew I wanted. My dick twitched again, wanting to be readjusted.

“Hi, beautiful,” I say to her shivering body.

“Hi…” she says so quietly I’m not sure sound came out, I only can see her lips move.

I remove my coat, sit in the seat next to her and pull her on my lap, wrapping my coat around her.

“Lay next to me to get warm.” I whisper in her ear. I can feel her shiver then shake hard, she must be freezing. I’m an asshole for being late and having her wait outside. She hasn’t been in cold weather for years; she needed body heat.

“Hey, stand sikiş hikayeleri up and let me unzip your coat, then lay on my chest. Get as close to my skin as you can.”

She stands up and faces me, smiles weakly, and lets me unzip her coat, then the lightweight jacket under that. I would be sweating in this many layers. She straddles my hips, and tucks her cold nose into my neck. I wrap my coat around her to trap more heat in. No one seems to be paying any attention to us, but we are in public and she is now straddling my lap.

“You okay with this?” I ask.

“Yes, I’m really cold, don’t care,” she says then shakes hard again.

More shivers came. Kellen takes her cold hands and runs them under my shirt on my belly, I flinch. She stops on my chest. Her cold hands are such a turn on, it is getting even harder to remain a gentleman at this point.

“I’m glad you’re here,” I say, holding onto her tighter.

“Uhmmm,” her cold nose and lips rub me neck again. “You smell good.”


God she was sexy. I could feel her hard nipples through her thin shirt and bra; I had to touch her. Reaching under the mound of coats I grab her ass outside her thin pants, holding first to see her reaction. She tilted her hips forward, raising her ass and grinding down on my cock and flicked her thumbs over my nipples in one swift motion. All signs told me she was okay with this, and I was getting fully hard quickly. I kept rubbing and massaging her ass and lower back as she slowly stopped shaking.

“You feel amazing Kellen, I have wanted to touch you for so long. I live out what you tease me with each week. To hear you scream out for me as I enter you. To feel you cum all over my cock.” I wasn’t sure if I had gone too far; writing and roll play is one thing, in person completely changed the dynamic of our relationship.

I could feel her warm tongue sweep out of her now warm lips and taste my neck, then small kisses across my jaw. Rocking my hips into her, a small moan escaped her sexy lips. I let out a quiet moan of my own when she lightly bit my earlobe. Fuck I couldn’t take it!

Pulling her neck hard against my mouth, I began making my way up to her mouth. After assaulting her soft lips, I need to look at her again. Looking into her eyes I can see those gold flecks she told me about around her dilated pupils. They never came in clear in pictures or on my computer screen. Hot, sexy, hazel green eyes; I want her bad. I move one hand up to pull her head in and take her lips again. Sweet, wet tongue. Nothing matters anymore as I continue to ravish her mouth.

My cock needs release and with her grinding on me I can barely stand it. I push her back slightly to look over her shoulder for a bathroom sign. We can take over a family bathroom. Then my truck. Then everywhere else she will let me fuck her blind. Fuck I need this girl.

She is back to biting my earlobe, the slight pain feels good. I can feel how bad she wants this, as much as I do. “God I need you Chris. So much. Right now, please.”

Reaching down I feel how wet she is through her tights, nothing underneath. Thank god she is a runner. I can’t wait for that sweet tight pussy to squeeze around my cock, milking me as she comes. I can hear her breathing getting faster. I reach down inside the front of her pants and feel her trimmed hairs, following the path to her wet slit. She raises her hips up so I can go deeper. I tease her entrance, rubbing around the juices that have already spilled out. I can only imagine how gorgeous she is going to look later on spread for me.

How do I get running pants off in an airport under coats? I finger fuck her as I try to pull her pants down a little more. This isn’t going to work.

“More. Please Chris,” she begs quietly in my ear at the same time pinches my nipples. I am beyond aroused.

I push a second finger in; it barely fits, she is so tight, but so wet. I need to stretch her a little. She is rocking slowly on my fingers as I put my thumb hard on her clit, scissoring my fingers slowly to stretch her opening. Her head leans back a little as her eyes close. She is making very little noise, aware of the area or maybe just quiet during pleasure in person. I can’t wait to find out tonight.

Her hands slide down to undo the button and zipper on my pants, and she pulls down on my boxers. I lift us both up slightly to help pull them down just enough to release myself. Instantly her strong hands are teasing my swollen head. Pre-come is oozing out and being rubbed around the length of my shaft by her hand. Instinctively I double check that my jacket around us is secure and tuck the sleeves behind my back for a little extra help to keep it up.

Fuck her hand on me feels so good. I want to buck my hips and moan loudly. Instead I lean sex hikaye into her mouth and taste her again almost biting her in the process. I start caressing her with my tongue while she strokes my cock in the same rhythm I fuck her with my fingers. With her other hand she reaches down cupping my tight balls, playing with each. I can feel her start to tighten more as she massages me. She had said before she loves to touch. I am thanking her for that in my head.

“I want you now Chris. I need you inside me. Please.”

“Oh god, baby, I want to. I can’t get your pants off here. Let’s get to my truck.”

“Just rip them or something!”

I lean back slightly, not recoiling, just beyond surprised. It heightens my desire even more. “Rip them? You’re okay with that?”

She nods a yes. Taking my fingers out, and I start to pull on both sides of the seam of the slick wet fabric. My fingers slide on the outside. Fucking LYCRA material. I need to cut them.

“Trust me,” I tell her with a grin. I can’t wait to do this.

I get a confused look from Kellen as I reach down into my pants pocket and pull out my pocketknife. I will probably get arrested for having it, let alone, doing what I am about to do. I pull the material away from her body and put my knife through it making a small hole. Quickly I close it and put it away, then tear the hole to accommodate our needs.

“That works,” she says with a little shrug sexy smile.

I wipe her smile away as I put two fingers back inside her through the hole. Her head drops to my neck and one hand goes around my shoulder.

“Put your hard cock inside me now before the kids in this place know what we are doing. I’m about to explode, like really, really explode!”

It is the calmest, angry, sexy, horny, needy, demanding voice I had ever heard, and it only heightened the effect it has on me. Pulling out my fingers, she raises up onto her knees higher. I guide my cock to her opening. She is so tight, I am not sure this is going to be smooth especially trying to keep my coat covering us. I move it back and forth, spreading the juices around the soft opening, and help her sink down on me.

As I thought, it is very tight. She said she wasn’t a virgin, but right now I am about ready to ask. I nudge her knees wider with one hand, return it to her hip, then pull her down onto me, still holding onto myself for support. Finally, I feel the head pop through as her warm liquids wash over me. I slowly ease her the rest of the way down until she is sitting on me fully.

I think I may really be in heaven as I close my eyes and savor the moment. I can feel her walls slowly start to change and fit to me. The pulse in my cock ticks away the seconds. I stay still letting her take it in, feel me. We haven’t said anything to each other, and continue to stay like this for what feels like another twenty seconds before I feel her squeeze the walls of her pussy against me twice.

Slowly she starts to grind on me, back and forth, rubbing her clit on my stomach. She is barely moving her hips, but enough so we both are feeling insane amounts pleasure. I move my hand onto her ass, and help guide her. If anyone looks over here they will just think she is wiggling around and not fucking me right now. Or at least that is what I am going with in my mind.

As she continues, I can feel her get tighter and tighter. Her breathing is short, face still in my neck. She surprises me as she jerks up and puts her lips on mine, moaning, while her hips buck hard and fast about five times before she bites my lip. Her hips start to slow, then stop.

Pulling back she looks at me slightly flushed, corner of her lips lift into a small shy smile, “Sorry, I…I don’t know, I guess I needed that. Was this okay?”

Was she for real? I have found the girl of my dreams. And I am actually fucking her right now in the airport. I don’t care who notices as I start to bounce her on my cock slightly, she rocks her hips, then reaches down behind her ass and cups my balls. They tighten, as I am getting closer. It is happening so fast; being out in the open added an incredible amount of intensity.

“Come for me Chris. I want to hear you cum with me on you. I want to know what I can do to you,” is whispered to me.

Her words put me over the top. I had never had a girl who was sweet and innocent yet a closet tigress. I lean forward and bite down on her shoulder, which was still covered with her coat, and drive into her hard and fast, feeling the rush of cum up my cock and into her sweet tight pussy. Over and over I shot into her, each time she squeezed down on my shaft, each time the intensity is heightened.

I take a few seconds to catch my breath. Leaning back I exhale, then smile at her. “Well fuck, it is nice to officially meet you sweet Kellen. I can’t say I am disappointed in any way.” Her smile reaches her eyes; they are so olive green now. I run my hands over her hair sticking out from her beanie. I can’t wait to see it wrapped about my hand as I take her from the back later on. “You are so perfect.” I kiss her as she blushes.

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